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Community guidelines

Reflecting on my site and its values, it is important I clearly state my guidelines for optimal functionality. I am looking to share content that brings value. For this reason, my platform is a welcoming environment where I wish to build a community of likeminded individuals as well as onboard others into this awesome new space. My inbox is always open, though I expect those who contact me through any of my social channels are respectful and amicable as I will do the same.  If there are ever questions or topics you wish to speak more on I am happy to organize a time to speak. Please feel free share new findings or trends occurring in the space if you are following it as well because the more information the better.

I believe these are the guidelines that suit my platform the best as I wish to engage my audience in conversation as much as possible. I believe clearly stating my wish for amicable discussion is effective as there will always be individuals who do not agree with all my perspectives. I will implement them via posting my guidelines for all users to see as the earlier it is known the better.

Understanding analytics, understanding your consumers

Understanding analytics and consumer habits is such a crucial factor to being a successful content creator and business owner. As I dive deeper into the growth and marketing side to business I have begun taken much more notice into these processes. I have just recently started utilizing the analytics functions for my sites but it has been super helpful when it comes to understanding the way people interact and navigate your site/platform. Something I have noticed for myself is that my general site navigation needs to be optimized, when your site entices users to continue to explore and consume the job is being done and I found that through analytical assessment there are certain categories that tend to block users from continuing. With this new information I have made alterations and look forward to reassessing in a few weeks to see the results.

“Two’s, Seven’s, and E’s for F’s”

Remixing something? Hmmm… I created a piece of art for my remix, so if you are interested why I chose what I did- this is why. As I work in this abstract sector we call crypto, I see astonishing art and digital collectibles traded all day. When I began, it all seemed so confusing and bizarre but as time past I became addicted.

Do not get me wrong, there is plenty of garbage out there but hidden in all this noise I have found some of the most impressing artists and people. The work I chose to remix is by an man name Tyler Hobbs. Texas born, digital artist produced many collections but this one specifically resulted in some of the biggest sales in web3. When I say big, I mean big… like millions.

His collection called “Fidenzas” was my focus and I decided to utilize Adobe and combine the 3 most expensive pieces sold on secondary market into one. I called it the “Two’s, Seven’s, and E’s for F’s”, now why in the world would I call it that? Well because in total there was 2727 Ethereum transacted for pieces of art called Fidenza’s.

Go check it out in the mini assignments section!!

Do not copy copy

For a process post, I thought to share my thoughts around copying content and what I believe is the ethical approach worth considering. I have always been an observant individual and when it comes to content consumption, I continue to see many similar posts in the crypto twitter space. I personally believe content comes mainly from iteration and that is why I see it as a great utility to improve the content you are creating. That being said, it is not about copying directly but more consuming and adding your own flavour will translate to better pieces of online work. It is something difficult to grasp but very important in understanding. I have been listening to many Twitter spaces and I was listening to a very well respected individual in my respective industry that was adamant in being ok with copying as long as it does not involve plagiarism. It is something to be weary of as you do not want to put yourself in a situation that can discredit your work.