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How Do You Build This Thing?

Creating a website/blog is much more difficult than one might think, or at least what I thought! One of the biggest challenges that I’ve encountered so far is successfully conveying the look and aesthetic of what I want the domain to have. Let’s take a look at some of the images I have put together for my vision board to get an idea of what we’re working with:

I really want to establish a fun retro kind of vibe, heavily influenced by the colours and styles of the 1970s, pairing nicely with the theme of shopping for old and second-hand items. Content wise, I’d love to make thrift shopping something that people could get excited about, and not only see the fun in it, but also how much of a positive impact it has on the environment. I keep learning every time I log on to further develop, so stay tuned to watch as this site grow into something totally groovy, man!

Mini Assignment #2 Black Adam Interview

Black Adam Source:

Hi Everyone, today we have the privilege to be joined by one of DC’s newest superheroes, Black Adam. 

Alan: Thanks for agreeing to sit down for an interview, we will be asking you a few questions, and congratulations on finally coming back.

Alan: Black Adam, what do your powers bring you?

Black Adam: Nothing but heartache.

Alan: How do you feel about saving Kahndaq?

Black Adam: It feels like the right thing to do, however just know that I am neither a villain or a hero. 

Alan: Do you have a workout routine that you stick to?

Black Adam: No, as my son sacrificed his life to save me, and that gives me ultimate powers. I am fueled by the rage of that incident. 

Alan: What was your best moment fighting?

Black Adam: When the mirror person set off all those dimensions, I was quite confused as to what I should do to defend myself against the attacks.

Alan: What food do you eat?

Black Adam: I eat the losses of my opponents, as winning is what gives me energy.

Alan: What’s your favorite song?

Black Adam: Personally I prefer Face Off by Tech N9ne, it really helps me put in the work, put in the hours, and take what’s ours. 

Alan: With our time in this interview coming to an end, is there anything you want people to know?

Black Adam: Do not try to mess with me and Kahndaq, as I will always step in, even though I am neither a villain or hero. 

Alan: Thanks for your time, and don’t forget to see the historical show Black Adam, as he defends Kahndaq from the evils of the corrupting crown.

Choco Chip Cookies & Quarantine

Want to try out these chocolate chip cookies for yourself? Here’s the recipe! One of the first ever recipes I learned to bake were these chocolate chip cookies, they were a quintessential part of my childhood and now my go to stress bake recipe. The original recipe is from a math workbook I did every summer as a child, but has slowly been modified by me over the years depending on the mood I was in. Overall, they are just a great and flexible cookie recipe. Which leads me to todays topic: quarantine. By now most of us have incessantly heard this in every form of media, to the point where the topic almost triggers a sigh as a response. This subject is always tricky to approach because we tend to forget the flex of difficulties that everyone was experiencing individually, beyond the whole epidemic crisis, and honestly none of us have had ample time to reflect and recover to the strain we were all put under. Personally, quarantine was life-changing, beside the obvious lack of social interaction and constant living in fear for those first few months, it had a significant impact in the course of everyone’s lives. Being the first batch of high schoolers to experience graduating during the peak of the pandemic was very confusing. Post grad most everyone I knew had the same feeling where we were missing the sense of finality and accomplishment that the grandeur of a ceremony bestows upon you. This paired with immediately jumping into the unknown environment of university completely online, felt extraordinarily alienating. We skipped the whole uni experience you see in movies, where the parents drop their kids off wave goodbye and immediately go into a bustling hall for orientation with booths on an extremally crowded campus. Instead we were greeted with technical difficulties, names on black screens and the awful social interaction of trying to speak at the right time during a zoom conversation. As we start to trickle back into the habits that existed pre-pandemic its interesting to see how flexible we all are as individuals, and how adaptable individuals are based on the conditions we face.

Talking With Strangers

Whether I’m providing customer service at my retail job or just being friendly to the person next in line to me at a coffee shop, striking up a conversation with a stranger isn’t exactly an unusual occurrence for me. Reflecting back on the past couple of days, one exchange that stands out to me most is my interaction with a barista at one of my favourite bakeries in downtown Vancouver, Purebread. It began with the typical “how was your day” small talk, but since it seemed to be a slow day in the shop, I figured that I’d continue the conversation a little longer. It was nearly closing time so I asked about what happens to the leftover baked goods at the end of the day, and I was pleased to learn that they are all donated to local food banks! On a more personal note, I also learned that the barista I was speaking to just finished her undergraduate degree at UBC, where she studied opera. Yes, opera as in the musical art form originating in Italy, known for the singers’ powerful voices, which apparently this lovely barista is capable of performing! I was absolutely blown away, and, on top of that, she said that she is currently applying to opera graduate programs which I didn’t even know existed. You learn something new everyday, I guess, especially when you go out of your way to talk to people and ask questions. So get out there and and talk to strangers (safely, of course), because you never know who you’re going to meet.

