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Just the Beginning

It’s been a whirlwind of a semester! As I spend more time at SFU, they seem to get shorter and shorter. I remember in my very first class here- which happened to be CMNS 110, Daniel Ahadi said that “it would be Christmas in mere minutes,” and he was right. 

From start to finish, this blog has been a space for me to express how I feel inside and out as I continue to venture farther and farther into Vancouver’s creative industry. I’ve participated in fourteen shoots, created three major Youtube videos, and walked in a local fashion show. In these past thirteen weeks I haven’t thought much about what I’ve been doing as it’s been a regular routine since July. Although I’ve slowed down rapidly since the weather hasn’t been as permitting, I still feel fully engulfed in the creative industry. With that being said, I was able to open up about some of my personal struggles I’ve faced while trying to break into the industry. This platform gave me an open space to talk about how I feel well beyond a photo. When I first started this blog, I didn’t consider myself a model but now I feel like I’ve definitely earned that title. Even though it was never something I wanted to do, I’m out here every other week standing in front of a camera. I am so incredibly thankful for all the wonderful, creative people I’ve met along the way who have pushed me to create content beyond my wildest dreams. As I’ve gotten older, there definitely have been times where I’ve questioned if being a content creative is where I want to invest the rest of my life. There are times when I’ve asked myself if this dream is just a dream. And there are also times where I’ve pushed all those doubtful feelings aside and just done what I’ve always done best, which is to entertain. 


For a solid couple of weeks, I struggled to pump out content. Especially during the peak season of papers and unpredictable weather, my creative gears have been getting quite locked up. As you may have noticed, I added another menu option to my site. As I started building up a digital portfolio, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was absolutely insane and completely gratifying to see how many different things I’ve been so lucky to be apart of. Not only have I had the pleasure of working with different brands and companies as a model, but I’ve been able to meet and make connections with those on the team who have inspired me to keep creating and do what I love. Sometimes it’s hard to see the impact you’ve made until you finally take a step back to enjoy all you’ve done. 

I understand that yes there are times I push too hard, and there are times when I prioritize my creative life before other important parts of my life, but I’m still learning. Since day one, if I wanted something in life- and I wanted it bad enough, I knew that no matter what it was, I would go to the ends of the Earth to go get it. No matter how much I’ve always wanted to create, I’ve had my doubts- mostly because I wonder if it’s a stable career path, if I’m getting too old, and if I’m relevant enough…The only thing standing in front of me and my creative life is and always will be myself. It’s a personal problem, but what can I say? The first step is admitting. I’ve seen an exponential amount of growth within myself and that has been mirrored in the content I’ve made.

I know I’ve always worried about graduating SFU with all but a piece of paper in my hand- but I know for a fact, that if I actually want this life for myself as much as I say I do- when I walk by the AQ pond and stare down at my reflection, I’ll have far more to my name than just that piece of paper. Most people would think that graduating university would be the end of a chapter, but for me, it’ll just be the beginning.

Vancouver International Fashion Gala

This week I had the pleasure to walk in the Vancouver International Fashion Gala (VIFG) on Saturday night. The theme of the night was Renaissance, which focused on the change in art in culture in Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries. 

About a month ago, I applied for the casting call for the fashion show but unfortunately, I got sick the night before and couldn’t make it. I’m not going to lie, although I was sick, I was also extremely nervous to walk in front of a panel of judges since the last time I went to a casting call I didn’t make the cut. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to receive an email a few days later from the head coordinator of the event asking for my measurements and just like that, I was in the show. At this point, I couldn’t turn down the offer and this wasn’t an opportunity I wanted to leave in my inbox.

The event was held at the Vancouver Club, near Coal Harbour. I showed up for call time at 1:00 pm and walked into a room of complete chaos. Since this event is run solely by volunteer work, there were people running around everywhere. But to be quite honest, I thought it was absolutely amazing. The amount of real emotion you saw from people made the entire experience feel like the real deal. 

My designer, Helene Hawthorn was unable to attend the show, so me and a group of three other girls got fitted last. Despite that, it was such a surreal experience to have someone personally fit me into my garment. After, I got my makeup professionally done for the first time. I’m so used to doing everything myself that I felt extremely special when I had others doing it for me. Halfway through makeup I was told that it was time for my section to head to the ballroom for the practice walk. 

This was the most daunting part of the entire night, I was told that we’d be walking toe to heel which is different than most runways as you are putting the majority of your weight in your toes. Due to the theme, we were supposed to pace ourselves as if we were walking down a wedding aisle as it gave the audience enough time to look at our entire ensemble. The runway was in the shape of a ‘U’ which makes your overall duration on stage much longer than an average catwalk. I only got one chance to practice down the runway, and in that moment wobbling all over the place I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. Although there was much self doubt, I knew that I had come much too far in the day to back out because of my raging nerves.

After I finished the practice walk, I went back upstairs to get my hair done. The team wove a large five pound crown into my hair and any finished the final fitting for my garment. The doors opened at 7:00 pm but we didn’t go on stage until half past. My section opened the show, and as we were lining up behind the stage, a wave of anxiety washed over me. It was as if everything I had been working up to in my career came up to this one point in time. 

