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GIF Assignment

I initially had no idea how to make a gif, but Giphy.com made it fairly simple. I wanted to create something that represented how I am feeling given that Black Friday is in 3 DAYS and will likely be an absolute nightmare for me as a retail worker.

I wanted to make something that looked sort of ominous while still being funny, which is why I used a sort of blurred filter and static sort of effect on the words. The original clip is from Glee, and I accessed the clip from here.

(Featured Image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash)

GIF: All seven Canadian NHL teams release ‘Reverse Retro’ jerseys

Mini Assignment #6

[video-to-gif output image]

In the spirit of all NHL teams releasing their ‘reverse retro’ jerseys yesterday, I decided to stitch together a GIF of all seven Canadian teams’ jerseys.

I individually downloaded the videos from each team’s official Instagram account and then trimmed and stitched the videos together in iMovie. From there, I went to ezgif.com/video-to-gif to create the GIF, and voila!

Mini Assignment #5

This is an infographic that traces my online presence telling the story of my history as briefly as possible, the significance is a backstory to both of my media presences and why they are both important to me. I have one that is for my family so they see me in the light that they would be proud of that also leaves me with a sense of peace and one where I can be who I am including the things that I couldn’t be part of in the eyes of my family.


When I saw that I had to make an infographic, I freaked out a little bit. Design is not my strong suit, and I had never done this sort of thing before. Luckily, I had heard multiple recommendations to use Canva to create this infographic. I found that it was pretty easy to customize the themes they provided and I am proud of what I created.

I tried to create an infographic that sums up the online presence of Masked Retail. I included a brief description of what the blog is for and who I am, and then guessed on some percentages that I could include to divide up the type of content/messages I provide. I also used a colour scheme that fits with the rest of my site.

Without further ado…


(Featured Image by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash)

Mini A4 + Week 8 Post: Creamy Udon

For this week’s post, I decided to make a fusion dish. It is a cream based sauce that is generally used for Italian style pasta, but I substituted Japanese Udon in instead of pasta noodles and sprinkled green onion on top. This was my first time trying this dish as I’ve seen it before. It […]

Remix Something


For this assignment, I was trying to think what I could remix. For some reason, I instantly thought of remixing a song, but that doesn’t really make sense for my blog and/or is really out of my abilities.

So I decided to remix a painting I found on Pinterest.

I decided to paint the exact same painting, just in cooler colours.

Thats all for this assignment! Let me know what you think 🙂

<3 Carissa

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With Great Power Comes Great Frustration

Being Spiderman really is not as great as you would think. Although some of the perks are great like, swinging from webs, getting the girls, and not having to wear glasses, it honestly kind of bites.

The Mask Situation

Whenever I swing around town as Spiderman I wear a mask. Everyone knows it! It goes with my outfit, its breathable, and it looks really cool. Now people want me to wear another mask on top of the one I already wear! How does that make any sense. I literally had to publish my own smear campaign about how I’m supposed to be cancelled because I wasn’t wearing a surgical mask over my regular mask. Do people think I my actual face looks like that? If only a spider that injected reality checks into people existed.

Faulty Spidey Senses

I get that I chose to be anonymous but sometimes I get really tired of people not knowing who I really am. One time as Spiderman I saved this old lady from getting hit by a bus. I did the whole shebang. I swung down, snatched her off the street, and placed her gently on the sidewalk. She was swooning all over me. I literally had to pry her arm off of me.

A week later I see her at the grocery store and I’m just in my regular clothes. I smiled at her and she started screaming at me. Saying how a young men these days are so disgusting. I almost regretted what I did for her last week. Knowing that I’ve helped people like that really gets my webs in a knot.

Movie Remakes

I hate all the remakes of my movie. I don’t get why they keep making so many without me when I’m still spinning! I’m never doing much these days. I get that while we were filming the original I would disappear to save people, but I wasn’t a diva. I made the franchise and now they’re phasing me out! Like who even are Tom Holland and Andrew Garfeild? What really makes me mad is that they didn’t even ask me to come to set when they were filming with the imposters. Their webbing techniques were obviously terrible. Had they just asked me to come I would have happily showed them the ropes. Its honestly disrespectful.

Mini Assignment 1

The first mini-assignment was to create a popular culture ‘meme’ that is related to your website. I decided to create a meme on something that I feel will relate to a lot of designers when it comes to creating or updating their portfolio. I delve into more details about perfectionism in my blog post Done is Better than Perfect so be sure to check it out!