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Process Post #9

Transmedia content is crucial when it comes to promotion and audience capture. By having content on various platforms and in various ways, one can increase their exposure and gain more audiences. The content on my site is fairly visual and many users may benefit from seeing the processes in video form. Although I did not record very much content while I was doing these projects, it may have been smart to start a tik tok channel with these postings. I think peoples’ attention spans are getting shorter and shorter so social media is a great tool where people can see small snippets of things and decided whether or not they want to explore the content in more depth. The information contained on the site could also be refined and turned into a how to book for dummies in DIY renovations. This could be another form of media that users can consume and refer back to. Since print is usually easier to navigate and more permanent, having a how to book made in this respect can help consumers who actually want to try the projects I have done. All in all, I think the most logical expansion for my site would be to branch out into a tik tok channel. Although I do not have any content to post, I could explore this should I take on another project. DIY channels are thriving and tik tok is constantly growing. If this growth continues, I could see many brands hiring tik tok experts to enhance their marketing portfolio.

Process Post #8

In this week’s process post, I will be talking about the features of google analytics, why its helpful, what harm it can cause. Google analytics is a powerful tool that can explain to its users what they site’s performance is like and how they can improve their sites for their target audiences. In my case for example, I noticed that my site has a fairly high bounce rate which could indicate that people are visiting the site by accident, or the site is too difficult to navigate, or they are visiting the site in hopes for something the site is not delivering. Google analytics also provides insight on visitor demographic and region. This can help one determine whether the site should be more desktop oriented, or mobile oriented. From my use of Google analytics demographic function, I learned that my largest demographic was the 25-34 range. This is useful information, as if I wanted to monetize the site, I would be including things and brands that want to target this demographic that have interests in the content that I am posting. However, this is not to say that Google analytics is all good. Although Google presents the information in a manner that is fairly private and secure, being a user and leaving behind a trail of breadcrumbs can be mildly concerning. Even if the information is anonymous, there is still a huge amount of data that Google has about you that you may not even know they have. While useful for content creators and website managers, this information must be used carefully and in good faith.

The joys of building a staircase.

A staircase is a crucial component in any home that has more than one story and it serves more than just the purpose of transporting a person from one level to the next. The railing must be able to prevent someone from falling over, the design should match the theme of the home, and one must consider the future when furniture or appliances need to be moved. In my design, I was stuck with putting the staircase in the middle of the living room as the structure of the house would be too expensive to change and there was no reasonable area the staircase could be moved to. With this in mind, I tried my best to make the railing nonintrusive, and blend into its surroundings. The problem with this was that the species of wood that was used must be light enough to be stained into a colour that matches its surroundings. This was no easy task as the curvature of the staircase required the railings to be made in separate strips then glued to form the same curve. What ended up happening was creating 200 individual strips of wood that were formed, clamped, then glue to become the shape of the staircase. Once this was done, the spindles were attached. The amount of time, effort, and care that went into creating this staircase and railing system was so not worth the minute increase in aesthetic function. If I were to do this again, I would keep the old railing and just paint them a new colour. Should anyone be considering redoing a staircase, I would say weigh all other alternatives before carrying through with this task.

Colour choices, why they matter.

If you have ever painted anything, you must have noticed that different colours cover different colours to a varying degree. This is not always obvious as people typically think darker bolder colours cover duller colours better but that is not always the case. I had the task of painting some doors and I chose to do it with a sprayer for a better finish and consistency. First, make sure you label the doors. Not all doors in a house are the same size nor do they swing in the same direction. This is crucial to aid in the ease of installation in the future. Next, make sure that there is enough room for air to move in the space you are working in. Water based paints dry fast however, they also release a lot of moisture. Lastly, make sure you pick a high hiding colour. Colours with tints of red, purple, or yellow are horrible at coverage. Typically, for any interior surface going a similar or close shade in the same tone family, two coats are more than enough to cover anything. However, I was using cloud white by Benjamin Moore, which has a slight yellow tint. This caused me to do 6 coats and even then, it wasn’t 100% perfect. When choosing colours, make sure to ask the paint store to add a few drops of black to enhance coverage. The small amount of tint won’t be noticeable in the final product but will make a world in difference when it comes to hiding ability.

How not to hang a chandelier

Hanging a chandelier is always a daunting task. Between trying to not drop the chandelier, to not falling off the ladder, it seems to be something that is never safe. I don’t know why but it seems that chandeliers are never a good idea. They are always big and heavy, and the only place they fit in is somewhere that is very high off the ground and often without access. Since our railings were removed in preparation for the flooring and new railings, I decided to install the chandelier. Since the light was going in a place that would be difficult to access, I decided to install it in a room with easy access so that I can make sure that the light was working properly. After installing and testing the piece, I had the task of figuring out how to access the electrical box where the light was supposed to go. Since I didn’t have any scaffolding, I took two pieces of lumber that we had yet to use, and a couple of planks of vinyl flooring, and away I went with my task. I have never realized how much stability dimensional lumber does not have when it is on edge. Having done this, I will say to anyone that is interested in doing something in a dangerous manner to save time, don’t. It is not worth the risk and getting hurt would delay your project far more than the time it takes to go out and get scaffolding. The final point is, always test things before installation and completion, and go the extra mile for safety and security.

