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what to do with covid-19

Our family has been staying home for months from the pandemic for 24/7 the only thing we do is save ourselves by survival on food. I’ve seen people wearing mask following strict rules through society. Sometimes what I see is people are chatting on zoom, staying home from work and school. A lot of people are getting tested by the vaccine, having social distancing. It’s sad that events get canceled, having lookdowns through the second wave. I hope the pandemic will end soon until another year.  

What I do at home

Sometimes I watch TV with my family. Such as global news and other shows we watched on YouTube. What I do in my spare time is play games and draw pictures. I also like to look up things on social media such as instagram, snapchat and facebook. I also post some drawing pictures through instagram stories once a month. I play pokemon go and south park: phone destroyer. Both games have a difference because they both can battle, and earn points. In phone destroyer card requests are for 8 hours sometimes it earns pvp tickets, coins, items and card themes. In team wars your goal is to win 3 times and earn pvp tickets. In pokemon go it does raid battles, gym battles, special research and other things.

Peer Assignment

For this blog post, I will be presenting one of my classmates’ blog. This to share my impression of their page, acknowledge their hard work and final creation. Also, to provide a perspective on how others see their site. The main goal is to issue useful feedback after carefully reviewing their site.


Nick does a really good job at setting up his online self and presenting it on the blog. He chats about his hobbies such as music, playing the guitar, track and field and drinking beer.  I liked how Nick focused his blog content on sharing his persona and what he likes. 

On his blog, he talks about: his relationship with music and how his parents liked Canadian singers. This is a very personal piece on what music means to him. Another part that he talks about is why he runs. He mentioned that it is to be healthy and fit and to let go of his fears.

I liked Nick’s design decisions. He uses his own images throughout the blog and as a background. The formatting was great, he organized the pictures on one side and the text on the other. I also liked the color scheme that he selected, black and white for background. He incorporated pictures wisely and related the text in the article to images. It’s nice that he expresses himself in the writing but also visually. Nick also added a playlist that showcases the music he likes. He also uses quotes, which is great. 

The writing in the blog is free of typos, there were no mistakes when I looked on his blog. Nick clearly organized and reviewed his posts, images and music playlist. The writing is clear and makes sense because he is showing his readers what his interests are. 


I would suggest changing the navigation buttons on the lower part of the main page. On this page, the About Me and Pub101 buttons do not take you to those pages. I was redirected to a different page, so I would recommend fixing the links.  As an optional recommendation, I would add more colors to the blog and change the white text over pictures as it can be difficult to read. 

In conclusion, I would say his page is very detailed and it is neat.

Keep up the good work!

Thinking about businesses….

The pandemic has given us all a time to reflect and think. Lately, I have been thinking about business and how we have changed from living our normal lives to quarantining, from going to places to staying at home.

Before the quarantine, I used to go to The Monarch House to help out as a volunteer. I have been volunteering with this organization for 4 and a half years, since July 2016. I remember being there and not knowing what was social distancing. 

Sadly, the Monarch House has been closed since March 2020. This took me by surprise and I did not know it was coming. It was disappointing because it is also the situation of many people around the world. Businesses have closed, people have lost their jobs, some shops have filed for bankruptcy. 

I noticed this was the case for retail stores at Metrotown. However, restaurants and food business seem to be alright. I think people will always need food. This has been one of the businesses that has not been as affected by the covid pandemic. Like the example of Blue Market Cafe in Deep Cove, a cafe turned into a grocery delivery service . It’s interesting that some businesses have closed, others have just opened but I wonder how many will survive after the Pandemic? I also wonder if we will keep social distance and measure peoples temperature before entering a store or a restaurant. When will be the next time that you sit next to a stranger without a mask? [highlight text] In my opinion, it will be about 5 years. It seems that just wearing a mask has been a debate. Some people are saying they are medical exempt, some wear the mask to protect themselves and others and who is right or wrong? 

Personally, I wear a mask everytime I go outside. In British Columbia, you could be fined $230 dollars if you do not wear a mask or have belligerent behavior

Mini Assignment #2 Guest post by Wendy Testaburger

Hi everyone, my name is Wendy, I am a character from South Park and I am here to share information about Cancer Awareness. I want to share this information that I found in an article:

  1. Stay away from cigarettes, vaping or tobacco in general 🚭
  2. Eat your proteins, fruits and veggies 🍎🥕
  3. Hit the gym or go run in a track field 🏃‍♀️
  4. Careful with obesity 🏋️‍♀️
  5. 1 alcoholic drink a day🍷
  6. Protect yourself from Ultraviolet rays ☀
  7. Watch out for environmental toxins 🛡
    1. In particular toxins like “asbestos fibers, benzene, aromatic amines, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)”.
  8. Stay away from infections related to cancer🎗
  9. Get lots of rest 😴
  10. Make sure you have vitamin D supplements 💊

Thank you for listening and not booing at me!


Wendy Testaburger from South Park Fandom

Works cited

Harvard Health. “The 10 Commandments of Cancer Prevention.” Harvard Health, Apr. 2009, 

Reflection about strangers

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

In my opinion, everybody around the world is a stranger. A stranger is someone who does not know you. A stranger can be some who you meet on the street, or someone who asks you for change. You never know when a stranger may approach you or ask you something. A stranger becomes a friend when you introduce yourselves or ask a question about: who they are? And what is their name? A stranger becomes a known person when I know who they are, in particular their name.

When meeting new people in person I say “Hi” or “Hello” to begin with. Online is a bit different, I just introduce myself by my name and say the things I like such as hobbies. Meeting people online is a bit different because you can only see them through a screen. The good part is someone you can meet on zoom can later be a known person in face to face. You can react to someone you know online and recognize them. I prefer face to face interactions because people will react to other people’s emotions. You can also tell more from the person’s mood, how they are feeling and eye contact in a face to face interaction. Some of the things I like about meeting others online are the chance to chat and use emojis in phrases. Online you can also share images and stories which are called highlights as if moments or memories. 

I don’t have much experience talking to strangers in person. The last example I remember is talking to someone over the phone, from Telus. She accidentally called me for a wrong customer. I said “No, you got the wrong phone number” then she apologized to me and hung up.