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Tractor Foods

Tractor Foods

Mmm we love a good healthy bowl! It’s nice to eat foods that don’t make you feel super gross afterwards every so often to balance out all the bubble tea and dessert I’m usually getting. I really enjoy the mixture of greens and the sauces they added to it to make the bowl really flavourful so you don’t feel like you’re just eating grass or something. Wish we had this kind of stuff in Richmond though so I could be here all the time.

Xing Fu Tang

I finally got to try Xing Fu Tang because they opened a Richmond location at T&T! Honestly I wasn’t going to go because I thought it was going to be super busy but it wasn’t too bad of a wait. (Waited about 20 mins) I really enjoyed their pearls since it was soft but still chewy and sweet but still flavourful! The Brown Sugar Pearl Milk has more of a thicker milk flavour while the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea has more of a coffee taste to it. But between the both, we preferred the Pearl Milk more than the Milk Tea. I think it’s worth a try!

Pokey Okey

I love eating poke! I’ve been to Pokey Okey like once or twice before and I don’t know why I forgot about them. They’re actually quite good and at such a convenient location in Richmond (central Richmond)! After having them again, I know I’ll be coming here more regularly because their ingredients are super fresh and tasty. They have a wide variety of flavours and toppings so you can pick and choose what you enjoy the best! Btw portions are quite generous too here and I really like that I feel full after eating poke.

Hanlin Tea House

I recently tried Hanlin today and it was quite the experience. I don’t know how long they’ve been open for but I feel like they’re quite hidden in Richmond since it’s the first time I’ve come across it. The place itself is super aesthetic, cozy, and a great space to study now that school is back. The Jade Green Tea Yakult (left) was refreshing but the amount of mini pearls was quite overwhelming and the Thai Milk Tea (right) was light and not overly sweet, which I enjoyed. But, nonetheless I would definitely recommend to give them a try to check out their cute space!

Mislabeling Food

This week, I’d like to talk about a giant problem I have with the dining hall: mislabeling food.

Since the dining hall experience is centered around meat eating, there is a disregard for the treatment of those who do not ascribe to that way of life. The results of this? See below.


Quite often, I will see labels for food such as vegan soup (marked with a v), yet in the fine print contain milk. Another occurrence of this is when food that is not vegan is put in the designated vegan food area, such as in the photo above (In this case, the soup contained milk ingredients).


Is it really that difficult to label things properly and put them in the correct location?


While I am not vegan, I have friends on the meal plan that are. I can understand their frustration in their diet not being taken seriously, and having to simply put up with standard of living for the duration of their time on the meal plan.


This is not only a problem for vegans, in fact, but those of us with allergies. Mislabeling something as vegan could have serious implications on a person who may be severely lactose intolerant.


In sum, food labels are no joke, and the dining hall should be diligent in their consideration of the well being of others.

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Love Songs (I Hate to Love)

Who likes listening to really cheesy love songs? Even though I like to think (pretend) I have a sophisticated and cool taste in music, I always find myself reaching for that old Taylor Swift album. And I’m sure there’s a lot of people who won’t admit it but they do as well! (At least, I refuse to believe I’m the only one who does this!!)

I thought I’d make a playlist of radio love songs I love listening to but I won’t admit that I love. Here it is:

Have fun listening! Love, Joy.

How to Get Things Done on Time When You’re A Procrastinator

Procrastinating is something I’m sure many people have a HUGE problem with. Me included as I’m typing these blog posts a few days before they’re due. Although it’s fun and all to look at the person next to you when you were both procrastinating on that assignment, it’s a seriously unhealthy habit that can hinder your life if you don’t cut it. So with this post, I’m hoping to share a few tips to help cut procrastination out of your life! Hopefully, they help.

Step one: keep track of what you have to do and more importantly when it’s due.

Realizing how many (or few) days you have left will give you a sense of urgency. Put the due dates in your planner if you have one, or a calendar (which is even better because you can visually see all the due dates placed in front of you that way). Don’t have a planner or calendar? Use your phone calendar instead!

Step two: plan things ahead of time.

You have two weeks until that projects due right? Don’t wait until those last two days to start it… it might feel like you have all the time in the world but two weeks pass quickly, and when the due date rolls around it won’t feel like you have all the time in the world when you’re pulling an all-nighter two nights in a row. A lot of assignments tend to be due around the same time period so try to set days in advance for each of them instead of sprinting to do four things in the span of two days.