Essay 2

Since attending my first PUB 101 class, my view on publishing has been greatly expanded. Gone are my thoughts of if you write it someone will read it. After watching Julie and Julia, my expectation of blogging was that it would be easy and if you create a blog, there will be readers out there who want to read you content. That was a very mistaken view.

Since attending all the classes and reading the readings, I’ve come to realize, that competition is fierce in the online space. One’s site must be concise, targeted, and well designed. Never would I have though that “white space is just as important as user flow” (Gertz, 2015) This really shows how important it is to chose and audience and design a site that is targeted and valuable to readers.

When I created my publications, it was designed to be a lifestyle blog. I never thought that this would become a digital garden like the one described in the MIT paper. I was expecting it to be almost like a diary of what I do on a weekly basis and it somehow morphed into a construction blog.  This was the point where I realized that my life was being overrun by my home construction projects. At this point, I changed the name of the blog, the layout, and the design. This plays into the idea of the digital garden because the whole idea of a digital garden is that it can “grow and change, and that various pages on the same topic can coexist” (Basu, 2020). I kept the design simple, easy to navigate, and clear of any crazy design elements. This is due to my imagined audience of people who are homeowners or DIY doers who are looking for people who have been crazy enough to tackle their own renovation projects. I designed my site to be a place where users can see what mistakes I’ve made, and what mistakes they shouldn’t make. I’ve included a vast majority of my lessons learned in the blog and mistakes made. I believe that once people see what I have done and how I’ve messed up, they do not make the same mistakes I do, or at the very least, they know what they are getting into before anything starts. What I have learned from my site thus far, is that a majority of my visitors are in the 25-35 age group, most of them are returning visitors, and there is a high bounce rate. I think this may be due to the overcrowded nature of the home page, but my theme does not allow me to reduce the clutter. Although the bounce rate may be high, I think I am succeeding in capturing my target audience. The age group is in line with what I was expecting as these are the people newly stepping into home ownership and making changes to their homes.

In terms of thinking about how my view of publication has changed, I never thought about how blogs could be monetized. I had always had an idea of sites having blogs to improve their SEO performance and what not, however, using blogs the other way for ads and links was not something I had considered. I am not a frequent reader of blogs, nor have I ever written any pieces, so I was not familiar with the idea of ads and blogs. However, since reading the Tumblr advertising paper, I noticed that not only have I read blogs, I have also fallen for the affiliate marketing in these blogs. I read food recipes all the time and when these sites link to ingredients or cookware, I almost always go to the store looking for these items as I do not cook often and I do not know what can be substituted and what tools are unnecessary. I find this form of advertising to be more effective, because not only do I not feel like I am being marketed to, display ads can created the connotation of the site not putting  “the reader’s best interests first” (Bleymaier, 2013). With the teachings in this course, I feel like I am more aware of the internets uses and how businesses can monetize sites and exploit readers. I am more cautious of how I use the internet and I will think twice before making purchases or decisions. My blog will come to an end with the course, as I finish the course I am also coming to completion on my project. I will not have any new content to write about and I believe I am not the type of person who is cut out for blog writing.


My Experience in PUB101

Since enrolling in PUB101, everything I thought I knew about publication has been expanded. I have learned so much about how much effort goes into creating a website. From branding to content, and advertising, there are so many aspects that are vital to a blog. I had to come up with a topic to write about, then how to identify and engage my audience, and how to understand my website analytics. This essay will reflect on how and what I have learned while establishing my presence as an online publisher over the past semester. 

Since the beginning of the term, I have been working to develop consistent branding, content, and cultivating my digital garden. In other words, space where I can focus on what I would like to research, rather than catering to a large audience (Basu, 2020). A digital garden is more about creating a niche to call my own (Basu, 2020). I did not struggle to set up my site at first. However, after receiving feedback from tutorials and peer reviews, many of my classmates found my blog a bit confusing and busy. I was quite happy with it up until that point, but I knew there must be a way to please both myself and my audience. Around week 7, I tried to work more on branding and completely changed the theme on my site. Fortunately, there are now many more options for customization. I decided to make my blog all about reviewing albums because I do a lot of research into music on my own time. I figured turning a hobby into productive schoolwork would be a win-win. While researching albums I reviewed, I learned more about each artist and found even more music I enjoy. In the first lecture, it was stressed to base my blog on a hobby or interest I already have, as it would make posting about it each much easier. I thought about doing album reviews because I knew it would be sustainable, there are so many albums out there. I believe that the content I have put out over the term has been consistently good because I have enjoyed writing all of my posts.

