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Essay #2

Before taking PUB 101 I thought publishing was different types of decisions about what to post on your blog. Now I think that publishing is very important because people want to share, show what they like and read about other people’s lives. Now I know that publishing takes a lot of time. This is because it takes responsibility to think of what we post in public.  

For this course, I created a blog about myself as a person and my life. My blog name is THLife because it represents my name and last name. I created this blog in January 2021. I would like to use the blog to meet people who share my interest. My imagined audience would be people who share the topics of my interests. I also believe my classmates would be some of my audience. My blog is for all ages. Maybe people who have interest in video games. At first, I thought people would interact more with the blog and send their reactions. I am thinking maybe advertisements would help. Before I used to think that advertisement was trash or links that sent you to nowhere. I think advertisements should be genuine. They should have specific questions or details about age. 

Online Presence

An online presence is a relationship that connects with social media. I haven’t started any business as of yet. In the future I could use THLife as a business idea. I plan on sharing my artwork. This way people get to know me and my art better. I am still thinking about this because in the blog I have not disclosed my name. So far, No one has contacted me on my social media or haven’t gotten any emails from me.


I addressed my audience through the theme selection. What I did is I chose the theme first because the theme is important and editing the colors. If I were to create advertising for my blog, I would use south park phone destroyer. This advertisement would be for mobile game users. I think this would be a great idea to reach and audience that likes videogames. 

So far no one hasn’t commented on my site yet, probably some people couldn’t understand what my blog could be. I have shared the links with my friends but people seem to be shy commenting. Looking forward, my goal is to keep checking my blog for two weeks or make changes as possible. I will keep checking my blog everyday for more updates. Looking back, I learned a lot about WordPress. One thing that really changed me is the wordpress guide on how to set up a blog. I liked the editing, and choosing a theme for your blog.


First, I had some trouble accessing reclaim hosting. When I started this blog, I started editing the different pages of the blog. First thing I did was choose a theme. Then I edited the pages from the theme to organize them with my ideas. At this point I started visiting my classmate’s blogs to learn about what they were doing. In this process, I learned that there were themes with a variety of colors. I noticed some classmates added cool images, while others wrote great paragraphs. I realized that many classmates made the blog personal by writing about their hobbies and what they liked. I feel like I did the same thing. 

Some of the changes I made is that I learned how to edit the text color. I did this as I could tell it was hard for my audience to see some of the text in my blog. I realized that by changing the color it would be easier to see. 


One blog that inspired me is Daily Hive. The main website was created in a Canadian source in 2008. The co-founders are Karm Sumal and Manny Bahia. The channels they use are facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin and youtube. Their content is organized in the following categories: DH news, dished, listed, urbanized, venture, offside, mapped, grow and curated. Each article has a topic and is organized on one of the different categories.  

I like that Daily Hive is a specific website from Canada, I follow them on Instagram. I like that Daily hive has really neat articles that they post. They post events, scenery and other types of content. I think their design is very pretty and nice. One of my favourite posts is when they used cherry blossoms to announce the beginning of spring. I liked it because it makes reference to a very important tradition too. I’d like to explore what is behind the scene, or how is daily hive invented when they post media. What Daily Hive is doing is they are mostly talking about different topics. I found out on their page they have different statements that mark what they believe in as an organization. 

PUB 101

I really enjoyed doing the peer review. For this assignment, we got to react to the blog of our classmates. I really liked the process of receiving feedback from peers. For this assignment I did not have any dislikes. On a personal note, I disliked having negative thoughts about my blog. With this assignment I enjoyed receiving positive feedback on what to improve. 

Another thing I learned about in the course was website resources. I learned about lots of websites I was not familiar with. What I found is there are some helpful websites I found that support others. I really enjoyed the Matthew Stadler video on vimeo. He was talking about how publication works, he says that it can be any topic you discuss about your blog. He mentions that publication is the host’s responsibility for the audience to know what are the needs. He also mentions that topics could be found in books and conversations as this can relate to your audience. When he said making a blog should be an easy thing, In my words I thought making a blog is supposed to be simple. Another thing that in my mind is he has his own words to express why publications are created. Publications are a main source on the internet. I think. When I think of this video, I realized he described how publications work. What is different from my side of the reflection is that my topic is not related to what he was talking about. Another difference is that after going through the process I believe making a blog is not an easy thing to do. I relate to this phrase because building my blog was not easy. 

My favorite weekly topic was Designing yourself on week 5. I liked that we had a guest speaker who showed a lot of examples on how to modify formatting within your blog. During her presentation she showed us really creative ideas. Some of those I tried to add to my blog. In this course, I’ve learned that making a wordpress account takes time to make your blog. 

Another concept I really enjoyed was when we talked about digital breadcrumbs. This podcast included an example of how a girl used her phone and left a trail behind. It answered questions like “Why do we leave trails? and Where do the breadcrumbs come for? It also talked about how people find our knowledge to chase the trail that is leading. This podcast relates to my blog because the connection between podcasts and presentations are quite similar. Now that I realize this i’ve noticed how when to communicate on media it’s just like your in an interview. I learned from the podcast that spreading bread crumbs can be seen and followed on the internet. How does the article relate to the vimeo video? This article relates to the video on the purpose Matthew Stadler was talking about. He said that websites are created and invented by the internet and everyone around the world is watching.

The course was really great, I enjoyed the experiences on learning how a blog works. This helped me a lot to understand how the internet works and how to create content. I liked the guidance and help on how to make changes step by step. Tutorials were quite helpful as our TA brought great questions to guide the discussion. I thought publishing was going to be challenging at first, but I realized that I could relate what I know into how I can publish a post.  I think the course was a great experience although it was my first time trying to make a blog in person. I will check with my blog later on. However right now I want to take a break from staring at the computer all the time. Taking a break from the blog would really help me in being less stressed for assignments. I think I can start looking at blog posting in a different way. 

