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Javiera Wears What 2.0

I last updated this blog about six months ago, and wow, has the time flown by. The last time I wrote for this blog, I lived at home with my parents in Canada, a full-time student, and working two part-time jobs. Presently, I live abroad with my boyfriend in Zancudo, Costa Rica and have successfully graduated from university with my bachelor’s in Communication. Even just reading that out loud, I am astonished at how quickly life can change. However, no matter how much my life has changed, my love for writing and fashion has not. Despite the fact that I took a prolonged hiatus from my blog, I want to resume where I left off.

When I started my blog, I made a vision board of how I wanted it to look and feel. To get back into my pattern of writing weekly blog entries, I’ve decided to create a vision board for this next chapter in my blog. As I previously indicated, I’ve evolved significantly and thought that my blog should develop alongside me. I’m still the same bright, exuberant maximalist I used to be. However, now I have new experiences and locations to influence my fashion and writing.

Vision board created using Canva

For my new vision board, I have added more inspiration from the beach and the warm weather. Since moving to Costa Rica, I have realized how much I adore being in the sun and by the ocean. My style has definitely evolved to incorporate more laid-back pieces that can be easily styled over a bikini. For this next chapter in my blog, I want to really find my niche audience. Fashion is such a broad category that has several different subcultures. To really narrow down my audience and find my voice, I will focus on specific areas of fashion that interest me the most. Over the course of the year, I have grown to love bohemian fashion and beachwear. I love vintage clothing and funky shoes such as cowboy boots and sparkly sneakers.

My vision board now includes more images since I’ve begun experimenting with graphic design. I purchased an iPad during my second to last semester in university, and since having so much spare time laying by the beach, I’ve begun drawing and creating little graphics. I would love someday to get these images printed onto graphic tees so that I can wear them and showcase my designs.

Lastly, I didn’t include an image of myself in my initial vision board since I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to make entries about my wardrobe. This is because while I was a student/part-time worker in Vancouver, I would mainly wear sweatpants or my job uniform and had little freedom to experiment with my personal style. Moving ahead, I’d like to do a monthly style edit in which I present some of the ensembles I’ve been wearing.


Javiera Guevara