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What’s new in April?

Summer style is here! Take a peek at these beauties, just launched today.

Hart Versatile Bracelet

This bracelet comes in turquoise or multi-colored and doubles as a necklace. So versatile!

Hart Versatile Bracelet

Filigree Earrings – Botanical

Inspired by palm leaves and lightweight so you won’t mind wearing them all day.

Filigree Earrings - Botanical

Want to see more? Check out my Stella & Dot website to see the rest of the new arrivals.

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Shop for a cause – Autism Awareness Month

Throughout the year, Stella & Dot partners with foundations and charities to raise money for those in need.

So, since April is Autism Awareness Month, they’ve partnered with the HollyRod Foundation in support of those living with Autism. A portion of sales made from the purchase of the Brilliance Wishing Bracelet will go to the foundation.

I’d like to sell as many of these beautiful bracelets as I can! Let me know if you’d like to get your hands on one. Don’t wait too long!

Brilliance Wishing Bracelet
Thank you for supporting autism awareness.

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My Top 3 Influencers For Style Inspo

Do you ever wake up feeling some type of way, wanting to look good but have no clue where to start?

Well, if that’s ever the case, I’ve got you covered! These are my top 3 influencers to turn to whenever I’m feeling fashionably uninspired.

#1. Kicki Yang Zhang



This Berlin-based Chinese girl is changing the game of fashion and style. She is fearless, fun, colourful, and doesn’t take herself too seriously. On top of that, her Instagram feed is so on point. Everything is so visually pleasing, and colour coordinated. So if you ever feel like you don’t have enough colour or art in your life, just check out Kicki’s Insta!






#2. Yourgirlneens

Yourgirlneens’ full name is Nina Huynh. She was raised in San Francisco, and now li
ves in Vancouver, BC. The first unforgettable thing about her is her beautiful pink hair. On top of that, her style is ON POINT! Puffy jacket, bucket hat, thrift items, she could pull of anything! Nina’s instagram includes mostly her styles and things that she is working on. But if you want to really get to know Nina, you got to check out her youtube channel. It has lots of different content, from lookbooks, to Q&As, to Vl
ogs, to challenges, and more! Her video editing skills is amazing, and so is her boyfriend!


#3. Song of Style


Aimee Song is one of the most elegant ladies out there. She is classy, flawless, and living her best life. Whether you are going on a date, or attending a gala, or even packing for Europe, whatever it is that you are planing on doing for the day, you could find some inspirations from scrolling through her Insta feed. Aimee was actually one of the first fashion influencers that I’ve ever followed. I remember how proud I was about her Asian heritage, and how I felt i finally had someone more relatable to myself to be inspired from. She also has a fashion lifestyle blog if you are looking for more of her and her style!




Who are your favourite fashion influencers? Comment below and share with me!!

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Dress for Success – Shop for a cause

Shop for a cause: Dress for Success

Happy International Women’s Day! Today, we celebrate women around the world. Stella & Dot is a company that supports women and encourages us as stylists to lift other women up. When we do that, amazing things can happen!

In effort to help lift up others, Stella & Dot has partnered with Dress For Success an organization that empowers “women into the workforce by providing them with professional attire, career services, and skills development programs”.

There are a few different ways that you can get involved.

Women’s Day Tee

Purchase one of these “Don’t be a lady, be a legend” T-Shirts. Twenty per cent of the retail price of this shirt will go to Dress for Success and we have an ambitious goal to sell out today! Let’s do this!

Don't be a lady, be a legend T-shirt

Starter Kit donations

Until February 2020, for every Starter Kit purchased, Stella & Dot will donate $50 in product (value at original retail price) to Dress for Success. Your new start will give another woman the opportunity to start her own new chapter as well through Dress for Success.

Want to learn more about the partnership or how you can get involved? Be sure to visit my Stella & Dot website.

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The February trend report

Your cheat sheet is here! This February, we’re seeing some exciting trends that I thought I would share with you.

Bold colours

The lovely Amour pouch is the pop of colour you’ve been looking for. Pair it with a striped top like the Tatum Top or the Ruffle Pullover. Add an arm party and you’ve got yourself an outfit.

