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It’s Fine

I wish I knew before

I wish someone had told me

At least now

I’m here to help myself 

It hurts to hit rock bottom 

It hurts when no one is there

It hurts to see failure standing there

Standing there with a vicious grin

I can’t express enough

How much it hurts to be tormented 

Tormented by what could be 

It hurts when they say it’ll be fine

When it won’t 

It can’t be fine if I’m not fine

It hurts to live with this guilt 

That you’re doing something wrong 

Maybe I am doing something wrong 


I’m definitely doing something wrong

I’m absolutely doing something wrong

But I can’t help it

I needed someone to tell me

I needed someone to be there

When I was screaming my silent screams

But now I’m fine

They were right 

It’s fine

Everything is fine

All is fine in their eyes 

But they don’t see what’s in the dark

They don’t see what’s happening 

They don’t know what’s going on

Don’t worry I’ve learned

I’ve learned that I must be fine

If all around me is fine

Then I am fine

Absolutely fine

Week 12: Community Guidelines

Since, the beginning I have wanted my website to be a place where my content and online persona would basically be very true to who I am in real life. I wanted it to be a place where I can post my writing stuff without judgment and without worry. That is also the type of community I want to create. The type of community that helps each other, gives advice, gives feedback, and is just a place to be your true inner self.

Over the past couple of weeks (more like months, but let’s go with weeks) I have been creating, developing, and improving my website and my content to fully show my online persona, both my website and my creator personas, as well as look further into my audience and other key aspects of my website. Thinking about all that made me realize that I should probably create some community guidelines and figure out ways to implement them as well (even if I don’t actually have a community).

Alright, let’s do this! First things first, the community guidelines for my website. Let’s get this thing started, the community guidelines for my website are basically like any other guidelines that people with any basic human decency already follow. These basic guidelines include the usual… 

  1. Treat others how you want to be treated (I know it is cliche, but it is important)
  2. Be respectful of other people and their opinions
  3. Communicate with kindness
  4. Be polite
  5. Do not post personal information
  6. Report anything that is rude, harmful, disrespectful, etc.
  7. Be mindful of your behaviour on the website and toward others
  8. Treat everyone equally
  9. Do not share other peoples’ stuff without their permission
  10. Remember to express yourselves (in ways that do not harm others)

I personally believe that the best way to implement these (extremely basic and common) guidelines would be to obviously set an example and follow them perfectly to the very last letter. Another way to implement them would be to keep an eye out to see how my (non-existent) community interacts on my website and take action accordingly if someone were to go against the community guidelines.

I guess those are my very simple community guidelines that should be extremely easy to follow! Always remember that this website was created by a weirdo (me), so that I could finally have a place to be free to post my type of writing content and I want to keep it that way!

Sign that says good vibes only


Creation and destruction are one,

And they can never be undone.

They both show a feeling of the unknown,

Which just wants to be shown.

The unknown, the untold, the undefined are what separate them from the inside,

They long to see the day that they will be side by side.

Unfortunately, they must stay apart,

Or the whole world will restart.

Creation and destruction had to be divided,

Because the undecided held many mysteries to make sure they never collided.

Until this day they stay so far away, 

Due to the secrets that the truth would not say.

Week 11: Incorporating Transmedia

I believe it is important to incorporate and integrate transmedia into whatever you are posting and where ever you are posting stuff. This can be done over any different combinations of media whether that be video games, blog posts, movies, TV shows, radio, or advertisements.

The best way for a website owner like myself to incorporate transmedia would be to use different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I plan to use social media platforms like the ones I just listed because I already know how to use them, I am familiar with working the platforms, and it would be fairly easy for me to establish an online presence as Midnight Stories and as AKC.

The most logical approach according to me for me would be to post mini segments of my posts to my social media platforms and link my website because that would give my audience a general feel of my content and if they are interested, then they could visit my website through the link in my profile. Another thing that I could do is ask my audience on those social media platforms what type of content they prefer me to post about as well as what they would like to see more on my website and maybe have some polls about what I should write about for my next post.

I would mainly focus on Instagram because more people use Instagram rather than FaceBook to get their information and inspiration as well as find accounts that contain stuff that they find interesting and endearing. The reason that Twitter would not be my main social media platform is because currently, it seems like Twitter is going through a rough patch and the focus is mostly on that rather than other things like stuff that is happening in the world.

In the end, I think Instagram would be my best bet to grow my audience as well as get my website and online persona out into the world, but the more the merrier, so I would also be posting on FaceBook and Twitter to get more traffic to my website.

