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It is so important to stay active and keep your heart healthy especially during such tough times living in a pandemic. Exercise boosts your mood and overall health! Here is a quick workout routine to get your body moving and feeling strong!

You’ll need:

  • Water (very important)
  • A towel (optional, I usually let the sweat just drip!)
  • Energy (make sure you are well fuelled)
  • Very little space (easy to do anywhere!)

The Routine:

  • 30 Seconds Jump Squats
  • 30 Seconds High Knees
  • 30 Seconds Jumping Jacks
  • 30 Seconds Touch Drop Squats
  • 30 Seconds Squat Twists
  • 30 Seconds Squat pulse
  • 30 Second REST

Repeat 3 Times


To be honest, I feel like I never had this one, crazy, amazing skill that would shine light towards my academic path. I was never exactly into science or math, but I feel like I grew up to have just enough skills for each subject and if I didn’t I would teach myself. I’d say I am well rounded, which is why I ended up in the school of Communication as the program reflected me so well.

Before my gap year

I was set on taking some Business course but completely changed my mind after the gap year. I wasn’t ready to jump in right after high school. I picked up a part time job as a content writer for a travel agency and I fell in love. During the gap year my best friend and I also started Defects Official, our very own startup t-shirt brand. This opened my eyes to writing and digital marketing. So, I thought Communication studies would be perfect as I was looking for a mix of writing, culture, the new world of media and art.

As of now

I am loving my major and am honestly still figuring out which direction it will take me. I have taken courses that I didn’t fully enjoy, which only made myself learn and explore other options. This provided a clearer image of where I could see myself going with this degree. Some days I think about how easy it would be to have my mind set on one thing, but this makes life a little more exciting. This goes for every course and major, as you may hate or love it, and from that you can take action and do something about it! Also, I am currently applying to internships with an open mind to different opportunities.

My advice

For anyone confused with picking a major, I simply just trusted my gut. I knew deep down business was not what I wanted and I wasn’t ready to start a new chapter right after high school. I was nervous to take a year off and to get into communications, but I listened to myself and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone is different when it comes to this but don’t be scared to challenge yourself, because in the end you’d much rather be doing what you love. However, for someone open to learning new things and experiencing the dynamic world, communications is the way to go. There is so much opportunity and growth with this degree. There’s a touch of politics, sociology, research, media, technology, democracy, art, pop-culture, philosophy, the list goes on and on!

Project Pan

Since my post of “Why Did I Stop Buying Makeup?” I was thinking, now that I don’t consume new products, what should I do with my existing stash? And that is where I present you the “Project Pan” and why you should join in if you want to reduce your stash. Lemme explain what is it.

  1. You set a timeframe (let’s say one year, or one semester)
  2. Choose all the products that you want to use within that timeframe, set aside products for the face, for the eyes, lips, skincare and so on. Remember to pick products that you are going to be okay using for a long time, and products that you love (or hate but you want to finish) 
  3. Use only the products that you set aside. (Remember not to buy any makeup during this time, unless you want it, or it is a product that you are within the necessities (mascara, eyeliner, etc.) 
  4. To motivate you, you can take before/after pictures and compare them. If you need extra motivation, there is a lot of hashtags with #PanProject, and join the community. Also, I will love to see your progress.
  5. Once the timeline passed, you are free to pick more products to try or keep going until you hit the pan. Now, some people stop using powder products such as eyeshadow pallets once they hit one pan but feel free to adjust it, whether one pan, two pans, three pans … you got the idea.
  6. Repeat until you are satisfied with your progress

Remember that you can pick more than one product on each category, I cant use the same product for more than a week so, I will use 3-4 products of each category, and basically have fun with it.

I am planning to start this project monthly because I don’t believe that I have the commitment to go for a semester, but I have a lot of products that I need to start using. I want to begin in August and record my result, so feel free to join me and share your progress on my Instagram (@la.hija.del.soll) or my email ( Or I can create a new section for this website and share my progress here (let me know your thoughts).

Why Did I Stop Posting…?

This blog was created as a university project, and I had the time to invest in this website. After finishing my semester, I kinda gave up when I thought that my blog was not relevant at all. And I thought that I was going to use this website as part of my resume (with no updates since December, lol) and the experience I gained from managing a website, and the responsibility I held when I managed it. When you managed a website, one must be aware of the actions and consequences of the impact of the words that you have.
I have to say that the design of creating and managing a WordPress website is not as user friendly as I thought, but on July 9th of 2020, I figured out how to view comments (yay!), and upon reading a lot of comments, I saw a lot of heartwarming comments. And I thought to myself why did I abandon this website when I oath to inform people and share experiences, there is a lot to talk about, but little time to do so, but I feel like this blog could become a diary or a journal, especially during challenging times like we are living in, and I feel like sharing and talking to people can help improve my mental health, and I hope that people can join in with me. Now we do not need hate, we need compassion and love, and understanding other people.
So, from now on, I will try to keep it up at least once a week and keep having fun with writing and sharing experiences with you. I am pretty sure I have a lot to say and I hope you enjoy them and have fun with me.


Short Backstory:

During my gap year I had no clue what my next steps were, especially after my father passed away, I expected to completely take a pause on everything. University was the last thing on my mind. I knew for myself and my father, I had to “get out there” as he always said. So, I stepped out of my comfort zone, finally made a move, and it was the best thing for me. Change usually doesn’t happen when you’re comfortable, so I made it happen with some motivation and support from loved ones. I moved here not knowing anything, no family, not even knowing when classes would start, how to get around, or where the University was. It was trial and error, exploring and learning, and this made it so much more of a lifetime experience.

Why Seas to Hills?

The name Seas to Hills represents my story of moving from the small island life in Bali to the big life in Vancouver. It was probably one of the scariest and boldest steps I’ve taken so far, yet the best step for me. From living a life by the seas in Indonesia to the hills in Canada, I thought I would share some of my creativity, thoughts, opinions, ideas, stories and love with you.