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5 Bags You Need In Your Closet

When it comes to purchasing accessories to go with an outfit, the handbag is always the most expensive purchase. A good quality handbag is more than just a functional accessory; it adds mobility, creativeness, artistry, and an edge to any outfit. It is a wardrobe essential. Yes, it is nice to have purses that you don’t have to worry about from fast fashion stores. But it’s also nice to invest in a bag that will last a lifetime and that you will cherish and pass down to your future children. Here is a list of my favourite handbags that will not only keep you in style in 2021 but will also not give you buyer’s remorse because they will go out of style in the years to come. Because a well-chosen bag can last a lifetime.

For each bag style, I’ll include a high-end version as well as a more affordable version. Low prices do not always imply low value; the less expensive options are still of high quality and will last.

1.Shoulder Bag

The ideal everyday bag for work and leisure. This is the bag you’ll most likely spend the majority of your time with, so we recommend putting a little more thought and money into it. Neutral colours such as black, grey, and tan are always safe bets.

2. Quilted Bag

Looking back at styles that still resonate with you today can help you distinguish between an investment and a wear for a few months then toss. A quilted bag has and will always be a must-have because it has remained popular among several generations. Every fashionista dreams about owning a channel. A tip I have is to look into purchasing a used Chanel to save money. Several sites such as The Real Real and Mine and Yours offer great quality gently used designer handbags for all price points.

3. The evening Bag

For date nights or evenings out with girls having a funky and stand-out purse is always a fun way to spice up a little black dress. These groovy styles are not limited to special occasions because you can always add more spice to an outfit.

Left: Purple Sequin Fendi Baguette Right: Naomi Watanabe x Kate Spade New York Small Camera Bag

4. The crossbody

The first bag in my collection was a crossbody purse. A crossbody bag, in my opinion, should be everyone’s first purse. It’s a wardrobe essential that’s the perfect size for carrying the essentials while remaining compact enough not to overpower your entire body.

Left: Gucci Soho Disco Bag Right: Marc Jacobs Softshot 17′ Bag

5.The Carry-all Tote Bag

A must-have for anyone who never leaves the house without their essentials. These are the bags you’ll always be glad you bought, whether it’s your monthly fashion magazine you can’t put down, extra face masks, or your touch up makeup bag, you will always have enough space. Because of their size, they can sometimes overpower your frame, so choose a canvas tote or a pop of colour.

Left: Chloe Woody logo-print canvas and leather tote bag Right: Marc Jacobs Tote Bag


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Community Guidelines

Four simple rules when interacting on

1) No personal attacks towards anyone

-While debate and discussion are encouraged, there is no need for any attacks towards a writer or fellow commentator on this website.

2) Stay relevant 

-We ask that you please keep comments specific to the article at hand. This rule is in place to keep a streamlined conversation that might help future readers. 

3) Absolute zero tolerance towards hate speech

-This appears to be self-explanatory. Because this is a fashion website, all comments must be respectful and non-violent. 

4) No advertising/self-promotion

-If you are interested in having your content posted on this website, email us as we are always looking for sponsorship opportunities. 

These guidelines were inspired by the ones set out in I attempted to modify them towards a fashion context, with the understanding that less serious conversations will be taking place on my website compared to The Guardian. Overall I believe that these will be useful to keep the conversations on my website focused and civilized. For now, it is reasonable to assume that I could implement these guidelines myself, considering the lack of engagement on my website at the moment. However, if it were to get more engagement I could set up a content filter. A content filter would disqualify any comments using words I deem unacceptable.


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How to Style: Cowboy Boots

If you know anything about me, you must be aware that my current obsession is cowboy boots. My obsession began when I saw this photo on Julianna Citali’s Instagram. As soon as I saw the photograph, I knew I wanted my own pair of boots. To my surprise, manifestation is a real thing, or at least it seemed when I found some cowboy boots at my local value village for twenty dollars. I remember spending hours scrolling through Pinterest, desperately trying to find ways to style these black leather boots that didn’t pair them with denim shorts and a riding belt. Even though I do not wear them as much as I would like due to several reasons including having nowhere to go because of COVID and terrible weather that favours rain over the sun. I have compiled a list of my favourite ways to style cowboy boots

1. Wear them with a dress

In the summer, my favourite way to style cowboy boots is with a dress. The rugged texture of the leather boots juxtaposed with the feminine nature of a linen dress creates the perfect balance.

