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COMME des*

I recently noticed on Instagram that a bunch of people are using this one template where their photos are placed in a vintage frame. I found out the app was called unfold and proceeded to download it myself. Sadly, you do have to pay for the template bundles but all of them are under $3.00. I think that’s pretty good. To support the designers, I purchased two bundles myself; the one with the vintage frames and a new one that just came out recently. I was contemplating whether I should buy these frames at first because I can easily create them myself but I figured they were created for accessibility in the first place. Unfold is also a very simple app to use. It would be a lot faster for me to use the app than to create it myself.

I tried using the template in a style I have been seeing often on social media. I think it worked out in the end. I am going to admit that I like the featured image more than the layout here though.



Anyways, onto the fit. I’m wearing the Gwyneth sweater from Aritzia tucked into my TopShop mom jeans. add more dimension to the sweater? I don’t know if that made sense haha. My mom jeans don’t even look like mom jeans on me. I hate it when that happens. It’s sooo hard for me to find jeans that actually fit my legs like mom jeans. Oh well .. I’ll find a pair someday. I finished my outfit off with my black CDG chucks.


That’s all I have for today loves!