The Amour Pouch
The Amour Pouch

New neutrals

The Double V Sweater is definitely a must have. Dress it down with this soft blush Chrissie Collar necklace and a mixed medal arm party.

Double V Sweater

Chrissie Collar

Statement hoops

Make a statement and add some hoop earrings to your collection.

These Hammered Heart Hoops come in gold and silver.

Hammered Heart Hoops

Or, try these cute Corset Hoops for something different.

Corset Hoops

See something you love? Get in on the trend!

All images are from Stella & Dot.

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Latest trend: Blush is in this season

Trend alert! So, much to my surprise, and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet but… blush is on trend this season. For those who are blush lovers, and for those who are on the fence, like myself, you just have to take a look at some of the gorgeous pieces available in the Stella & Dot Spring collection.

So, let’s dive in.

First, we have the Chrissie Collar Necklace.

Next, the beautiful Pink Alexandria Chandeliers. While I’m not normally a statement earring kind of girl, I find myself really wanting to give them a shot. Anyone else not normally a statement earring girl?

Okay, the Double V Sweater is absolutely a major favourite this season. It can be paired with just about anything thanks to the neutral colour.

This Yves Wrap Bracelet is definitely on my list. I love a wrap bracelet and it looks really good when paired with these Montague Stretch Bracelets.

And last but certainly not least, the Waverly Petite (Neutral Braided) fold over clutch that doubles as a crossbody purse! What’s not to love there? Plus, bonus…. two looks in one!

Tell me your thoughts, comment below. Are you on the blush bandwagon?

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Take a look at the new Spring line

It’s here! The newest collection from Stella & Dot was launched a few days ago and the response has been crazy which is super exciting! Today, I’ll show you some of the most popular items of the collection, surprisingly most of them are tops.

My samples are on their way but let me know if you’d like to see anything or have any questions.

Crush It Backpack

This black quilted backpack features a zipper pocket inside, a shoe compartment at the bottom, a cell phone zip pocket on the back side exterior and… get ready for this…. yoga mat straps! Perfect for going to work, the gym or yoga class.

While it’s on the more expensive side, if this is a piece you’re dying to have, why not host a style session and get the backpack for free! Contact me.

The Crush It Backpack
The Crush It Backpack – Black Quilted

Stone Rebel Pendent

This is a new take on one of my favourite necklaces. It’s versatile, there are two ways to wear it. Gold on one side, calcite stone on the other. Also comes in rose gold and larvikite stone.

If you’re not a fan of the stone look, the original Rebel Pendant is still available in gold, rose gold and silver.

Stone Rebel Pendant – Gold

Erika Long Sleeve Top

This beauty has a V-neck, faux-wrap look and is perfect for layering your favourite necklaces. It comes in black and white and looks great with jeans.

Erika Long Sleeve Shirt – Black
Pictured with the Rose Gold Stone Rebel Pendant
Erika Long Sleeve Shirt – White
Pictured with the Amour Disc Pendant

The Zip Pullover

The bright colour of this Zip Pullover is just in time for spring and it’s definitely a bold choice. Throw it on with some leggings and pair it with the 3-in-1 Francis Lariat Necklace.

If you’re not a fan of the bright colour, there are three others available: camo, black and burgundy.

The Zip Pullover – Cobalt

Ren Slouchy Knit Top

The ever popular Ren Slouchy Knit Top now comes in navy and tomato red! Choose to do the one-shoulder look or not and it looks great with a layered or pendant necklace.

Ren Slouchy Knit Top – Tomato Red
Ren Slouchy Knit Top – Navy

You can see more pieces, bags and accessories on my Stella & Dot website at any time. And feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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COMME des*

I recently noticed on Instagram that a bunch of people are using this one template where their photos are placed in a vintage frame. I found out the app was called unfold and proceeded to download it myself. Sadly, you do have to pay for the template bundles but all of them are under $3.00. I think that’s pretty good. To support the designers, I purchased two bundles myself; the one with the vintage frames and a new one that just came out recently. I was contemplating whether I should buy these frames at first because I can easily create them myself but I figured they were created for accessibility in the first place. Unfold is also a very simple app to use. It would be a lot faster for me to use the app than to create it myself.