Over the term, I have not had much engagement on my site, besides my classmates. Ideally, my audience would be composed of individuals who have an interest in music. The albums I have reviewed are mostly from the 2010s, with a few exceptions. However, their genres are relatively expansive in hopes to garner an audience of individuals with different tastes in music. This would allow for constructive debates about albums, where my audience could propose their opinions and perceptions of the albums I have reviewed. According to Nancy Fraser’s article Rethinking the Public Sphere: A Contribution to the Critique of Actually Existing Democracy, any media that provokes social interactions could have its own public. Meaning, if I were able to garner a wider audience, their comments and discussions with one another would be enough to create my own little public. In an attempt to address my audience, I incorporate links to my current favorite music, as well as the albums I review in every blog post. I provide in-depth knowledge on popular albums to educate my audience on why or why not I think they are good projects. In terms of analytics, I have found that the majority of my audience visits my home page or PUB101 page, usually the days before class. I have found that most people come to my page to look at assignments for class, rather than the reviews I post each week.

I never realized how expansive the term publication is until I enrolled in this course. Originally, when thinking of publication, I thought about print or books. Now I realize that there are so many different aspects in publication. I now know that publication is the creation of a public through the circulation of text, a digital commons where discussions take place (Stadler, 2009). My online self is already fairly expansive in terms of my personal social media. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, VSCO are all platforms that I use consistently. I hope to continue taking publishing courses, and will likely continue posting on my blog, as it is something I have come to genuinely really enjoy. In the future, I hope to be able to expand my blog a little bit, incorporating more than just reviews. Overall, I hope to continue portraying myself as authentically as possible online. 

Although developing my website has been a lot of work, and still needs some tweaking, I am extremely proud of the content and design of my blog. From cultivating its overall look to putting in work each week to produce the best album reviews I could, this is a project I hope to expand. With it, my online identity, which I am constantly working to put forth my most authentic self. I am excited to see what the future holds for my blog and to see it grow to its full potential.


Le Tigre (1999) Review

Le Tigre’s self-titled debut album was released in October of 1999. Years prior, Kathleen Hanna led a band called Bikini Kill, which worked to inspire thousands of young women and essentially changed the gender dynamic of punk rock altogether. However, after seven years, Hanna had decided that their band and the movement they helped start just became something of a talking point, and the band broke up. At Le Tigre’s start, Hanna’s two other bandmates, Johanna Fateman and Sadie Bennig, had no musical experience. They recorded this album on equipment that was completely new to them; drum machines, samplers, turntables, and more. What they came up with was brilliant.

Two of the most notable songs on the album, “Deceptacon” and “Hot Topic” also happen to be the first two on the record. “Deceptacon” has an insanely catchy chorus, they took from an older, novelty song. Hanna shouts put-downs at thoughtless self-confident assholes with an unwavering sneer. All of this is layered over chaotically energetic surf-guitar chords, thumping bass, and sporadic synth beeps. I would consider this song more pop-punk, but it is a highlight nonetheless. In “Hot Topic,” Le Tigre takes a few moments to shoutout numerous artists, writers, and activists who have inspired them, such as Yoko Ono, Joan Jett, Cecelia Dougherty, and more. While all very different, many of them are considered feminists, like Le Tigre themselves. “Hot Topic” was the album’s only single, and it is reminiscent of Japanese indie-pop and new wave.

Other notable tracks include “What’s Yr Take on Cassavetes,” which is about filmmaker John Cassavetes and questions if his work can be considered feminist. On this track, Le Tigre highlights the sexist disjointedness that exists in the independent film and music scene. This topic is tackled over a heavily distorted electric guitar and a rhythmic drum beat. Another highlight is “My My Metrocard,” which is a song that condemned New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. This song is a go-go song with its high tempo, dance beat.

Le Tigre said they wanted “to write political pop songs and be the dance party after the protest,” and I think they achieved exactly that. They embraced 80s new wave and genres like electroclash and dancepunk. The majority of the album is about happiness, solidarity, and freedom, though anger is also prevalent. Kathleen Hanna, yet again, reimagined what punk rock was, and how it felt. Overall, this album exudes confidence and feminist themes, I found it really easy to get into, and I absolutely adore it.

Favorite tracks: “Deceptacon”

Least favorite track (excluding interludes): “Dude Yr So Crazy!!”

Overall rating: 4/5





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“Make Your Thing”

This week’s reading, Jesse Thorn’s “Make Your Thing” highlighted 12 steps to guaranteed success. In order, it goes;

  1. Start Now
  2. Make Deadlines
  3. Keep Your Legs Moving
  4. Don’t Confuse Content & Medium
  5. Be Authentic
  6. Follow Your Passion
  7. Focus on Great Work
  8. Connect with People You Like
  9. Own What You Create
  10. Find the Money
  11. Build a Community

I have read articles and seen videos similar to this one before, but this one just seemed more realistic than the others. While YouTubers preach about the consistent output of content, the monetization of their videos is not what is making them the most money, brand deals are. This article emphasized the importance of taking time to create good work while also sticking to deadlines. I am not entirely sure what I want to achieve going forward in my life, past post-secondary. But, I know that once I find something sustainable, that I am truly passionate about, I will continue to put as much work in as I can to make that my career. This course has taught me a lot about publishing and is definitely steering me in the right direction. I plan on taking more publishing courses in the future and possibly minoring in it!

This article made me think a lot about some of my favorite artists, and how they have worked incredibly hard to be successful. Some that come to mind are Tyler, The Creator  and Kevin Abstract. They are individuals who inspire me to go after my dreams, much like they have. Though I (unfortunately) have little musical talent, I love writing and this course has helped me harness that ability. Hopefully in the future, I will find an opportunity to demonstrate my talents in a career that I love.