Runway is extremely daunting being well below the average height. I was the shortest model to walk that night besides the child of the production manager. After I was all dressed up, I felt like I belonged right beside all the other models. The minute I walked on stage, I took a deep breath and let my vision focus on one single point. From there I began walking and I wasn’t anxious or scared, I felt like I was completely in my element. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have any high resolution photos taken from the event just yet, but I’ve included a couple of photos for you to get an idea of what I was wearing for the night. 

Lastly, I was lucky enough to have Gary Mo (@yuen.wm) as my special guest. I’ve written many blog posts about Gary, and I was very happy to have him there supporting me. 

After nearly a semester worth of blog posts, I’m beyond excited to be able to share this moment not only with those from VIFG, but with you. I’ve been apart of many different things in the creative industry, but never a full-scale fashion show and I really do feel as if it tested all my strengths and weaknesses. I still have one more post for next week, so to almost come full-circle, I am beyond thankful to Nina Pak for asking me to join the show. This was one of the most telling moments for myself as I was allowed to do something that I’d normally not be allowed to do because of my height. It was an incredible night and I hope to be walking in more runways in the near future.


I can’t believe that another semester has nearly blown by. It’s insane how fast time goes by when you’re drowning in school work. I wasn’t sure if I was going to share this on my blog, but while I was taking a slight hiatus from my creative life, I was brought great news on several fronts. About a week ago, I was contacted by Numa Models which is a modelling network primarily based in Canada. After speaking with one of their head models on a facetime call, I will now be working with the network in the near future for commercial work. On Monday, I was informed that I was published in not one but four different publications all set to come out within the next couple of weeks. I’ve never been published before, and I owe much of it to my two team members (@jeniegg & @yaboystephan). Lastly, I was contacted to walk in an International Fashion Show based in Vancouver that is set to take place on the 22nd of this month. 

These last couple of weeks have been filled with a crazy amount of good news. I can’t believe that everything I’ve worked towards has been noticed by the right people. It is such a rewarding feeling to know that other people stand by my work. Now, I wasn’t sure if I should share all of this on here because I honestly don’t really like talking about my accomplishments. I never want to come across as someone who is bragging about what they do. As much as I like to share photos and videos of my life, I take my personal life into consideration especially the more immersed in the public eye, I become. I’m mentioned in several blog posts that I lack the ability to properly balance my life and I think that it’s affected the way I create. I used to think that if I pushed myself to constantly create, I would be happy. Although my creative life has been flourishing, I left my personal life in the dust. I like being in control, and my personal life is something that I’ve felt that I never had control of, so instead of trying to work on that, I continue to walk away from that problem by pushing more work onto my plate. I am truly in every which way possibly, a workaholic. And believe me, it’s beginning to catch up with me.

Although I don’t particularly love talking about myself, I think it’s important to reflect on yourself to see how far you’ve come. In order to keep moving forward and pushing the bar higher and higher, you need to reflect on who you were in the past. 

Last semester I took Jody Baker’s CMNS 323W class on advertising. The final project was to create an ad for a product of our choosing (fake or real). This was supposed to be a group project but I decided to fly solo as I wanted to shoot my ad back in Tofino. Although the project was due in April, I started filming during reading break as it was the only time I could go back to the island. I not only acted and rapped in the ad, but I also filmed and edited the entire production. When April rolled around, we were instructed to go to the front of the class and talk about our video. I was so incredibly proud of my production, but in the heat of the moment I didn’t feel like I could back up my video. I remember leaving the room, and I don’t think I have ever been more disappointed in myself in my entire life. If you don’t stand by your own work, then why would anyone else? At the time, I didn’t believe I was in the same league as the other students as I was a second year taking a third year class. Although I made a major oopsie that day, I realized that I had a lot of growing to do on a creative front.

On Thursday morning, I went to David Murphy’s CMNS 226 class on digital media communication techniques. We were screening our 60 second video profiles, and this time I didn’t run away. I sat down with the rest of the students and watched as I was the centre of attention for an entire minute. I don’t think I have ever been that proud of myself in my life. It wasn’t necessarily about the content I produced, but it was more about being able to stand by the work I created and back it up in front of a room full of people. I have been filming clips for this project since mid October. This project shows exactly how far I’ve come as a creative and I’m unbelievably happy to be able to share this with everyone. It’s hard to be vulnerable, and tell your truths to people you don’t know but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. I’ve been completely immersed within the creative industry since July, and since then I’ve met so many amazing creative minds who have pushed me to continue to create and encouraged me to be myself. This project reminded me how much I love to create and lead me back into weekly shoots.

This week, I shot on three different occasions in three completely different areas.

On Monday I woke up at 5:30 am to catch the first bus off the Burnaby campus. I slowly but surely made my way to Richmond to shoot duos with Nicolas Scott (@nicolasscott_) and Jenie GG (@jeniegg). Nicolas and I met through an event company we both work for called, 20one Events (@20one_events). We shot at Iona Beach in autumn wear for a magazine submission. 

After class on Thursday, I rushed off the mountain and headed to an Industrial loft near BC Place. I shot with a large group of creatives and was able to meet several new photographers and a new model! I had a great time at this shoot, but unfortunately due to the large group of people, I won’t be getting back photos for a while.

