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Whoooo’s this?

This cute little guy was spotted outside of the YVR airport during the day. He was so tiny; maybe only ten inches tall. When I looked up owls in the area, I found out that this little fella was a young Short-eared Owl.

According to, you’ll want to look for Short-eared Owls during winter. Look for open fields, grasslands, or airports and visit near dawn or dusk for your best chance of finding them. They may be sitting directly on the ground or flying low and erratically as they hunt.

Week 12: Moderating your Commentariat and Navigating the Social Waters (Apr 4)

Konnikova, Maria. 2013. “The Psychology of Online Comments
Becky Gardiner, Mahana Mansfield, Ian Anderson, Josh Holder, Daan Louter and Monica Ulmanu. 2016. “The dark side of Guardian comments
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Process Post Prompt*: Develop community guidelines for your site. Why are those the right guidelines for you? How will you implement them?

It’s Cherry Blossom Season in Vancouver

Cherry Blossom tree in Vancouver

While I was out driving on this sunny day, I came across some beautiful cherry blossoms that are in full bloom now! From April 1st to April 23rd it’s the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. Lots of events are happening in the city that is themed around the cherry blossoms. Be sure to get out and check out the fleeting blossoms while they are still around.

The George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary is for the birds!

Westham Island, Delta

Greeted by a swarm of hungry ducks

Make an online reservation before heading out to this beautiful bird sanctuary. It’s a wonderful place to visit if you need to get away from it all and immerse yourself in nature. The trails are easy to walk and you’ll always have the company of a duck or two.

duck walking on a tree covered pathway

The Sanctuary consists of a mix of 300 hectares of ponds, treed pathways, marshes, and channels. There have been over 300 species of birds recorded there. You are allowed to feed the ducks and chickadees. They also sell the seeds for two dollars a bag at the front counter.

red-winged black bird feeding on seeds from a hand
Anna's hummingbird drinking at a hummingbird feeder

Mini Assignment #5: Create an infographic that summarizes your online self

For week 5’s mini assignment, we were asked to summarize our online selves by using an infographic. I searched how to make an infographic and canva came up. Canva is really proving to be one handy tool when creating imagery for my website. I had a lot of fun creating the infographic and chose a gardening tip theme and just remixed it with garden and publication jargon. I called it “7 easy ways to grow a digital identity.” I threw in what I wanted my online self to come across as in Little Feather Adventures. In the infographic, I included my love for the outdoors, adventuring, gardening, animals, and photography. I also wanted my true self to come out within some of my humour as part of my online self.

Peer Review #3

Peer Review # 3 This week I am reviewing “MY LIFESTYLE” by Ziqi Qin (Bonnie). 

Direct Link: 

First impression: At first glance, Bonnie’s website has beautiful artwork of a sunset over a nature scape that is used as her banner, it gives a feeling of warmth and calmness. The title of her website is called “MY LIFESTYLE”, it is in bold, large lettering that stands out and has contrast against the artwork she chose. This makes her main page appealing and accessible to readers. I like the pink tones throughout her page, it compliments the artwork well. I really love the palm tree in the left top corner, you can click on it on any page to get back to the main page. Her menu tabs pop out and are easy to navigate. You get a sense that it is a personal blog about what she finds interesting to write about. Her vibe isn’t to become viral but more of a personal blog to share amongst peers. As mentioned in John Suler’s (2004) article “The Online Disinhibition Effect” Bonnie uses the “We’re Equals (minimizing authority)” technique because her interaction with the reader feels like a peer relationship that is based on mutual experience and story-sharing. I would suggest adding an accessibility plug-in to her website to help those that have certain visual abilities and that could benefit from the variations of text and contrast. The plug-in called One-Click is an example that is easy to add to your website that comes with a variety of settings to help accommodate all readers.

Content: I love the content posts on travel and her ragdoll cat. I like that her contact info is in the contact section and that you can leave her a message in the provided fields. I would remove or change the generic contact info from the bottom of the pages. It would be nice to see more content within her posts along with adding enticing headlines.

screenshot of blog talking about her ragdoll cat
Screenshot: Ziqi Qin’s content post about her cat Quiana

Audience: Bonnie mentions in one of her Process Posts that her intended audience is her classmates and friends. I think if she wanted to, she could expand her public further if she used social media links on her website, but that is a personal choice.

