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Mini Assignment #6

Automated Smart Blinds

For my project I chose to install automated blinds by Hunter Douglas. This decision was made to increase blind longevity, convenience, and smart home capabilities. Blinds usually fail quickly due to user error. From pulling too hard, too fast, or the wrong way, strings fray, fabrics fail, and blinds ultimately do not last as long as they should. As this project was designed with longevity and convenience in mind, I decided to use automate blinds. These are battery powered and do not require any electrical work, and the hub runs on WIFI allowing me to use if this then that, on anything in the house. These blinds also integrate two blinds into one by having a blackout layer and a room darkening layer.

Spring is Here!

For my last mini assignment I was tasked to make a gif for my blog and this is what I came up with!

Last week, I went to White Rock, and I can certainly say that I am officially ready for the hot weather. If you didn’t know, White Rock is this cute oceanside city in South Surrey. And fun fact, it has the longest pier in all of Canada. The palm trees and beach house vibes got me all excited for spring and summer! With all this in mind, I decided to start dressing more appropriately for the weather.

My Outfit details:

Shirt: lace bustier from Victoria Secret

Pants: Dickies High-Waisted Ankle Pant from Urban Outfitters

Socks: Nike crew socks

Shoes: Nike air force 1’s

Concert: Lauv

Week 11: Blog Post / Mini Assignment #6

Featured Image Credit: Bandwagon

Wave hands up and down, spin and blackout! And that’s a wrap on the mini assignments for the semester. This GIF represents fun and excitement, I would send it when discussing parties or concerts.

But I have more to say about the artist in this GIF.

This GIF is created from Lauv’s concert, which I attended back in 2018 at Fortune Sound Club. Lauv is a pop artist who is known for his hit song I Like Me Better. In this GIF he is performing that song. Although there is no sound in the GIF, through the lights and his actions you can see that it is a very upbeat and fun song. I think this GIF perfectly describes Lauv and his music.

However, Lauv’s songs range in variety. I Like Me Better is a fun and upbeat song but he also has songs like Sad Forever, which discusses depression and mental health. Through the lyrics in this song listeners can empathize with Lauv and understand what he is going through. Also in the song Lauv sings softly but fast and I think this fits perfectly with the message of the song, because mental illness can sometimes take away ones voice or make it super fast due to anxiety.

Here are a few other songs of his I enjoy, Paris In The Rain, I’m So Tired, Modern Loneliness, Easy Love, Breathe, The Story Never Ends, Getting Over You, Reforget , There’s No Way and Fake. Basically, what I’m saying is I like all of his songs.

It was a great concert and as I have said before smaller concerts like this are always a lot of fun!

Here is the full video of that clip that was used in the GIF:  


Week 9: Blog Post / Mini Assignment #5

This infographic explains through text and graphics what you will find on the DKT MUSIC site. I created this infographic in Canva, and the reason I did not match this infographic to the color scheme of my website is because I liked this color scheme better, as the blue color scheme in Canva did not look good with this template.  

Through this infographic you learn that this site deals with different aspects of music.            


Remix Assignment

Week 8: Blog Post / Mini Assignment #4

Bruno Mars 24K Magic album cover (Original)

Photo Credit: Atlantic Records

Bruno Mars 24K Magic album cover (Remix)

I decided to remix this album cover since Bruno Mars has recently blessed us with new music. Go listen to his new track with Anderson .Paak and Silk Sonic called Leave the Door Open, it is a sexy slow jam that everyone needs to listen to!

Here is a little bit more about Bruno Mars.

Bruno Mars was meant to be a performer, he can keep audiences on their feet. Literally I never sat down when I attended his concert, I also believe he did not take any long breaks but kept performing.

Bruno Mars is an artist that does a bit of everything in terms of genres. He has given us pop, R&B, soul and funk hits. With his dynamic voice and sound, Bruno can create songs that are mood boosters, like Perm, but he can also make listeners emotional with tracks like It Will Rain. Side note: It Will Rain is not on the 24K Magic album but Perm is.

His songs vary in tempos but his upbeat and lively songs are usually considered to be a allegro tempo, and this fast tempo accompanied by lyrics like “Throw some perm on your attitude” ,and “Matter of fact, band, show her how to lay it back!”(from his track Perm on the 24K Magic album), make listeners want to get up and move.

Quasi GIF

Mini Assignment 6

Fall down 10 times but get up 11 right??

Here is a quasi-GIF that wears two hats: one that passes as a never ending short video loop that normally constitutes a GIF due to the amount of times I fall over and over again. And secondly, I hope this video inspires you to try- regardless of how many times you may fall down in the process.

The Snapshot GIF

The word ” GIF’ stands for Graphics Interchange Formats, a file that supports both static and animated images. I am notorious for using GIFS in text messages because sometimes that’s the best way to express myself! While I use GIFS almost on the daily, I have no experience in making them. Luckily imgflip helped make this process easy.

The concept of my GIF is a behind the scenes look at taking a photo. I set up my tripod and camera, pressed record, and counted down from three before taking a flash photo with my disposable film camera. I edited the video in Final Cut Pro, speeding up the first clip, and joining it with the second clip. Overall, it was a really fun activity and I am happy with how it turned out!

Mini Assignment #6 – Gif

Friends! We’re almost at the end of the semester!!

Online school has been a roller coaster. There have definitely been fun moments, but I think we’ll all be feeling a bit of relief once we can finally close our computers and get ready for Christmas.

One day at a time.

Mini Assignment 6: Make a GIF

So, I made a GIF. It was actually pretty easy! I filmed something on my phone, put it on desktop, and used a sceen recorder app I’d downloaded a while back.

After talking so much about Zoom Ettiquette and being perceived and the like, I had plenty to work with.

Ta-da! His name is Bandit, by the way.

And here’s his sister, Onyx, because she deserves love, too. She’s the featured image today!

She doesn’t appear on calls because she’s camera shy.

Until next time!

GIF Assignment

I initially had no idea how to make a gif, but Giphy.com made it fairly simple. I wanted to create something that represented how I am feeling given that Black Friday is in 3 DAYS and will likely be an absolute nightmare for me as a retail worker.

I wanted to make something that looked sort of ominous while still being funny, which is why I used a sort of blurred filter and static sort of effect on the words. The original clip is from Glee, and I accessed the clip from here.

(Featured Image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash)