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Process Post #6

Regarding this week’s lecture: I really loved and enjoyed listening to Tod’s lecture today. It was very amusing, fun but very informative on the work he does and how important it is! The SWARM method is definitely something that I want to keep in mind for the future, either in my career and my blog. […]

Process Post (6) Digital Literacy & Trusting Sources

From Peer Review to Plugins

Last week, my blog was peer-reviewed for its design by my fellow classmate, Jade. She suggested I try to make my pages more interactive and dynamic. “She can try plugins for carousels, or someway incorporate some movement between the site visitors and her pages/content.  I think this could really add excitement to what she has already put out.” In light of Jade’s advice and after some of my own personal reflection on the style of my blog at the time, I implemented a couple new changes. I first reformatted my social media icons, placing them into a sidebar along with three of my most recent music playlists in which I displayed as a carousel-like slider. I achieved this look by using the MetaSlider plugin. I am also currently working on a new layout for the photos I feature in my Travel category. I was using the plugin Photo Gallery to post my photos from my trip to Sechelt, but I wasn’t fully satisfied with this plugin’s features and lack of flexibility. The font for my captions was grey and hard to read, and each photo was significantly cropped unless you clicked to expand it. I decided to switch to Elementor, a much more comprehensive and visually pleasing plugin with far fewer limitations than the previous plugin I used.


Combatting Fake News & Misinformation

Our lecture this week was focused on confirmation bias and digital literacy, which got me thinking about the kind of information I publish online and will in the future. This year’s Edelman Trust Barometer tells us that nearly seven in 10 respondents worry about fake news and false information being used as a weapon. This is something that’s largely out of my control, as I am just one tiny personal blog in a sea Internet news and opinion sources. But I can do my part to help combat this era of fake news. How? I am not a news source website. I identify as more of an opinion and personal experience source. But by communicating with as little bias as possible, being honest and reliable with any facts I include and linking these facts to credible sources of expertise, I can build up my own credibility and genuinely become a trusted source of information.


In Mike Caulfield’s article “Yes Digital Literacy. But Which One?” he stresses “domain knowledge is crucial to literacy”. This goes beyond the C.R.A.P detector we discussed in class. We must consider and understand the environment which our website sources act in, and using our tools and skills, critically analyze the info online that many of us are quick to consume without batting an eye. 


Online Community

My process of growing my blog and developing my publishing skills continues to build each week. This week, I thought back to a concept from my CMNS 353 course on Issues in Technology and Society. We discussed five characteristics of online communities, with one that I feel is quite relevant to the knowledge I am gaining in this course. Online communities contain an element of shared resources and support. My ideal blog would foster a sense of community and be a utility resource. It would be a place where my audience was more than just that – an audience or a readership. They would be treated as members of my website who feel securely able to share their insights and experiences with one another, as a supportive exchange of resource.Through this process, social capital (the resources people obtain because of their network of relationships) is exchanged.

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Peer Review #2

Upon first glance of Remy June’s website, I am immediately impressed. The graphics Remy has decided to use on her home page are very well coordinated in colour and style, and pair perfectly with the content of her website, which is essentially a lifestyle blog. Remy uses three graphics in particular that stand out, which are her listen, travel, and lifestyle categories. Each graphic has a nicely edited picture that matches the description, and is well designed to fit in with the rest of the homepage. Remy skillfully uses just the right amount of colour to offset the whitespace throughout her website, keeping the theme stylistically very minimal.

While there are very few recommendations I would give Remy in regards to how she could improve her website, I might recommend installing the category excluder plugin. In doing so, Remy could showcase only her listen, travel and lifestyle blog posts on her front page, while excluding her process posts (they would still be accessible through her pub 101 category). This feature might come in handy should Remy decide to continue blogging following her successful completion of the course.