Step three: prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!

Do your important assignments/tasks first! Especially if there’s a huge workload that comes with it. Don’t put it off because it seems like too much work – you’re setting yourself up for failure in the long run. At least start things with the biggest workload first.

Step four: just do it!

This is probably the most helpful thing to do. A lot of people are totally aware of their due dates and how much time they have left and so on – it’s just getting started that they have difficulty with. Procrastination isn’t always not knowing when something is due and putting it off, sometimes it is putting it off when you fully know when things are supposed to be due. So this is this most important step. Just get up and start doing whatever it is you needed to do. Don’t feel like doing it? Don’t wait until you ‘get in the right mood to do it’ because let’s be honest – you’ll never feel like doing it if you wait for that.

Failed all these steps? That’s ok! Me too, we can both try again next week.

Procrastination is a seriously hard habit to cut. If you can cut all these habits out of your life in less than a week, I’m not sure you’re human. Just keep practicing the last step and hopefully, it’ll stick and you can start to build healthy task-doing habits!

Love, Joy.


Innovative Budget University Meals

Being a broke university student with not a lot of money, eating out all the time is not an option. But if you’re at school and you didn’t bring food and you’re stranded – you’re inevitably going to be spending money on food. But spending a ton of money even if it’s only on a 10$ sandwich a day – that can add up.

But if you’re going to be spending 10$ on a sad sandwich, might as well spend it on something more substantial.

If you go to a school close to a supermarket, here’s what else you can do besides eating out at a restaurant or buying expensive fast food. The other day I saw my friend eating a complete meal with stuff she bought from T&T and I thought it was the smartest idea ever!

The campus I go to is right next to a T&T, Walmart and Maxim’s. When I saw my friend, she bought a cup of instant noodles from T&T and a bottle of tea, as well as three pastries from Maxim’s – all for under 10$! Like if you’re going to be eating a barely substantial unhealthy fast food meal for over 10$, might as well be eating a cheap, pretty substantial unhealthy meal for less than 10$, you know what I’m saying?

If you’re not into instant noodles and there’s a Walmart near you or a grocery store with a frozen meals section you can buy a cheap frozen meal there instead. Most schools will have a microwave somewhere you can use to heat up your meals.

A quote from the aforementioned genius friend: “Always eat your salty foods with sweet foods but not a super cold sweet food, not that there’s anything wrong with cold foods but if it’s a solid it’s nicer like a cake or a bun.”

– My 200 IQ friend.

Here is my genius friend with her genius meal! I love her!!!!

So yeah! Next time, if you want to save money on food at school and you didn’t bring food, you can just head over to the nearest supermarket and get something!

Thank you for reading. Love, Joy.

Rainy Day Playlist

It’s been raining for the last few days and while some people dislike the rain a lot, living in the Pacific Northwest – you kinda get used to it.

It’s really atmospheric for me and at times, I really love the rain because I can walk around with my headphones in and pretend I’m in a drama. Here’s a playlist that you can plug in and pretend you’re living something else!

Have fun listening!

Love, Joy.


Ask anyone from Vancouver, there’s no denying the character of Gastown. And part of it’s charming allure are the businesses that call in home. In particular, a little restaurant in the heart of it, L’Abattoir. Translated to english, L’abattoir means slaughterhouse. Not the most inviting name for somewhere you want to eat, but what most people don’t know at first glance is that the exotic name pays hommage to the area’s colourful history. The restaurant is located right next to Gastown’s famous Blood Alley, the street got it’s name from when butchers used to gather and sell their fresh cuts there, at the end of the day they would wash their hands off in the streets

which would result in a stream of blood tainted water running down the gullies. Although the menu at L’Abattoir does contain a hefty amount of meat dishes, there’s something there for everyone. May I be so bold as to recommend the BBQ Squash, dear god is that tasty and worth every penny!

Another lure to this hidden restaurant is the dual atmosphere it provides. Down below, where you first walk in is their bar seating. On any given night you can find a lively bunch of strangers all drinking together, enjoying happy hour drinks and appies. But if you want a more formal setting there is a dining room that overlooks the bar, far enough away to be peaceful and enjoy your meal over conversation but close enough to have the decorative lights glow around you. And for those who want a much more private dining experience away from all the commotion, there is further seating down a hallway, past the kitchen towards the back of the restaurant. Something for everyone!

