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Process post #9

Copyright is a very sensitive subject because there is nothing more resentful than losing what you have created to others. When I chose the subject “perfume review” as my blog theme, I wasn’t even thinking of copyright. Everyone has a different opinion about the perfume, but some may have the same opinion. Then am I violating the copyright of the person who wrote the perfume review before me? The copyright for the Perfume review seems very vague. The definition of copyright I know is that you shouldn’t take someone else’s idea and claim that it’s your idea. However, the copyright for the opinions on perfumes is so vague and extensive that I cannot give an accurate definition.

In the article You Say Tomaydo, I say no copyright infringement: Recipe book not an original compilation by Henein; recipes are not subject to copyright because they are technically just a collection of facts. I actually never thought about the copyright of recipes, so this really shocked me. Are the representative recipes of famous chefs in the market not copyrighted? Perhaps the chefs are already famous, so the public will know that they are the chef’s recipes without copyright. But what about the recipes that ordinary people post on their media? If the recipe becomes very popular in the future and everyone insists it’s my recipe, the person who first shared it will be very sad. Since the recipe also has no copyright, there cannot be a copyright for perfume reviews which are vaguer than recipes. However, I don’t want to take someone else’s ideas and offend them, so I should be more careful from now on.


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Process post #8

Today, all issues in the world spread rapidly online and dominate people’s beliefs and opinions. All the news and videos that spread online often divide and incite people. Online is no longer a safe place. Can we really believe all the content and videos we see online? As mentioned in “something is wrong on the internet” by Bridle, the culture, politics, and interpersonal relationships considered central to own identity were shaped by the internet, and in ways that are beneficial. However, looking at the many controversies and stereotyped writings raised online today, I often wonder whether this online space will positively affect future generations.

I want to talk about how scary media manipulation is to people. It’s an intractable subject, but I’ll try to give you my honest opinion. For example, the famous George Floyd incident who was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis. This was a genuinely devastating incident, and the police officer’s reputation went down to a very bad image ever since this incident happened. I think that all unreasonable and discriminatory police officers should be removed from their job titles. Hopefully, there will be a change within the police department through this case.

However, I also agree that media incitement has made all the police’s perceptions so bad. Now people only post bad things about police in their media; they never post good things police have done. It seems like they are trying to find a way to hate the police department and make the public to distrust them. We should know that while there are bad police officers, many good officers work hard every day with good motives to help citizens. These days, there are less police personnel, and very few people are applying to the police. Police are essential resources in society, but if people’s stereotypes of police do not change, it is going to be hard for police to help citizens. I feel that so many people are easily swept away by the media these days. It is important to train ourselves not to be too influenced by the media. 


Bridle, J. (2018, June 21). Something is wrong on the internet. Medium. Retrieved November 3, 2022, from https://medium.com/@jamesbridle/something-is-wrong-on-the-internet-c39c471271d2

Process post #7

I’m going to be honest .. most of the websites I visit are online clothes, so I’m going to talk about https://www.fashionnova.com/ website, which I frequently visit. I believe if you’re a woman and love shopping online, you will for sure know about fashionnova because it is so popular. Whenever I visit their website, I never think about their design. From a design standpoint, the site has a lot to offer but is a little bit messy. I can’t say this website is well organized because when I first entered this website, it took me a while to understand their homepage. There is too much content on one homepage. It is noticeable that the website editor wanted to emphasize their anniversary sale. Still, the typography they chose does not really suit the website, and the size is too big, which makes the letter blurry. Also, there are way too many pictures and fewer explanations. Trying to put so much content on one page makes it difficult for readers to grasp what they want to find at a glance.

I noticed that they did well with dividing categories by section using many menu bars. There are so many different types of clothes that it is difficult to find a specific style that consumers want. However, all of these types are divided into sections, allowing consumers to enter the website and immediately click on the item they want to buy to shop. In addition, at the bottom of the page, there are links for information necessary for consumers, such as how to contact them, and the track order is clearly stated. Sometimes it’s hard to find the contact information on some websites. It was good to see that the information that is important to consumers was well organized at the bottom. Moreover, in the part that lists the wearing image and price of clothes, the price is written bigger and bold than the name of the clothes, making the eyes comfortable. It is also very convenient for consumers to find the available colours of the design without having to click on them because the editor displays a small coloured circle showing the colour’s availability.

lots of menu bars

Overall it is a good website that contains lots of information and products. However, if they organize their homepage with fewer photos and a smaller size of the font, customers will find the website more accessible and more convenient. 


Process post #6

In fact, I didn’t spend much time maintaining my blog in October. Whenever I enter my blog, I try to fix many loopholes, but it is difficult to touch them because I am afraid of making them worse. Finally, my blog has been reorganized to some extent, and I have learned a lot during that period. As I mentioned in my previous process post, my desire to make an aesthetically pleasing website is important, but accessibility also matters. I made up my blog, constantly thinking about whether the direction I was pursuing also coincided with the accessibility factor. 

My biggest problem was building my main page, which is the homepage. I tried to separate my homepage from the about page, but then there was not much to put on my homepage since I chose a very white and minimalistic theme. The white theme made my empty homepage look even more empty. So I decided to put the About section on the homepage. Therefore, as soon as readers enter my blog, they can see what this blog defines right away, and my blog looks full. Also, when readers first entered my blog, too many menus could confuse them, so I left a minimal menu bar and erased all the rest. Considering the accessibility factors of readers, I was heading in the direction of the blog I wanted. I’m still inexperienced, but I’m proud of myself for decorating the blog considering both of these things, and I want to make this blog more accessible in the future.

Process post #4 (Imaginary Audience!)

Imagining who my audience is for this website, I have to go back to when I first decided on the topic of my blog. It seemed like deciding what i want to write on my blog was easy. However, even after a day or two, there was yet to be a topic I was sure of. Then suddenly, I saw my perfumes unexpectedly and asked myself a question. Do I love perfume? Do I know perfumes well enough to recommend them to others? The answer was yes! There was nothing to hesitate about when the topic was decided.

As it is a blog that explains and recommends perfume, I wanted the blog design to be as minimalistic and white as possible. Why does white come to mind when you think of perfume? If you ask me, I have no choice but to say “just because”.. perfume is like clean white paper to me. Perfume is colourless like white paper; It is colourless and unnoticeable, but perfume leaves a strong impression on people and sometimes makes them reminiscent. Just as a dot on the blank paper changes the mood of the drawing paper, so does the perfume. The smell and atmosphere vary widely depending on what you draw on the clean white paper. People like me who are interested in fragrances and love perfumes will understand why white comes to mind when they think of perfumes.

The readers of my blog are people who are interested in perfumes like me. I tried to express the noble feeling of perfume through the impression of a blog that looked as concise and clean as possible. To talk about the content, there are two main things that people who are interested in perfume want to look for. A realistic review of the perfume they are curious about and a perfume recommendation. I tried to satisfy two things that perfume lovers would be most curious about.

To be honest, I’m very picky and sensitive when it comes to perfumes. The scents that most of the public loves are often just such perfumes for me. I like less well-known, unique and neutral scents that others don’t use much rather than scents that the public will prefer. My writings would be quite interesting for readers who really love perfumes and spend time looking at perfume reviews. My reviews will also be welcome for those who are tired of non-realistic perfume views that include ads. The readers I’ve imagined so far are people like me who love perfumes, are tired of dishonest perfume views, and are looking for unique perfumes as well as recommendations!