Image from @juliannacitali

2.Style them overtop or under jeans

When I first started my adventure of trying to figure out how to style cowboy boots I was hesitant to wear them with jeans as I did not want to look like I just came back from horseback riding. For my 22nd birthday this year, I decided to take a leap of faith and tried styling them over top of my vintage Levi’s. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome! I can now confidently say that pairing cowboy boots with denim is not a fashion faux pas and with the right amount of confidence can be a killer outfit.

3.Make it hard core by adding leather

To add a rock and roll feel, pair your cowboy boots with a leather jacket. Leather Jackets are a wardrobe staple. You can find many versions of this versatile piece. My favourite stores to purchase leather jackets include Zara, Free People, and vintage stores such as Shop Glory Days. Combining a leather jacket with cowboy boots brings back memories of watching Lana Del Rey’s Ride music video.

Image from

4.Don’t be boring

Shoes add flair to any outfit, so if you’re brave enough to wear them, don’t limit yourself to the standard black leather pair. Be bold and stand out. Cowboy boots are an excellent way to experiment with various colours and materials. Here are some photos of cowboy boots that stray away from the basic and will elevate your look to the next level


Javiera Guevara

Transmedia Storytelling

The article, Pokemon as Transmedia Story, describes how Pokemon is a prime example of transmedia storytelling. The author states that Transmedia storytelling is a process. Transmedia storytelling is when elements of a fiction get dispersed across multiple media to create a coordinated entertainment experience. This concept can be applied to blogs because it is essential when developing an online presence that it spreads across different channels such as social media platforms. Transmedia integration for my blog would entail creating additional channels related to my fashion blog, through which I could reach more users and increase my online presence. By establishing various other platforms related to my blog, I can provide a more coherent and consistent entertainment experience for my audience. Overall, incorporating transmedia storytelling improves the user experience, which benefits me in the long run.

I can incorporate transmedia storytelling by creating a YouTube channel or a TikTok account called Javiera Wears What. Having the same name for all my channels will make it easier for users to find my channels. I currently have a Tik Tok and a YouTube channel, but they are unrelated to my blog because they do not deal exclusively with fashion. Therefore, to start developing my personal brand, I want to either revamp my current accounts or start fresh and create new handles. After I’ve set up these channels, I’ll be able to insert them into my blog so that users can link to these platforms to access various types of content. However, it is important to consider that each part is separate and that each media should be accessible on its own terms even as it makes a unique contribution to the narrative system as a whole.


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Search Engine Optimization

Analytics (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) are powerful tools for continuing to grow your audience. This week I have been paying close attention to my Google analytics information for my blog. Knowing how your website’s visitors behave can help creators like me create the best content, posting at the right time, and developing appropriate engagement strategies. 

In the article, 12 Reasons Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO, the author describes how SEO does more than providing greater searchability and visibility. SEO also is necessary to take your business to the next level. On the list, the author states that local SEO means increased engagement, traffic & conversions. The author contends that with the current surge of mobile traffic, a critical component of the success of small businesses has been local searches. Local optimizations concentrate on specific towns, cities, regions to create a sustainable medium for a brand’s messaging on a local level. Moreover, an effective way to optimize the brand’s website and its content are to include local citations and backlinks. As a local content creator from British Columbia, I have been trying to use as many local links as possible. Whether it is linking to a small business such as What’s Good Vintage or a City’s official site, I am actively trying to increase my local engagement and traffic. Overall, I am doing the best that I can to increase my ranking.

I believe that analyzing and looking more into the information provided by Google Analytics will help me better understand my audience. By gaining a better understanding of my target audience, I can tailor my content for them, ensuring that they have the best possible experience when visiting my website. Taking that all into consideration, it is also important to note that although analytics can be beneficial for creators, it can also cause privacy concerns for users. On the back end, analytics can learn a lot about users, including age, gender, marital status, where we live, our spending habits, and much more. Everything about us is being tracked, and that can be worrisome for users as there is almost no privacy when it comes to using the internet. Overall, this is an issue on which I am still undecided. On one hand, analytics and search engine optimizations are beneficial for content creators. On the other hand, does it benefit the users if everything is being tracked and monitored to improve companies’ performances? Luckily, my website is just a blog, and I am currently not making a profit. I am just writing about a topic that I am passionate about and want to create a community for others who love fashion.


