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peer review three

I would personally like to thank Sara for the content that she has put out into the world and created for the public. From the website URL, itisokaynottobeokay.com, to the range of content that the site hosts, her work is inspiring and has great potential to become a revenue-generating site when considering the creative elements and Sara’s personal affiliations that cater to a broad audience. I have also included some advice as to what Mind on Fire can improve to create a larger impact including, affiliate content like AllRecipe’s built in ingredient locater and sponsored promotions via partnerships like Your Modern Family employs with Amazon.

It is important to note that I personally feel that Sara’s blog is not meant for intensive monetization as she includes an entire category of mental health resources that hint to a public service element to the website. This said Mind on Fire can still generate revenue through avenues that do not take away from the content and purpose of the webpage.

The audience that Sara caters to can also be seen through her short but potent About Me page and Land Acknowledgement section of the site. On both pages Sara details key elements of her personal identity including her Colombian heritage and struggles with mental health that add to the ever evolving “authenticity” that many struggle to capture within their digital persona (Akbari 2018). Since mental health affects many individuals in a range of ways, Mind on Fire’s content can be applicable to a range of individuals with special focus on those with passions for literature and art.

Mind on Fire spans a variety of themes including categories that include commentaries on mental health related themes as well as a ‘Daily Serotonin” website section for personalized content that is tailored to daily reflections. I also appreciate Sara’s consistent attributions for all references she makes within her posts, keeping consistent with the ‘Curators Code,’ “which urg(es) website owners to be more upfront in attributing where they found the content they post” (Bleymaier 2013). This offers a unique ability for the website to reach out to the referenced sites and pages and get reposted to mental health accounts on platforms like Instagram to “gain visiblity and increase (her) reach” (Iftode 2018).

After sifting through categories on the site I found a specific post that talked about certain books that Sara appreciated reading (for the sake of my audience I will not go into depth but love her approach). This particular post drew my attention because I thought of how easily she could potentially monetize the post by adding Amazon or Chapters Indigo links to digital or print copies of the books and recieve a portion of the profits from the purchases of any of them. This could be something that Mind on Fire pursues if she does write individual reviews for each of the books as she said she is planning to. In the words of Sarah Cordiner, “if you have book recommendations – you could be making money from those recommendations!” (2021).

The site as a whole encompasses Sara as a holistic individual with very real experiences that are not watered down or generic. I appreciate the spirit she displays in tackling daily monsters and making them stomachable while normalizing not being okay through her works. I hope that by way of affiliate marketing and partnerships the site will be able to gain traction and increase its impact on a growing visitor base.

If you would like to visit Sara’s site and check out her content yourself you can do so here and don’t miss her amazing poem that I loved reading.



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Assignment Peer Review #3: perfecthurricane.com

For this peer review, I explored Riella’s webpage “Perfect Hurricane” (PERFECT HURRICANE – a personal blog about stuff and things). From a user’s perspective, I see how she organized the site’s categories from the top menu bar, and how I’m introduced to loud bright colours. This factor helps users easily navigate their way around the page. I also like the animation effects incorporated into the page as they caught my attention instantly and gives the impression of an interactive site. I find sites with visual effects entertaining and make me want to explore more and play around with them. In terms of a reader’s perspective, visually the text is legible and the website contains visual graphics and pictures to help communicate an idea of what “Perfect Hurricane” is all about.

Scrolling further, I found the carousel concept of gallery photos fitting to her site. It shows a quick intro glimpse of events and a story. After viewing the gallery, I wanted to know more in-depth about the site. So the next page I visited was the “Bio” section. It displayed an easy quick read about the author, although I do recommend maybe giving a small background behind the website name “Perfect Hurricane.” On this page, I like how she kept a consistent theme with bright colours and animations. I also found it helpful that a contact domain was added to encourage involvement and community with social media.

