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Peer Review #3 – Procrastireader

Hello folks, today I will be reviewing the third and final blog of this semester: Procrastireader! πŸ™‚

I’m actually very pleased to be reviewing Victoria’s blog, because unbeknownst to her, she was actually a source of inspiration in the early workings of my blog! Her customized header that fills up the page on her home screen inspired me to make my own – it’s fun, eye-catching, and really gives her audience a sense of who she is by just using pictures! Victoria’s informative sidebar also is currently inspiring me to do something similar, in order to really introduce herself, give her pronouns, and inform people on her brand and why people should read her blog:

cute cute cute!!

Hello everyone and welcome to Procrastireader!Β My name is Victoria (she/her) and as the name suggests I like reading to avoid doing the unpleasant things I should really be doing in life.Β If you are also a procrastireader, this blog is the place for you.Β 

Victoria’s sidebar

In terms on monetization and a business plan, Victoria took it upon herself to make Press Release, announcing that she has made an email account for people to contact her at! This is perfect for sponsors or other brands looking to collaborate with her, and she makes it easy to find by also adding a CONTACT page at the very top menu!

With the brand that Victoria has gone with, there are many possibilities to collaborate and extend her audience. She has created the opportunity to expand her reach by encouraging book publishers to reach out to her if they would like a review of any of their books done by her. Great strategy, Victoria!

Victoria also started a Tik Tok which is a great way to take her brand to another platform and cross post! It’s also a great opportunity to build a community with other BookTokers (is that a thing?? thats a thing right?) – and it also spices up her content by giving her a platform to create videos! Victoria is VERY active on Tik tok and has quality videos. It gives audiences a chance to get to know her better which make her posts even more personalized and her voice recognizable! Find her Tik Tok HERE! πŸ™‚

One of my favourite posts of Victoria’s is her Quarantine Book Recommendations (By Mood). As someone who plays TOO MUCH Animal Crossing, I will absolutely be checking out her recommendation for the book “Summer of Salt” which is for people like me!!!!

I thoroughly enjoy the consistency of her blog posts – she seems to really have a passion for reading and all things books and that really comes through in her blog. I too – have a passion for procrastinating, and her blog is making me want to pick up a book once in a while in order to escape our current hell-scape of a world and enter a nicer, fictional one! I will absolutely be referring to her blog the next time i’m looking for a book to read!! πŸ™‚

Play with Flowers

When I came into work the other day, I didn’t realize that I would fulfill my weekly creative activity while getting paid to make a wedding gift for my dear friend! My coworker brought in a card and some bouquets of flowers to gift to our other coworker who was getting married on the weekend! I was just coming off of my lunch break, when I was given a task. Make a wrist corsage out of the floral scraps that were provided. Oh, and it has to be done within the hour.

My first thought was – wait, how to people make wrist corsages? I realized that I had to wing it and work with what I had on hand. Thankfully, there is a daycare that runs out of the room that I work in sometimes, so there were arts and craft supplies kicking around! I grabbed a few pipe cleaners and went to work.

Aaaaaand here’s the bride showing off her corsage! (of course its not for the wedding, I would never force someone to include this 20 minute craft in their forever wedding photos!!)

This week, try and find some flowers in your neighbourhood. Arrange them in a way you can wear them, or just arrange them into a bouquet! πŸ™‚

Animal Print.

Ok. So i LOVE cow print. It’s kind of a thing right now, and not just for cowgirls! I’m a huge fan with recently incorporating cow print into accessories, clothing, art, and home decorations! I know what it sounds like, and no – my whole house is not cow themed.. but there’s something about animal print as a pattern that makes me extremely happy. I love a faux animal print (ethical is the takeaway here!!)

I was in the painting mood, and I was lacking inspiration. I decided to go for a theme.

It started with cow print.

I decided to draw a border on a canvas. I filled it in with my animal print of choice (cow print, duh!)

From there, I decided to fill in the middle picture with something that matched the theme. I went with my two favourite subjects: aliens and cows!

I found a magazine kicking around, and decided to glue some humans into the spaceship to really add the finishing touches. Who doesn’t love mixed media??

My challenge to you: Pick an Animal Print! Tiger? Cow? Giraffe? Snake? Dalmatian? … and run with it! What masterpiece can you create using this theme? As always, please post them below!! πŸ™‚

Remix your Clothes!!

