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A Little More About Me

It’s been about a month since I’ve started my content creation journey with this blog, my Instagram, and my TikTok all under my “Life With Ainah” brand.

With that said, I thought I’d take the time to share a bit more about myself. I posted this on Instagram a couple of days ago and wanted it to have a space on my website as well.

hi friend! i’m ainah. 👋🏼 by day, i’m a communications student, content manager, freelance designer, & aspiring content creator. 💻 but these are all labels and positions that anyone can associate with me on a surface level basis.

to dive a little deeper, i’m a follower of Jesus. i have and continue to struggle with anxiety and comparison — so having a platform to talk about beauty and intentional living doesn’t just run skin-deep around here.

more than just sharing my fave make-up products, i hope to bring light to how knowing my worth in Christ has brought me a confidence that no product could ever grant me. and more than journaling prompts and routines, i hope to share how the peace of Jesus has equipped me to live a wildly intentional life even when worry plagues me.

i also love coffee and cafes and the people in my life — so you’ll be bound to see some reels of places i visit, my memories, and recommendations here.

thanks for being here 🕊 i’m always down to make new friends and connections here on instagram — so please feel free to reach out if you want to talk!”

With care & joy,


Clean Beauty Products I Want To Try

After learning about how the chemicals in my skincare and make-up can negatively affect my hormones, I decided to gradually switch to beauty and skin products that are formulated with clean ingredients about two years ago.

Today, I thought I’d share some clean beauty products I have my eye on. Who knows, maybe I’ll be adding some of these into my Sephora cart soon!

  1. MERIT Beauty | Brow 1980 Voluminizing Pomade in the shade “Soft Black”
  2. ILIA Beauty | Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil in the shade “Only You”
  3. Saie | Glowy Super Gel in the shade “Sunglow”
  4. Tower 28 | SunnyDays Lightweight Foundation

I love the aesthetics of the packaging that all these products have and have heard lots of good things about these items. I’ll definitely share when I get to try these out!

With care & joy,


Deadlines Will Be The Death Of Me

The other day I had to hand in a big assignment and I was so happy because I loved the topic and I was doing incredibly well. I was writing at a good pace, I did not feel like the world was on my shoulders, I actually thought I could finish it on time, oh how naive of me (I really should be kinder to myself but I am mad and hurt and disappointed so kindness will have to wait a little longer). I could not finish the assignment on time because I was not strong enough yet to put boundaries and stick to them. My friend pressured me to hang out and I found myself agreeing when I did not want to. It messed up my whole momentum and I tripped and slipped and badabum I was late. And because I was mad at myself for not saying no and putting other people before me; disappointed that I could not just push myself further and finish on time; and deadlines are always anxiety traps, I just kept going down the rabbit-habit hole and long behold 3 days had gone by and I still was barely able to get out of bed.

Fortunately, my prof was really nice and let me hand in the assignment late, but the disappointment is something I am getting used to by now and I do not like it. Sometimes it feels like I have become this completely new person that cannot handle life and it makes me crazy. My meds are working and I was making progress but then it was deadline time and I was suddenly dead with half an essay done. And of course, instead of being able to crank it, I just shut down. For four days.

Bottom line is, I still don’t know how to be a student and a functioning human being. But I am working on it. My official Moto is “We learn. We grow”. And I do not want to be falsely optimistic, but sometimes I just have to cling to that hope like it’s my lifeline otherwise I would not have the energy to keep trying and I need to keep trying, I want to keep trying.

What really helped me start to move on from that little blip was art, I bought a ton of polymer clay (which of course made my wallet mad and made me feel slightly guilty) and got together with a friend to make some earrings. That was pure happiness, exactly what I needed. My roommate’s cat was also really helpful when he wasn’t trying to poop on my bed or step on my clay (and I say that with my heart filled with love because I love that cat).

Process Post 2: Personal Cyberinfrastructures

What is a personal cyberinfrastructure, and why should you care? What is your current cyberinfrastructure, how do you use it, and how does it use you? What do we take for granted in how the Internet works? What can we imagine differently? We will work on vision boards. By now, you will have completed your vision board. How did you work through the process? Did you use Venn diagrams? Were you able to narrow down your focus? Please post about the process.