Here are some of my favorite interviews from the artists I mentioned above:




How To: Fall in Love With a Book

These are usually the steps I take when I fall in love with a new book/series! Though this doesn’t happen with every book if you keep trying, I am sure you will find one you love. If you are in need of book recommendations, my blog is the place to start! I have a category of book recommendation posts here.

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SATURATION (2017) Review

SATURATION also referred to as SATURATION I is BROCKHAMPTON’s debut album, released in 2017. The album marks the first of a trilogy, SATURATION II and SATURATION III were dropped that same year. Upon release, it was gaining traction in the underground hip-hop scene and received high acclaim off the bat. Although it may be hard to keep track of all the different voices throughout the album, each member of the boy band shares their musical and lyrical styles and personalities, which make up the album’s versatile talent and creativity. It is clear that the members play well off of each other and share a lot of chemistry.

The first three tracks of the album, “HEAT,” “GOLD,” and “STAR” are by far the project’s highlights. “HEAT” features insane, aggressive lyrics alongside a heavy drum beat with a heavily distorted bassline. The chorus features an explosion of noise, with ear-piercing sounds and shrill melodies. “GOLD” is more dialed back in comparison, a smoother, lighter track with a lot of personality. This song features almost all of the band’s members, giving each of them a moment in the spotlight. This song emphasizes their confidence, where each rapper lends their strongest flow. This track is next level, with its futuristic beat and the best hook on the whole project. “STAR” contains countless pop culture references, ranging from music to films. The song emphasizes the boys’ desire to be famous, to be the stars. This beat also hits extremely hard, with flawless flow from every member and insane production.

The tracks mentioned above are already some of my favorites, but “FAKE” and “WASTE” are two others that drive the project home, in my opinion. “FAKE” is a more laid-back track compared to the rest. The song highlights how the music industry does not always allow artists to say what they like, which leads many of them to create fake personas that they have to keep up with. Their voices are also heavily distorted to reinforce this notion of ‘fakeness.’ The album’s final track, “WASTE,” is a deeply melodic, passionate guitar ballad with the spotlight on bearface. It focuses on the fear of being forgotten, creating amazing memories with another person that they ultimately forget. 

I first heard SATURATION days after its release, as my brother recommended it to me with high praise. It was like nothing I had ever heard before, colorful and bouncy, catchy with insane production. It is consistent in terms of quality, though lacking an overarching narrative or concept. Its versatility, switching between introspective moments like “WASTE” to hard-hitting bangers like “HEAT” was another compelling aspect. Each member plays off the others exceptionally well, and I soon became obsessed with the band. I have seen BROCKHAMPTON three times, their “Love Your Parents” tour, “I’ll Be There” tour, and “Heaven Belongs to You” tour. Over the past few years, I have noticed progressive growth in their sound and chemistry, and they will forever be one of my favorite bands. This is another album that I cannot say enough good things about and gets better with every listen.

This track, “LAMB” is another one of my favorites, however it never made it on to the final cut of the record.

Favorite tracks: “GOLD,” “STAR,” and “WASTE”

Least favorite track (excluding interludes): “CASH”

Overall rating: 5/5


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The Experience Of Creating An Online Publication

Week 12: Process Post / Essay #2

Featured Image Credit: Nick Morrison on Unsplash


Throughout the course I have learned a lot about publication, and how to present myself online. In this essay I will be reflecting on course content, what I have learned, and my thoughts and experiences with online publication. The essay will be split into three parts; in the first part I will discuss my thoughts around online publication, then I will discuss what my goals are for my online self, and my overall experience with being an online publisher and how I will continue to expand my website. Secondly, I will discuss who my website is for, who my public is, and I will address the editorial and design decisions I made regarding my audience. Lastly, I will look at what I have learned from my audience, the course, google analytics, and WordPress.

Experience & Goals

            When I started this course, I had a basic understanding on what online publication is, and how to run a website. However, throughout the course I have learned the importance of audiences and how to cater content to them through your design and editorial choices. Throughout the course I have learned that every detail matters in regard to design and editorial choices as this helps attract audiences, and how it is necessary to become familiar with a software program like WordPress.

            The overall experience of being an online publisher has been stressful and exciting. Although my content has primarily only been seen by my classmates and instructors, it was still stressful to produce content that would be available for public consumption. I say this because, there is more pressure to ensure that the information is correct, appropriate, and falls with the values of your website. It is difficult to please everyone online and even if you do everything right, people can still be cruel online. This relates back to John Suler’s reading, The Online Disinhibition Effect, which discusses concepts like “dissociative anonymity (Suler, 2004, p.322)” and “invisibility (Suler, 2004, p.322).” It discusses how since people can’t always be seen online, they have more courage to say and do what they want, because they are unknown to the online world and don’t have to deal with the consequences of what they say (Suler, 2004, p.322). This relates back to what I am saying, because that pressure and stress I refer to is triggered by this anxiety that users online may say negative things towards my content, and I do not even know who they are.