Platform 7 Cafe

Raise your hand if you are tired for paying for $8 lattes. Well since this is the Internet and you’re reading this off a screen, I’ll narrate, I am raising my hand. Enter Platform 7 Cafe. Located in Kitsilano, you really wouldn’t expect there drinks to be so affordable, $4 for a latte, can I get a Hell Yeah!? But not only are their lattes wonderfully affordable, they also serve what they call a nitro cold brew, yes that is correct, they use liquid nitrogen for their iced coffees, even if they weren’t delicious, I’d order one just to watch the cool process of them making it!

And if you aren’t a coffee lover, you’ll go there for their kombucha and incredible food selection. They aren’t gluten free and they aren’t vegan but my god are their paninis delicious. Straight out of the panini maker on a fluffy baguette, this sandwich changed my life. No joke. 

And if the food, drinks and cool atmosphere aren’t reason enough to get you to go check them out, let me add one more little incentive, free parking. That’s right folks, you heard it here first, there is free parking down in busy Vancouver at Platform 7 Cafe.

Get your butts over there now

Olive + Ruby Cafe

Health is a lifestyle. This coming from the girl who ate half a chocolate covered granola bar for breakfast. But let’s be honest, healthy alternatives aren’t always the easiest to find! And vegan alternatives are equally difficult, but not for long! Little cafes are popping up all over Vancouver and here is definitely one of the best ones I have come across, Olive + Ruby. Located on West Broadway, this is a little hidden gem in the rough. Their smoothies are to die for, all made with healthy natural ingredients and ALL of them have vegan options! The majority of their food menu is also comprised of vegan friendly meals and oh my may I recommend the acai bowl, if that bad boy doesn’t leave you feeling healthy and happy then I don’t know what will. The only downside to their menu is that almost everything contains some kind of nut, including all their smoothies, so if you have any allergies there unfortunately this is not the place for you! And with the amount of nut containing items on their menu I wouldn’t recommend this cafe to those with sensitive allergies just due to uncontrollable contamination.

But back to those who can enjoy Olive + Ruby, if you do find yourself there, eating in is absolutely a better alternative than taking you food to go. The owners have gone to great efforts to make their cafe a safe location, welcoming and inclusive of all. In fact, their website clearly states “come as you are” and enjoy the peaceful break in the whirlwind that is life.

Another reason to fall in love with this quaint little cafe is their commitment to the community. They have a tab at the top of their page titled “collaboration” where they recognize the diversity and talent held within the city. They encourage anyone with an idea about how a collaboration with them could work to contact them. A nice warm invitation which isn’t always the case in this rainy city. And to add to this kindness, if you continue to scroll down their home page you will find blurbs and pictures promoting the people they have collaborated with in the past.

Everyone supporting each other, that’s what I like to see.



Lynn Canyon

Well the weather’s getting a bit chillier but that doesn’t mean we should hole up in our fuzzy blankets at home just yet! Before this winter kicks everyone’s ill-snow prepared asses let’s get outside. Specifically, to Lynn Canyon in the north shore. Here you will find the best, not to mention cheapest, alternative to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Given a ticket to the latter can run up to $30/person the free price tag of Lynn Canyon can’t be beat.

There are several different hiking trails for Lynn Canyon, I’ll be looking at the Twin Falls hike in particular. It starts off right away with a walk across the daunting suspension bridge. But fret not, it’s really not that scary, if you’re afraid of heights it’s still entirely doable, I just don’t recommend looking down!

The bridge itself is a rather narrow wooden plank bridge, it was built in 1912 and is situated 50 meters above the crisp waters of Lynn Creek, connecting you to 616 acres of beautiful rainforest. AFter the bridge, hang a right and follow the boardwalk over a much more stable bridge and you will be led to a breathtaking view of the falls. As it is one of the more, for lack of a better word, difficult trails (but it’s really not that hard) you will most likely have a quiet place to sit by the river and take in the views for a little rest. If you’re ambitious enough, climb down the steep riverbank for a nice spot and bask in the sun that’s hopefully shining that day.

This trail is open year round so even as we enter the darkness that is a west coast winter, you have no excuses not to go!