Process Post Prompt*: Write a blog post about the installation and setup work you did this week: your decisions, your rationales; make sure you link out to at least a couple of other resources. How does what you’ve created so far relate to the vision board you made last week?

I had a lot of trouble setting up my blog. For some reason people could never access the blog and it was a slow process of fixing the issue. On top of that I messed up along the way and had to start all over again which had me falling behind. But, even if this seemed annoying at the moment, it ended up being a blessing in disguise. Initially the idea I had for my blog was to talk about my mental health journey and hopefully create a platform where people could relate to me and I could relate to others. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt like I was missing something. And because I had to create my blog, delete it and create it again, that allowed me the space to really think about what I wanted from this space and what I wanted others to take from it. In the end I though why not connect art and mental health? they go great together and I am really passionate about art, this way I not only reach people who want to read about mental health but also people who are interested in art.

Once I had the idea to combine mental health with art I figured the tagline “For those out there struggling, let this be a place where art heals us” would be perfect. It suddenly came to me and it was just what I was looking for because it encompassed what I wanted this space to be. I wanted to create a place that would function as a sort of journal about my life and my struggles but also have people interact if they wanted to. And I wanted to include art because as my struggles with mental heath grow, my passion for art grows too and sometimes I feel like I cannot separate the two.

Because mental health can be triggering to talk about, I knew I had to include a resources page in case someone found themselves in need of more help than the one peers could provide. And I also wanted to have a community space where we had some ground rules about respect and kindness but where we could still connect with each other. I have never managed a space before, never managed comments and I am very nervous about people going crazy and being disrespectful and how to deal with those situations that arise on the internet because of the anonymity it allows. I guess I will face that as I go because I don’t really expect a lot of people to visit my page anyways.

I though really hard about whether I wanted to make this page anonymous or not. It felt almost too uncomfortable to be so transparent about my struggles and be open about my identity. I was not sure where to put the boundaries so that I would not feel like I did myself a disservice later on. I am still a little on the fence about anonymity. I think I could be more transparent if I did not have my face and name on the page but other times I think having that restriction on myself is good because I do not what to share too much. In class we thought about the question: Are we able to present ourselves however we want, or are we being controlled by who we think my be watching our personal cyberinfrastructures? And I as I think about the kind of platform I am creating and the kind of audience it might have I definitely find myself constantly thinking about the audience. They dictate half of my decisions about what to post when it comes to posting something personal. I have to be really mindful of whether this is something I want to share to the world or if I will regret that decision later. I especially focus on questioning whether I would have issues with my family or friends reading my posts and if the answer is yes then maybe I should not share what I want to. I would not say my audience controls my decisions on what I post but they definitely come into play when I am filtering topics for my posts, but in the end, because this blog is very personal, I am the one who decides what I want to put out there.

Blog Post #37: Waxing On: The Karate Kid and Me Review

Hi everyone! I hope you all have been doing well. I just realized that it’s been almost a year since I’ve updated this blog! I’m really excited to start posting again.

This review is about another good one! I just finished reading Waxing On: The Karate Kid and Me by none other than the Karate Kid himself, Ralph Macchio! With Waxing On: The Karate Kid and Me, readers are transported back into the world of this iconic film franchise as he goes into detail about how it came to be and discusses the life-changing experience of taking on Daniel LaRusso’s character.

You’ll read about things like how “LaRusso” wasn’t actually the initial choice for Daniel’s last name, the ways Mr. Miyagi’s values/lessons have applied to Macchio’s actual life, and some ludicrous ideas people presented to him in an effort to continue the Karate Kid‘s storyline before the smash-hit spin-off series, Cobra Kai, ultimately materialized.

As a reader/fan, I also admired Macchio’s honesty pertaining to certain things. Throughout, he further reveals facing lulls in his career that followed the massive success he had during the ’80s and long-term frustration with being typecast. I’ve mentioned this before, but I always appreciate people’s openness about not-so-great circumstances/moments that they’ve experienced in their lives (whether these circumstances/moments were because of their own doing or not) and how they chose to respond to them.