            However, it was also very exciting to build an online presence where I can discuss my passion which is music. In many process posts I discussed that I would want my website to be a portfolio for jobs in the music industry; as the website would show my knowledge and interest in music, and possibly throughout time if I were able to gain an audience, that would indicate that I have interesting content. I enjoyed the experience of combining my passion of music and writing with an academic class. In Campbell’s reading titled, A Personal Cyberinfrastructure it was discussed how higher education often fails to utilize these online tools like creating websites and allowing students to explore their imaginations while doing academic work (Campbell, 2009, para.5). However, in this course I enjoyed combining technology and my imagination with academic work.

            I will continue to expand my website as I have many goals and plans. Firstly I would like to change the theme and overall design; my process posts from week 6 to 11, discuss the changes I want to make. I will use social media to help expand my website, starting off with an Instagram account that will deal with shorter posts to engage interest, and prompt users to go read the full posts on the website. I have already started Blue Bedroom Playlists, which is playlists I have created through Spotify, and I would like to continue to expand this with the website and other social media platforms.

My Public & Editorial and Design Decisions

            I have imagined a public that is users who are between the ages of 15-30 (Music Gateway Team, 2016, para.1), who would be visiting and engaging with my website. Since my website focuses on many topics like album reviews, new artists and deals with all genres, it was difficult to narrow down an audience. However, through my knowledge and understanding of who uses social media platforms and views music blogs, I had assumed that this age group would most likely be my public or audience.

            This audience informed my editorial decisions because I find that younger audiences want fast and engaging information through things like Instagram stories and GIFS. So, for my website I started to incorporate videos and Spotify playlists into the blog posts, to make them shorter and more interesting. My audience informed my design decisions because I find that younger audiences enjoy a familiar design, so I am trying to do that with a blue color scheme which I have continued to progress throughout the semester.

What I Have Learned

            Throughout the essay I had discussed different things I have learned throughout the course. However, I had also gained knowledge on, linking out, google analytics, and WordPress which I will now discuss. I learned that linking out in posts is very important, as it helps you connect with other platforms and helps to bring viewers to your website. Through google analytics I learned that I can monitor how many people come to my website, and what pages are viewed and more; this helps me understand what I need to improve on my website or what is working. Lastly from WordPress I learned that it is crucial to understand the software and to explore outside of it as well, as coding is essential in building a website.


            Throughout the course I have learned a lot and have advanced my skills in online publication and building a website. This essay explored course content, my experiences, what I have learned and more. As time progresses, I will continue to expand my website and use information that I learned from this course to help further my website.


Gardner Campbell, W. (2009). “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure.” EDUCAUSE Review 44 (5).

Music Gateway Team. (2016). How is Music Marketed to Different Age Groups? Retrieved from Music Gateway:

Suler, J. (2004). “The Online Disinhibition Effect.” Available from: Cyberpsychology & behavior 7.3 (2004): 321-326.

5 Bags You Need In Your Closet

When it comes to purchasing accessories to go with an outfit, the handbag is always the most expensive purchase. A good quality handbag is more than just a functional accessory; it adds mobility, creativeness, artistry, and an edge to any outfit. It is a wardrobe essential. Yes, it is nice to have purses that you don’t have to worry about from fast fashion stores. But it’s also nice to invest in a bag that will last a lifetime and that you will cherish and pass down to your future children. Here is a list of my favourite handbags that will not only keep you in style in 2021 but will also not give you buyer’s remorse because they will go out of style in the years to come. Because a well-chosen bag can last a lifetime.

For each bag style, I’ll include a high-end version as well as a more affordable version. Low prices do not always imply low value; the less expensive options are still of high quality and will last.

1.Shoulder Bag

The ideal everyday bag for work and leisure. This is the bag you’ll most likely spend the majority of your time with, so we recommend putting a little more thought and money into it. Neutral colours such as black, grey, and tan are always safe bets.

2. Quilted Bag

Looking back at styles that still resonate with you today can help you distinguish between an investment and a wear for a few months then toss. A quilted bag has and will always be a must-have because it has remained popular among several generations. Every fashionista dreams about owning a channel. A tip I have is to look into purchasing a used Chanel to save money. Several sites such as The Real Real and Mine and Yours offer great quality gently used designer handbags for all price points.

3. The evening Bag

For date nights or evenings out with girls having a funky and stand-out purse is always a fun way to spice up a little black dress. These groovy styles are not limited to special occasions because you can always add more spice to an outfit.

Left: Purple Sequin Fendi Baguette Right: Naomi Watanabe x Kate Spade New York Small Camera Bag

4. The crossbody

The first bag in my collection was a crossbody purse. A crossbody bag, in my opinion, should be everyone’s first purse. It’s a wardrobe essential that’s the perfect size for carrying the essentials while remaining compact enough not to overpower your entire body.

Left: Gucci Soho Disco Bag Right: Marc Jacobs Softshot 17′ Bag

5.The Carry-all Tote Bag

A must-have for anyone who never leaves the house without their essentials. These are the bags you’ll always be glad you bought, whether it’s your monthly fashion magazine you can’t put down, extra face masks, or your touch up makeup bag, you will always have enough space. Because of their size, they can sometimes overpower your frame, so choose a canvas tote or a pop of colour.