I tried using the template in a style I have been seeing often on social media. I think it worked out in the end. I am going to admit that I like the featured image more than the layout here though.



Anyways, onto the fit. I’m wearing the Gwyneth sweater from Aritzia tucked into my TopShop mom jeans. add more dimension to the sweater? I don’t know if that made sense haha. My mom jeans don’t even look like mom jeans on me. I hate it when that happens. It’s sooo hard for me to find jeans that actually fit my legs like mom jeans. Oh well .. I’ll find a pair someday. I finished my outfit off with my black CDG chucks.


That’s all I have for today loves!

Check out these April bestsellers from Stella & Dot

Hey friends,

Can you believe we’re into the month of April already? 2018 is definitely flying by. With that said, it’s time to take a peek at this month’s showstoppers!

1. Taj Tote

This beauty is sure to be your new Summer staple…. once Summer actually gets here. The coloured tassel pops perfectly against the black and cream woven body. And the fringe adds a little extra fun.

2. Anda Intention Necklaces (Courage and Balance)

3. Olive Tee (Blush)

Fun, flirty and feminine. This tee is a great addition to any wardrobe.

4. Gia Coil Bracelet

I love this white and vintage gold coil bracelet. Looks like a bangle and fits any size wrist!

5. Lizzie Botanical Convertible Dress

Can we take a minute to admire this dress? I honestly love that it’s a 2 in 1. Definitely an essential for your closet this summer.

April specials

Okay, one more thing before we go. Here are this month’s specials. Spend $50 and get these super cute items 50% off! Annddddd, go!

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Ch 7: Close-up

Trying something different here.. and I felt like I should post after taking these pictures of myself (no narcissism intended)! I went shopping this week and found myself looking for things I never really looked for before–clothing with print on them! For those of you that know already, you don’t really see me wearing any loud print or the like since.. well it’s hard to find ones that I really like. Luckily I found two tops this time around that changed my mind

Button-up: H&M

Sweater: H&M

I usually also do shopping online, so this “in-store-browsing” hasn’t been such a concept in my life for many years. I always find myself sitting at home, looking at many different pieces at once, and waiting for the shipment to arrive. There’s nothing like receiving that package you’ve been waiting for, right? I mean, you usually cherish whatever you bought way more.

But nonetheless, I found myself thoroughly surprised dropping by the other week with a friend. In the midst of stress from schoolwork, we decided to take a shopping break. Retail therapy.. is so real. Anyways, found this awesome button-up and sweater with prints I actually really like!

The button-up was something I did not think I would end up liking. However, when I put it on, I instantly fell in love with it! Similar to the graphics I like to see online of unique prints (though I don’t wear any), I thought hey this is actually something really unique yet still minimal enough for my liking. It’s also very different, and I have never found any print on anything else quite like it. I opted to buy an XL, since I wanted it oversized to wear almost like a jacket at times. The material was also nicely structured–it wasn’t those flimsy ones you know that would be bad after one wash.

I love marble print. I’m sure a lot of people nowadays too, but it was hard to always find that on a well put together top. This sweater is just that! Not only is the material again very different and non-flimsy, its texture adds to the uniqueness of the design. This sweater also came in a black monotone, though I opted for the white since I felt that I didn’t really have any white sweaters, and this was white enough for me. I get scared having too white of tops since I’m such a messy eater..

’till next time, homies!

The beautiful Ambrosia necklace

Meet the Ambrosia necklace. When I first saw this piece I really admired it but didn’t really think it would be something that I would wear or that would suit me. I’m typically not a “statement jewelry” type of girl. But why not?

So one day I thought, “what the heck!?”and I tried it on to see if it would go with the outfit I was going to wear to work that day.

Turns out, I loved it. And I got so many compliments on it. It will definitely be on my neck again soon.

Check it out for yourself!

Oh, and bonus, you can wear it at least 5 ways!