I received this novel as a Christmas gift and, being a huge fan of both The Karate Kid franchise (I’ve watched The Karate Kid Part II more times than I can count) as well as Cobra Kai, I couldn’t wait to dive in. After finishing it, my first thought was: “I want more!” Overall, if you are as big a fan as I am, Waxing On: The Karate Kid and Me won’t disappoint.

Find the Strength Within

You are Strong. It is not an opinion. It is a reality.

my lovely therapist

I absolutely loved this phrase my therapist told me once. We were talking about how everything was for me lately. I felt like I had become someone completely different to who I used to be. I felt like I could never keep up with everything going on around me, I felt like I was drowning. She insisted that I was strong though, that no matter how weak and beat down and tired I felt, I was strong.

This was an incredibly nice reminder, I always have trouble seeing my strength and recognizing my progress, especially when I am struggling, so to have someone say that to me was awesome (even if it took me a while to actually believe it… okay maybe I still have trouble believing it). In any case, I though it would be nice to share this because I am pretty sure I am not the only one out there that doubts themselves constantly. So that quote is for you as much as it was for me and I hope you really try to believe it because even when we are struggling, we are strong.

The (Much Deserved) Rise of the BIPOC-fluencers

The rise of TikTok, Twitch, and Instagram, content creators, has made way for more diversity in the social media world. There appears to be a notable increase in BIPOC creators making more content and getting more attention (rightfully so). Their rise is more than a reflection of the changing demographics of the internet, although that is also the case — it is also a response to the systemic exclusion and erasure of BIPOC voices in social media over time. With technology more accessible than ever,  internet connection has made it possible for people to create and share content with a global audience. This increases new ways for BIPOC creators who may have faced barriers before to enter traditional media industries and express their interests.

Such an influencer who has found recent success is Ahnesti Monet McMichael, who is a POC content creator making videos on TikTok, Youtube videos, and posting quite regularly on Instagram. She has a strong mid size following, and her followers are happy with her regular content. She has recently been mentioned in popular magazine Cosmopolitan, and multiple different Instagram accounts, congratulating her on her success as an influencer. In the beginning of this year, I was concerned for the amount of work POC women have to put in to achieve the same success as White women. While I still believe that is true, I think with the rise of the BIPOC community in media in the past few years, the gap between people of colour and their White counterparts is slowly (very slowly) but surely, bridging. Monet is a good example of that. She is attending the same brand trips as Alix Earle, a White influencer who found much more immediate success than McMichael, but they now appear to be on a similar level. They went on a trip together with the popular makeup brand Tarte. 

Monet’s social media posts highlighted the Cosmopolitan article and the Klout9 post about her, and as a POC myself, I am very happy to see a fellow woman of colour thrive in a space she loves and feels comfortable in. BIPOC content creators like Monet McMichael continue to challenge traditional media norms. For instance, they are rejecting the strict beauty standards that are promoted via fashion and beauty conglomerates. They are creating content that promote a range of different bodies, skin tones, shades, hair textures, and much much more. They continue to call out ways in which social media companies are exploiting and appropriating BIPOC values and culture, without ever giving appropriate credit to the artists, or compensation. When BIPOC creators like Monet create their own content based on their personal needs, they reclaim their voice, their identity and fight against the erasure of their very being. 

Writing Sample – Blogs

Body Shaming

Body shaming is considered a big social problem today. Nowadays, if you start to judge a person about their body, you would get critic pretty harshly. Following social standards has ingrained deep inside our subconscious, so it is hard for anyone to get out of social norms. A few years ago, it started the trend to love your own body and self, and more people start to embrace the differences in each body shape. However, it is hard to erase the social standards due to images from models and idols, especially Kpop idols, the industry where many idols have to lose weight and keep fit in an unhealthy way. It also influences the audience because they would love to have a body that is beautiful as their idol. It is not a new trend on social media but a year ago, at the Oscars, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock for body-shaming Will’s wife. Social media see that a lot of people support Chris Rock because Chris is a comedian himself, so joking is inevitable. Of course, not everyone supports the use of violence but they also don’t feel pleased when people take lightly body shaming someone with alopecia areata. But no matter what, I still feel that body-shaming is not advisable even though the joke may be harmless. However, I can see some of the brands are trying to change for example The Parade, a lingerie brand has marketed its brand by having models with a different types of bodies and colors, which got a lot of praise from the customers who have got used to seeing same body type models for lingerie for some famous brand such as Victoria’s Secret.