I would like to acknowledge, finally, that Remy has excellent taste in music, and that I would happily go for a car ride with her sometime. The tone Remy uses throughout the blog is warm and welcoming, and I find myself as a reader being greeted as if I were a close friend. Remy’s writing in her blog posts is incredible in depth, notably in her post titled 24 Hours in Washington, DC, in which she includes many details and photographs about her travels through the city. As someone with similar interests of travelling and music, I can see the potential for Remy to reach a large audience through her relatable content and easily navigable website.

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Process Post #6

This week was an off week for me, when I started reading break I was really excited to do some catch up and get some posts out, sadly however I had a family emergency and had to drop everything. So now here we are a week later and I am only just starting back up again. Hopefully this week I can catch up and get some stuff out but I’m still not really sure what is going on, how I’m doing, or where we are going…

Process Post (Week 6)

This week, we made changes to our website based on peer feedback. I have made a few changes based on Shazia’s post about my website.

First, I have started adding different type of media into my posts. Shazia wrote that a lot of my content was long and wordy, which could be boring to readers. I hadn’t thought about this, and so I found the feedback really helpful. I have added pictures and other media to a few of my posts already, and I plan to continue to mix up what kind of media I am posting. I hope to start creating videos soon as well.

The second thing I have changed is that I added a picture on my About page. I think that just like Shazia said, this will help readers create a more personal connection with me.

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Professional Process Post #5: I Created Viral Content

Hello friends,

This week in class we discussed analytics. I thought I would discuss my experience creating viral content for another class, and how I intend to apply what I learned to my own blog.

I am currently taking CMNS 353: Topics In Technology and Society. My professor for this course asked us to write viral content. To do so, most students wrote a Buzzfeed post. Anyone who received over a thousand views on their piece was rewarded with bonus marks.


I was constantly referring to my Buzzfeed analytics to see how far my writing was reaching.

Writing the piece was interesting. Just as I am expected to do with my blog, our article needed to target a specific audience. It also had to be related to social media. As a student addicted to the Internet, I decided to write about struggles students face online. On both my blog and on Buzzfeed, I made my work personal, as I am more likely to promote to and resonate with those I relate to. After settling on a topic, I expected writing the piece to be easy. As we all know, most successful Buzzfeed posts are extremely simplistic. They are typically formatted as a list with headings, pictures and brief descriptions. However, I found it somewhat difficult to write like this. It was difficult to be concise and entertaining. When writing content accessible to your virtual networks, it is a little more difficult to be confident in your content. You know other people will actually be reading this!


I began to promote my piece by sending the link to my boyfriend, family and group chat with several of my close friends. My close connections frequently revisited the page. Although this significantly boosted my article’s social lift, my article needed to reach further to get a thousand views. So, I began sharing my piece on Facebook. Instead of posting the link as my status, I posted it to a large female empowerment Facebook group called Inpower 2.0. Many of the women in the group are similar to me; everyone is fairly young, and lots of them are enrolled in university. I decided to ask these women to help me reach my view count, and they provided incredible support. Immediately after I posted, my view count skyrocketed as people began to visit and share my work. In just over a week, I went from 44 views to 908, and my analytics showed that most of my audience was brought to my article via Facebook. My article eventually stopped receiving traffic via Inpower 2.0. referrals, and I posted my link once again to another group. Within minutes, I had reached a thousand views.

Promoting Carly Camera…

Through this Buzzfeed assignment, I learned the power of networking. To increase traffic to my blog, I intend to share my cyber infrastructure with my network, which includes my friends, family, classmates and online communites.

Now that you have read about the process, please take a look at my Buzzfeed article!



Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Wow, Teddy, what a repetitive title! Yes, I know… but it reflects the repetition I’m dealing with in my life right now! Currently, I am sick with strep throat. This is the third time I have been sick in two months, and I am really frustrated.

I generally think of myself as a pretty healthy person. I exercise, shower and wash my hands frequently, and I keep my space clean. So why the heck do I keep getting sick? I have never been sick this many times in such a short period of time, and it’s really starting to take a toll on the rest of my life. I am behind in school,  I have missed tests and exams, and I am basically confined to my room.