Lastly, on Saturday I went to Hope with my friend Gary Mo (@yuen.wm). We decided to spontaneously chose a place in BC that the two of us hadn’t been before and shoot there. We shot both photos and videos, and I must say I feel most in my element when I’m vlogging. I’m hoping to transition my audience on Instagram to YouTube within the next couple of years.

I’m glad I took some time off for myself since it encouraged to take a break, and take a breath. As much as I love the creative industry, it has the tendency to sweep you off your feet. My break allowed me to reconsider what I want to do creatively and reflect on what I’ve accomplished in such little time. It’s important to take a step back and praise yourself sometimes, hard work almost always pays off.

Taking a Break

Lately, I haven’t been feeling as creative as I’ve had in weeks past. If you asked me why, honestly I don’t think I could give you a solid answer. You see, I have an extremely type A personality which forces me to be OCD, impatient, and anxious. On the upside, these qualities push me to be both, proactive and ambitious. However, I’ve recently noticed that there has been a repetitive glitch within my internal system. I’ve been told countless times before to sit down and take a break but the idea sends waves of anxiety over my body. There are only 24 hours in a day and I try to make at least 16-18 of them count. Not only that, but I’ve completely backburnered by personal life to pursue my creative one. I’m a total workaholic, I know. I understand that it’s completely normal to take a break, but it worries me that a break could cost me the rest of my creative career. I also understand that, that last statement sounds extreme being all of twenty-years old, but after hitting a creative-rock-bottom in the summer, I’ve tried to never be in that position again.

I went to back to Tofino over this past weekend to shoot a video for another class of mine. We were given the criteria of no criteria. The project is supposed to showcase exactly who we are in a one minute frame, imperfections included. Since there were no specific technical elements to fulfill, the project allowed for my wildest dreams to soar, leaving me in complete creative state of mind. Although I still don’t feel all that inspired to create content when I go back home, it was integral to my project. However, when I came back to the city, I felt ready to get a jump start on my creative projects- or at least I thought I was…


Normally I have around 2-4 shoots every week, either with local brands, local photographers, or my personal video shoots (for YouTube). All of these things take a significant amount of planning when shaping them into my hectic schedule, leaving enough time to build an outfit and create a light concept with whoever is behind the camera. For some reason, when I missed my weekly-before-class Monday and Wednesday shoots, I felt extremely unproductive and put down. Looking at it now, I understand that it’s not healthy to be down on yourself when taking a break but for myself I don’t understand a limit of reaching a content quota. In a creative mind, the gears are turning nearly 24/7, and sometimes I find it hard to sleep when I have a burning idea that I want to execute.

I suppose that I creatively push myself on a daily basis because I never want my creative light to die. I know what it’s like to sit there days, weeks and even months on end wishing to be creating, and believe me it’s the worst feeling in the world to want to pursue something but backseat yourself because you don’t have the inspiration. At this point in my life, I don’t understand what my limits are anymore. I have no idea what “a good work day” looks like, with creative projects there are genuinely loose ends that can always be tidied up. There is no right and wrong with creativity, which happens to be my biggest blessing and curse.

As I was a little off my game this week, I decided to try something a little new to get my gears spinning again. I rarely ever shoot duos, but since I’ve been playing it quite safe recently I thought it would be a good idea to work with another person in the frame. I’ve only ever shot duos twice before this shoot, and normally they look extremely uncomfortable when two people don’t share the same dynamic. I shot with Isaac (@mocharski.films) again this week, but we were also accompanied by another photographer and model named, Santiago Sevilla (santiagosevilla). I’ve worked with Santiago once before for a YouTube video we shot at the end of August, but he was behind the lens rather than in front. 

We shot in gastown using the rustic bricked walls to frame up our pictures. Santiago and I had a little bit of a language barrier since he’s from Mexico, but we worked together just fine as we modelled Isaac’s new clothing brand. As far as posing went, we weren’t very dynamic but I believe that it’s something that comes with time. Much like everything else in life, practice makes perfect. 

I was recently told by Dr. David Murphy who teaches CMNS 226 that sometimes you need to embrace your creative block. Lately I haven’t been interested in modelling at all, especially after nearly taking a week off of work. To be fair, it was never my dream to be a model, but lately I haven’t felt as creative as I have in recent weeks on shoots. Currently I’m at a loss because I feel like taking a break is a waste of my creative time, but pushing through and creating something that I’m not proud of isn’t a constructive use of time either. It’s not that I’m questioning my work, it’s more that I’ve been burning the stick at both ends. I suppose it’s time to take David’s advice, embrace my creative block and see if that gets my gears spinning again. I won’t think of it at quitting or giving up, it’s more like taking a couple days off of a project and coming back to it with a fresh set of eyes. After all, I’m only twenty.

Sources of Happiness

Snow in Cantonese: 雪 [syut3]

It was the last day of Blackcomb and PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola yesterday, so my family friend took us to the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola which I was two minutes late and missed it last time.

Some people dressed up as bunnies or unicorns jumpsuits, some children even added bunnies’ ears to their helmet to celebrate Easter. I managed to take a lot of photos of people smiling which makes me happy too. It’s heartwarming to see so many smiley faces that I don’t get to see so often in Hong Kong.