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I have a value village/thrift shop addiction. It overlaps with my terrible impulse control, which means I buy a lot of clothes without a second thought and then… I end up donating them again. It somewhat defeats the purpose of saving money when you’re essentially just buying clothes and then giving them back for free a few months later for value village to sell again…

After just having moved homes (and downgrading my closet size…) I decided to do my bi-monthly closet cleanout! I came across a T-shirt that I had gotten from Value Village about 4 months ago. It was just a plain white T shirt, which I bought because I figured that everyone should have a plain white T-shirt in their closet.. What I didn’t take into account was the way it fit me.

Just as I started to place the T-shirt in the donation pile… I decided that maybe it would fit better if I cropped it! I don’t have much experience hemming or cropping clothing, so I decided to take a good old pair of kitchen scissors and attempt to make the T-shirt into a cropped tank top that I would likely wear more often.

The lines were a little shaky, but I changed it into a crop top and it fits soo much better with more of my outfits.. and honestly.. I kind of like the shaky cut! It’s kind of a rugged style that goes well with black high waisted jeans and boots!

I challenge YALL to REMIX YOUR CLOTHES! Whether it’s Tye Dye, Cropping, Sewing, Ripping, etc… Instead of getting rid of your clothing item.. try and make it what you want! Try and make it last that much longer.. and then Post in the comments below πŸ™‚

B Mine, Valentine.

Hello lovers. It’s that time of the year. It’s the time where folks think about their impending singleness a month in advance, and couples scramble to find a “meaningful” Valentines Day gift for each other a day in advance. The 14th of February.

This Hallmark holiday can be lovely if celebrated the way it’s meant to, but it can also be a miserable and stressful experience if you overthink it (and wait until the night of to try and book a dinner reservation).

I think it’s time to get back to the roots of Valentine’s Day: handmade cards.

I decided to pull out the stops and show off my pop-up card making skills that were developed in my elementary school years.

I gave my roommate this homemade Valentine… I think she likes it! It’s time to normalize giving Valentines Day cards to everyone, ESPECIALLY your friends!!

Make a homemade card for your friends, family, loved one, or SELF! Share it down below πŸ™‚ Happy Love Day!!

blog review (2) – Joao Paulo Alves

For my second peer review for my class, I will be taking a look at Joao Paulo Alves` blog. From his About Page – which is very clear and easy to find at the top – he suggests that his blog will act as a portfolio for his graphic design work! Joao’s description is clear, and he lays out the purpose of his website while also adding a personal spin by sharing his hobbies, education, and love for his pups! The theme of his website is very sleek – with the grey tones, easy to read font, and limited buttons but easy to find menu.

The work that Joao Paulo does share in his “Blog” tab is fantastic! As an art blog, I obviously have a huge appreciation and admiration for the art that others create. As we are a few weeks into the course, I wish he would have put more work on his blog so he could really showcase his talent. I suggest even putting up old pieces, as the blog is meant to be a portfolio of work.

I also came across one problem when accessing his blog for the first time that can be an easy adjustment: The Home Page ( is a 404: Page Not Found πŸ™ I suggest changing that so there is something on the front page – Even just making it a “static” page and putting some favourite pieces to catch the viewers attention. I also suggest putting Contact information so that if people (or employers) ARE interested in the work, they have a way to contact Joao.

Overall, I enjoy the simplicity of this portfolio. I think that simple designs like this are the perfect choice for a portfolio because it focuses on the actual content – however, due to not much content, there is not much to see!

I look forward to seeing your work, Joao Paulo! (and wouldn’t mind a picture of your pups too while you’re at it!!) πŸ™‚


Disclaimer: This week’s challenge was inspired by Lisa Sterle’s Modern Witch Tarot Deck, but it is not financially sponsored or officially affiliated with her work in any way. I’m just a fan. Visit her website or Instagram to support her work!!


My roommate was recently gifted a deck of beautiful Tarot cards for Christmas. They are something i’ve always been fascinated with, but was always too nervous to give them a try because I thought they were too complicated. I love tarot cards because every card is a different piece of artwork with a meaning that can be interpreted in endless different ways. Finally, we decided to read the instructional book and give it a try. We lit a candle, chose a spread for beginners (Past – Present – Future – Advice), shuffled the deck, and took turns choosing cards that felt right and flipping them over one by one and reading their meanings in the book that was given.