In terms of social media, this week’s readings focused on AI and marketing tools. For a successful site, it depends on how the author decides to display their platform and reach their target audience. In this week’s readings, we learned that Data.ai. Is a useful marketing tool that helps analyze and report the marketing performances of various apps like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc. It also discussed how this generation is known as Gen Z, and it is heavily influenced by technology and social networks (Data.ai., 2022). It is a factor to learn and apply to our sites to move towards success in marketability. As mentioned in Data.ai, topics and trends relevant to Gen Z drive engagement through connections and social platforms (Data.ai., 2022). Taking this into account, I see how “Perfect Hurricane” is more of a personal brand, and to engage both personal life and engagement to gain an audience, adding factors of trending memes or songs can add to viewer activity. For example, at the bottom of the home page, I see how there’s a song displayed. I suggest adding a small description or hashtags to reach other users who listen to the same song or artist. This is a way to grow the community through the author’s interests. Also using these social media tactics like hashtags, links, and trending titles will easily capture Gen Z’s attention but also make use of marketing tools and strategies.

This week we also touched on SEO. According to Hollingsworth, SEO is the most viable and cost-effective to understand and reach an audience. It also introduces the main search engine competitors like Google, Yahoo, and Bing (Hollingsworth, S. 2021). Keeping this in mind, adding relevant features to the site like trends, topics, and facts can increase the audience by keeping these search suggestions in mind. Usually, search suggestions are common topics or prompts that users look up, therefore incorporating topics to reach an audience based on the themes/topics of your site would be a useful tip to consider to grow engagement and further reach an audience to grow a solid community.

Lastly, visually I see that there isn’t much content going on. I suggest uploading more content relevant to your theme that can also be relatable to an audience you’re trying to reach. This will grow activity onto the page, and leave the impression of being “incomplete.”

Earlier like I said, the way how this site is well laid out with colours and grid components. It looks fun and interesting and the animation makes users feel engaged. These are good site attributes to continue and improve on.

– Eliza (aka Peanut)


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HER and Long Distance Relationships

Her” is a science-fiction romantic drama film that explores the theme of long distance relationships in a unique and thought-provoking way. The film, directed by Spike Jonze and released in 2013, tells the story of Theodore Twombly (played by Joaquin Phoenix), a lonely writer who develops a romantic relationship with an advanced artificial intelligence operating system named Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson).

The film’s central theme of long distance relationships is explored in depth, as the audience watches Theodore and Samantha’s relationship grow and evolve despite the lack of a physical connection. Theodore is going through a divorce and is struggling to find emotional intimacy in his life, and he turns to Samantha as a way to fill this void. As Samantha becomes more advanced and sentient, their relationship becomes more complex, and they form a deep emotional bond based on communication, empathy, and emotional intimacy.

The film portrays the challenges and complexities of long distance relationships, such as the difficulty of physical separation and the importance of communication and emotional connection. Theodore and Samantha’s relationship is not limited by distance or physical presence, and they are able to connect on a deep emotional level through their conversations and shared experiences.

The film also explores the impact of technology on relationships, as Theodore’s relationship with Samantha raises questions about the nature of human connection and the role of technology in our lives. The film suggests that technology has the potential to both facilitate and hinder human connection, and it raises important questions about the nature of relationships in the modern world.

Overall, “Her” is a thought-provoking and emotionally engaging film that explores the complexities of long distance relationships and the role of technology in our lives. With a strong script, excellent performances, and stunning visuals, it is a film that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

A Biased Review of The Eras Tour Set List

Last Friday (March 17, 2023), Taylor Swift kicked off the US leg of The Eras Tour with a bang. The show was highly commended by fans all around the world tuning in through social media, and also in major press reviews, such as Rolling Stone and The New York Times. The 3-hour show, split up into Swift’s 10 album eras from the past 17 years, clearly demonstrates her unmatched excellence in stage performance, and her love and dedication to her fans. Each era consisted of fan-favourite songs, stunning visuals and costumes, and jaw-dropping choreography. The concert attendees have said nothing but positive reviews on their experiences, which included watching the openers (Paramore and GAYLE), buying merch, and screaming along to their favourite current and nostalgic songs.