  • Showing her daughter how wonderful the nature is

Check out the other photos I took at Whistler here!

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Marine Wildlife at Stanley Park

Sea lion in Cantonese: 海[hoi2] 獅[si1]

Stanley Park is the place I would always want to go whenever the sun comes out. It’s my third time visiting Stanley Park since my arrival in December (fourth time in total because I paid a visit a few years ago). The first time I came for the sea wall, the second time I came for the cherry blossoms and the third time I came to show my father around.

It’s a sunny day and 420, I cannot think of other places to visit when downtown is filled with the smell of weed. Originally I wanted to show my father the cherry blossoms in Stanley Park so he can take photos, unfortunately, most of them have wilted already. I guessed the best time to visit was two weeks ago when all the flowers were in full bloom.

It was a bit disappointing not seeing the cherry blossoms in full bloom, so we just casually walked around the park and enjoyed the sunshine. While my father was taking photos of two ducks on the sea, I spotted a black smooth surface floating above the water and quickly dived again. We waited for several minutes and it appeared again. I immediately took some photos. Guess what is it?

It’s a sea lion!!!!!!

I have never seen a wild one before, I hope we’ll get to see more of them during our trip to Tofino in 4 days time! Let the travel marathon begin!

Click here for more photos taken today!

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Cherry Blossom!

Cherry blossoms in Cantonese: 櫻[jing1] 花[faa1]

It has been raining all week except for Wednesday, so I went to Stanley Park to look for cherry blossoms! It wasn’t as pretty as I thought it’d be because when I see the photos on Instagram, they look very pink, but when I see them in real life, it is much whiter than what I saw on Instagram (looks like people have photoshopped too much!)

I was a bit disappointed, to be honest, so instead of taking pictures of the cherry blossoms, I took pictures of people who are taking photos of the cherry blossoms. At first, I noticed a lady who was sitting under the tree smiling. I took a photo of her. She later started walking around and I noticed that I accidentally took quite a lot of pictures of her, so I thought it’d be polite to send her the photos. It was my first time to walk to a stranger and tell her I secretly took pictures of her. Imagine if someone walks to you and says things like this… Luckily, she was very friendly and was happy that I took photos for her! She has never been a model and has people take photos for her because she never knows how to pose, which I have the same struggle. So I kept chatting with her while I press the shutter in order to capture her most natural look.

I am so happy that she likes my photos and I can make her feel special and confident! Maybe I should do that more often when I secretly took photos of strangers, that could be one way of making friends. Who knows?

More photos that I took on Weds here!

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A Night To Remember & More: The Great Gatsby!

After a year of hard work, my sorority comes together for a night of celebrations: our annual formal!

This year the theme was “The Great Gatsby” and was planned by my two beautiful sisters, Caterina and Henna! They put in so much hard work and everything looked so beautiful. The gold wine bottles with the feathers were perfection!

I was very excited for this years formal because last years, which was my first one, was so beautiful. I do not remember most of it… for reasons… but I looked great, the food was great, and the venue/decorations were stunning. That’s all that matters! I do remember getting on a yellow bus after the dinner portion… it was a moment.

A side story to go along with this formal themed post is I LITERALLY have the worst luck with formals. Ever since grade 11 it has just been quite the journey. That’s a story to tell another day, perhaps on a podcast, but let’s focus on the positive! Shout out to my bae, Natasha, for always pulling through and being the best date I could ever dream of!

I found this beautiful silver dress on prettylittlething.com and after a lot of money and alterations later, it was ready to be worn. I was personally inspired by Lady Gaga’s 2019 Grammy’s dress and Lauren Burnham’s limo exit dress on season 22 of The Bachelor.

Since I spent so much on my dress, I had to be boujee on a budget. I wore my high school graduation heels and my friend Lauren’s elegant and sparkly earrings. All that was needed for a sparkling look! As you can tell, I love sparkly things.

After months of preparation, shopping with my other sisters, sharing each others looks, and gathering advice, the night finally arrived…

Our formal was held at the Sandman Hotel Vancouver City Centre in their ballroom. My sisters and I decided to stay in a hotel room so then we can get ready and be prepared for anything that may happen in the night. I personally live very far, so this was my best option.

My sister, Ryley, and I decided to decorate our hotel room as much as we could before we got ready. We blew up balloons and I even brought a disco light for the nighttime. We really wanted to make the most of it as we expected a lot of people were going to use our room as the “pre-game” room.

After frantically getting ready and me still being indecisive about what I need to wear, we finally arrived down to the ballroom (in a very slow and crowded elevator).

The ballroom had dim lighting which was hard for pictures but really set the tone of the night. The black and gold accents on the seating chart, the round tables with the black table cloth and gold wine bottle with the feather, and everyone looking divine, it was a magical night.

My fellow sister, Caterina, sure came through with the country slow tunes until my date, Natasha, grabbed the aux.


I won two awards (Most Improved Academics and Helping Hand) and received a shoutout for my hard work as our Guardian this semester. Caterina and Henna played a slideshow of everything we have done this past year and it was the cutest!