The Pious Squirrel

A Lyrical Argument for Nihilistic Error Theory

I wrote this poem a while ago for an ethics class. It describes how Error theory, the believe that we are always in error when we make claims about morality, challenges the common ethical claim that God is the author of morality. While Divine Command Theory, DCT is highly refuted today, even among theosophers, its impression is still felt through religious practitioners.

Just a note: this isn’t my metaethical belief, rather it’s just a fun way to demonstrate metaethics. 

What do you think? Do you agree that there are no moral facts? What system of ethics do you prescribe?


Dusk had arrived at the park by the sea. Once again, nature belonged to its forest inhabitants. The deer prefers leaves like the fox prefers meat; a chipmunk like myself prefers to contemplate. I emerged from my burrow and heard a curious sound of tiny paws digging through the ground. There I discovered a cousin of mine, a squirrel busying herself uncovering acorns to dine. I cleared my throat, “Excuse me, miss, but what are you doing? Those acorns you found belong to another. Is it not wrong to take from your brother?”

Without missing a beat, she refutes as a matter of fact, “Squirrels are not interested in matters like that. There are moral facts, it’s plain to me, but those are revealed by Great Oakley. She is all-wise and all-perfect and the author of all things true; more important is what she commands I do. If it was her will that squirrels don’t eat her crop, then what would be right is I ought to stop.”

Ah, Great Oakley, a squirrel’s deity, and this particular squirrel expressed piety. I scampered closer to make further inquiry.


“It’s curious to ask who authors what’s right; I suspect that there’s more than your divine insight. Your position is clear and follows my query, your position I call Divine Command Theory.1 What is moral is what Oakley commands, and what is not, She forbids. Does that sound right?”

“Indeed it is.”

“Permit me a bit more. Does Oakley command because these actions are right, or are they moral because Oakley commands them? You can see the dilemma, I’m sure. If the former, then it appears that what is right exists outside Oakley’s heavenly sight. In such a case, She’s hardly all-wise, and there is at least one thing she did not comprise. If the latter horn is true, this is equally difficult. How does Oakly decide what’s permissible? It would appear quite arbitrary, for it would be these reasons, not Her command, that justify morality. How could this be if She exists so perfectly?”

The squirrel’s heart turned.

“How wise, my cousin of mine, I never paused to commit this to mind. It seems in both cases, this position fails. Now I am inclined to believe that there are simply no morals for me to retrieve. In lieu of any objective moral fact, I am free to fill my cheeks as a non-moral act!”

She resumed stuffing acorns into her cheeks.


I laughed and sat with her, for even a chipmunk can enjoy a snack, “From my own thoughts, I agree, but I don’t believe in Great Oakley. Our forest is absent of moral claims, and far worse is they justify our chains. My position of why I am so weary is what I shall call an Error Theory.2 This world lacks moral features, and thus these judgements can never be true. Try as we might, our judgements are frail, and these descriptions ultimately fail. So it follows, as you plainly see, there’s no such thing as morality. If such objectivity exists, it necessarily requires categorical reasons despite our desires. It’s pretty convenient that Oakley’s commands just so happen to follow your hungry plans! Your bulging cheeks are evidence to me that you spoke in error about morality.” As she munched, I continued.


