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Based on my last peer review, I’ve made some changes, and am in the works of making more. My reviewer expressed some issues with navigation so I decided to add a Contact page to the menu, I partly did this as I wanted it to be very clear where to find my contact information. I […]


Who am I writing for? At this point in time, I’d imagine my target audience to be the Millennial woman looking to be inspired through fashion and who is curious about the life of a content creator.

I consider myself to be a very creative person, and I crave having my own personal space online where I can express my creativity. My audience is likely to enjoy what I create, and thus the overall design of my blog sticks to the aesthetic they have come to expect from me via my Instagram account – clean, simple, minimal. As my intended audience branches from my Instagram account, it is important that all my editorial work and overall blog look has heavy amounts of image integration as my audience is coming from an image dominant platform. Although blogging definitely provides me with the possibility of a higher word count, visuals will continue to be my focus.

What I love about having a blog is that it is my own personal space, and it is filled with my own experiences, thoughts and words. It’s a place that I can pour myself into, and my hope is that my life is relatable to my audience, and as Michael Warner says, “that people will find themselves in it”. Unlike many content creators, I don’t strive to put out a highlight reel of my life that is “inspiring” but ultimately extremely “unattainable”. Rather, I want my content to be realistic and very much attainable, while maintaining an aspect of inspiration.

It’s funny really, because the audience I described really just sounds like myself. So maybe, just maybe, I’m writing for me.


Maybe you are reading this because you deem yourself as ‘healthy’. Maybe you are on this site because you are not ‘healthy’. You question yourself; am I doing everything right? Am I doing something wrong? How can I be better? The answer I have to this, or whatever else you might be thinking, is that it’s really up to you. I find that this space should be for conversation. This is a space to talk about what works for people and what doesn’t. Whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally, no matter the gender or ethnicity, or really anything else, there are people who understand you. And that may not even be me. In fact, it’s impossible for me to understand where anyone is coming from because I am trapped in my own biases and what I’ve grown up with and how society has shaped me, etc, etc. But I can empathize. I want to challenge myself to listen. Not just to listen to reply, but just to hear someone out. Let them rant about what’s bothering them, or what’s making them happy. I want to truly aspire to listen, and reflect. I want others to have a chance to do this too.

This space I am trying to create will be built on stories from other students or just everyday people who might understand where you come from instead. For me, how beautiful a world we would live in if people took the time to actually listen to each other. We all have a voice and it deserves to be heard. Now, this website will not change the world, but there are lessons to be learned from listening to people’s stories.

That motivates me to create a look and a space for those wanting to escape from their own lives for a minute or two and think about a different perspective. Maybe relate to it a little, or not at all. When I think about this, the public I want to create is slowly helping create this site, create me as a writer, and most importantly, create a conversation. Funny stories or sad ones, there is a sort of art in all of it. This site should be as smooth and as easily accessed as the conversations I write about and have in person. The colours and the typography should flow. If people come here to learn something new about someone else, and end up finding out something about themselves, perhaps I will have accomplished something.

Peer Review #2

Hello Tiffanie,

I recently viewed your site and found some interesting points to talk about, some of which I think you did a good job on, and some that I think you could improve on.

I like your approach to a minimalist, contemporary web design. The white really makes your large header image, which I love, stand out. However, a little more brightening and white balance would make the very fluffy camels and (what I am assuming is) you the center of attention. This image brings out your personality, it’s unpredictable against the clean backdrop of your blog and works well to showcase that you’re not a designing machine, (as mentioned in Travis Gertz’s article). This image is a great choice, because it really relates to the reader by confronting them and piquing their curiosity.

The colour of the links really matches the colour of the camels’ fur, which I think is a clever use of colour. I think this subtle use of colour match stands out against the white background and makes it pop. It catches the reader’s eye and makes them want to click further to read on.

While reading some of your posts, I would like to say that the images you included were inviting and seemed to express your personality, which is why I would like to see them a bit larger without having to click through for a full size.