I have to admit, I did not take many photos solely based on: my dress being annoying to walk in, I am lazy, and other people took the photos whom I do not remember so I barely have any on my phone. But the ones I do have are truly iconic!

The dinner portion included a buffet with many options and we were all truly blessed.

After the night ended, we all quickly got changed and ran to The Pint to make guest list.

The jams were playing, the drinks were flowing, we busted it down, and there were so many people I met that I could not keep up. It was super fun. Especially stopping at McDonalds on the way home.

After finally returning home at 2 A.M., it was time to settle down and truly reminisce on the night.

This past year in my sorority has been super special to me. I got a position, a little, made some amazing memories, made so many new sisters, grew closer to sisters, and will be entering the next year as the new Vice President (following the steps of my grand-big and big!). I cannot wait for what this new year holds.

I can truly say that being in a sorority has made me the happiest I have been in a while. My sisters have been there for me through so many transitions in my life, especially these past few months. I am so sad to be saying goodbye to some of them this year, but know that we will stay connected for life. I mean, 7 of us have matching tattoos, so we on that next level love!

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Hot Chocolate Connections

Musette Caffè

found Connections

We all have those friends we promise to see more frequently, but somehow years still pass before you can finally sit face-to-face for a good conversation. Despite this, every time you do, it feels as though no time has gone by at all. I’m guilty of letting too much time go by between conversations and meet ups, so when my good friend Holly reached out to me, I was more than happy to take the time and make the effort to see her. She suggested we check out the Hot Chocolate Festival happening in Vancouver, BC between January and February.

Bicycle-Themed Cafe

Musette Caffè was one of the cafe’s participating in the local hot chocolate festival. I had never been to this cyclist-themed cafe before, but it was nice to see an establishment that welcomes the sweaty athlete. As a runner, I used to feel a little awkward walking into cute cafe’s in my sweaty gym clothes, I felt as though I didn’t fit in. While I’ve come to embrace the running shoes and messy hair combo, I still appreciate a business that accommodates the active west coast lifestyle.

Perfect Location

Musette not only offers delicious treats and beverages, but also fuel like electrolytes and gels. Nestled between the mountains and the oceans, Vancouver is the perfect city for anyone with an active lifestyle. Musette Caffè is well positioned, just on the north side of the Burrard Street Bridge, a popular bridge for cyclists and commuters alike.

Hot Chocolate

Fabian Caramella at Musette Caffè

Both Holly and I have quite a sweet tooth, so I was curious to taste this bicycle-themed cafe’s take on a hot chocolate.

We both ordered the Fabian Caramella, Musette’s milk chocolate and caramel hot cocoa. The beverage itself was gentle, not too sweet, and still flavourful; but it was the side of hazelnut buttercrunch that really sold it to both of us.

“All are welcome, from the coffee connoisseur to the serious cyclist”

Musette Caffè

Looking for something to do this weekend?

Take your bike (or rent one) and cruise around false creek, Granville Island, and finally over Burrard Street Bridge and stop by Musette Caffè for a well-deserved snack!

Mini Assignment – Remix

With VFW fast approaching, I thought it only made sense to create my own vision of the VFW poster by remixing a few images together. One of the most special things to me in the poster would be the Vancouver skyline that I photoshopped in. I wanted to make sure the poster not only represents fashion, but also Vancouver as a city. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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Essay #2

       Self-branding and online identities have become a common topic in everyday conversations in recent years, especially with the omnipresence of popular social media sites like Instagram. Despite this topic even being a common theme over the course of my Communications degree, I had never honestly considered the benefits that I myself could have by constructing a strong online brand in this digital age. “Many people think that personal branding is just for celebrities such as Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, yet each and every one of us is a brand. Personal branding, by definition, is the process by which we market ourselves to others” (Schawbel, 2009). Publishing 101 served as a strong pedagogical narrative by which I learned not only about the changes in the world of publishing, but also about the ways in which we can now publish ourselves, and the benefits (or even downfalls, when done incorrectly) that may arise from these online publications. Throughout the course of this essay, I will first address the ways in which this course has shifted the way in which I think about publishing, and further, how these new ways of publishing have worked their way into my online presence over the course of this semester. Following this, I intend to specifically address my online self and publication, not only referencing my blog but also my social media platforms. Lastly, I acknowledge my goals going forward, including what I aim to take with me beyond the confines of this course.

       It would be erroneous to claim that I hadn’t considered online works to count as publishing prior to the start of this semester. Of course, tangible books are the obvious thing that comes to mind when someone mentions “publishing,” but it goes far beyond that. Having said this, I didn’t the extent of which publishing expanded to. Publishing is not only online works and articles as well as tangible books; it is further embodied by anything that gets put out to the public, including social media posts and – of course – blogs. “Publishing” is has many definitions, but has come to be best defined as “the dissemination of literature, music, or information—the activity of making information available to the general public” (Wikipedia). While Wikipedia is generally not the best source for correct information, other acclaimed dictionaries are still stuck in the ways of defining publishing as being limited to formal publications that are for sale, which we have come to know is simply not the case.