Different app icons

Peer Review #3: Moda Web Design & Fashion Blog

Home page of Moda Web

Website link:

Brendan’s website, Moda Web, is a blog about fashion and the fashion industry. The chosen audience is very specific and the website seems to be doing a great job catering to people who care about what is happening in the fashion and design world. Brendan’s blog contains posts about runway fashion shows, the creative minds behind haute couture, as well as new products in the fashion industry. They seem to have an eye for fashion and creativity because their blog has a very minimalistic look, but still somehow looks super neat and modern. The black and white look gives the website a contrasting but welcoming feel that I as the viewer very much like.

Brendan’s posts revolve around the world of fashion is very lucky for those certain people looking to keep up to date with all that is happening in the fashion industry. Since the blog is all about the fashion world, it would only make sense that Brendan’s targeted audience is people wanting to keep up with everything in fashion or people that are generally interested in fashion. 

The website definitely caters to its chosen and very specific demographic especially since in one of the posts it mentions the use of Google Analytics (which by the way is a great way to figure out who your audience is and how to engage more with them). If I were someone who wants to keep up with the world of the fashion industry and see what is happening around the world, Brendan’s website is definitely the place where I would look and depend upon to keep me up to date.

While going through the website and getting lost in all the posts about the fashion world, I found some ways that the website could be improved. Well, to begin with, it would be nice to have an accessibility feature so that everyone and anyone interested in fashion can access Brendan’s blog without difficulty or inconvenience. Another thing that would be nice to see would be a little bit more about the author in the “About” section of the blog because as of right now it only tells the audience about the website (which is absolutely fabulous), but it would be great to get to know a bit more about the genius behind the blog. 

Besides my minor suggestions, Moda Web is an absolutely amazing and fabulous place to visit and keep in mind if you want to stay up to date with the world of the fashion industry and everything fashionable. 


No time

No value

No memories 


Nothing remains and you have

You have nothing to give, hold, or cherish

Nothing to love or hate

And you can’t but help wonder why

When nothing is going right

But nothing is going wrong

And you just sitting in the void

Wondering why

Locked doors and closed windows

Just silence

With nothing left

No point in going forward if there is only silence

What can you do with nothing

You can do nothing

Just sit

Sit in silence

Week 10: Rabbit Holes

Rabbit holes, after rabbit holes, after rabbit holes, so many rabbit holes that I have no idea where I should begin. Everyone falls down a rabbit hole once or twice… or thrice (for some of us that is a daily occurrence). Rabbit holes sometimes seem like never-ending spirals that we sometimes fall down because we were looking for something specific and like five hours later, we realize we have no idea what we are doing and how we ended up in that position.

Rabbit holes are a blessing and a curse. Rabbit holes are a great way to keep up with modern trends, and get your name and online persona out into the world of the internet, also you can get inspiration for crafts and your own posts from the deepest parts of the internet. However, it is essential to not forget the best part of getting lost in rabbit holes which is that IT IS SO MUCH FUN!

Getting lost in rabbit holes is an absolute blast because, in the beginning, you are looking for a recipe on how to perfectly cook scrambled eggs and the next thing you know, you are trying to figure out why elephants are grey. I honestly love escaping into the depths of rabbit holes because it is so easy to get lost and learn new things, and my personal favourite reason would be that you get to kill some free time that you did not know what to spend doing.

However, every coin has two sides and the other side of rabbit holes is an absolute curse. I know I mentioned that I love wasting my time surfing the web for random nonsense as well as random knowledge, but that is also the disadvantage of rabbit holes. Rabbit holes are never ending spirals of articles after articles after articles. Most of the time I will have stuff to do and tasks to make off my checklist, but instead, I end up sitting on the couch and surfing the web for no reason and getting sucked into a rabbit hole that I would rather not escape.

No matter what you think of rabbit holes, they are a part of many peoples’ everyday lives and there is not much we can do. Sure we can limit our internet usage, but I would rather figure out the answers to random questions than get boring chores done. I guess that’s just my opinion!

The Oldest

Responsible, smart, kind, and caring

The recipe for perfection

But the secret ingredient cannot be forgotten




Rightfully ignored




Divided by sides

Divided by lives

Divided by everyone

Divided but meant to carry on

The show must go on

It cannot rest

They are supposed to perform 

They must do their best

Face the world with a smile

Don’t show worry

Don’t show fear

Don’t show indecision 

Where there is no indecision 

There is no doubt

No fear

And nothing to worry about