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Spring is Here!

For my last mini assignment I was tasked to make a gif for my blog and this is what I came up with!

Last week, I went to White Rock, and I can certainly say that I am officially ready for the hot weather. If you didn’t know, White Rock is this cute oceanside city in South Surrey. And fun fact, it has the longest pier in all of Canada. The palm trees and beach house vibes got me all excited for spring and summer! With all this in mind, I decided to start dressing more appropriately for the weather.

My Outfit details:

Shirt: lace bustier from Victoria Secret

Pants: Dickies High-Waisted Ankle Pant from Urban Outfitters

Socks: Nike crew socks

Shoes: Nike air force 1’s

Peer Review: The Weekly Build

This week I had the opportunity to review another one of my classmates’ blogs. For my third peer review, Adam is my partner and his blog is titled, The weekly Build. At first glance, the site looks to be about construction and home renovations based on the banner and title.

To start, I will discuss the design and content then I will move into marketability. I enjoy the simplicity of Adams’ website. There is an ample amount of white space and, easy to navigate. I also appreciate how the homepage displays recent posts. Having the posts exhibited allows the reader a glimpse into the type of content available. One suggestion I have is to make sure that all the articles have a featured photo because this will create more unity. Currently, I can see that only a few random blog posts have featured photographs while others do not, which is confusing.

The first section I decided to look at was the About section. From the homepage layout, I was aware that the renovations are the site’s focus. However, I wanted to know more about the author and get other details about what the blog would entail. The about section was short and sweet and provided information regarding who Adam is and what his intentions are for his blog. I would advise either centring the one photo or adding more photographs so that the page has more balance. Currently, the about page seems a little too plain. I would like to know more about the author and why he chose to do a home renovations blog. I also wanted to get more information about who his intended audience is. In his Process Post #6, he states that his readers are older people interested in renovations and house projects. I agree with his statement that our generation is not so handy and, therefore, it is older people who are most likely interacting with his content. If you know who your audience is, it will be easier to determine ways to increase your blogs’ marketability.

In terms of content, I thoroughly enjoyed Adam’s piece titled, The Design Phase. I adore how he uses his own photography rather than finding photos online. One suggestion I have is to watermark any photographs that you have taken. Watermarking photographs create protection so that images cannot be reproduced or posted on other websites without the owner’s consent. Suzanne Norman, our professor for pub 101, mentioned the importance of watermarking, original content in a lecture a few weeks ago. Another thing to note is that while reading Adams’ blog posts, I found that he rarely links out to anything. When cultivating content, it is often critical to incorporate a well-equipped link approach as part of ongoing content growth. Moreover, to stand out as an industry leader in a sea of content, its’ essential to use both internal and external links to foster good SEO and content ranking.

The monetization process can be kickstarted through the use of affiliate links. An example of this, as noted in Bleymaier (2013), is the Amazon affiliate links program. This program works by the writer receiving a small commission when readers purchase products through these links. Whether it is a book, a movie, diapers, a shirt, and anything else – the blogger receives up to 10% of my entire shopping carts’ value from that trip to Amazon. Adam could implement these on items of interest to the reader. These items can range all the way from his favourite tools to the materials used in the renovation process. Adam could implement affiliate links on items of interest to the reader. These items can range all the way from his favourite tools to the materials used in the renovation process. In his article, My Floor Isn’t Flat, Adam could incorporate links to the tools used in his floor renovation project, linking out to stores such as Home Depot and Rona so that readers can use the same tools used.

One last suggestion that I have is for Adam to narrow down his audience. At the moment, it seems that his intended audience is far too broad. Having such a large audience can be problematic when attempting to improve marketability because it can be challenging to make the right advertising decisions. At the moment, it seems that his intended audience is far too broad. Having such a large audience can be problematic when attempting to improve marketability because it can be challenging to make the right advertising decisions. If he can narrow down his audience, it would be easier for him to identify the most suitable advertisements.