I also noticed you included a link at the bottom of each post for your social media (twitter, facebook, and google+) but only your instagram is linked on the side, where it is always displayed no matter where the reader scrolls on your site. I think you should also include links to your other social media with your instagram here or in your menu. One of these spots will be ideal to display all your social media links in one spot for easier access. If you choose to include them all in your header menu, it will help to balance out the asymmetry of your category links (i.e. “Home”, “POSIEL”, “Blog”, and “About”) and will make everything look even.

On the topic of category links, they are not as eye catching as they could be. They are the same font size as body of text in your posts, this might lead some people to not see them as easily. I think you could bold the font or make it a larger size as you want people to see that first.

Compared to the large header image you have, the size of the font is very small. I can see where you’re coming at with the small font, I also like small fonts, but for a text heavy blog, bigger fonts attract more people to your site as they will be able to read things easier. Your blog title “nom nom nom” is cute and shows off your personality, but I almost missed it. I think it would be better if it were slightly bigger and maybe a darker font. It doesn’t have to be exaggerated or black, but slightly bigger and darker would make it more visible while still keeping the aesthetic you are going for.

Overall, I think you did a good job with your blog, it looks nice and clean, it’s easy to navigate, but some minor changes here and there would improve it even more and would attract more readers to want to stay on your blog and learn more. But I think your readers will be able to relate to you and your blog well.

Hello CSS, Nice To Meet You

The biggest thing that has happened for my website this week is the addition of CSS (woohoo for coding)! I feel like I have spent a ton of time and done so many things in the code that only really resulted in small changes, but hey, I’m picky! To not completely bore you with all […]

Process Post 3

I have really changed up the colour scheme and edited the “About” section quite a lot. Having the peer review was nice and I’m excited to hear what my next peer review will say about my blog. I hope as I produce a little more content as well, it’ll come together a little nicer. I have played with a couple fonts in Google fonts, but I might change it a little more going forward. I finally figured out how to make the text black so that everything is easier to read. Going into tutorial for Week 5 should answer a few more questions I have regarding the weird setup of how the menus work, but so far I like it.

I am also excited to start seeing how my blog progresses. Once I post a couple things to my blog section, I would like to post them on Facebook and see the comments I get. I expect a lot of constructive criticism and welcome it. I’m curious to know if anyone else will be reaching out their content onto their social media. I think my last couple goals for this week is to tidy up my Instagram for this blog, add a few captions, and start gaining a following, just to see what happens. I could promote it on Facebook along with my blog posts when I decide to post it and see how that will help gain my following.

Process Post 2

I am split over whether or not to have my picture in the about section. Not sure if it’s too much or if it’s a little inappropriate for the content of the site. It might be kind of cool to be a little more on the anonymous side because I want to appeal to anyone who can relate, or find themselves with my perspective, so I want to keep that open.

My PUB 101 stuff so far is categorized with “Assignments”, “Peer Reviews”, and “Process” categories. The PUB 101 menu in the top left is still being worked on. I’m still figuring out how to link the posts to the menus in the top left corner. The drop-down menu for PUB 101 should have a main page where you can pick from posts, not drop-down for every separate title.

I have installed Instagram, but I need to make it a direct link for people to follow, thanks to Austin Lee’s review. He had some really good ideas on how to improve how my blog looks and I tried to apply some of his suggestions. I changed the background to something more simplistic and relevant, and changed the colour scheme to make it more calming.

I think as I continue to work on it, I would like to play with some more fonts and how things are spaced out. For example, in my About page, the label “About” and the picture for the page are pretty close together. I did change the about picture to something I have taken, and again wanted to create a feeling of someone sitting and listening/reading as they go through my blog and wonder why they are here.

I felt really inspired by Craig Mod’s article, “How I Got My Attention Back”, and I wrote a pretty big piece on it. It can be found here: http://the-hermes.com/wp-admin/customize.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fthe-hermes.com%2F. AWOT stand for A Word or Two, which relates to my tagline at the top of my blog. Hoping people will catch on.