            “Error theory focuses on what’s metaphysically amiss and reminds of the strangeness if values exist.3

Objective facts are things we can justify, and unlike rain, values do not fall from the sky. A squirrel must eat, obviously, so your desire to eat is based on objectivity. But where are these values you held so dear? If you look all around, I think you’ll agree that values are not the things to be found. The advantage is that Error Theory corresponds to what positively is true, and it perfectly describes your desire to chew! So now that you have freed yourself from Oakley’s commands, you discover a true fact instead of moral demands. Recall morality tends to enslave, and to uphold it gives your control away. Consider if Oakley demands you to refrain, then it seems Her law would justify great pain. If that was her command, it would be quite dire, then it would seem what’s moral is for you to expire!”4

My cousin seemed convinced, but as I turned away, it appeared she had something more to say.


            “You gave me cause to accept what you say, but it seems to me morals aren’t easily explained away. Morality for digging out nuts may cause us suspicions, but how do we reconcile our greater intuitions? It seems that other circumstances are far from minuscule. Consider murder by a wolf; this action is impermissible. It causes great suffering; no one would abide by this action if done to themselves or their tribe. Where are these natural facts which describe our moral intuitions in matters like that?”


I was impressed. I couldn’t hide. I turned to the squirrel for a final reply. “Consider suffering as a positivist description. It is, or it isn’t; it’s a simple prescription. Now consider a claim built on an ought. There’s something else present than the positivist brought. The ought adds a value, and if you recall, a value is not represented in the world at all! How do we use reason to justify the truth of such value claims? A bitter truth, more bitter than acorn rot, is that reason does not justify an ‘is’ to an ‘ought.’5 While we agree, we’d rather not be a victim of a wolf’s murderous spree. The explanation that the naturalists give is this great intuition is our desire to live.” With everything said, she thanked me, so I took my leave beneath the forest canopy.


  1. Shafer-Landau, Russ. “Morality and Religion.” The Fundamentals of Ethics, 4th ed., 67–68. New York: Oxford University Press, 2018.
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Process Post #6: Website Design!

This week’s lecture was especially interesting and different from the previous classes. We had a guest speaker come into class. Mauvé Page is a designer and a professor at SFU for the publishing department; she talked to us about graphic and website design. 


This week, I especially appreciated reading the article “Design Machines. How to survive in the digital Apocalypse.” First, it was generally enjoyable to look through, the design was bold but also simple, and the features were interactive and moved as you scrolled. It also sheds light on a homepage design that has become very typical and has overtaken mainstream companies. The author describes the design as a 48pt headline text using the lightweight in white … “perfectly centred over the stock photo of anonymous hands fondling an electronic device” (Gertz, 2015). I found this reading really interesting to go through because it discusses something that I have seen on so many websites. Therefore I was able to look back on my experiences with other websites and notice the specific trend that the author is noticing and talking about. It is fascinating that so many large companies lack and ignore the creative aspects of creating and designing a website and follow the cookie-cutter template/trend that has become prominent.

Website Review

When starting my website and figuring out what kind of vibe and aesthetic I would go for, I did a lot of research and a general google-search for other lifestyle blogs. One blog that I found that had a fairly unique blog design was Amber Fillerup Clark’s blog. Her blog is a lifestyle one, where she talks about her own life, and her blog has expanded as she had kids with her husband. 

What I like about her homepage and general website design is the off-white background and the consistency of the editing and colours of the images she uses. I appreciate that she edits her photos in a specific way that makes them appealing and coherent when looking through her posts.

The pink sidebar that is pictured moves through her posts every few seconds, which I found to be a cool addition; and a feature that helps with audience engagement since it can catch your attention. I also like the colours she uses; I find them very appealing and soft; and how the rest of the website is relatively symmetrical. One thing I don’t think works as well or could be improved is the typography. In my opinion, none of the titles or headings stand out enough to read; they don’t catch the user’s eye. Perhaps they could be in a larger typeface or bolder. 

How to Overcome the Fear of the Big Three

If you’re scared of the big three, I’m here to help. The Big Three consists of the squat, deadlift, and bench press. It’s what many lifters do as their main compound movements. You might want to do the same, except you’re intimidated to go to that gym section, or you don’t know where to start. That’s okay, we all start somewhere. And if you’re not interested, I will also provide some alternatives.


