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Blog Post #33: Think Like A Monk Review

Hi, all!

I’m back! It’s been how long? (sorry!) But I’ve got a good one for you! This week’s review is going to be on Think Like A Monk, by Jay Shetty.

Think Like A Monk provides readers with so much insightful advice that I’ll never forget. I’m super happy I found this book and can share my thoughts on it here.

Shetty was a monk for three years, learning profound lessons during his time at an ashram in India. Taking what he learnt, Shetty has since adopted the corresponding values and applied them to his everyday life. He thus, shares them, including useful tips on how people are able to live meaningfully.

An overarching theme Shetty discusses throughout encompasses achieving one’s “dharma” – establishing what you are skilled at, then finding a way to harness it and serve others.

Another specific takeaway for me is more effectively using negative emotions, which obviously are inevitable. This incorporates being anxious regarding future, potentially unpleasant events, but in experiencing these emotions, going through a careful analysis and ensuring you take the proper measures to, depending on the situation, avoid possible unfavourable outcomes, or make the best of them.

Essentially, channel the negativity and turn it into productivity.

For example, he presents an illustration involving complaining. Say, you don’t like that your partner consistently comes home late from work. It won’t help long-term if you complain to friends about the issue even though, for some, expressing this to them may offer some temporary relief. Rather, directly bring the concern up with your partner. Conflict could arise, but you’re taking necessary steps to resolve it.

Overall, Think Like A Monk is so inspiring. The suggestions Shetty make are hard-hitting and, more importantly, realistically achievable. I have the utmost appreciation for his work. Please, please read this novel!

In Anticipation…

Well, here we are again. I honestly never thought I would get to experience life on campus again before I graduated. To say that I am excited to be back would be an understatement. That said, after taking the summer off it’s definitely been a little bit tough to get back into the swing of things academically. I’m already a bit behind in my work as I’m still working 4 days a week and playing soccer. I’ve also fallen off my gym grind which doesn’t make me the happiest.

So, what is this semester going to look like? Honestly, I don’t know. Rumour has it we might have to go online again and that is very disappointing to say. Online learning is not my favourite and being back in person, going to all my favourite food spots, and even driving up the mountain playing my fall playlist through the fog and rain is something I have missed dearly.

My goals for this semester? Simply to get through it. I think that is a very realistic goal considering everything. I have also been considering the possibility of continuing my studies in grad school and working towards writing a thesis. I will definitely work hard this semester for good grades, but I just hope I get through it with some fragment of mental health. As for my goal financially, I hope to be able to continue to work my part time job (will be lowering my hours ASAP) and pay for my car, meals, other bills, etc. My goals physically are to score a goal in my soccer league! I just recently started playing soccer again after taking a few years off. I played for a huge chunk of my life and I’m excited to get back into it. Another goal I have is to continue to make time for the gym. It has been a struggle to find time to get in the gym between work and school, but it is still something that brings me an immense amount of joy. I want this semester to be a time that I fuel my body and get stronger every day. Mentally and physically.

Moral of the story, get vaccinated and do the things that make you happy!

Here’s to a great semester,

xx Savannah

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