Left: Chloe Woody logo-print canvas and leather tote bag Right: Marc Jacobs Tote Bag


Javiera Guevara

Community Guidelines

Please Do:

  • Be respectful towards others opinions
    • Understand that different people may have different taste in music and it is okay to disagree.
  • Share your knowledge
    • If there were details missed in the review of an album, leave them in the comments.
  • Communicate with kindness and respect
    • This is self-explanatory, treat others with kindness and respect their opinions.
  • Share your favorite music
    • If there is an album you want to be reviewed, send us an email or leave it in a comment!

Please Do Not:

  • Advertise or post repetitive messages
    • This includes third-party advertisements, petitions, spam, or any other form of unauthorized solicitation.
  • Use any offensive or insulting language
    • This is self-explanatory, be respectful of writers and commenters on this site.
  • Make personal attacks toward other users
    • Again, self-explanatory. Debate is encouraged, but when you disagree, do so respectfully and constructively.

Considering the lack of engagement I have on my website at the moment, it would be easy for me to filter through comments myself. Any case of inappropriate behavior will be handled and removed. However, going down the line, if I receive more engagement, I could consider using a content filter. This would remove any comments with words that I consider inappropriate. These community guidelines will help discussions stay relevant and courteous.

Helpful Links:

How to Style: Cowboy Boots

If you know anything about me, you must be aware that my current obsession is cowboy boots. My obsession began when I saw this photo on Julianna Citali’s Instagram. As soon as I saw the photograph, I knew I wanted my own pair of boots. To my surprise, manifestation is a real thing, or at least it seemed when I found some cowboy boots at my local value village for twenty dollars. I remember spending hours scrolling through Pinterest, desperately trying to find ways to style these black leather boots that didn’t pair them with denim shorts and a riding belt. Even though I do not wear them as much as I would like due to several reasons including having nowhere to go because of COVID and terrible weather that favours rain over the sun. I have compiled a list of my favourite ways to style cowboy boots

1. Wear them with a dress

In the summer, my favourite way to style cowboy boots is with a dress. The rugged texture of the leather boots juxtaposed with the feminine nature of a linen dress creates the perfect balance.

Image from @juliannacitali

2.Style them overtop or under jeans

When I first started my adventure of trying to figure out how to style cowboy boots I was hesitant to wear them with jeans as I did not want to look like I just came back from horseback riding. For my 22nd birthday this year, I decided to take a leap of faith and tried styling them over top of my vintage Levi’s. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome! I can now confidently say that pairing cowboy boots with denim is not a fashion faux pas and with the right amount of confidence can be a killer outfit.

3.Make it hard core by adding leather

To add a rock and roll feel, pair your cowboy boots with a leather jacket. Leather Jackets are a wardrobe staple. You can find many versions of this versatile piece. My favourite stores to purchase leather jackets include Zara, Free People, and vintage stores such as Shop Glory Days. Combining a leather jacket with cowboy boots brings back memories of watching Lana Del Rey’s Ride music video.

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4.Don’t be boring

Shoes add flair to any outfit, so if you’re brave enough to wear them, don’t limit yourself to the standard black leather pair. Be bold and stand out. Cowboy boots are an excellent way to experiment with various colours and materials. Here are some photos of cowboy boots that stray away from the basic and will elevate your look to the next level


Javiera Guevara

6 Feet Beneath The Moon (2013) Review

Archy Marshall, professionally known as King Krule, released 6 Feet Beneath The Moon in 2013, at only 19 years old. This album combines aspects of jazz, indie, hip-hop, and most prevalently, rock. Each song is a lyrical portrayal of Archy himself, depressed and uncertain as he drifts through his teenage years into adulthood. As solemn as the lyrics are, they are delivered urgently in his easily recognizable, aggressive, gravelly voice. There are countless moments where it is clear that Archy is still growing up, his perspective on life is still fresh and edgy. Which pairs beautifully with the consistent frenzied strumming of his electric guitar. King Krule explains that the title of this album is inspired by his fascination with the moon. To him, it represents comfort and his aspirations, something he is always looking up to.

Highlights include the album’s sixth track, “Baby Blue” where Archy explains that he is fed up with his relationship with ‘Blue.’ Though, he indicates that they are not in a formal relationship. This track highlights a more delicate tone of voice, exploring another aspect of his growing talent. This song could be classified as a ballad of sorts, where he croons over slick guitar chords with a swooning vocal melody. It is romantic in an unexpected way. “Out Getting Ribs” gets its name from a Jean-Michel Basquiat piece from 1982. Written at age 16, Archy employs deep imagery and complex lyrics to outline his unrequited love and bittersweet relationship with ‘Blue.’ The track’s bleak lyrics over simple guitar chords give a sense of comfort and intimacy with an emotional twist. Another highlight is “Easy Easy,” a song about remaining optimistic despite feeling like the world is working against you. The song, again, mainly composed of Archy’s electric guitar and powerful voice, provides a strong start to the album and introduces some of its most crucial themes.