       As mentioned above, publishing encompasses any online works that we “publish” or make available to the public, including any blog posts or social media posts. As Alive Marwick states, “the logic of marketing and advertising embedded in social software has infiltrated the ways in which we relate to ourselves and to others,” and that we “[use] social media as a neoliberal technology of subjectivity that produces social status as the ultimate commodity” (Marwick, 2013). In other words, we live in a world where we have technologies at our fingertips that allow us to market ourselves, our products, and how we ultimately wish others to view us. Throughout the course, we learned of how wide the span of publishing is now, and how we can use these new technologies tour advantage. Though I am nowhere near the status of being a “micro-celebrity” or Instagram celebrity (nor do I aim to be), I can now recognize that our online presence can be extremely useful one way or another. Even if you’re not trying to become famous in one way or another, marketing yourself as a brand online can be a valiant tool in this digital age.

       With regards to both my social media presence as well as my blog, I found the focus throughout the semester on the importance of identifying an audience and a brand to be largely advantageous. In the early weeks of the semester, I decided my blog was going to be a foodie blog which what chronicle my adventures to various restaurants around Metro Vancouver and write about my experiences. Identifying my audience, I learned, was one of the first major steps I had to take. In a process post I wrote, I identified my intended target audience to be foodies in the Vancouver area. I added that I don’t necessarily imagine there to be a specific age demographic, but likely people out of high school, perhaps young adults in general. This is mainly because high school students may not be interested in food blogs, cooking, and so forth, and may not have the means to go to far-out restaurants. In “Publics and Counterpublics” (2002), Michael Warner addresses that if you are reading his essay, “you are part of its public.” Warner goes on to say that there is a difference between thepublic and apublic (Warner, 2002). Warner describes the public as a ‘totality’: an all-inclusive description of the general amount of people, whereas a public is more specific, like an audience. Therefore, the people frequenting my blog would be a specific public or audience, likely visiting to check out restaurants they may be interested in.

       It is important to recognize your audience and public in order to market it to those specific people and thus further your success and your clout. “Any technology gradually creates a totally new human environment. Environments are not passive wrappings but active processes” (Campbell, 2009); each platform or domain may have a different audience and environment, and must me marketed as such. How I market and design my online self and presence on my Instagram page differs in the way in which I design my blog, as I have identified different audiences for the two. My personal Instagram features more artistic photos of self-exploitation, encompassing the best parts of my ‘self.’ Conversely, my blog markets itself to my (assumingly) foodie audience, and thus my posts tempt to embody food, Vancouver culture, and often an attempted humor. Furthermore, more online publications look to provide a service to their audience in one way or another. Ensuring that the basic service functions of one’s website or publication is an important element to consider because your audience will likely not return if they aren’t able to find what they are looking for. As I briefly touched on in the previous paragraph, my blog seeks to satisfy the service of reviewing restaurants (as well as local food and beverage in general) in the Greater Vancouver area.

       Through an immense and tedious 10-week-long trial and error process, I finally settled on a simplistic layout, removing the (apparently) tacky carousel-style photos on my home page. Gone with this was all of the numerous background images I tested out that just didn’t work. I created a logo that I felt embodied my blog in a clean and crisp way, keeping in mind the design elements that our guest speaker Mauve Pagé taught us at the start of the semester. I attempted to link colours together by bringing the gold found in the logo into other elements of the pages, such as titles and links. Travis Gertz had an interesting take on design elements and layout as well in his work, “Design Machines: How to survive in the digital apocalypse” (2015). Gertz’s main argument is based on the premise that all websites have started to look the same in an attempt to “look sexy” and appeal to the masses, but by appealing to the masses many actually become lost among the massesof other sites (2015). Unfortunately, I found it difficult to break free of most of the stereotypical constraints of which Gertz spoke about due to the confines of this course, being both the short timeframe as well as the resources made available to us. Nevertheless, these are useful pieces of information to consider when we inevitably use online mediums in our future professional lives.

            In summation, these four months have shaped the way in which I view publishing. Although I understood publishing to go beyond physical books, I didn’t understand the broad span that the term encompassed. Not only is it books and online articles, but also virtually anything that disseminates products and information to the general public. This includes social media presence as well as forum posts and, of course, blogging. Through the combination of the creation of my food blog with various guest speakers, tutorials, and online readings over the last 12 weeks, I have learned that identifying an audience and marketing yourself is a useful tool at any level of this digital world be live in. Despite my blog not gaining a large enough following to truly be able to use applications like Google Analytics or AdSense to my advantage, I can now realize these as important tools that help to compliment ones persona and identify important information. Going forward, I can confidently say that although I may not become a blogger, I have gained important and useful tools to brand myself, whatever that ‘self’ may be.



Campbell, W. G. (2009). A Personal Cyber Infrastructure. New Horizons, 44(5), p. 58-59

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Warner, M. (2002). Knowledge and Public Works, 88(4), p. 413-425.

RAMEN #1: The Ramen Butcher

The Ramen Butcher is one of the best ramen places in Vancouver! 

Located in Chinatown, and a short walk away from the Main Street – Science World station. It’s a very small shop, with cute decor. Might be difficult to get a table, especially during peak times, or if you have a big group. But a great place to bring a date! 


