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Romantic Paris Adventure

One of the most hectic days during Leeza and I’s Europe road trip was definitely our time in Paris.The day that we drove to paris was full of problems. We didn’t get to the flat we were staying at until 4am because our car broke down (my fault long story) and had to be fixed at 10pm in the outskirts of France.

Eventually we got there and woke up bright and early to take full advantage of our time there. We’ll sleep when were dead right? Right….?

Anyway, we cruised around most of the major spots and had an awesome time using the metro (actually super easy and way better than Vancouver). We got to try lots of French cuisine (fries, crepes, and such) and pretend to be lovers in Paris.

Going to the top of the Eiffel Tower was a bucket list item for both of us and it was worth the wait. I mean the wait was roughly 3 hours, that is how much it was worth it!

If you want to check out how our car broke down and how I had to try and communicate that with people because we had no cell phone then check out my YouTube channel where I vlogged the whole trip. The Paris video was one of my favourites though. I put together a teaser vid that I will put below.