Talking with a stranger, Monday September 18 2022

Strangers, people who we define as people who we do not even know for the better part of our lives. These strangers can include the people you order food from in a shop, to any random person waiting near you at a subway station. It is something that we associate with possibly even being dangerous as there is the term “Stranger Danger”. However, almost everyone that you talk to is technically a stranger originally, no matter how close you are to them nowadays. Even the closest friends or family members were strangers at one point, it is through communication and time spent which qualifies them as not being a stranger. In fact, I would even argue that the relationship between parents and their children started off as strangers. When you were born, they knew nothing about you or what you even looked like. As people will say, our parents only know us for a portion of their lives, but we know them for our entire lives.

For my endeavour into talking with strangers, I decided to talk and try to hold a conversation with one of the employees at The Rec Room that me and my friends visited today. The employee was working the Racing Simulators that me and my friends were playing. I decided to strike up a conversation by challenging him to a race to see if I could beat his score.

We struck up a conversation about the various racing steering wheels that we may want to buy for home use. Although it was an employee/customer relationship, I felt as if I had a genuine conversation. I ended up being close enough to where we had various interactions where we challenged him to various other games in exchange for free games.

This is a classic example of one of the arguments of the Hamblin article that “people might be described as alone together” (Hamblin, 2016). The reason why it is an example is because I could have just left the employee alone and not have talked to him at all. We could have each stayed in our own little bubble, and I could have left as soon as the interaction of using the racing simulator was done.

I also feel this in my day to day life, especially when taking transit since it seems as if most, if not all are stuck in a virtual bubble with zero interaction with others. Headphones more or less are essentially the bubble that surrounds us, and prevent others from starting conversations with you. Essentially, this idea of being alone together is cultivated by the cultural standpoints of the city and whether “earbud culture” is prevalent.

All in all, this is very different then interacting online with others, especially strangers. There are some “strangers” that I have gamed with online that I would consider technically my friends. However, there is nothing that beats the genuine and fast acting social aspect of building an in person friendship from strangers. If two people click, it becomes quickly obvious and progresses as if it was a dream. Online interactions should only be used to lead to in person ones.


Hamblin, James. 2016. “How to Talk to Strangers.

Adventure #1 Dining Commons @ SFU

For my first adventure I will be talking about my experience at a food place called the Dining Commons at SFU.

An Incredible Lunch

Summary / Quick Breakdown 🏃‍♂️ :

Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Location 📌: Dining Commons, 8888 University Drive, Burnaby BC, V5A1S6

Good 👍 : Tons of fresh food options, Food mostly tastes pretty good, Interesting Decor

Bad 👎 : If not commuting costs money for parking, dead times where there is not much selection, quality can shift drastically depending on several factors.

Price 💰 : $$

The SFU Dining Commons is located on the west side of the campus near residences. There are 4 dining blocks consisting of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Late Night. Each of the various blocks consist of a different price point, however all blocks employ an all you care to eat method which means that you can fill your plate to your heart’s content.

As someone who frequently visits the Dining Commons due to a mandatory meal plan for those who live on campus, I would say breakfast is the best value. The reason why it’s the best value is because for only $10 before tax if you do not live on campus, you get access to a lot of different varieties of food. These include fresh fruits, made to order omelettes, smoothies, and a whole host of other interesting food.

One thing I must add though, is that I am impressed with how they stepped up with this new addition to the old Dining Hall. The old Dining Hall had a poor reputation among most students as a place that would only serve mediocre food that would barely pass as edible.

The new addition however, includes various new things such as a made to order Teppanyaki station where you select from various vegetables and meats and they cook it right in front of you. There is also a decent selection of fresh sushi and salad. Another new station is a made to order sandwich bar. In fact, a lot of stuff is made and served pretty quickly to ensure freshness.

Picture of chicken being cooked on the spot.

All in all, no matter if your a new student or returning student with a dining hall stigma, this new Dining Commons is certainly worth a try. The reasonable price point allows you to get a few meals, study, and feed both the brain and stomach at the same time. There are literally no other places on campus where you can get all this food at a similar price point.