My personal favorites include “A Lizard State,” which picks up tempo in a more jazz-influenced rock beat, with a frenzied horn portion throughout the chorus. Archy gains confidence and pleads with a lover to do what he tells her. He has dealt with a great amount of unrequited love. However, on this track, he lets these feelings go and the lyrics expose that he is falling out of love with this person, and begins to resent them. This song’s more upbeat tempo, with Archy’s manic voice over the chaotic horn section, caught my attention the first time I listened to it. Finally, “Cementality” is about his thoughts of committing suicide, in his own words, “becoming one with the cement.” This track is likely the album’s most depressing, as Archy depicts how awful he feels, guiltless, loveless, and worthless. Archy’s smooth voice over the song’s deep bass and reverberating electric guitar is enough to send shivers down your spine.

Although there is not much to be said about the album’s consistency, leaps between light-hearted tracks like “Border Line,” and hip-hop-influenced ones like “Has This Hit” show the ever-growing facets of King Krule’s talent. The different sounds grasp your attention and hold it through the album’s 52-minute run time. Archy guides the listener through the wisdom he has earned through his tumultuous relationships and fluctuating mental health. Though fairly depressing, 6 Feet Beneath The Moon demonstrates his stellar wordplay, unique sound, and I truly cannot say enough good things about it.


Favorite tracks: “A Lizard State”

Least favorite track: “Has This Hit?”

Overall rating: 5/5


This is “Little Wild,” which is the bonus track on the Japanese CD of this album.

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Transmedia Integration on My Blog

Transmedia integration or transmedia storytelling is when “elements of a fiction get dispersed across multiple media for the purpose of creating a coordinated entertainment experience.” The example given in the reading is the Pokémon franchise, which is composed of trading cards, a manga series, movies, and more. Each of these different facets must be accessible on its own, and add unique details to the overarching narrative. Each aspect is vital in its own terms, but can also be understood and enjoyed separately.

In terms of my blog, I already try to incorporate links to my Spotify and SoundCloud to enrich the experience, as there is not an overall narrative to what I am writing on here. These channels make the most sense on my blog because music is the most important aspect of it. In the future, I could incorporate more links to my social media to make the experience more personal. This would add a more individualized feel to my blog.


Peer Review #3 – Procrastireader

Hello folks, today I will be reviewing the third and final blog of this semester: Procrastireader! 🙂

I’m actually very pleased to be reviewing Victoria’s blog, because unbeknownst to her, she was actually a source of inspiration in the early workings of my blog! Her customized header that fills up the page on her home screen inspired me to make my own – it’s fun, eye-catching, and really gives her audience a sense of who she is by just using pictures! Victoria’s informative sidebar also is currently inspiring me to do something similar, in order to really introduce herself, give her pronouns, and inform people on her brand and why people should read her blog:

cute cute cute!!

Hello everyone and welcome to Procrastireader! My name is Victoria (she/her) and as the name suggests I like reading to avoid doing the unpleasant things I should really be doing in life. If you are also a procrastireader, this blog is the place for you. 

Victoria’s sidebar

In terms on monetization and a business plan, Victoria took it upon herself to make Press Release, announcing that she has made an email account for people to contact her at! This is perfect for sponsors or other brands looking to collaborate with her, and she makes it easy to find by also adding a CONTACT page at the very top menu!

With the brand that Victoria has gone with, there are many possibilities to collaborate and extend her audience. She has created the opportunity to expand her reach by encouraging book publishers to reach out to her if they would like a review of any of their books done by her. Great strategy, Victoria!

Victoria also started a Tik Tok which is a great way to take her brand to another platform and cross post! It’s also a great opportunity to build a community with other BookTokers (is that a thing?? thats a thing right?) – and it also spices up her content by giving her a platform to create videos! Victoria is VERY active on Tik tok and has quality videos. It gives audiences a chance to get to know her better which make her posts even more personalized and her voice recognizable! Find her Tik Tok HERE! 🙂

One of my favourite posts of Victoria’s is her Quarantine Book Recommendations (By Mood). As someone who plays TOO MUCH Animal Crossing, I will absolutely be checking out her recommendation for the book “Summer of Salt” which is for people like me!!!!

I thoroughly enjoy the consistency of her blog posts – she seems to really have a passion for reading and all things books and that really comes through in her blog. I too – have a passion for procrastinating, and her blog is making me want to pick up a book once in a while in order to escape our current hell-scape of a world and enter a nicer, fictional one! I will absolutely be referring to her blog the next time i’m looking for a book to read!! 🙂

New Artist: Emanuel

Week 12: Blog Post

emanuel canadian artist signed tomotown idris elba

Photo Credit: Matt Barnes

Emanuel is a Canadian R&B artist who released his debut EP back in June 2020. His EP Alt Therapy Session 1: Disillusion features songs about relationships, drugs, sex, and self-reflection; he is able to capture all of this through four songs, in which one is a remix.

Emanuel’s R&B sound is refreshing and different. I would describe it as a soft poetic R&B sound.

The very first song I heard from this album was, Thought It’d Be Easy which is a sad and honest song. In this song Emanuel sings about how it is difficult to move on and forget about someone, and the vulnerability in his voice makes the song much more relatable. His voice is accompanied by a slow tempo that adds to the emotion of the song. The song also presents a message about how you may never be clean, meaning you can do everything to try and forget someone, but you may never be clean of that person.