This was my second time going to Butchers (what my friends and I call the restaurant), and both times we have splurged and ordered more than we should. Last time I had the Shoyu Ramen. It was a light broth, quite oily but that’s normal, great if you don’t want anything too rich. I also got the truffle gyoza, which has gotta be the most flavorful explosion ever. It’s basically gyozas with cheese and a truffle aioli on top. It’s so incredibly delicious, it feels almost guilty to eat.


This time, I coincidentally went during happy hour, so of course I had to order off the happy hour menu. My boyfriend got the Aburi Chashu and green basil Ramen. The Aburi Chashu was very disappointing. It’s a tiny bowl of little pieces of Chashu, that are a bit chewy and bland. Chashu should be a fatty piece of marinated pork that is seared, but it seemed to lack that fat and flavor. The green basil Ramen, is a combination of the Tonkotsu broth along with basil paste and Parmesan cheese. It’s almost like a pasta, since it’s so creamy and cheesy.

For myself, I ordered the cheese gyoza and the Ramen flight off the happy hour menu and added a chicken Karaage don to make it a combo. The cheese gyoza is a level down from the truffle gyoza, but still really good. For the Ramen flight, you get half a bowl of their classic Tonkotsu Ramen and then you get to choose either red and spicy, green basil, black garlic or orange miso for the other half. I actually really like garlic flavored things, so of course I wanted to try the black garlic flavor. It has a roasted garlic kind of taste, and I liked how it wasn’t overbearing, since black garlic a strong flavor. The black garlic went really well with the super creamy broth. The chicken Karaage don is some fried chicken on top of a bowl of rice. The chicken wasn’t crunchy but it tasted really good with the mayonaise and lemon juice on top. The rice is just plain Japanese short grain rice, so I added the Ramen broth, and IT WAS BOMB. Soup and rice go hand in hand. I was so incredibly full that I couldn’t finish the classic Ramen bowl, so I got to enjoy it later that night. I can’t get over how creamy the soup is.

On average I spend $20 at Butchers, but that’s because I order way more than I can eat. One bowl is enough to fill me up, and that would me about $11.50, or $10 during happy hour. They even give you an extra bowl of noodles for free, since the there will always be leftover broth. This place is WORTH it.

Til’ next food adventure,
keep munchin’!

Not For You – Jerome Taylor



NOT FOR YOU  is a high-end men’s streetwear clothing brand which is inspired by love, music, and real events. All the clothing is made specifically in Wellington, New Zealand and each piece is significant. 

Jerome’s Vision

When Jerome created  this collection, he wanted to represent homelessness and the complexity of poverty. This particular piece was styled to represent the true meaning behind homelessness and what individuals in these situations find themselves facing. If you take a closer look at this piece, you can recognize a story being told. To begin with, when analyzing the front of the jacket, the words ROUGH NIGHT are displayed. This is because all it takes is one rough night to end up finding yourself in a difficult situation, in this case, battling for survival.  The story progresses with time; you can envision ones life spiraling down into losing their homes, their cars, and their families, all until you become completely invisible to the world.  This is represented on the back of this piece when it demands the following: “LOOK AT ME.” 


Fortunately,  this week I had the opportunity to walk for Jerome Taylor @ Vancouver Fashion Week Season 18.  My experience, beginning with meeting Jerome, to wearing his clothes on the runway was incredible.



When I first tried on my outfit for the show, I remembered feeling empowered and notorious. I personally love wearing layers with my everyday outfits, but what Jerome did with his collection was unique. Each individual layer had it’s own meaning, and as a collective, it illustrated homelessness and personality.

Walking down that runway wearing that outfit, I felt untouchable. Before our show we had a rehearsal and Jerome explained to us what his vision was when creating this collection. He said, “I want you guys to feel like your absolute best when walking down the runway. I don’t want you feeling dead, but rather you feel like the best version of yourself.” While rehearsing, I didn’t feel like a model, I felt as if I was a king in my own world;  I didn’t  give a fuck about what anyone thought of me. 

Contact Information
Jerome Taylor
Not For You Clothing



Throwback yarn bomb

This a yarn bomb I did in 2017. I made two finger cozies for this good sir, and sat across the street, watching for people’s reactions. Many people stopped and pointed it out to their friends. One family even took a photo in front of it. But most people just walked right by, oblivious. This is why your yarn bombs should use bright colours! 🌈

On Top of The World

This weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to have a “staycation”. We ended up spending most of the weekend sleeping or watching TV, but we also got a chance to see the movie Love, Simon and go to the Sea to Sky Gondola.

Although I have been back in Vancouver for about 8 months now, I haven’t had the chance to go do a lot of the tourist activities. But since my boyfriend works at a tourist attraction, he was able to get us into the Sea to Sky Gondola for free.

The trip was nothing short of magical. We got lucky, as it was gorgeous and sunny on our trip up north. I had not been on the Sea to Sky highway in about 10 years, so it was extremely special for me. The view was breathtaking. The ride up the mountain was also absolutely gorgeous. It felt almost as though I was flying.

When we got to the top, we made sure to take lots of pictures. Unfortunately, I woke up that day with a shoulder injury, so I am wearing a sling in the pictures. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying myself. I can’t explain how special it was to experience something so beautiful with someone I love. I would highly recommend it to anyone.


