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My Top 3 Influencers For Style Inspo

Do you ever wake up feeling some type of way, wanting to look good but have no clue where to start?

Well, if that’s ever the case, I’ve got you covered! These are my top 3 influencers to turn to whenever I’m feeling fashionably uninspired.

#1. Kicki Yang Zhang



This Berlin-based Chinese girl is changing the game of fashion and style. She is fearless, fun, colourful, and doesn’t take herself too seriously. On top of that, her Instagram feed is so on point. Everything is so visually pleasing, and colour coordinated. So if you ever feel like you don’t have enough colour or art in your life, just check out Kicki’s Insta!






#2. Yourgirlneens

Yourgirlneens’ full name is Nina Huynh. She was raised in San Francisco, and now li
ves in Vancouver, BC. The first unforgettable thing about her is her beautiful pink hair. On top of that, her style is ON POINT! Puffy jacket, bucket hat, thrift items, she could pull of anything! Nina’s instagram includes mostly her styles and things that she is working on. But if you want to really get to know Nina, you got to check out her youtube channel. It has lots of different content, from lookbooks, to Q&As, to Vl
ogs, to challenges, and more! Her video editing skills is amazing, and so is her boyfriend!


#3. Song of Style


Aimee Song is one of the most elegant ladies out there. She is classy, flawless, and living her best life. Whether you are going on a date, or attending a gala, or even packing for Europe, whatever it is that you are planing on doing for the day, you could find some inspirations from scrolling through her Insta feed. Aimee was actually one of the first fashion influencers that I’ve ever followed. I remember how proud I was about her Asian heritage, and how I felt i finally had someone more relatable to myself to be inspired from. She also has a fashion lifestyle blog if you are looking for more of her and her style!




Who are your favourite fashion influencers? Comment below and share with me!!

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Vol. 11: Process Post

“Upload to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter”

This is the heart now of what people think promotion and marketing is all about. But is it really just posting on these websites? Does it require no skill, practice, or even knowledge to do these well?

I think nowadays what discerns a social media marketer and an amateur is their ability to get substantial reach. There are many methods in ways to get more views to your post, but it takes skill and knowledge to drive engagement. Being not in the realm of marketing at all in terms of my concentration (Accounting and Finance), I always found myself wondering how hard it is to make it big in the marketing world. To be a marketing consultant.. you have to be really, really good at it. It’s too hard nowadays to be a high-paying successful digital marketer, not unless you’re basically “god-tier” in all of marketing.

What I value in social media marketing is the thought process that people go through to do so. When people pay attention to the wording, how it will look like, who is the audience, and a million other variables, it makes me see how purposeful they are being. However, this more often than not, does not lead to greater reach of engagement. And so, I admire the resilience that these marketers have.

This brings me to say how the different social media mediums differ in terms of how people read information off of these. Yes, they all could have the same audience, but now there is an even added layer of complexity of how we read information on different mediums.

For Facebook, it’s usually a “click-bait” strategy, or the like. I know it sounds wrong, but that’s how specific articles or ads get my attention. I also notice the fact that it’s super hard to do this, because I am easy wary of fraud or not credible sources, so to get me interested and dig deeper, something’s gotta pop and pop with credibility.

For Twitter, you got to be short and sweet. This is where memes dominate on another level–everyone’s commenting on each others’ tweets, trying to one up them, or making it more funny. I would say humour works best on Twitter to get people’s attention, along with conciseness. We’re here to read short and sweet things, and one that makes us laugh!

For Instagram, it’s pretty obvious that visuals need to be used. I haven’t found that text does much of the dirty work to reel me in. This, in itself, is also very tricky since there is so much content on Instagram. The focus here is not just on wording alone anymore, but about how a picture is supposed to encapsulate 100+ word characters with a single shot. That’s pretty hard, but at least you know this is the focus for this medium.

All in all, whatever you choose to do in terms of social media, be purposeful in what it looks like on each medium. Even though you are attracting, or can be, a particular niche, it does not mean that they absorb information, words, or pictures the same on each medium.

’till next time, homies!

Process Post #9

A few weeks ago, I made a twitter for my blog, to post food that I probably won’t blog about. I have actually never really used Twitter on a regular basis. So far, I’ve only used Twitter to check about trendy shoes being released online, and occasionally post a tweet about food. I don’t really use twitter enough for it to be useful for my blog. That being said, I’m going to try to post more frequently, tweet about new blog posts and tweet about food events going on in Vancouver. 