By the end, I was in tears. The cards brought out introspection and optimism. We took turns reflecting on the cards and stating out loud what we thought the cards meant to us, relative to our Past, Present, Future, and the Advice that it gives. It was fun, and made both my roommate and I inspired to do readings a few times a week, to keep us thoughtful for the future of 2021.

This Week’s Challenge

I felt extremely inspired by the artwork and meanings of the Tarot cards, especially the deck that we had by Lisa Sterle (check out her work here!) So I decided it would be a cute idea to paint my own Tarot card design! This could be done any size, and in hindsight, it would have been cute to do so over an actual card.

1. I used acrylic paints, thick watercolour paper, and green painters tape to create a white border.

2. I picked my favourite cards to use as inspiration for my tarot card.

Three of Pals

I incorporated aspects of The Moon, The Lovers, and the Queen of Wands to craft Three of Pals. The two people are inspired by my partner and I, and the cat is inspired by my cat, Lulu. We call each other “Pal” which is what inspired the title. My partner has been staying with me and my cat for the past few months, but is going home soon back in Los Angeles. I made this card because while it currently represents my present situation, it will soon represent the past as we will be separated for the next while due to coronavirus border restrictions. This card, however, also represents the future – when we can finally be reunited and live together as three pals. Two lovers and their cat.

Create your own tarot card inspired art work! You can do whatever you want, just make sure you title it and create a border so that it resembles a card. To learn about the 78 different tarot cards in a deck to inspire you, i suggest checking this website out: Post your art below!

Peer Review – Magali Bureau

For my Publication 201 class, I will be looking over some of my classmates blogs and peer reviewing them (just like last year!) The first blog that I’ll be reviewing is Magali Bureau‘s personal portfolio!

Magali is a Communications Major at Simon Fraser University with a passion for photography and graphic design. She is currently living my dream by taking refuge in a log cabin in Squamish and working/going to school from there. Magali’s picture of herself is very on brand with everything she has described in her bio, as she is pictured in the trees holding a camera. It’s a lovely picture with big heart. The addition of the creative branding of her name (possible logo?) to the right of her picture really brings together the perfect amount of professional and personal.

The theme that Magali chose for her portfolio is perfectly suited. I love the vertical display of her website, which is on-trend with most portfolio websites. The colour scheme is consistent all around which is pleasant to look at, and I especially admire the first glance into her portfolio when you first land on her page. The little animations on the front page and the user interactivity make it satisfying to go through her website and I – as a viewer – am very inclined to explore her page when I am given little animations from hovering over things.

Magali’s brand is obviously directed at future employers, and I appreciate the simple, but striking mission statement: Passion driven creativity. My only suggestion is to add a dash to possible make it “Passion-Driven Creativity”. Nonetheless, I appreciate that her mission statement reflects how her personal life drives her professional life. Also, it’s very professional sounding and catchy!

Because we are only at the beginning of the semester, there is not a lot of content to review quite yet, so I cannot speak to the delivery of the content, but I will be interested in checking back to see how her portfolio looks on her website. I’m also intrigued to see is Magali will be separating her resume from her photography and graphic design work – I’m sure she will do a great job!

Check out Magali’s portfolio at

2. How would you look if you were a cartoon character?

Do you ever find yourself playing dress up? This week, I did. It started with a DIY strawberry beret…

This week, I went to the dollar store and bought felt for green and white felt, along with a hot glue gun. I had been gifted a red beret, but I didn’t quite know how to wear it, so I gave it an upgrade! Using scissors, I cut out tear drop shapes that resembled strawberry seeds (I liked white over the colour black) and hot glued the pieces onto the hat!

It made me so happy, that I decided to style myself in an outfit that I would want my own personal cartoon character to wear!

Outfit details: DIY strawberry beret, yellow striped shirt, black overall shorts, white hightop converse, and a chicken purse (my sidekick!)

In my dream world, this would be my every day outfit. My chicken purse would be like my sidekick who could talk to me and store all of the cool items I pick up along the way of whichever adventure I decide to go on! I think her name would be Genevieve. I would live in a mushroom house within a strawberry field.

What would your ideal cartoon character look like? What kind of sidekick would you have? Use the outfits that you have currently have and try to put something together!