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How to Stop Procrastireading (when you really have stuff to do)

With the last week of the semester comes a dreaded enemy… procrastination. (Well it’s been here all semester, but for some reason feels the hardest to shake now. The end feels so close, and yet so far). For myself, this often seems to develop in the form of being a procrastireader. I have found it especially hard during these past semesters while doing work entirely at home. If you have also struggled with procrastireading, here are some tips for getting back on track. (So you can finish with school and get back to your reading of course!)

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Take breaks

You do need breaks. One of the things I struggle with the most with school and personal life is having a balance. I tend to just get ideas and want to do whatever I have in my mind at that moment. This is especially tricky with online school when I don’t have something scheduled that I need to attend. However, I can’t tell you to completely stop reading when you have a busy week. Why? Because you need a break! You deserve to rest and take a bit of time for yourself every day. When I am tempted to procrastiread, I remind myself of how good it feels to sit down with a book after a productive day and relax. 

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Set time limits

It can be really hard in the moment to stop, and I often start feeling guilty for not doing my work. If you are really into your book and it’s hard to put down, remembering that it will still be there for you later to continue is a promising thought. You can also use this as motivation. “If I work on this assignment for this amount of time, I can read for an hour before bed.”

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After putting down your book, I find it helpful to do another activity to get my mind off of it. It can be really hard to stop thinking about a book I love, even long after I have closed the pages! You could do a physical activity like yoga or going on a walk, or make yourself a meal. These actions all force you to focus and can ground you back to reality and your tasks. 

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Be kind

After your mind is off of it, sitting down and getting some of your work done will be a great feeling. Even if it isn’t everything you would’ve liked to do that day, getting any work done is an accomplishment. Plus, future you— who is now rewarded with reading before bed— will feel a lot better. 

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The hardest part is getting started. Set the study mood: get tea, a candle, and turn on a study playlist. Make yourself feel like the main character. I usually put instrumental music and keep it interesting by adding new songs that Spotify recommends me. Oftentimes, I worry that I won’t know what to write which is why I don’t start and begin to feel stuck. I realized that I don’t actually know that unless I start working. Then if I do get stuck, I can take the action to reach out to a friend, teacher, or ta, and ask for help.

I feel like I’m sounding a little bit dramatic, but this is really often my experience with procrastireading. I will read a book I like so much that I want to marathon it. Unfortunately, I often don’t have the time in my schedule to do so! However, during the summer I may attempt a 24-hour readathon, which will not be hard to do in this mood! This usually just happens with books I am loving, but I often still find other ways to procrastinate. I will go on TikTok/Instagram/Twitter, or basically, do anything not related to what I need to get done. So, this post is focused on procrastireading, I hope these tips are able to help you if you struggle with procrastination in general! *graphics are from Canva, cover photo is my own*

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How To: Fall in Love With a Book

These are usually the steps I take when I fall in love with a new book/series! Though this doesn’t happen with every book if you keep trying, I am sure you will find one you love. If you are in need of book recommendations, my blog is the place to start! I have a category of book recommendation posts here.

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Reading Update: (How my March is going)

Hi friends! In this post, I will be chatting about what I have read recently along with what I hope to read next! So far, I’ve had a great reading year (I actually am 4 books ahead of schedule on my Goodreads goal!) I have definitely spent most of my free time doing 1 of 2 things: reading or scrolling on BookTok… This has resulted in me not watching many shows lately, but honestly I have really been in a reading mood and loving it. Being further involved in the book community has really made me passionate and excited to find new amazing books to read and talk about! In the past, with school, I have often gotten into big reading slumps worrying about work and not having enough time to open a book. However, I realized that just trying to stay consistent and taking a bit of time out of the day (at breakfast, before bed) gives me a much-needed break and escape! 

What have I read so far this month? 

A way I’ve been keeping up with reading this semester, is by taking a class in which the required readings are all YA books. I have binge-read a few of the books now and I was happy to have an excuse to keep reading because “it’s homework!” The last book I finished was Jack of Hearts and Other Parts which I powered through as it really had me hooked with the mystery!

Another thing that has kept me reading is the casual book club I started with Kayla and a few of our other friends. Every week, we have been picking a page amount to read up to and discuss over Zoom or FaceTime. So far, we have just finished our third book, The Song of Achilles. This one had been on my list for a while and I have seen non-stop raving about it on BookTok. I did enjoy it but I think as I was familiar with the story from The Iliad, I just didn’t find it super heartbreaking and didn’t cry as many do while reading it! Still, I really enjoyed reading from Patroclus’ point of view and the action scenes like Achilles’ fight against the river god Scamander was really cool. It is a fast-moving book which I felt almost would’ve been better to read in a few sittings rather than drag it out as we did for the book club. However, I am looking forward to discussing it with my friends! Overall, I don’t think I fell in love with this book, but it was definitely worth the read. Miller has a very clear and beautiful writing style and there are so many iconic lines I have seen quoted from the novel, which were cool to finally read.

What am I reading now?

Currently, I am trying to get back into New Moon by Stephanie Meyer. I started it a few months ago, witnessed the most dramatic chapters I’ve ever read in a book, but only got about 100 pages in. To be honest, I’m not super into it at the moment compared to how I was reading Twilight... Maybe the fact that it’s a longer book and right now there isn’t as much of a hook as there was in book 1. I think I will try to power through though because something might interest me soon and I’d hate to DNF it. Also, during the reading break Kayla, another friend, and I watched Twilight over Netflix party which ended up being a lot of fun, so we are hoping to do the same for New Moon!

What am I reading next?

It was my birthday this month, so with the birthday money and Indigo coupon I received, I was bound for a book haul. I picked up a few titles from the store including Chain of Iron by Cassandra Clare which has been a highly anticipated read for me since I read and LOVED the first book Chain of Gold, and of course it had to end on a cliffhanger! I definitely want to get to Chain of Iron ASAP (before I accidentally spoil myself on Twitter), but I might wait until the end of the semester as I did with Chain of Gold so I can read it over a few days. A book haul will be up soon on my BookTok, so follow me there to see what else I picked up!

I also have been dying to start reading All the Young Dudes which is a Harry Potter marauder’s era fanfiction by MsKingBean89 (or possibly Taylor Swift? There are some theories), which I learnt about thanks to TikTok. However, it is 500K words and there is a high chance I may become obsessed with it, so I have been waiting until I have a little more time to start it (which will hopefully be soon)! In book club news, it sounds like we will be picking up Little Women next which I have been wanting to both read and watch for a while!

And that’s pretty much it! With all these books, let’s hope I can keep this reading bug in me going. Soon, I hope to participate in a 24-hour readathon or some other fun challenge, so stay tuned!

How has your reading month/year been going so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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