As my blog develops, my goal is to use only pictures that I’ve taken. The top challenge for that will be taking a picture that suits the background of my blog, but over time, I’m sure I will find something.

design decisions

Website design has got to be one of the most complicated things ever. There’s so much you have to account for and when you’re not necessarily very tech savvy in terms of customizing the design yourself, it’s really hard. There are so many things I wish I could implement, but because of my lack of knowledge on the how-to, to a certain extent, I’m limited to the capabilities of the theme I chose. 

If I could, I would totally try to code a website website with similar design elements as one of my favourite Canadian bloggers, The August Diaries. Jill’s blog uses a theme created by pipdig, a very popular (and I mean like every fashion blogger uses one of their themes) and for good reason – their themes are user friendly, have a nice minimal aesthetic and integrate social platforms really well.

Just strictly speaking about the landing home page, there are so many design elements that I love. The front-page slider for starters is absolutely stunning. It’s full width, and using featured images, it does an incredible job of displaying recent posts in a really captivating way. The fact that it’s a really large visual piece that is constantly changing as well keeps it very visually interesting and engaging. Even on mobile, though obviously smaller, the slider still functions well.

I’m serious about the social platform integration. Right under the slider is a grid of 16 of her most recent Instagram images. It helps give a quick snapshot into her visual style by showcasing 16 different images all in one place. It also provides a thorough overview of her Instagram account including the engagement statistics on each of the images when you hover over. If you click on any of them, they lead you straight to the photo on Instagram. Furthermore, every photo in her blog posts, including the feature image, is Pinterest “pinning” friendly. All you have to do is hover over the image, and there’s a little Pinterest icon you can click to pin. The design really maximizes the potential of readers sharing your post on Pinterest when it is just so easy to do.

Unfortunately, the theme I chose does not have these capabilities and I don’t have the skills to code these into my blog. But nevertheless, I am still incredibly happy with how my blog design is turning out.

This week, I dove into the CSS files of my theme (even though WordPress gives me a warning not to tamper with code every time I open the files). I started to play with different fonts and I settled with two main fonts, one for headings and one for paragraphs – both of which are sans-serif styled. I much prefer the two I chose in comparison with the default fonts the theme came with as I think the minimalistic and “clean” cut of a sans-serif font matches my overall aesthetic a lot more than the default serif fonts did.

My blog also had certain elements that used colour, which were most of the buttons like “continue reading” or “post comment”, as well as links and other hoverable items. The original colour was a dark yellow colour, but I felt as though this didn’t match the colour palette I had envisioned for the site. The colour scheme I was aiming for was neutral toned – sticking with blacks, whites, greys and browns with hints of green and blue. Thus, I decided to change the dark yellow to a soft light blue. Looking at my overall site now, the blue ties things together a lot better than the yellow did and I’m very happy with my decision to alter the colour. It also adds a nice personal touch as the shade of blue I chose doesn’t look like a generic default one.

Design decisions are hard, but I think I’m starting to get a better grip on it all!

AWOT: I Own My Attention

A response to “How I Got My Attention Back” by Craig Mod, which can be found here: https://www.wired.com/2017/01/how-i-got-my-attention-back/#.djqfcpajo

I love being online as much as I love being offline. I think I am at a point in my life where I know how to balance the two. As this page says, I am always Finding Balance, I think there will always be consistencies and ways to be better, but I guess I am just coming from a perspective where I have already taken a step back and checked myself and my online consumption habits.

I got the sense that Craig Mod got a little unsettled and frustrated with how much time he was spending on a phone game. Clash of Clans? How was the addiction to CC any different to people’s addictions to FarmVille? Some find addictions in other sources of media, besides their phones or besides their computers, and instead to TV’s and video games. Obviously, addictions span more than just the digital, but what I can see from his article is that he got addicted to a game with no end, and then wrote about it.

Maybe that’s too harsh. I know people who went through the same thing. My dad, for instance. He had to delete the game as well, and it’s one of the hardest things to do. I have played similar games on my phone, but find that I never had enough data to keep up with the games away from wifi, and just end up deleting them. In this sense, I may not completely understand the struggle of working tireless hours on a game with no benefits in real life, but I can try to understand the parts in which he relates our attention being battled for in the marketing world.