Javiera Guevara

Affiliate Advertising: The do’s and don’ts

This week I finally set up Google Adsense on my blog. It was relatively easy to set up and now that it is I am excited to start my journey with Adsense!

In the article, On Advertising- Maria Popvova, the author addresses advertising in journalism, particularly the concerns of non-disclosing affiliate links. Bleymaier (2013) uses the example of Maria Popova, who has made one million on affiliate ads while soliciting 500k in donations from her readers for her “ad-free” site. He claims that Popova informs the public that her website is ad-free because her website lacks conventional advertisements. However, she does have affiliate advertising, which Bleymaier claims are more damaging to the writing’s quality. The “affiliate form of advertising invites more detriment to quality writing because it actually requires an author to interrupt the reader with a link” (para. 9). It also encourages writers to change their tone to entice the reader to complete the purchase by clicking the link. Furthermore, it is imperative to note that the affiliate link allows the writer to earn a commission for marketing products and profits from each sale they make. The author’s main point is to emphasize the importance of informing readers that the links used within the texts are a form of advertisement. It is morally and ethically wrong to state that you are “ad-free” and then profiting from affiliate links and donations.

After reading this article, I am much more aware of the topic of advertising. When and if I start doing affiliate links, I’ll be cautious about how I incorporate them into my writing. I will include a note to my readers that I will be receiving a small commission if they decide to purchase anything through my links.


Javiera Guevara

Frankies Bikini’s X Hailee Steinfeld Review

The weather in Vancouver is starting to brighten up, and by this, I mean it was sunny for two days last week, so naturally, my first thought is to begin bikini shopping for the summer. A swimsuit brand that I have been obsessed with for the past few years is Frankies Bikinis. For their latest collection, Frankies Bikinis have collaborated with Hailee Steinfeld to drop two collections this March. The release of the first assortment of bikinis was on March 9, and the second one will drop on March 22. Since the second collection is not yet available, I will only be reviewing the first one. Moreover, if you have been paying attention to the Spring/Summer 2020 fashion trend reports, you are well aware that retro 70’s-inspired patterns are a must-have for the upcoming season. Luckily for you, this collection is filled with vibrant and funky fabrics in three different colorways that will more than happily meet your vintage dreams.

This collection has a wide range of swimsuit styles, including string bikinis, cut-out one-pieces and high-rise bottoms. In terms of the size range, everything is available in XS-XL, with select pieces available, up to 2XL. My favourite aspect of this collection is the abundance of clothing apparel that can be worn with or without the swimsuits including, halter dresses and coordinating short sets. Overall, I am obsessed with the collection from start to finish. In addition to hitting the mark on all the major swimwear trends, it also provides us with cozy and chic summer clothing.

My favourite piece from the collection is the Seraphina one-piece in disco yellow. I have been looking to invest in a one-piece bathing suit for the longest time. But have yet to find one that is neither too conservative nor too revealing. This collection’s Seraphina one-piece is serving up the hottest 70’s Malibu beach babe vibe, and I’m totally digging it!

The Seraphina one-piece in Shimmy Blue


Javiera Guevara

Summary of my online self

Infographic that summarizes my online self:

Infographic produced in Canva

This infographic is a visual representation of my online self regarding my fashion blog. I included at the top some graphics that describe the atmosphere for my blog. I want my space to be a positive and safe space where anybody interested in fashion feels welcome and loved. I added the cowboy boots and hat to show that I do not take life so seriously and that it is always important to have fun and let loose! I added two quotes that I feel best to represent my blog. For me, fashion is a form of self-expression. I am not very good at expressing myself verbally because I am actually a dreadful public speaker and dislike engaging in small talk. As a result, I express myself through my clothing and accessories. The three-circle charts represent the type of content that can be found on my blog. My main focus is fashion styling and discussing trends. I also want to engage in reviewing more fashion shows. Fashion week is currently going on around the world in New York, Paris, Milan, and London which, I am very excited to be reviewing.


Javiera Guevara