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Minami | Japanese Restaurant

Today, I wanted to introduce one of my favorite Japanese restaurant in town, Minami. They are very famous for their oshi sushi – also they are a sister company with Miku (another beautiful restaurant located at Waterfront, downtown). Minami is located in Yaletown, which is full of famous and delicious restaurant. I love Yaletown because […]

Muslim teen and transit hero discuss SkyTrain safety with Vancouver Mayor

On December 15th, Noor Fadel and Jake Taylor visited city hall to meet with Mayor Robertson to speak about effective ways to increase protection on public transportation.

Noor and Jake retold their story. Noor explained that the attacker approached her with an aggressive tone, loudly threatening and cursing at her. The verbal attacks soon escalated into physical assault.

Upon witnessing the attacker strike Noor, Jake disclosed that he sprang into action fending off the attacker with a shove along with a strong warning to “get the F out of here.”

Only one citizen protected Noor despite the train containing several passengers who passively observed the event unfold.

Noor and Jake stated that none of the passengers present have come forward as witnesses yet. After hearing their story Mayor Robertson suggested the formation of an awareness campaign.

Noor and Jake agreed on the importance of education about preventing assaults by taking action. They stressed the need for protecting the victim in several ways.

The two explained that passengers should take advantage of SkyTrain safety methods by pressing the yellow strip, or pushing the speaker button to speak to security.

They recommended on lookers call the police and film the incident to provide evidence. The pair then proposed installing CCTV’s in the trains to quell the voices that claim an incident as false because of insufficient evidence.

Mayor Robertson proposed the idea of the pair creating a documentary about the incident to shed light on preventing a bystander effect. Noor and Jake responded positively to the suggestion stating that speaking out about their story may better inform the public to take a stand together and help keep the community safe.

Click on the audio link below to listen to an interview with Noor Fadel:

Richmond, British Columbia

It’s winter and ’tis the season for hotpot! Honestly, to me, hotpot is all seasons, yes even in the summer~ (please remember there is air conditioners). The other day my sister and I went to a newly opened hotpot place in Richmond called: DolarShop. I believe is a chain store from China.

*Please note: there is a huge line wait and it is not AYCE (all you can eat) hotpot*

The benefit of this hotpot place is that you order your own soup base so it eliminates the difficulty of everyone sharing one pot (such as food allergies or people not eating certain things). They have many soup bases and I order the tomato one. *Also to note* that there is an additional $2.99 for condiments and fresh fruit which would be the sauce section, little appetizers like kimchi and peanuts, and they were serving watermelon at the time. It is unlimited.

Overall, the food was delicious (I don’t know how hotpot can go wrong unless their food was not fresh). Service was good but be prepared to be spoken in Chinese as long as you look Asian/Chinese. The down side was definitely the wait time. I would suggest going in earlier to put your name down as they take your phone number down. When it is almost your time to be seated they will give you a call. The design of DolarShop is very clean, modern, and bright which makes me feel more comfortable eating there because I can see what I’m eating.

ADDRESS: 720-5300 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC V6X 2C7
PHONE: 604-370-7077
WEBSITE: http://www.dolarshop.com/en/Global.htm

Family Day In Vancouver

Spending time with family is important. Unfortunately I don’t always get to spend the amount of time I want to with them. Especially when they live 4 hours away. I know that isn’t a crazy amount, but it still slows the amount we get to see each other.

When my family visited us we decided to spend some time in the city exploring what Vancouver has to offer. there are lots of great sights around, but that wasn’t my main focus.

I love capturing moments and people. Pictures of buildings and landscapes are cool, but I prefer taking photos of humans because they remind me of moments more. We could all take a picture of the olympic torch (of course I took one too) and they are all the same. Sure they are creative in their own ways and are from different angles, but the personality of the torch remains. When I take pictures of humans I get to capture so much more than the way they look that day.

I love documenting moments and having them forever. It is very dad of me, but I just think it is so cool when someone can dive into their archives and pull out images or videos from milestones or significant times in their life. Casey Neistat does a really great job of this when he makes videos and that is where I got my inspiration from.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed seeing a few pictures from our time in Vancouver and getting to hear me ramble about why I take the pictures I do.



Vancouver, British Columbia

Summer 2017, back in Vancouver, I had the pleasure of spending my belated birthday dinner with my friends at Botanist. The restaurant took over the location where ORU used to be, at Fairmont Pacific Rim. When you first enter the restaurant it’s very nature-like. The colour scheme used is very soft, gentle, and natural. The cocktail drinks were delicious and most importantly free bread with whipped butter. The bread was delicious and they refilled it!

For appetizers, we ordered the scallops and the octopus. The scallops were delicious, cooked perfectly and the sauce matched nicely. However, the charred octopus was a little disappointing, a little difficult to chew and the sauce did not work for us.

The mains were excellent, we ordered different items and we all loved it. I ordered the roasted rib-eye, medium rare, it was cooked beautifully and so tender. This restaurant is a little on the pricey end but the food is definitely worth it. A good treat… once in a while.

ADDRESS: 1038 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 0B9
PHONE: 604-695-5500
WEBSITE: https://www.botanistrestaurant.com/menu/