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My top 5 Stella & Dot favourites for March

So it’s the first day of spring! It feels like the last few months have gone by so quickly. So, to get ready for the new season, I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite pieces from this month’s Stella & Dot style drop. The new pieces are such great compliments to the Spring Collection that was launched in January and I can’t wait to introduce them to you.

Here we go!

1. The Vacay Bag

This bag is so versatile and can fit just about anything you’d need for your spring or summer holiday. It’s got a removable and adjustable vegan leather shoulder strap so you can have your hands free. Just in case you want to pack a few extra things, the vacay bag is also expandable! Don’t even get me started on the palm leaf pattern… pick one up in time for your next trip! Bonus: there’s a cute matching hanging cosmetic bag.

2. Bianca Knit Tee

This top screams spring and the bright coral colour is one of my absolute favourites. It’s sure to any outfit up a few notches. The poofy ruffled sleeves are so fun and give the Bianca Tee the right amount of flair. The crew neckline is just perfect to showcase your everyday essential jewelry, simple or statement. Just in case you’re not a fan of the bold colour, it also comes in white. Add one to your closet!

3. Ulani Pendant

This shiny silver pendant necklace is simple piece yet a great addition to any outfit. You can wear it alone or layer it with other delicate necklaces to change it up a bit.

4. Unity Wishing Bracelet

I chose this piece not only because of how cute it is but because it’s also a reminder to be inclusive of all people, from all walks of life and to be united! Until the end of April, Stella & Dot will donate the net proceeds from each Unity Bracelet purchase to benefit autism awareness. Together, we can work to achieve something amazing!

5. Antibes Tote

Say hello to your new beach bag! The Antibes Tote is your perfect companion for relaxing beach days. It’s got more than enough room to carry your sunscreen, sandals, water bottle and beach coverup. The outside palm details are embroidered and I think the fringe adds a little something special, don’t you? Why not grab one for your next vacation?


Okay, so that’s my top five for the month. Stay tuned to see my favourite pieces from the style drop next month!

Before I go, just in case you need a reason to shop…. I’ve got nine here for you. Shop now to receive exclusive offers during the month of March.

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Ch. 6: Wallflower

How’s it going everyone?! Let’s get back to some elevated, classic, minimal clothing. All types of feels with this all black ensemble.

Top: Drole de Monsieur

Pants: Lad Musicion

Bag: Cote&Ciel

Shoes: Converse

I mean, I feel I don’t have too much this time to say about this outfit! Mostly because, well, it’s the least amount of clothing I’ve been “wearing” (or presenting), but let’s not think that there was some effort into this!

The sweater is from a French brand and online retailer. Cool story, the creator of the brand was a huge fashion influencer that was actually someone I looked to for inspiration when I started getting more interested in defining my style. He’s probably the closest person I try to dress like, and someone that a lot of my friends know as well. I’m assuming he was able to build himself up so well that, well, he gets to launch his own brand that is currently very successful! The sweater is a nice hoodie with a minimal slogan, saying “Not From Paris.” It’s simple, eyecatching, and what I ultimately look for if there’s any wording on my clothing. It’s also right in the front middle, which is nice! As well, it’s a more elongated sweater with no kangaroo pocket to add to it’s minimal design. The quality of this hoodie, as well, is so great. Super structured and soft; you can immediately feel the quality of the fabrics and the unique detailing portrayed through this basic black hoodie. This is one of my only two black hoodies currently, because this is just what i was looking for!

The pants have been seen before–from a cool store in Japan that does very eccentric clothing, but enough to suit my minimal needs! Classic Converse sneakers to top it all off, of course. This was a nice day out in LA, so of course, gotta have my bag to keep all my goods together!

Hope I was able to show some inspiration for all of you! I mean, you probably are starting to see now what I wear and what I would wear after a couple of posts.

’till next time, homies!

My current favourite Stella & Dot necklace

There are so many beautiful pieces in the Stella & Dot collection but I’d have to say that my absolute favourite necklace  is the gold Rebel pendant. It’s simple enough that you can wear it with practically any outfit, it’s very versatile. You can adjust the length to suit whatever top you’re wearing. And bonus, it comes in three colours! Gold, rose gold and silver.