I might be the first to admit, I despise barbell squats. My form sucks, and I intentionally avoid doing them. However, you need some squat variation in your leg workout. If you want to start squatting with a bar, start with the smaller bars used for bicep curls. Start light, and work your way up to 45 lbs. Once you get there, you’re ready for the barbell, which is 45 lbs. Then once again, apply progressive overload and work your way up.

Now, if you absolutely hate squats and don’t want to do them, that’s okay, it’s not for everyone! Try reverse lunges with either the barbell or dumbbells, or bulgarian split squats with 1-2 dumbbells. If you want to replace this compound movement and target your glutes, try barbell hip thrusts.


This movement might look the most intimidating to some, but when you find out what works for you, you might end up liking it. Once again, start light until you get the movement down. Make sure you’re using bumper plates to protect your back, a common mistake when starting to deadlift. You can also choose whether you prefer sumo or conventional. There’s a lot of talk that sumo deadlifts are easier than conventional, which could be true to an extent, but I say, do what you want, and don’t let the gym bros talk you out of it. A key word of advice however, is to be careful, engage your core, and straighten your back to avoid injury. If you find this movement isn’t working for you, stop doing it.

If sumo or conventional barbell deadlifts don’t work for you, try romanian deadlifts, aka RDLs. This can be done with a barbell or dumbbells, however I prefer using dumbbells.

Bench Press

And lastly, my all-time favourite, bench press! I absolutely love bench press, but its natural to feel overwhelmed or nervous when approaching it for the first time. You might feel like you’re being judged for only using the bar, but so be it. Everyone has to start with the bar, and that’s totally fine. Once you feel confident doing 10 reps, try adding 5s on each side, and work your way up. Make sure your wrists are straight, and have a slight arch in your back to protect your shoulders. If you hear mixed opinions about arched benching, here’s an article to put you at ease. People will disagree, but as long as you’re not exaggerating your arch, don’t stress.

If you don’t like bench press, try doing a variation with dumbbells on a flat bench. Another option is to use the chest press machine. Regardless, don’t skip chest because you think it’ll make you look bulky, it won’t.

Ultimately, none of these movements could appeal to you, and that is completely fine. But, you’ll never know if you don’t try. Contact me to chat about it more!

The post How to Overcome the Fear of the Big Three first appeared on Lifting With Lita.

Peer Review #1 – The Stars, Too

This week, I got to explore Ryn’s website: The Stars, Too. At first glance, I appreciated the minimalism of the website. The site was very easy to navigate: all the content was in its appropriate place and category. It was also helpful that the ballet and theatre posts were separated into their respective categories. The primary colours are black and white, which I enjoyed because it allows the blog images to stand out even more. 

I was intrigued to learn more about the blog since the home page was so simple, so I went onto the About page. The information on that page included the author’s name and a brief explanation of what the blog was for. I was hoping for additional general information about the writer and the blog. Ryn may consider including some detail about why her blog topics are of such interest to her. Although I understand why there wasn’t a photo of the writer, since it’s a blog about theatre and ballet, it could be beneficial to include a personal photo. The image doesn’t necessarily need to be of the author, but it could be a photo she took of the theatre or ballet to help create a more personal connection between the writer and the reader. 

However, it is possible that Ryn has done this purposefully, with a specific intent in mind. Her reasoning could relate to our class reading, Self-Presentation in Social Media: Review and Research Opportunities. This paper by Erin E. Hollenbaugh aims to view how people present themselves on online platforms and allows for a certain degree of anonymity (Hollenbaugh, 2021). Evidently, every person with any media presence chooses what they want to be shared on social media; therefore, there remains anonymity within the aspects that are not shared. Not only this, but John Suler also discusses the concept of anonymity in his article, The Online Disinhibition Effect. He states that “anonymity works wonders for the disinhibition effect” (Suler, 2004). Perhaps Ryn’s degree of anonymity serves a purpose for the overall goal of her blog.

