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Light, Camera, Mascara!

This mascara is my ride or die! It’s by Tarte, and I have been using it for about four years. I have received so many compliments on my lashes over the years, and I owe it all to this mascara. I love the brush, and the formula is easy to apply and build up the volume. Where most mascaras go clumpy and make your lashes stick together this one doesn’t. It can be built up to give you a dramatic look, or you can tone it down with fewer coats. I have also put it to the test as I wear it during basketball practices and games where I sweat a lot, and it has never run or smudged. 

Process Post #6

This week in lecture we had the privilege of hearing Mauve speak on web design and type on screens. She had a lot of wisdom to share, and I tried my best to soak it all up. Some of what she talked about I had heard of before, but there was a lot that I was unfamiliar with. I appreciated all that she had to say. I only wish I could have heard her speak sooner in the semester, as I think what she had to say would have helped me a lot in the earlier stages of my website. 

Mauve focused on the principles of design. According to Mauve these principles are balance, rhythm, proportion/scale, contrast/point of focus, unity/harmony. What I found interesting as she was explaining these concepts is that I naturally tend to do all these things because I think doing them is what looks best in my eyes. I enjoyed learning about the term white space. This was a term I previously didn’t know, but already had an eye for.

Once I picked my theme and template for my website I have not had a lot of creative liberty. So as there is a lot that Mauve said that I might want to implement into my sight it would imply that I would have to choose a different template and I’m not sure that I want to do that at this point in my website. Although my website may not fit every design principle she states I think it incorporates enough and it fits my aesthetic and the style of my work. 

One thing that had totally slipped my mind before Mauve brought it up was that websites change form on a mobile site versus a desktop one. After her lecture I went to check my website from my phone, and sure enough there were some things I had to change. Pictures that I had did not look as good on the mobile version as it did on the desktop. I made a few changes, and now I am very pleased with how it looks.

There was a lot to take away from the lecture. I learned that the typography, use of photos, and overall structure of the site (design principles) can play a huge part in telling your readers what your site is about without them ever reading a word. I have no doubt that what I learned will greatly help me on my content creator journey.

Love is in the Air

March 4th, 2023. It was a gloomy day, but it was beautiful in so many other ways. No amount of rain could dampen the mood of the day. On this day I witnessed my brother profess his love for his girlfriend, as he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. 

I was honoured that my brother wanted me there with him on such a special day. My brother chose Prospect Point as the place he would propose to his girlfriend Lisa. I had never been to the Prospect Point lookout, but once we got there I understood why he picked it. It has a gorgeous view overlooking the water, which made for some beautiful pictures of the proposal. 

I had never seen my brother so nervous…it was so cute. Once he saw Lisa walking his way you could see the nerves start to settle, as his smile took its rightful place on his face. That smile hasn’t left his face since. No one ever tells you how amazing it is to see your sibling find their person. The one they want to grow old with, who they want to be the mother to their children.  I’ve never been so overjoyed for someone in my life. My heart was overflowing with joy. I can’t wait to see the life that they build together, and I’m so thankful I was able to be a part of the start of their future together. 

Dior Lip Oil Dupe

My mom bought me this for valentines day and I’m already obsessed. Over Christmas I really wanted to get the Dior lip gloss that everyone loves, but it was sold out everywhere I looked. This dupe is not only half the price, but it is also the same as the Dior one in all the ways that matter. The applicator and lip gloss formula are quite literally the same. The NYX lip gloss also smells just like a watermelon candy, which I think is amazing.

The Best Lip Duo

If you haven’t bought it yet, you better run to your nearest Sephora and purchase the Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk lip liner and lipstick. I’m telling you this is the most beautiful colour for the lips. It also goes on nicely, and the lipliner stays on very well. 

Let’s Take the ‘Mis’ Out of Misinformation

In our world today where people are avid media consumerists misinformation is spread like wildfire through the means of fake news. With an easy repost button, platforms of influence, and the following anyone can share information regardless of the validity of what is being said. This online engagement allows for easy access to a vast majority of information that is created by highly accredited researchers, and also just the average opinionated person. Media platforms provide a network for this information to reach many people based on algorithms rather than credibility of source. We are in uncharted territory as we have entered a new era of news sources through its spread in the media, which comes with many benefits, but also brings about a whole new can of worms that people need to be aware of. Misinformation can flourish under circumstances where consumers do not act as their own information gatekeepers, media sources pick out their own findings from conducted research, and tweets are made without checking the accuracy of the information.

Many people fall victim to misinformation, which falls under categories of rumors and fiction, government and politicians, vested interests, and the media (Lewandowsky et al., 2012). There are people who use the media as a tool to produce and spread misinformation’s, and also those who spread misinformation as they fall prey to preconceived false news (Lewandowsky et al., 2012). It can be challenging to know what a good source is for information, as even trusted media sources “can inadvertently oversimplify, misrepresent, or overdramatize scientific results” (Lewandowsky et al., 2012, pg. 110). This makes it difficult for readers to know what information and from what sources they can trust. Most people do not go search for the latest news or research studies conducted to see if the headlines of articles are truthfully representing the results of the study. This plays into our consumerist mentality. 