Apparently (and this is not the reason it’s my favourite) singer and actress Selena Gomez, among many other celebrities have been seen wearing it.

Want one for yourself?

Check out my online shop!

Wearing the gold Rebel pendant

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Ch. 5: Perplexed

“You look like you’re in a Japanese design studio,” quoted by my friend taking the shots. I never really done shots inside a house, because I was too picky in how loud and unappealing it looked. But, since our airbnb was super cool and refreshing, we decided to take some shots inside!

Jacket: Oak+Fort

Top: Oak+Fort

Bottoms: Alexander McQueen

Shoes: Vans

I think the images do a lot of the talking this time, so I’ll try to keep it as short and sweet as possible–I’ll try to say what I need to say, and nothing more!

For the jacket and top, I actually found both of these at the Oak+Fort sample sale. Yes, I know my closet is heavily based from this brand already, but often times it’s because they have exactly what I’m looking for. Want to save money? Try to get pickier and be very critical of what you want. This also makes you adore the stuff you buy, and value it way more. I’m not the person to have things in my closer where it is only worn once, and that’s how it should be! The top is unique in that I was looking for a simple white shirt with a three-quarter zipper detailing, and not to mention the price on this things was a huge score ($12!). The jacket is a black bomber, but what is not thoroughly seen is the detailing involved in it. This is actually a go-to jacket for me when I’m on the run–it’s light weight, comfy, and is stylish. It’s a black bomber, but it has a nice matte coating on it which gives it an edgier look!

The bottoms are.. yes.. an investment piece. They’re wide legged cropped pants! What I truly like about them is the unique fabric on them, and as well as it is actually super wide. I’ve tried on at least 30 different wide legged black pants so far in this lifetime, and I will say, most of them were no’s for the fact that they weren’t wide enough. These also had a unique double-pleat! Because I usually tuck my shirts in, now, the detailing of a pleat is important to me. It gives off more value, at least to me it does. To think that someone took the extra time to put a pleat in a pant already makes me feel more and more important. I’m easily moved, that’s for sure.

It’s the little things, people say. And each of these pieces I’m wearing has a “little something” that makes it different from very similar items or what other people are wearing. If you find joy in these little details, it’ll make it valuable. Trust me.

’till next time, homies!

Ch. 4: Supple

Back with one of my fave shoots ever from LA!

Somehow, the lighting was perfect at this random staircase location in the heart of DTLA. After this short shoot, I found that lighting makes such a difference. Just to let you guys know, I don’t do any professional photography. But, it honestly goes to show how important it is to have proper lighting for your photos, because editing can only do so much. I edit all my photos, though. But with the right lighting, it produces exactly what I want.

Top: Nike Tech Fleece

Pants: Lad Musician

Shoes: Converse

I actually picked up this top from a store in Downtown Vancouver called Front + Company. They’re half consignment and half branded, so it was neat to see all the choices. All the consignment clothing were priced reasonably well; I got this sweater way more than half off and it was almost completely new. At first, I was hesitant to get it because it was actually an XXL. Usually I buy most of my clothes in size large anyway, but this one was a little scary. Luckily I got to try and on and fell in love with how it fell on my torso! Also, there’s a kangaroo pocket that isn’t boxy. It’s too perfect! I would have bought this probably at original price at Nike anyway..

My pants were kind of luck finding in the streets of Japan when I visited there in December. The pants were pricey.. but they were something that my friends also agreed that “I had to get it.” They were these obnoxiously large black jeans, where you would think someone size XXXL would wear. Oh man, I’ve been searching for these forever! The only problem is it’s a little big on the waist and I chose the smallest size.. maybe losing 5-6lbs when I was in Korea has some downsides, haha.

Shoes are nothing new. I’ll do my best to switch it up next time, but these are truly my go-to’s since it literally matches all so well and is a cool take on a classic!

I’ll keep it short this time. Focus on the photos!

’till next time, Homies!