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14/30 stopped watching the news for almost years now. the cable tv news that usually goes on in the morning or at night? those ones. only source of info is twitter or instagram. that’s crazy. but even those ones i avoid reading. the news to me is like a recap of everything terrible that goes on in the world. and why would i want that. id just worry. honestly felt better and less paranoid compared to when i was watching it a few years ago. recommend.

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13/30 deleted my main instagram account today because i feel like it’s not me anymore. i made it what like 10 years ago. followed people to be followed back to have more followers loooooool. then get pissed when they unfollow. and i get scared to post on there for some reason lol. that’s why i follow accounts whos posts i actually don’t mind watching and makes me feel good about myself. not compare myself to other people. it’s kinda a self care thing.

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12/30 what has reusing and recycling come to? when you buy a reusable cup, it’s because you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint by reusing that SAID reusable cup instead of using different cups. NOT TO buy 10 different reusable cups and onwards and throw them away after using them twice or thrice because u don’t need them no more and it doesn’t fit ur aesthetic. like miss ma’am???? what’s the point of buying reusable shit. that defeats its purpose to throw it away instead of reusing or giving it to people who actually need it. and thrift stores?? i...

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11/30 phone nd socials r so distracting. how do u manage? quitting def not an option bc i did it before and it worked for a week then did the same thing after. literally 21st century problems especially rn we in a v open generation where everyone puts everything on the internet. (when i say everyone i don’t mean every one)

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blog update

10/30 i’ve had this blog for 8 months nowwww pero I’m not satisfied with how much posts r here or whatever. it was for my pub class for uni & erased half of the uni content after that semester and now just keeping it going till September 20. apparently if u want to grow, u have to be part of a niche and create content that caters to that audience. but bro i have so many things i wanna do that i can’t choose just one. and i have so many options that choosing where to start is confusing. starting...

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9/30 i saw a post that said, siblings are raised by different versions of their parents, and that shit lowkey hit hard. cuz like, isn’t it unfair u were treated differently like a test subject almost. now another one of u comes out and suddenly they just know what to do or how to treat them right? and u cant even blame them because if you are the oldest, they’re gonna say it’s their first time being parents too, same as how ur the first to go out in the world and figure things out on your own. that’s crazy...

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sephora favs april 2023

8/30 in honor of the sephora spring sale, I’m going to share my favs from the store. not a makeup or skincare pro butttt it’s what works for me :)) makeup too faced – born this way concealer (natural beige) holy grail concealer. very pigmented and actually conceals without making it feel heavy on the skin. colour match is immaculate too. been using for years, and i have 2 different shades for every season. that’s how u know it’s good. https://www.sephora.com/ca/en/product/P432298 rare beauty – soft pinch liquid blush (worth) very pigmented. i still have my sample size from when this...

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30 day declutter challenge

7/30 other than the posting everyday in April challenge (which clearly i am still completing in may), i wanna start decluttering my environment like my room, books, clothes, digital space, and car. why? i feel like having a clear space = clear mind. and having too many things around me would make me easily distracted. it would also help me save money by looking at things that i have been buying that i don’t really need. which then would make me appreciate things i already have. like when i used to want something sooooo much i would spend months saving...

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6/10 this account on Instagram that i recently followed archived all her posts that had insights about life, meditation, religion, beliefs and shit. now idk where to look for when I’m feeling down and need to remind myself of a better mindset about life. apparently there’s a rebrand going on. bitchhhhh i followed u for that rzn :/ anyways, guess I’ll be the one giving insights to myself from now on from the books that I’ve read, videos I’ve watched, or anyfuckinthing that comes to mind. kbyez

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