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Process post wk 12

A community guideline Is like a strict rule. I like to watch videos on Youtube a lot, their community guidelines are :

–   Spam and deceptive practices

–   Fake engagement

–   Impersonation

–   Scams

–   External link Policy

The most important one is violent or dangerous content. This means that something that could evolve into violence. Now Youtube has implemented Covid 19 guidelines, people are not allowed to spread misinformation about Covid 19. If you are on Youtube your channel could get terminated at any moment if a user behaves outside the community guidelines. This means that they lose access to their account. I have seen very harsh pranks and Youtube sometimes tells the author to take the video down.

For TH life I would like readers to be careful with what they are posting. I would like for my audience to have more of an understanding of my page. I am thinking of sharing more communications. An important community guideline in TH Life would be:

  • Find more evidence about the information posted
  • Users would have to be respectful with one another
  • Each should be responsible with their language and what they post. 

Process post wk 11

How did I get into videogames?

My first videogame I played was a handheld Dora the explorer super spies. When I was little the game was a bit easy. Yes I finished the game. Gameboy advance

Peer review 3

Today I am going to be introducing the blog of my classmate Kim. The blog is titled Kim’s Eureka and is full of Aha moments and adventures Kim shares with her readers. 

First thoughts 🤔

When you enter Kim’s blog you land on her hello page. From this page, I can see she has a great understanding of the topics of her blog: yoga, wellness and spirituality. When Kim addresses her readers she is honest and gives you details about who she is and the purpose of her blog. I like that this Hello page was neat, clear and modern. Kim added a picture of herself to the right. She uses bolded works to highlight text and the spacing is great for reading.  

Design 🤍

The design of her top banner of her page is very nice and modern. I liked that she used a shadowing picture of a yoga pose, it visually gives insight into what the blog is about. She has a link to her Linkedin account, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channel in the menu bar. Kim uses a grayish palette combined with colorful undertones. She has two main sections in her menu or navigation bar. The Eureka section is aligned with the categories she created for the blog posts. It seems like she took time to also color code the sections in her blog either gold or silver. She creates images for each blog post that gives the overall blog a consistent look. I liked how she links up videos, audios, photos and even posts within her blog to share basic examples. At the bottom of her page she added a calendar and a sign up section for a newsletter. Kim also included a section where you can use tags to help you navigate the content of her blog. I would recommend trying to change the lighter color of the text and/or size; at times it was difficult to read. When navigating Kim’s Eureka I learned a lot from external links. 

Content 😌

Her content often includes screenshots and details. She keeps a casual tone when writing but makes great connections with class content, discussion and readings. She also summarizes her takeaways from each week of class which was very helpful to see. Kim is very careful with her grammar and has a great vocabulary, I had to google some of the words she used. I really enjoyed when she used emojis within her text. I would recommend creating a section where she gives readers some recommended ways to navigate the website. Maybe creating a page that outlines what will be found in each tag or section of the blog and how to better find the content the reader wants. 

Audience and Advertising 👏

Kim’s intended audience is folks who are interested in fitness, yoga and wellness. I am learning about yoga just now, so I wouldn’t know which channels to recommend. Maybe post ads on yoga studios websites, like Oxygen Yoga and Fitness. I would recommend using both text based simple ads and other ads with pictures to reach a wider audience. 

I think Kim made great connections in her blog. I really liked the yoga tips. The image selection was beautiful. Kim’s website shows she dedicated a lot of effort and time into her page. 

Namaste! 🙏

process post wk 10

When hearing the word analytics I think about donations. I think about how a website is supported. 

what is the cost?

It costs mostly a dollar shown by users who support the website. Users give their attention and participation to websites by commenting and watching. They can also click adds. However, the cost is leaving evidence or data breadcrumbs behind. The downside is that this data can be tracked down.

what is my opinion about data trails?

My thoughts are “where’s the data trails coming from?” I haven’t got any expectations that users can attract other websites. Before our lecture on privacy I did not know that data trails existed and that this information was being collected. When browsing online, I have not gotten a chance to browse what my data footprint can be. 

Is there hope?

I have not given up on preserving my data online. Although I just learned about this I want to continue learning about this and how to have a more private online browsing experience.  I think we have an opportunity to use this for good. For example websites like we can use our online power to giving money, finding missing pets or starting petitions for a topic of your choice. 

Mini assignment #4 south park go

For this remix I combined two games with Pokemon go and South Park phone destroyer.

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Process post wk 9

The first time I watched a video about Amazon Go, I was speechless.

It’s very cool because I didn’t realize Amazon would invent high technology to improve their guidance. What’s really cool about this video is that it uses the amazon app to key in items and has a censor to access in.    

The video was not that scary, it was basically a simple task of what shopping really looks like without any line ups and cash registers.  

Is that the phone can be useful to do work with everything such as a list making, or having an account. What’s interesting is your thinking would be like the three steps to make.

I think how they got the idea is they want to improve their way of making their technology advance so it doesn’t get confusing. Another idea is why not plan a simple way where there are self checkouts.  

I think some of the benefits are possibly that can be useful such as using robots as store clerks to help find items to guide where they are to search.  

The disadvantages are that there might be stealing items without paying, or getting caught of security. It would be the troubling part where people like to take things without paying.

I wish to go to amazon go store because I would like to compare what are the differences between other stores that don’t have that kind of technology. I think that’s why I really want to know why there’s a difference with other supermarkets that don’t have technology.

After watching this video it reminds me of whole foods. In whole foods, products are organic, fresh and they bring items from all countries.