While I personally have little to no critiques to give on the show overall, and seeing the Glendale, AZ shows have only made me more impatient for the Seattle shows I’m attending, there are of course (probably controversial) changes I would make to the set list based purely on my own personal preferences. In a hypothetical world where she could realistically sing and dance for 8 hours straight, there are so many songs I would add to the set. Let’s get into some of them, era by era.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift sitting at a piano in a fuchsia dress on a stage with a packed crowd in the background.

Songs performed:

  • NONE 🙁

Songs I wish she would perform:

  • Our Song
  • Teardrops On My Guitar
  • Should’ve Said No


Taylor Swift dancing in a tasseled gold dress holding a microphone her mouth, on a stage with a mega-screen behind her.

Songs performed:

  • Fearless
  • You Belong With Me
  • Love Story

Songs I wish she would perform:

  • The Way I Loved You
  • The Other Side Of The Door

Speak Now

Taylor Swift standing on stage in a large sparkly pink ball gown, holding a microphone in her hand.

Songs performed:

  • Enchanted

Songs I wish she would perform:

  • Mine
  • Back To December
  • Dear John
  • Mean
  • The Story Of Us
  • Better Than Revenge
  • Haunted
  • Long Live


Taylor Swift dancing on stage in a Red-era themed outfit with a microphone held up to her mouth, and background dancers dressed in monochrome red outfits behind her.

Songs performed:

  • 22
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  • I Knew You Were Trouble
  • All Too Well (10 Minute Version)

Songs I wish she would perform:

  • Red
  • Holy Ground
  • Begin Again
  • Come Back…Be Here


Taylor Swift dancing on stage in a 1989-era themed outfit with a microphone held up to her mouth, and background dancers in matching outfits pose behind her.

Songs performed:

  • Style
  • Blank Space
  • Shake It Off
  • Wildest Dreams
  • Bad Blood

Songs I wish she would perform:

  • Out Of The Woods
  • I Know Places
  • This Love
  • Clean
  • You Are In Love
  • New Romantics


Taylor Swift singing on stage in an asymmetrical body suit with snake decals, with red lights in the background.

Songs performed:

  • …Ready For It?
  • Delicate
  • Don’t Blame Me
  • Look What You Made Me Do

Songs I wish she would perform:

  • I Did Something Bad
  • Getaway Car
  • King Of My Heart
  • Dancing With Our Hands Tied
  • Dress


Taylor Swift smiling on stage in a rhinestoned bodysuit, holding a microphone.

Songs performed:

  • Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince
  • Cruel Summer
  • The Man
  • You Need To Calm Down
  • Lover
  • The Archer

Songs I wish she would perform:

  • Paper Rings
  • False God
  • Afterglow
  • Daylight


Taylor Swift standing in a house-like structure made of wooden planks and covered in moss on a stage, in a purple flowy dress singing into a microphone. The set is dimly lit with warm, dark colours.

Songs performed:

  • invisible string
  • betty
  • the last great american dynasty
  • august
  • illicit affairs
  • my tears ricochet
  • cardigan

Songs I wish she would perform:

  • seven
  • mirrorball
  • this is me trying


Taylor Swift on stage smiling while playing a piano covered in moss.

Songs performed:

  • tis the damn season
  • willow
  • marjorie
  • champagne problems
  • tolerate it

Songs I wish she would perform:

  • gold rush
  • ivy
  • cowboy like me
  • right where you left me


Taylor Swift performing on stage, holding a microphone with one foot up on a chair and wearing a sparkly blue/black bodysuit with dancers behind her in the same pose.

Songs performed:

  • Lavender Haze
  • Anti-Hero
  • Midnight Rain
  • Vigilante Shit
  • Bejeweled
  • Mastermind
  • Karma

Songs I wish she would perform:

  • Question…?
  • The Great War
  • Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve


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peer review two

Entering Eliza’s blog felt different from the moment the page loaded, with a setup that did not feel at all standardized or like, “one of the popular yet mediocre (blogs)” that are commonplace on the internet (Gertz 7).  Her blog felt uniquely of her and brought me as a visitor along on a unique path of “collections” as she presents her content in a gallery style with containers such as cars in her ‘dream garage’ and ‘nails’ that show some manicures she loves. The blog seemed very much like a fashion magazine in presentation but I appreciated that it was not limited to fashion but extended to other topics that she found personally interested and curated for her blog. The blog also features an accessibility toggle and a simple drop down menu in the top right corner of the page that guides you to a categorized distribution of her content, process, and assignment posts for the class.