The reason why I made a Twitter account for my blog was because I thought I already had  too many Instagram accounts to manage (I had two), but I realized that I use Instagram very often and that it’s more appropriate for a food blog, rather than Twitter. So I finally made a food Instagram! And it’s turning out better than I expected. All of the posts are pictures of food from my phone that I didn’t get the chance to blog about (because of picture quality and how long ago those meals were). I love how quick and easy it is to edit and post on Instagram. And the pictures actually look great, since it’s a mobile app the pictures are small.

I know now that the channel I should be focusing on is Instagram, because of Google Analytics. I already learned that a lot of referrals for my blog come from Instagram. Food pictures on Instagram also seem to be very popular.

Another channel I could be using is Facebook. But as a person who opens Facebook on an almost hourly bases, I don’t post very much, I don’t even share on my timeline. I’m one of those people who scroll to see relevant news and to tag my friends in memes. I also don’t follow public figures on Facebook, especially food vloggers, so I don’t think that many people would follow my Facebook page if I created one.

One thing I’m definitely going to start doing is linking my social media posts to my blog, so it’s like re-marketing. For instance, if someone started following my social media through my blog, they’ll go back to my blog when they see my social media posts refer to a blog post.

Personal Process Post #10: Prioritizing My Instagram Presence

Hello friends,

For this week’s process post, we have been prompted to explore ways we could further expand our website’s narrative across new channels. However, after today’s lecture from Darren Barefoot, I have decided to limit my transmedia storytelling. He pointed out that there is no need to spread your message too thin on social media, as it is more important to focus on developing rich content to share on the ideal platform for your business. I have shared my Pinterest and VSCO channels, but I share these channels so my audience is able to know me better personally. Darren Barefoot also does this: although he has not created social media platforms for his small organization, potential clients are able to get to know him through his personal Twitter. I have decided to focus on expanding the Carly Camera narrative to Instagram

Instagram x Carly Camera

Instagram is a highly interactive photo-sharing application. As a photography blogger, I have plenty of content to share that is perfectly suited to Instagram. Instagram also allows you to expose your photos to the audiences of a particular hashtag or location. I have gained likes, comments and followers on Instagram by using hashtags. Further, by promoting the link to my blog I have placed my bio through post captions, I have directed people to visit my website. I have also added my Instagram page to my sidebar. This adds another visual element to my blog. More importantly, if my audience follows me on Instagram, I am able to remind them that I have created a new post.

I am showcasing my photos, gaining visibility through hashtags and promoting a link to my blog through this Instagram post.

Since developing my Instagram account, Google Analytics has showed me that I am now receiving traffic via social networks. It is only a little bit, but it should increase as I continue to post and promote on Instagram.

Feedback Note

I presented my blog to the class today. It made me feel as though I need to clarify the intention of this blog, as I am not able to communicate it very clearly. It is a personal photography blog that offers product reviews and tutorials for amateur photographers. These amateur photographers would be particularly interested in film photography, and would most likely be women from Vancouver. I write each post as if it is a letter because I want to connect with my audience, and I expect I will make the best connections with those who are similar to me. I intend to continue working on developing a concise explanation of my blog, sharing more photography and possibly narrowing my target audience.


Transmedia Integration

I plan to get involved with Twitter and really actively use the app as a way to promote and share my blog. Twitter is known for the popular usage of hashtags and I plan on taking advantage of this so my readers can engage with me. If I have a big following in the future, I will pick a hashtag specifically used for blog and I will use it consistently and have my readers use it consistently. Something like…#berightback? If my readers have something to say about my posts, they can take it to Twitter and use the hashtag with it, that way I am able to gather all the posts related to my blog. Another interactive way to engage with my readers is having a Q&A session where people can tweet me questions regarding my blog, my travels, or my personal life using a set hashtag…something like #AskBRB? Then I would proceed to answer those questions and have them posted onto my blog. That way I can have people jump between Twitter and my blog and maybe have new followers to my blog coming from Twitter. Obviously, hashtags can be used on almost all social media platforms, so not only will Twitter be beneficial to me, Instagram can be too. Since my blog focuses more on travels, I think pictures would really compliment my blog and I can display them on Twitter or Instagram with direct links to my blog posts. I can also use Twitter as a way to have my readers anticipate my next blog post, with update tweets of when I am about to publish a new post. But in a way, I feel like I can only do this if I have a following, but I won’t even get a following if I don’t incorporate some kind of transmedia integration.