You’ve always had control of your attention. What ends up happening is people use free services that aren’t really ‘free’, use your information to advertise to you, and then profit off of the data and content you produce. This is online work. Lots of companies will be using this information to try and get your attention, and you can learn to tune them out.

This article romanticizes the past. The past where we weren’t “addicted to our phones” because the dopamine released in our brains said so, where we could wander nature freely, or where we profited off of slave work. The past wasn’t that great either. Trump does it all the time: “Make America great again!” But… when was America ever great? Because of the money it made during war? Terrible wars that are never fully covered in history books because of the horrors and terrible acts committed during those times? I admit, this is a bit of an extremist example. But this is a dramatic response to a dramatic article. Humans have always strived to learn more and more information. I don’t see why having information available to us is so bad. It can drive an educated community. With proper education, you can teach people how to differ between fake news and real news. You can learn to tune out what won’t help you and what will.

My bias is: if you want to be successful, you must be available. You miss opportunities if you don’t. People have been rejected from jobs for not replying to an email fast enough. In Mod’s defence, he does acknowledge this; “it’s important to emphasize that for certain members of certain groups, online non-negotiable”. And as is the point of my website in the first place, he does try to put people’s health first. Organization’s use and sell our eyeballs in more ways than he even stated, but it won’t be the end of the world. First, we must bring the issue to attention. Then, we can work on fixing it. This is no small feat, this is your typical you vs the man. The system is pretty big, and you must own your attention in this day and age. I think more people own their attention than you may think.

Mod’s issue of stolen attention talks about the struggle to be focused on something more productive than endless games. For students, and possibly others, it’s trying to study when you have multiple social media apps demanding your attention. How do we combat this? I believe this is more of a habit to build. When you are trying to do something, such as studying, reading, or writing, turn your phone and computer on silent. Your brain even works better without music or with little music. The notifications and the sounds trying to steal your attention will only succeed if you can hear or see them. Create a specific space where you do this as well. Sitting in your bed will signal your body to get ready to sleep, for example.

One-month vacations completely offline is unrealistic in our world. My generation has been thrown into a world where we must work longer hours to even afford a dirty shared space with people we don’t even know or like. There is more expected from us, with less returned to us. We have had to adapt; just imagine where the future generations will have to be doing.

I implore the community to hold on to the things that are productive to themselves and to their work. Find time to balance your work, your social life, and your personal life. If you have to, record how much time you spend and see if you can be more productive if you have something you love to do after you are done. Set goals, even small ones for the day every morning as you wake up. Find your balance.

Process Post 1

I forgot my password. I can’t be the only one who constantly does this. Apparently I already had a WordPress account, so both my emails come up for username. When I changed the old password for the old account, I tried to use it for the new account. 3 tries later and I’m locked out. I wish I wasn’t so forgetful, but there’s so many passwords to so many accounts nowadays.

Once I can get back into my account, I’ve spent quite some time trying to make it look the way I want. I get a little frustrated changing certain aspects of the theme just because I’ve never dealt with html code before. The CSS program is pretty easy to use, but I’ve never used anything like this before. Let’s just say it’s been an adventure. One in which involves many how-to youtube videos and google searches.

Ideally, it’d be nice to have the background something a little more to do with health and fitness. Something not too cliche, yet represents the website a little more. The current ram skull background is light and simple, as I can’t seem to figure out how to change the text colour yet, but over the next couple days it would be nice to play with different backgrounds a bit more.

For every post, I’d like to use my own photos. I’ve started an Instagram account to help me do this. My goals for both the Instagram and the blog are to get out and take my own photos and edit them — the blog would support the story and purpose for each picture, and Instagram will aid with me taking and editing the pictures more often.

I would like my widgets/menus to be more on the right side of the page, but I’m still learning how to do that. I would also like to maybe change the “Finding Balance” title and the hooker underneath either with different colours and/or fonts.