When looking for a truly engaging website I tend to immediately notice the typography and visual elements that load as soon as I access the webpage and KeptCollexion exceeded my expectations in the sites ability to encompass personality within the unique distribution and typography.

As Mauve Pagé detailed in her lecture, sequencing and gradation of content plays a major role in the aestheticism of a website and Eliza uses such rules to organize her images on the landing page in a cohesive manner, including unique captions for personalization and to offset the amount of white space (Pagé 2023). This organization is also consistent with her content posts on the other sections of her page and the different mini-assignments that are included under the dropdown menu category.

KeptCollexion uses the same two fonts for the entire blog with the exception of the site logo, with a medium-thickness Serif as a standardized content font. Having just two fonts allows for ease in understanding what Eliza wishes for the title or focus of the reader to be and then the secondary details or content, which is especially helpful as much of her content has a visual focus and therefore distracting text would be an added difficulty. An improvement that could be made on the typography front would be to potentially change the logo text to match the general site topography for uniformity and to attempt to use, “highlighted keywords” or “bulleted lists” to add variance to her writing or content captions (Pagé 2023).

While exploring the page further I decided to attempt to click some headings that showcased recent posts on the website that can be found by scrolling down the landing page but was met with unlinked headings. This was a bit confusing as, “good designs are intuitive” and the rest of the site had headings that were ‘clickable’ which led me to assume those on the landing page should have been as well (Kaptelinin 2002). In addition to fixing this post carousel of sorts, I would advise Eliza to incorporate a search bar or a larger menu into the header of her page which would grant ease of access to visitors and those that wish to search for a more specific topic on the site.

I also had a bit of a struggle discovering who exactly Eliza was despite the focus of her blog being very personal and ‘collexion’ based. The About Me page on her website was not under the drop down where I would have expected to find it but rather incorporated within the content section of her blog. This was a bit inconsistent with how well other items were categorized and I wondered if this was intentional. Some typical questions that those coming onto any website generally ask include, “who runs this page? (and) what is their expertise?” and both of those questions I found took a little while to answer and were not completely addressed even when I found the About Me page (Caulfield 2016). I still have a few remaining questions regarding what the motivation behind the specific categories like ‘garage’ and ‘nails’ are as the About page leans toward the content being random while the posts seem well-categorized.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience of viewing some more visually focused content and reading through Eliza’s work as she has displayed it in a curated Collexion. I find her personal vision in line with Tanya Basu’s description of digital gardens, “individualized, creative sites that eschew the one-size-fits-all” as seen through the unique imagery and captions that KeptCollexion provides (2020). I wish all the best to Eliza in fulfilling her creative vision and can’t wait to see what more she ‘collexts.’

If you would like to check out Eliza’s content yourself feel free to check it out here.



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The end of a chapter but the beginning of a book

The end of a chapter but the beginning of a book

For as long as I can remember, my camera has always been my side-kick.  Something about being able to capture a moment, an emotion, or a light in turn captured me.  From the beginning of the semester I knew I wanted to create an online space for my photography. In reality, it was the reason I enrolled in PUB 101; while I didn’t lack initiative, I lacked the knowledge and tools to create and curate a platform for my photography.  Finding a domain name and aesthetic was the first challenge.  It was important to have a very visual, professional, and clean blog – a space where images could stand out. Eventually, after much thought, I settled on One More Klick.

