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An Innate Need to Create

As a kid, I used to stand atop the stairs and deliver what I deemed “The Kobe Show” to my family. While “The Kobe Show” may no longer exist, an innate need to create and express myself still exists. For example, in writing this blog post I am continuing to exhibit this trait. In this post, I muse on why this might be, my previous experiences with this trait, and regarding how I can leverage it in the future.

Why I Need To Create

Over time, I have realized that my life mission is to make the lives better of all those around me. In doing so, I try my best to always be ambitious and to always think big. Ultimately, I want to make the world a better place.

While this mission is ambitious, I look at many of the great founders, creatives, and artists in the world who have made the world better, and realize that at one point they all thought the same.

Steve Jobs always emphasized that you can only connect the dots looking backwards. Often citing the example of the calligraphy class he took and Apple’s original beautiful typography.

In creating new things and putting new ideas into the world through various media, I feel that I myself am striving towards my goal and seeking to build a narrative that perhaps will one day make sense.

Building things and enabling others with new ideas is exactly what enables the world to progress. Just look at your current environment. Ultimately, creation with good intent is the best act anyone can partake in to try and make the world better.

That is why I feel a need to create.

Returning to Being a Producer

Most of our days are either spent consuming or producing. Oftentimes, there is a tradeoff between the two.

I must admit, lately a lot of my energy has been spent consuming. To be truthful, I can not help but feel I have been a bit guilty of overconsumption.

However, rest is incredibly important and in the last year or so, I wore myself and my brain down with classes, work, and extracurricular commitments. Rest was something that I needed and now finally I feel I am well rested.

I know this, because I feel the need to create returning. I feel the need to produce. I feel the need to express my ideas and experiment with my various hypotheses about my environment.

Now is the time for me to return to experimenting with putting my ideas out in the world.

Attempting to Explore While Exploiting What I Believe to Know

Oftentimes, it is said that early in life we spend a lot of time early in our lives exploring the world and a lot of the time later in our lives exploiting all that we learned. This explore and exploit framework, is an idea I find incredibly fascinating. Yet, I cannot help but feel that the need to attempt to exploit what you believe you know is a vital process in exploration.

For instance, in school you might learn lots about what it takes to run a successful social media campaign, providing you with the false belief that you can do it. But only by trying to exploit that knowledge can you really explore and learn for yourself the falsities and truths to what you learned from school.

I genuinely do not believe that the two phenomena are mutually exclusive. Moving forward, I want to explore and learn by attempting to exploit what I believe I can.

Leveraging the Need

The act of creation, is in itself something beautiful.

By leveraging this need to create anything, whether it be a video, blog post, instagram post, sketch, or anything at all one can accomplish great things.

In addition to this, I want to pick up some habits such as:

  • Carrying around a pocket journal to record novel ideas
  • Making time to just think
  • Talking to others about their ideas for creations
  • Making friends with others always making new things

Habits are essential, and ultimately if it does not affect your behaviour information is useless. To anyone reading, I highly recommend picking up the habit of making things.


20/30 most of the people around my age who has facebook and actually use it only uses it for 2 things, school groupchats and/or facebook marketplace. im the latter. even though i use it solely for buying things, i would somehow end up watching videos 2 hours later without keeping track of time! it’s usually the movie summaries or the stand up dude, or literally anything viral that i can probably see on youtube. it captures my attention so much its scary. but it’s for me so it’s also nice for getting to know me yk. good job zuckerberg (&...

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