I have a couple friends who do blogs as well, so I was trying to get a little inspiration from their websites. There’s Ashley’s, (https://ashleyogilvie.com/2017/07/18/my-mom-calls-it-eden/), and Noelle’s, (http://noellekathleenjones.com/dig/under-the-guise-of-the-chill-girl/), both of whom have created an amazing voice with their writings and it is such an inspiration for me to do the same with mine.

With my blog, I would like to capture and enhance my own online presence and voice. I would like to hail students of any kind, and really anyone interested in health. Just to start a discussion on what works for people and what doesn’t really entices me and I think having that conversation and space for people is really important. As my voice and posts develop, I hope it’ll reflect these things!

Minimalism is Key

Being online for years has granted me familiarity with the internet so it was pretty easy to navigate and learn a new website’s system. The concept of lying was generated from a place of wanting to have fun with this project and seeing where and how far I could take it. Building this site was mainly about aesthetics for me. As a student in the visual art field, I feel like aesthetics is important in grabbing the reader’s attention and keeping them visually pleased. I wanted my site to be visually appealing but not visually overstimulating, which is what I often find in many websites. The trend these days is minimalism, it is what attracts people. Many viewers/readers/consumers care more about content rather than what picture is in the header, but if the site is visually off-putting, people will click out and move on to other sites. This is why, when building a site, aesthetics are important.

In my case, the content I’m producing is very text heavy. I felt that lying could not be properly identified through images. I also think the clean, minimalist look applies to my concept of lying.

Aesthetically, my vision board was quite minimalist, but the topics I decided to include are anything but. I think my vision board reflects who I am in real life, but not necessarily who I want to be online on this site. If I were to make a vision board for the lying concept, I think it would be pretty empty. I will definitely incorporate some of the ideas from my vision board into my lying posts while still trying to keep the authenticity of my concept.

I like building and designing websites, I think it can be fun when there is a concept I enjoy. Rather than just writing about myself which can get boring, I prefer having the chance to be creative with a unique concept that I can play with.

mapped out

I am indecisive. At this point, it’s not just an opinion but rather almost fact. I have edited the menus on this blog more times than I can count (more like I just lost track at some point). Although I have everything relatively mapped out, I still find myself struggling to be decisive. 

For starters, I needed to figure out where I wanted my POSIEL content to live. The contents of this category don’t pertain to my target audience in the fashion and lifestyle niche, which makes me not want to display it outright in my main menu. I toyed around with throwing it in my footer menu instead, but as that doesn’t provide dropdown menu options, it would make it difficult to sort the sub-categories such as process posts versus peer reviews. I want this blog to stick with my ultimate vision, which requires it to be user friendly and clean.

Back to square one I go. From here, I decided that I wanted a minimal amount of items in my menu bar: Home, About and Categories. All the categories of my website will live under that last one in drop downs, and from there POSIEL will have tags to distinguish between post types. Indecisive me finally decided on something.

Next comes the sidebar, which currently houses a preview of the About section (the condensed version) which makes it super easy for a reader to know what my blog is about without having to search around. Of course, the more in depth version lies in the About page. Under this, I’ve installed a grid of my Instagram feed. As my blog largely pertains to my musings on Instagram, it’s a great way to showcase it and entice a reader to click through. As well, having the grid there adds visuals to the blog which make it more engaging and interesting. Lastly, in my sidebar I have a Latest Posts section which shows the feature image of a blog post along with its title. Once I post more and have more content available on my blog, I am likely to change this to a Popular Posts section instead.

Like I said, I’m indecisive. Maybe this will all change again by next week. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Essay #2

Since the semester started, we have been publicizing our self online using this blog. I have had experiences before blogging online many years ago, but with more personal life in the content. To compare with the blog, I am doing today, and before, this one will be more topic focused, audiences targeted, and have certain goals to achieve. In fact, participating this class introduced me what an individual online publisher should look like, gave me the information of how can we do our work, and helped me to organize and connect to the information. Also, the class provided discussion and reflection to let us think deeper about the relationship between us, publication, and media in nowadays society.