In contrast, my peer’s blog posts were filled with content! (See theatre here and ballet here) She provided extensive detail in her reviews of Shakespeare’s Richard II and Mayerling (a ballet). I was impressed by the amount of detail put into writing each post. The writing style was easy to follow, and I could clearly understand what my peer was writing about. 

The process posts provided the reader insight into the work being done on the website each week. This included some setbacks and advancements that were involved when creating their website. She also incorporated information and knowledge from the course readings into these posts, making it clear that they were read and understood well. 

To speak on the written work on the website, Ryn did an excellent job. Her writing has no grammatical errors, and the vocabulary choices were very fitting. Not only this, but it was clear that the word choices were used in a way that allowed the reader to understand the writer’s main point better. To add, the writing choices also accurately reflected the writer’s tone, and the illustrative vocabulary complimented the blog topics (theatre and ballet) very well.

To conclude, Ryn’s blog provides a wonderful platform for lovers of the fine arts to go and read about various pieces. The blog is simple and to the point, with the writing being easy to read but appropriately elegant at the same time. These content pieces on my peers contribute to developing her online self. Her interests are apparent, and she aims to speak on these interests throughout her blog posts. 

Are you a good Influencer?

A good influencer is someone who has a unique and authentic voice, the ability to engage and connect with their followers, and a strong sense of ethics and integrity. BIPOC influencers are particularly important in the influencer marketing industry, as they bring diversity and inclusivity to the table, provide a platform for BIPOC communities, and raise awareness about important issues in any way that they can. The rise of BIPOC influencers is an exciting and much-needed development in the world of social media, and we can expect to see their influence and impact continue to grow in the years to come.

Influencer marketing has been a growing trend in recent years, as brands are realizing the power of influencers’ ability to reach and engage with their target audience in new and innovative ways. A good influencer is someone who has built a significant following on social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, and can sway their followers’ opinions and purchasing decisions. However, being an influencer is not just about having a large number of followers. A good influencer must have a unique and authentic voice, be relatable to their audience, and have the ability to engage and connect with their followers on a personal level. They should also have the ability to produce high-quality content that is visually appealing and provides value to their followers, such as educational or entertaining content.

BIPOC influencers are also important in promoting diversity and inclusivity in the influencer marketing industry. They break down the cultural and racial barriers that have traditionally existed in the industry and provide new opportunities for BIPOC content creators and businesses to reach a wider audience. By doing so, they also help promote and support BIPOC-owned businesses and entrepreneurship within these communities. BIPOC influencers can also use their platform to raise awareness about important social and political issues. They can help to shed light on issues that are often ignored or underrepresented in mainstream media, and bring attention to the unique experiences and challenges faced by BIPOC communities. Through their activism, BIPOC influencers can help to effect real change and create a more just and equitable world.

Here are some of my favourite BIOPC influencers, who in my opinion, are truly trying to make a difference in the world through their content  – 

  1. Nabela Noor (@nabela) – A makeup artist, fashion influencer, and body positivity advocate who promotes self-love and diversity on her platform.

  2. Kehlani (@kehlani) – A Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter who is also an advocate for mental health and LGBTQ+ rights.

  3. Yara Shahidi (@yarashahidi) – An actress and activist known for promoting diversity and representation in the media.

  4. Franchesca Ramsey (@chescaleigh) – A comedian, writer, and activist who uses her platform to address issues such as race, gender, and social justice.

  5. Alok Vaid-Menon (@alokvmenon) – A non-binary performance artist and writer who uses their platform to challenge traditional gender norms and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

All things self tanning – my fav products + how it has changed my life

Lux Unfiltered face drops and self tanning cream

Self tanning has become my new favourite thing FOR MY CONFIDENCE. Now… I’m also a fair skin girlie, and I never thought using self tanner could change the way I feel this much. It’s given me a whole new glow from the outside in, and when I go out or go to the gym with a tan I feel so confident and good in my skin! I definitely think that self tanning both my face and my body is now an essential part of my weekly routine. Remember, everyone’s different with what they feel like they need to feel put together or confident!