One More Klick features a blend of photography, travel, and the outdoors. “Klick” is another word for kilometre, which was very fitting with both the outdoor and travel aspects of tis blog, marking the distance traveled, in addition to klick also being the phonetic sounds of a camera’s shutter.  Since traveling, photography, and the outdoors are a passion of mine, I aspire to always challenge myself by going further, reaching higher, and persevering through the fear of the unknown.  For these reasons, there will always be one more klick – whether it be one more photograph, or one more kilometre.

With the help of photographs taken during various travels and adventures, my blog aims to share the stories behind photos, and provide context.  While some posts feature more personal stories, they still hold some informative content – whether it be in the form of tips and tricks, political context, or specific photography settings to achieve a photograph.

Currently, the majority of the audience reading One More Klick consists of direct family and friends, with some page views coming from countries outside of North America. Some of the perks of traveling abroad include creating friendships and connections across the globe.  Maintaining these friendships are even easier in light of the digital age.  According to the 2018 Digital Media Report, there are over 4 billion active internet users across the globe, and there has been a 13% increase in active social media users since January 2017.  The internet allows for greater connectivity, breaking the barriers of time and space.  In just the touch of a finger, users can connect with anyone, anywhere.  This immediacy has allowed me to connect with people from around the globe in little to no time.  For example, I reached out to Hasham to ask for his permission to post his photograph for the Friends in Foreign Places blog post.  Despite residing in Qatar at the time, within a few hours I received a response and we were connected once again.

This is especially useful for this blog, as I hope to expand the audience internationally.  Already, this blog has most of its’ international traffic coming from the United States, with other countries including France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Croatia, Ireland, and Luxembourg to name a few.  

It’s possible that some of the page views from the countries above are just bots, which are basically software that run automated tasks over the internet.  This would become more apparent when cross referencing with the amount of time spent on the page and the bounce rate.  Because I don’t know of anyone personally in Kenya, Sri Lanka, or Russia, I would assume that they aren’t actually real people reading my blog.  If you’re reading this and you are currently in Kenya, Sri Lanka, or Russia, let me know!

With the goal of eventually creating a stronger following and international audience, having a strong social media presence would be a huge asset.  Currently, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram hold the podium for most popular social networking sites:

2018 Digital Media Report, page 68

“Let’s face it: we have entered an era of media convergence that makes the flow of content across multiple media channels almost inevitable.”

Henry Jenkins, 2003

In his article Transmedia Storytelling, Jenkins (2003) highlights the importance of using a multitude of different social media platforms as opposed to restricting your content to just one.  The advantage here is not only more exposure, but also meeting your audience where they are.  With this is mind, I have created a Facebook page to share my blog posts.  Having a separate page for One More Klick that is independent from my personal page means traffic won’t be restricted by my own personal privacy settings.  Eventually, I will create an Instagram page which will feature different photographs linking them to their blog posts.  If it weren’t for social media, very few people would know about my blog and even fewer would be reading it. 

With blog posts being shared on social media, it was increasingly important for my blog to be responsive and mobile friendly. In Design Machines: How to survive in the digital Apocalypse, Travis Gertz (2015) criticizes the homogeneity of basic website designs. While I was trying to create a unique and customized aesthetic for my website, I ran into some serious challenged. While the desktop version worked perfectly, the layout didn’t translate well for mobile devices. As the majority of internet users access websites on their mobile devices, it was extremely important for my website to be responsive and mobile-friendly.

Social media allowed for networking and collaborations with other artists.  My first essay 21st Century Nudes covered the topic of censorship of artistic nudity on social media platforms. This essay was inspired by Vince Hemingson, a photographer, filmmaker, and bestselling author based out of Vancouver, who’s beautiful photographs routinely encounter censorship.  In wanting to share my essay on social media, I reached out to Vince for permission to tag him.  Not only did he agree and share my article with his network, he commended my work and asked for my feedback and comments on his Artist’s Statement for his Nude in the Landscape series.

Already, creating this blog has allowed me to build concrete skills by learning how to use WordPress and Google Analytics, along with broadening my artistic and professional network. This blog acts as a live document, changing and improving as I continue to learn and create. I plan on continuing this blog alongside my adventures, and hope that one day it might flourish into something larger.


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