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#6 – Gif

I created a gif set of my favourite scene from a show called “Queer Eye: We’re in Japan” that focuses on giving makeovers for those who need it (they call these people “heros”). But the show isn’t just giving them a haircut and a new wardrobe. The show’s cast the Fab Five helps build their hero’s confidence and overcome challenges. In this scene, the heroine’s name is Yoko-san and she dedicated her life and her home to taking care of people who are sick. She even gave up her own bed and slept out in the hallway. The man in the scene is Antoni, the food and wine expert and he is teaching her how to make an apple pie which is something that Yoko-san had always dreamed of doing. Not only is this the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen but, you can see how two people who don’t speak the same language (Yoko-san speaks Japanese) can connect so deeply over food.

Gif set is read left to right going down each row.

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Mini Assignment #4: An Editing Tutorial

Here I will take you on a tutorial to show you how to edit a “Food With Anita” style image.

Step 1: Take a photo!

Step 2: Open an editing app and crop the image.

Step 3: Add a base filter. For this photo I used A6 on the app VSCO.

Step 4: Add brightness to the photo.

Step 5: Add contrast to make your whites more white and your blacks more black.

Step 6: Play with your tones, which are your shadows and highlights to make your photo darker or lighter.

Step 7: Play with your white balance. Change the temperature to more blue tones and your tint to more magenta tones.

Step 8: Add a bit of saturation to make the colours bolder!

Here is the before and after of the same photo.

MINI ASSIGNMENT 2 : DC superhero guest post

Rebe: Hi friends, welcome to my personal online space! Today, I have a big surprise for everyone, which is the guest talk that we are going to do now! This time I am honored to invite DC’s superhero Arthur Curry, who is also known as the Aquaman! Nice to meet you Arthur!

Arthur: Hey there! Nice to meet all you guys! It’s me, Arthur Curry, the Aquaman!

Rebe: Arthur, I know that you are busying with the incidents of Atlantis, so our guest talk will be short and simple, and it won’t take up too much time from you! We just want to ask 3 questions that the audiences are interested in.

Arthur: Sure, no problem, just go ahead.

Rebe: Thank you Arthur! So our first question gonna be ” How do you define yourself? “

Arthur: People always call me the “Aquaman”, and this salutation really reminds me about my responsibilities to the sea. However, I am not only stand on the side of Ocean, I born on the land, but come back for saving the sea. I am the king of Atlantics, and the son of the land.

Rebe: This is a very amazing speech! Thank you for all the works that you have done to maintain the peaceful relationship between Ocean and land! So, our next question would be ” How do you think about your relationship with your brother Aum?”

Arthur: Well, this is a tricky problem. Honestly speaking, since he is my younger brother and we are all loved by mom, I don’t want to get into too much trouble with him. My mom would be so disappointed if she knows her sons are still in bad relationship… So I would just leave him some space so there should be less conflict between us. After years, if he calm down and willing to reconcile with me, I will be happy to do that. You know, Harmony in a family brings success to everything.

Rebe: Oh, this sounds sensible! Ok, let’s finish our talk with the last gossip question! ” How do you see your relationship with Princess Mira?”

Arthur: Mira is a brave and independent women who is always supporting me. Without her, the war between ocean and land might be continue, and without her, I am just a Aquaman who can talk to fish. I respect her courage and fall into her charming personalty.

Rebe: What a romantic story that is envied by us! Overall, thanks again for coming to our guest talk and meet your fans! Hopping that I can see you soon!

Arthur: Oh, that should be fine, just contact me if you need! See you guys next time!


This meme is a good showcase of the lives of nowadays young people including myself. Different with people who is risking their job and career, I am risking my academic life to get extra 10 minutes of sleep even it doesn’t work lol.