It would also be helpful for Bonnie to incorporate SEOs in her posts such as adding keywords to her blog posts, adding videos from YouTube, and including related hyperlinks to her content posts to increase engagement and increase her google search credibility. As Sam Hollingsworth (2021) mentions in “15 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO,” using SEOs will ensure a good user experience and increase the chances that more people will read Bonnie’s content. Implementing these strategies could help Bonnie grow her public numbers.

Website’s Marketability: I think for marketability Bonnie could have an opportunity to try some monetization techniques. There is the option of adding ads to her site; Google Analytics has AdSense that you can add to your website. Also, using affiliates is another option, like for cat food or cat supplies or promoting hotels or travel, since she likes to write about her beautiful ragdoll cat and the trips she takes with friends, however, she would have to focus on creating a larger public first. Christina Newberry (2022) says “affiliate marketing is a way for content creators to earn commissions by referring customers to brands.” So you can use affiliate codes or links on your content website and every time someone clicks on that link and purchases that item you can make a commission. 

Screenshot: Ziqi Qin’s content post about tips for new cat owners. A chance to use affiliate marketing with brands.

Overall Bonnie’s website looks professional, is aesthetically appealing, and is well-designed. With some effort and planned direction, her website has the possibility to become more marketable.


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The early bird gets the $500 gift card!!

Garden City Shopping Centre, Richmond, B.C.

One adventure that always gets me out of the house is a good ole giveaway, what can I say… I’m a sucker for free things!

So when a new neighborhood grocery store has a grand opening event and mails you an invite for a chance to win a $500 gift card, you better wake your butt up at 5:30 am to be one of the first 500 in line!

Save on Foods grand opening on March 23, 2023, and Gift Card Giveaway

For the first 500 people, they were giving away 2 chances at a $500 gift card and another 498 opportunities at a $10 gift card. So, I had pretty good odds at $500. Why not try, at the least, I could get some free milk and butter while I was up.

After waiting in line for an hour and 20 mins, we all filed into the store at 7 am and were greeted by friendly, smiling staff that were handing out the gift cards one by one. The store was pristine, I had never seen a store untouched and displayed so beautifully. They also had a pianist playing music for us.

To find out what you won you had to bring your gift card to the cashier. They also had another coupon if you bought $50 worth of groceries, you get a $10 gift certificate for next time. With all those people coming in all at the same time, the store got pretty crowded quickly. So I got $50 worth of grub and headed to cash.

Here’s my card! Guess how much I won!

Drum rollllllllll…

Vegtables at save-on-foods

Ahhh, I won $10. Plus, I also got another $10 gift card for next time! It wasn’t $500, but it was exciting to try. Plus it was great to support a local business on its grand opening.

Go check out Save on Foods in Richmond, B.C. at 9100 Blundell Road at the Garden City Shopping Center. Open every day from 7 am – 10 pm

They are having a door crasher for the first 500 customers on Saturday, March 25th. They’ll be giving away a 3 lbs bag of navel oranges (worth $8.49)! Happy adventuring!

Spring has finally sprung!

Pictures I took down at the False Creek boardwalk

Today marks the first day of spring! Another name for today is Spring Equinox. Spring is hands-down my favourite season. There is nothing like stepping outside, being able to take your coat off again, and seeing the budding blossoms returning.

This past Saturday I found myself exploring Vancouver. I went to the BC Home and Garden Show at BC Place. Even though I don’t own a home, there were some great exhibits and it was fun to dream a bit. One stall was giving away Japanese maple tree seedlings. I was able to buy some pussy willow branches to decorate my apartment.

While down in the area on such a warm and sunny day, I decided to take a walk down on the seaside boardwalk in False Creek. It reached +16 degrees this day. There were so many happy people out just soaking up the sunshine after a long grey winter. What a great walk along this boardwalk it is also a great place to bring your bike or have a picnic by the ocean. It is a beautiful view of the Science Center across False Creek and you can watch the Aquabuses go by. I haven’t ridden one yet, but I plan to this summer. It would be a fun way to get to Granville Island from The Olympic Village (which is about $6.25 one way).

False Creek walking map

There were so many flowers that were out already! I took so many pictures. I used my phone app called ‘Planto‘. If you are interested in plant names I recommend this handy app. All you have to do is take pictures and upload them into the app and it will identify them for you. I also have mushroom and rock identifier apps I love to use.

Identifying plants using the planto app
Identifying Plants using the Planto App