It was very perplexed when I have to decide what I am going to blog about at the first time since I cannot think of a thing that I am very into and have a lot of information that can share with the world.  Therefore, I turned the focus into things that I do every day, and I came up with the idea of sharing my cooking and gaming life. As a passionate gamer and a person who cook for the house, my first plan was sharing interesting information, or useful tips to the people have similar interests with me. However, the plan did not go so well, I was either too busy to cook or did not take record while I am cooking, but I have been posting about my gaming life or gaming article. After getting the suggestion from class and from friends that had read my site, I decided to change my blog content to share about an interesting thing that happens in my daily life, whether it is about gaming, cooking, or a restaurant review, or even about my kitten’s life. By making this change, I think it will help me develop audiences pool starting from people around me who want to know more about me to people have similar interest with me, and later on to people who search me from the internet. This change will also help me to develop richer content on my blog since I will have different information for the different audience. The Youtube channel, Bob’s Your Uncle inspired me for the idea.

This Youtube channel primary purpose is to share cooking information to his audience, but in the same time, he loves to talk about the social topic when he is cooking. His sharp speech is also the main reason why he is very popular in HongKong. He also produces video and information in travel or just discussion about hot topic around the society or even politics. His channel illustrates the audience today living in information flooding world, want to see multiple pieces of information as a package, edited and pack to one, and they can receive everything through one perfect piece.

Link Here

During the whole term, I have changed my site’s layout many times. The biggest change was the entire theme of my site, from a black and white minimalism to a theme that contains picture slide, and with more vivid color. The first theme I choose was aiming to let my blog fit into the gaming style, but I changed it because it was boring, overused, and could not represent who I am, which, described in the article Design Machines. How to survive in the digital Apocalypse. You cannot tell which site belongs to which companies since they all look the same. I cannot stand in the copy-cat culture, just as how everyone is using iPhone or Apple Mac book. Therefore, I changed my site to a theme that can be more unique and can represent my identity online more.          

In the other hand, I am also trying to connect my blog and my Twitch channel and Youtube channel to provide different ways for my audiences to read my context. As a publisher and an audience at the same time, a piece of information only have text could not get my attention and let me stay on the site. So, I believe my audience, who have similar habits and interest with me, feel the same way too. Also, the topics I am sharing will also increase their power if they come with picture, sounds, or video.

However, the blog I am doing is against the thinking I have for publication now. I notice how people are paying attention to other’s life every day instead of their own; I see how every individual’s publishing themselves through the social network have ruined our society. But I am still one of them, sharing my life with others. At the beginning of the term, I consider the word “publication” explain the action of people who are publicizing themselves and their thought to the world. Yet, I had never been aware of the issue that publication nowadays brings to our life. For example, the psychology article which explains the different ways we act in online and in real life; Or, the fake news in the social network; Or, how the technology are taking away our attention, etc. After this term, I think more before I share a post, I check the authenticity of a news story or a video, I also, try to be aware how am I publishing myself online, and my identity online.

Looking forward, I will try to keep the site online as a tool to share my thought to the public. Although I am still in the beginner stage, my goal is to become a successful publisher, bringing some influence to the public one day.




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Mod, Craig. 2017. “How I Got My Attention Back.” Available from: https://backchannel.com/how-i-got-my-attention-back-c7fc9297d347

Week 13 Process Post

Process Post: Develop community guidelines for your site. Why are those the right guidelines for you? How will you implement them?


My community guidelines for my site are as following:

  1. No hate speech.
  2. No racist, sexist content.
  3. No direct profitable advertising.

Since my site is for gamer and people who love food, my audience can be everywhere around the world, this should be the right guidelines to protect every one of my audience including myself. I will post this on my front page and on the space below my blog, so people can see this when they enter my site and even when they click on another page.

Peer Review 3


This is the third blog I am reviewing for my PUB101 class.
The first feeling to me as a reader is the blog has a clean design when I first clicked on it. Simple title, heading, and menu in the left head site with a huge picture indicated what the blog about, and then I can find posts when I scroll down a little bit. The title is very clean so that we know exactly what we are going to watch after we saw it. The huge picture which is a woman typing on a computer respond to the heading the writer gave us. 