Need You is a song that I find difficult to describe, but I think UMUSIC describes it perfectly as they say “Emanuel progresses towards, and ultimately descends into a state of disillusionment as the elation from the hope of meaningful human connection in Need You.” Although Thought It’d Be Easy is a song I can personally relate to, I think Need You is the best song on the album.

Addiction is a song about drugs and sex, it’s about feeling good for a moment. The song looks at addiction and how being high or drunk is better than being sober because it makes you feel good. The song makes a comparison between a plane going down and running out of drugs, I believe the song is trying to say that a crashing plane is just as bad as being sober. In this way I think this song is lyrically well-written and very deep.

I highly recommend listening to his EP, Alt Therapy Session 1: Disillusion. Emanuel has a refreshing R&B sound accompanied with very meaningful lyrics, and this combination makes for great music. Checkout his music on YouTube and Spotify.

The Journey of Creating JaapsFilm

JaapsFilm is a blog dedicated to the unheard stories behind film photos. It was derived from PUB 101 where I got the opportunity to create my own publishing domain on WordPress.’Publication of Self in Everyday Life 101′ has been a wonderful experience for me. It has been a source of creativity and opportunity where my ideas flourished. My blog is based on a diverse range of interests and passions such as photography, storytelling combined with my lifestyle. I knew I wanted to make my blog personal in order to connect with my audience at a profound level. JaapsFilm was developed with the plan in mind to create a blog that I would personally want to read and be interested in. Looking back, I vividly remember the anxiety I had at the beginning of the semester from the uncertainty about the future of JaapsFilm. I was so worried about the big picture that the process of creating JaapsFilm became overwhelming. My experience as an online publisher has definitely been a constant learning experience but I can say that JaapsFilm has bought my visions and ideas to life.

I’ve always been passionate about taking film pictures from a young age and I’m grateful that I finally had a space to share my work with others. JaapsFilm is all about engaging my viewers with informative yet enthralling content while personalizing each blog post because after all, my website is a lifestyle blog. The core focus was to create a space where everyone is welcomed despite their age, race, gender identity, etc. My design and editorial decisions have been heavily based on my perception of my imagined audience. I tried to make everything super accessible but primarily, my goal has always been to capture the attention of my audience with breathtaking photos. In an effort to cultivate my digital garden of different ideas, interests, and passions that I had learned throughout my life I knew that I needed to provide original content.

My idea of publication has profusely evolved from what it was at the beginning of the semester. Originally, I had thought online publishers create content and share it online which I was not wrong about however, there is so much more to online publishing than that. Online publishers need to take into account numerous factors before producing original content. These factors will be subsequently discussed as you proceed in the essay. Additionally, I had learned that my creative process was linked to Tanya Basu’s week four reading, “Digital gardens let you grow your own little bit of the internet” (Basu, 2020).

Creating an online presence and expanding it is a difficult task. In order to do this, it is crucial to plan strategies, build a social media presence, and most importantly develop an audience base. To be quite frank, I am still not where I had envisioned to be in terms of reaching my targeted audience online. However, I was able to identify who my public is and I believe that is the first step in establishing a strong audience presence. This was done through google analytics, connecting with my viewers, using social media, and producing content that intrigued my viewers. Through google analytics, I was able to find insight into my viewer’s usage, behavior, background, and that has assisted me in improving the experience of my visitors. Knowing the exact number of visitors on my site, where they are coming from, which device they are using has been critical for Jaapsfilm (Akhtar, 2020). As of now, I know through google analytics that my audience is primarily from Canada, 63% are returning to view my site, an average viewers session on my site lasts for about four minutes, etc. Moreover, when my viewers comment on my posts I am able to connect with them on a deeper level and I then use that information to produce better content. These comments help me adapt to the needs, wants, and understand the reactions of my audience which has significantly aided me in staying relevant. Recently, I had added social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook to my site after learning that in order to generate the maximum amount of engagement, a story must reach consumers across all the devices and platforms they use (Heyes, 2019). On the other hand, my imagined public has been individuals who are interested in the stories I share about the photos I have taken. Since I truly believe that a single photo has the ability to ignite a powerful emotion that can make one feel connected to the moment that was captured.

The ultimate purpose of JaapsFilm is to give something of value to my readers to hold on to. I believe that could be accomplished if one is truly passionate about something. In my case, I deliver value to my readers through photography as I create a space for my readers to build a connection with a past moment despite them being present in that specific instance or not.

Looking forward, I want to significantly expand my social media presence on various platforms. I want to take JaapsFilm to the next level and work towards my big goal which is to give my audience valuable content. I believe trusting the process and moving forward one step at a time will lead me to my envisioned digital garden. After all, digital gardens are adjusted and modified on a regular basis to reflect growth and learning (Basu, 2020).


Akhtar, A. (2020, December 8). How Does Google Analytics Work? Complete Beginners Guide [Updated]. MonsterInsights.

Basu, T. (2020, September 3). Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet. MIT Technology Review.

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