Self tanning products

A few years ago, I started using the Isle of Paradise self tanning face drops when they getting some hype, and I noticed that made a difference for me, but I actually never tried full body self tanning until now! I just recently tried Lux Unfiltered tanning products and I’m completely obsessed. Both their bronzing face drops and their hydrating self-tanning cream (which I use regularly) give SUCH an even finish and SUCH a natural looking tan. Now that I can compare between two different self-tanning products, the Isle of Paradise tanning drops gave me more of an orange looking tan, which I personally don’t prefer.

For the body, the Lux Unfiltered hydrating self-tanning cream is so easy to use. Honeslty, I was always intimidated by self-tanning mousse which is why I never tried it haha. I always felt like it was going to make me look way darker than I wanted to look! Or look like a complete orange! So the self-tanning cream is so so nice,

Application tips

  1. Exfoliate and shave first
  2. Moisturize elbows, knees, ankles and wrists
  3. Apply on your skin in a circular motion for an even finish

My maintenance routine

Usually I use the Lux Unfiltered bronzing face drops and the hydrating self-tanning cream at the same time every 2-3 days. Which I find is perfect because the tan lasts really well after applying (aka it doesn’t disappear after one day only – which we loveeee). And sometimes I use their bronzing face drops 1-2 days a week so maintain the glow and tan on my face!

Chat soon,

xx Marilyn

Three affordable skincare products that do wonders for your skin

When it comes to skincare products, using affordable skincare is always going to be best for your wallet in the long run. Although splurging on luxury skincare with pretty packaging is definitely one of my guilty pleasures, I really believe that you do NOT need to break the bank with your AM and PM skincare routine. There are soooo many affordable skincare products that do wonders for your skin, and today I’m going to share 3 of my holy grails with you and each help with different skin concerns. Let’s get into it!

1. Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant ($34 USD)

Paula's choice bha exfoliant

Starting off strong with the Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, which is currently my FAV and I am so obsessed with it. If you want baby smooth skin, this is the best product for you (and it’s only $34 USD). Because it’s a BHA, they recommend that you gradually implement this into your routine so I started using it every other day for the first few weeks and then eventually increased to every night. I was struggling with little tiny bumps on the lower part of my face and this product completely smoothed them out for me! It’s truly a miracle worker, and using it every night is working really well for me! There’s been so much TikTok and social media hype on this product and I can confirm that it is THAT GOOD.

2. The Ordinary 2% Hyaluronic Acid + B5 Hydrating Serum ($10.40 CAD)

The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid  + B5 Hydrating Serum

This product has been an affordable favourite of mine for a few years now, and no other hyaluronic acid serums I’ve tried have been able to top it. This serum is only $10.40 CAD and it gives you hydrated, dewy, plump, and supple skin. Which is honestly a no brainer in my books. My skin is normal-dry, so I can get away with using this morning and night (which I highly recommend).

Hot tip: Apply this product on damp skin! I learned recently that hyaluronic acid absorbs even better when it’s in contact with water, and this tip makes this product feel 10x more hydrating and plumping on the skin. Trust me.

3. Versed Just Breathe Clarifying Serum ($28 CAD)

Versed Just Breathe Clarifying Serum

This serum by Versed has literally changed my life. Like I’ve mentioned so much on my social media platforms already, this is the best serum for preventing and clearing breakouts/acne that I’ve ever tried (AND it’s affordable). This serum keeps my skin in check, so I use it even though I’m not breaking out to prevent potential pimples or breakouts especially if I’m nearing that time of the month. It clears breakouts so quickly and without drying out your skin which I love. It’s lightweight, hydrating and MAGICAL.

I hope you enjoyed reading through this little list of some of my must-have affordable skincare products!

Chat soon,

Marilyn xx

Press Release: Instagram Launch!

Hi everyone, I made an Instagram for Lifting With Lita!

To establish my professional self, I chose to focus on a platform that will allow me to reach my target audience and post more casual and informal fitness content! This includes workout outfits, workouts, gym-related content, and more.

I enjoy producing this carefree content, and I’m excited to connect with fellow fitness accounts and aspiring lifters!

Check out my Instagram, and contact me if you want to chat!

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