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Our F*cked Up World

Music didn’t feel right to add to this. Here’s to our fcked up world. Side note: I did finally try a new video editing program for this. Of course, I googled which one I could use and managed to find one on this page. I ended up choosing VSDC because it was recommended for beginners […]

Mini Assignment 6: Make a GIF

So, I made a GIF. It was actually pretty easy! I filmed something on my phone, put it on desktop, and used a sceen recorder app I’d downloaded a while back.

After talking so much about Zoom Ettiquette and being perceived and the like, I had plenty to work with.

Ta-da! His name is Bandit, by the way.

And here’s his sister, Onyx, because she deserves love, too. She’s the featured image today!

She doesn’t appear on calls because she’s camera shy.

Until next time!

GIF Assignment

I initially had no idea how to make a gif, but Giphy.com made it fairly simple. I wanted to create something that represented how I am feeling given that Black Friday is in 3 DAYS and will likely be an absolute nightmare for me as a retail worker.

I wanted to make something that looked sort of ominous while still being funny, which is why I used a sort of blurred filter and static sort of effect on the words. The original clip is from Glee, and I accessed the clip from here.

(Featured Image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash)

Mini Assignment 6; GIF

I have never made a GIF before so I had to do some research when doing this assignment. I decided to compile some food I had on my last trip to Taiwan and Japan before the pandemic hit.

Here are the steps to how I made my first GIF:

  1. found a few clips of food that had the ‘live’ feature
  2. screen recorded and trimmed them to a few seconds
  3. compiled them on imovie
  4. used this site to convert my clip into a GIF

View post on imgur.com

I wasn’t able to download the GIF but I inserted a link so I hope that works!

GIF: All seven Canadian NHL teams release ‘Reverse Retro’ jerseys

Mini Assignment #6

[video-to-gif output image]

In the spirit of all NHL teams releasing their ‘reverse retro’ jerseys yesterday, I decided to stitch together a GIF of all seven Canadian teams’ jerseys.

I individually downloaded the videos from each team’s official Instagram account and then trimmed and stitched the videos together in iMovie. From there, I went to ezgif.com/video-to-gif to create the GIF, and voila!


This week, I was tasked to create an infographic about my website. I have no experience in digital/graphic design, however, I was able to produce this infographic through Canva. Coming up with a format and information for my infographic was the most difficult part. After exploring examples of infographics and the information they contain, I was able to nail down an idea of what I wanted mine to look like. I decided to keep it simple with minimal text and an emphasis on statistics. The centre of the “mind map” is a camera to symbolize the focus of my website, photography, and linked to it are statistic bubbles showing the type of content Sincerely, Gracie features.

Mini-Assignment 6

This week we were tasked with creating a GIF! A GIF is a format of image sequences that acts as a short animation. I have implemented GIFs in many other parts of my website and enjoy creating them as a hobby. See my portfolio items Welcome to the Omelette Bar and Kinetic Typography, as well as my mini-assignment 3.

For this, I created another hand-drawn animation similar to mini-assignment 3 and mini-assignment 5. I am quite happy with how this illustration GIF turned out. Is it too soon to be listening to Christmas music?

Mini-Assignment 5

This week’s mini-assignment was to make an infographic! For mine, I decided to make an infographic comparing my personal and professional traits. To do this I made an illustration of myself, cut in half to show two different versions of myself. On the left-hand side is my personality, which includes the top three areas where I spend the most time. On the right-hand side is my professional profile, including adobe skills, programming skills and some good’ol fashioned creativity!

Overall I am super proud of the way that the illustration turned out as I actually used real outfits that are in my wardrobe! I think that it represents me very well.

Mini Assignment 5 / Process Post 9; Infographic

This week, we were asked to make an infographic that represents our presence online. I have never made an infographic nor do I have the skills to design and create stuff digitally. I usually leave that stuff up to my best friend.

BUT… This week I had no choice but to step out of my comfort zone and learn myself! Here is what I came up with…