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Finding Myself.

Content Creation #3 – Brand Story

I did my best to tell the story of how this brand came to be by this playlist. I hope it makes sense.

xx Savannah

Images from: https://www.homebodyclub.com/

How To: Fall in Love With a Book

These are usually the steps I take when I fall in love with a new book/series! Though this doesn’t happen with every book if you keep trying, I am sure you will find one you love. If you are in need of book recommendations, my blog is the place to start! I have a category of book recommendation posts here.

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Brand Story Video

Here’s a little video I made about my brand, to reflect the story behind it. My story is heavily dependent upon the fact that I used to really dislike reading when I was younger, and would even rip pages out of household books and draw in books as well, as this joke BookTok shows.

Press Release: Procrastireader has an Email!

Procrastireader now has an official email! If you are a publisher or author looking for a review of an upcoming release, feel free to send any inquiries to procrastireader@hotmail.com. Reviews will be posted on my blog as well as my Goodreads. Procrastireader strives to offer honest reviews on Young Adult and the occasional Adult Fiction book, focusing on diverse stories. Book businesses are also encouraged to reach out if they are interested in reviews of their products.