I also love the way how she puts the section in order, it is simple and easy to follow, and especially very fit the style of the blog, because I believe no one wants to read these comments when the page too fancy and complicated.

By only watching the design of the site, I can assume the writer is a female, and her intended readers are also mostly female because of the baby pink font color, the woman hands in the picture, and especially the topic of the site – not a lot of men love to read these gossip things.

Let’s take a look at the “About” section.


The writer still using the same style as well as her front page of the site, simple and clean. The simplicity of the site can easily keep the audience’s focus. Also, I think it is the best theme for this site since people who love to watch and judge other’s comments on the web probably are people who are more mature, and those who love things are organized. The intended audiences would also easily judge the design of the site, so keep it simple is the best way to attract every intended audience. She also illustrates how she will do the work and what makes her love to blog about this in the section.

When I clicked on a post, I found the writer would capture a brief description of the news first and then write her comment under before letting us look at those “shitty comments.”

This can give a concept to the reader of what is the original post is about and easier to understand why the comment is shitty.

Overall, I think the blog design and content can absolutely explain and attract it’s intended audiences. One thing I will add on is some gif picture to drive the emotion of the readers

One thing I will add on is some gif picture to drive the emotion of the readers, an example of this:

Process Post #6: Let’s Remix Something!

For this week’s process post (…okay, more like, this post was for a few weeks ago….¯\_༼ ༽_/¯), we were simply informed to remix something. And that was it. For the most part, I was thinking “wait what?”  when I heard this was our topic for the process post. There wasn’t much instructions to go on, and I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person who needs detailed instructions to do something.

Perhaps, this is the sole reason why I’ve been delaying this process post 😐 I’ve been trying to think of something to incorporate the element of re-mixing, yet, stay true to my blog. After carefully reading my fellow peers ideas of remixing to get inspired (…in no way was I stalking.¯\_ʘᗜʘ_/¯), the majority of my classmates, had incorporated re-mix of photos, music, poems, etc. which I thought was creative, given how they designed the remix on their own.

That being said, I wanted to do something different and out of my comfort zone. I like to think to remix something, is to integrate something your comfortable with but at the same time, something, your not. 

Last week, I visited North Vancouver, and explored Lonsdale Quay Market. I decided for my remix, I wanted to vlog about the adventure, but at the same time, take pictures! Vlogging is something that is out of my comfort zone because it’s basically me talking to a camera in public. It was a bit weird at first, but I was slowly getting used to it. However, because I was too excited about visiting the market since it’s been a year the last time I was there, I kind of forgot to vlog about the entire trip. I did record getting on the sea bus ⛵, which is always fun.

Of course, there is the other half of the remix which are pictures that I took for my adventure. I hope you enjoyed my remix post 😎

Song – Older Brother by Pepper Rabbit

The passageway of the market.
Our lunch for the day.
Gelato from the market.
Had to get that Instagram worthy background.

Week 10 Process Post

What surprised you about your findings in Google Analytics? Demonstrate how that’s going to change your online publication in concrete ways.

The surprising thing from Google Analytics is that I did not get any view from the past days. I am wondering there is something wrong with my setting, or maybe it really is no one have had visit the page, too. I will have to fix the problem if it was the setting problem. And also, I must find a way to gain some audience. I have been posting my site on my social network, but guess no one actually clicks on it. Therefore, I will have to force my friends to do it and I will have to build up more interesting content and promo my site with that information.

Week 9 Process Post


I am willing to monetize my site, but it would need some very hard work before I can do so. First, I will need to add a lot more information, original content to fulfill the request from google. Next, I will have to find a way to advising my page, so that I can get more audience and more view and click. Third, I will have to find a way to keep my blog interesting so that I can keep my audience and attract new audiences. To do all of these steps, I will have to give up some of my time now, which is hard now, because I already barely have enough time for my school work, and I also want to find a job. Maybe I can do so if I am taking less courses that term, and I can focus on the work here.