The 2016 US presidential election is a great example of how misinformation can be spread. Twitter was at the forefront of this online war that took place. The results of a study done by Jang et al., found surprisingly enough that “root tweets about fake news were mostly generated by accounts from ordinary users, but they often included a link to non-credible news websites” (Jang et al., 2018, pg. 111). This shows that the majority of the false news that you saw circulating twitter was not necessarily spread by those with mal intentions, but who do not know how to filter truthful information from faults. This study did a good job showing how “content changes form as it spreads,” (Jang et al., 2018, pg. 111) as these tweets looked very different from the sights they were taken from. Since so many people were retweeting them it seemed as if it were all true. In psychology this is called the propaganda effect, which is when you see something so much that even if you thought it was false you start to see it as being true. This is the scary part of misinformation, as though people may understand that the information is incorrect it can still affect how they feel towards something (Lazer et al., 2018). So instead of blaming Russian bots for taking over the Twittersphere during the election, it may be beneficial for us to take a look in the mirror and understand the bed we made. 

It is extremely difficult to prevent fake news from coming up in the media. It is the ideal to have all information on the internet to be true, but that is a hefty task and not one I believe we should try to combat fully through forms of censorship. I think we would be better off spending our time and money educating people on how to critically analyze the information they are presented through different media sources. Fake news is able to thrive in media outlets such as twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, etc., as they “lack the news media’s editorial norms and processes for ensuring the accuracy and credibility of information” (Lazer et al., 2018, pg. 1094). As a digital content creator myself I think the value of the internet and these platforms is that people can put whatever they want out there. As a blogger myself I would be pretty upset if my site got censored because I spoke about things that mattered to me, even if they were controversial. I do not force anyone to read my work, but it is out there for anyone to read. I think people need to understand and be able to differentiate opinion pieces versus opinions based on research. 

Misinformation is a serious problem in our world today. It has the power to ruin a person’s career, take advantage of those in vulnerable positions, and can make people weary of the media as a whole. The media is only going to expand, which will undoubtedly result in an increase in misinformation being spread. It is vital for humanity to be able to discern and question what it is they see in the media. There needs to be a shift from passive consumers, to active ones. 


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Peer Review #2

This last week I had the pleasure of looking at Sandy’s website In My Kaizen. I personally love reading personal blogs, so I was quite excited to see what she had done. The template theme that Sandy used was refreshing, as it was different from any ones I had previously seen used by classmates. 

Her landing page is simple and neat. It was nice and easy to follow, and I was able to get a quick understanding of what her blog was about. I do wish that upon clicking the discover button on her landing page it would take me to another page with more information about her Kaizen journey. Nonetheless her site is easy to navigate through her menu bar.  The menu bar is made up of three main headings: about me, blog, and posiel. Each of these headings have subheadings, so when your mouse goes overtop the main more headings appear under the broader topic. I think that design feature is always a good one, as it keeps the menu bar simple and it easily shows what is in relation to another.

Sandy incorporated some of her media platforms in her website. By scrolling to the bottom of the page readers find a link to her spotify, pinterest, and vsco accounts. I like the addition of these links to her website, but I’m curious as to why she wouldn’t include her instagram on there as well. You would never be able to find out all this extra information about Sandy had she not used a website as her platform for her writings. Erin Kissane writes about this in their article Contents May Have Shifted. They bring light to possitives of having websites as hyperlinks can take the readers directly to the source of the content they’re talking about, which is exactly what Sandy has done throughout her site.

Sandy’s use of colours on her site are beautifully simplistic and complement the content very well. Mauve outlined five design principles to keep in mind while creating one’s website. I thought Sandy was able to achieve unity/harmony through the colours in their colour scheme, as well as balance in the layout of their content. She was able to use contrast through her colour scheme and also through the typography she chose. The typography isn’t anything crazy, but it works fine for the site. The typography she chose was a good one as it is easy to read and it fits with the theme of a blog. Sandy’s writing is the centre of her blog, and she has done a good job of ensuring that by not having many distracting contents on her site. 

My favourite part of Sandy’s website is the recent posts displayed on her home page. Some of the posts have very intriguing pictures and titles, and the whole collection makes me want to read what she has to say. It makes her work seem very real, as it’s not so polished. I was very impressed with Sandy’s work, and will definitely be checking back in to het some of her sisterly advice.

Box of Love

For valentines day I was given the Lush valentines gift box, Box of Love. I’ve only ever tried a handful of products from Lush before, one being the famous Mask of Magnaminty and their Super Milk leave-in hair conditioner. I’ve really liked the Lush products I have used, so I’m excited to try out all the new products. 

Sex Bomb

For someone who doesn’t usually take baths this bath bomb has me seriously reevaluating my selfcare routine. I loved the soft pink colour that filled the tub, and the petals that appeared after the bath bomb dissolved in the water was a nice little touch that added to the relaxing experience and the love theme of the box. 

True Romance

I’ve never tried this type of product before, but I was quite impressed with it and how well it worked. Using the bar to message your body felt amazing, and afterwards my skin and muscles were thanking me. The bar left my skin deeply moisturized, and smelling so good. I highly recommend getting yourself a message bar, so you can rub away all the stresses of the day.