I am trying my best to get better, but there is only so much I can do, especially since the stress of school piling up keeps weighing me down. Not to mention I do not have anyone to help take care of me because I live alone!

I was so excited for this semester, but to be completely honest, it has sort of become a hot mess. While that makes life hard right now, I am learning from all the things that are going wrong. I just hope I can turn things around before April.

To those of you who are also sick right now, my condolences!

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Peer Review #2

Reviewing a peer in this class is an interesting process because I know that things are always in flux and constantly changing, but I was very excited to explore a fellow classmate’s website and really get into the details of who they are and what is working and what is not. For this project the goal is to look at the design of the website, and how it reflects the person who has created it, and whether or not it is achieving what the designer has set out to do. My peer is Christopher, of 

Now, in Travis Gertz’s article, “Design Machines: How to Survive in the Digital Apocalypse”, he mentions the two sides to design: UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) — or as it’s often more simply referred to as: “form” and “function”. We’re going to take a look at Christopher’s blog in terms of these two sides, with “form” including the visual aspects of the site and “function” encompassing the “how it works”.

Upon first glance at Christopher’s page, you can tell he is someone who really understands aesthetics and the kind of image he wants to reflect. This is clearly an artistic guy who is in touch with what is trendy, yet who is still an individual with his own identity and own twists on the traditional. The page is very, very clean. There is fantastic hierarchy and a beautiful balance of white space with text and images. Christopher’s page does not overload the viewer with images, however there are certainly enough to keep the view interested and engaged, and not overwhelmed by the text.

I like the clean lines that run throughout the site. For whatever reason, the borders on the pictures seem super sharp and clean, which is extremely aesthetically pleasing, and likely a reflection of  Christopher’s personal preferences when it comes to aesthetics.

The website is also very easy to navigate. I love the menu at the top, and the drop down menu from that point so that the viewer can visit specific blog posts from the main page. There is great hierarchy between the title, the menu, and the posts themselves. It is very logical and easy to follow, and it directs your eye to the appropriate places in the order that I believe was intended during the design process.

I think the theme is a really smart choice because it is working with the aesthetic choices that Christopher has been using, especially including the clean lines in the rectangles that mirror those of the photos Christopher has included in his posts. The fonts are also sharp, clean, and easy to read, and do not detract from the reading process.

This website is providing me with a lot of inspiration. Christopher clearly has a strong idea of who he is, and what he wants to project through his site. I feel like I do not have quite such a specific design/aesthetic through my blog, and I would love to have my site reflect me as much as Christopher’s seems to reflect him.

I think it’s smart to include the links to tumblr, linkedin and Instagram on the page, because these are sites that Christopher clearly uses on a regular basis and reflect who he is as a person and as an artist.

Gertz comments that nowadays “everything looks the same”, however I can confidently argue that Homeslicedang is definitely not just another cookie-cutter website, but rather a space that is much more personal, more serene, and clearly human.

Tropical Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone! I just recently went to Mexico and wanted to show you how I did my makeup for a hot and muggy environment. I love going on vacation to tropical places because you get to explore all your favourite summer products that have been […]

Peer Review #2

For this peer review, I was assigned to review Heather Woolley’s website Lemons to Oranges. Arriving on the front page the first thing I am greeted with is an image of lemon slices with transition into orange slices. While this offers something eye catching to those just arriving at the site, it also provides a very simple and literal visualisation of the website. The transitions between the lemons and oranges is very smooth and gives off an air of professionalism. However, I would suggest changing the font of the text that accompanies the transitions. As a serif font used in a website otherwise consisting of sans-serif fonts, it seems out of place and off brand. Additionally, I find the “scroll down” link unnecessary, as clicking it only brings me back to the exact same screen.
I really enjoy the colour scheme of the blog. The bright pink and green are consistent throughout the entire blog, and I think it adds to the citrus theme that’s going on. The pink reminds me of grapefruit or pink lemonade, and the green reminds me of limes. The font used for the headings feels very on brand, but I wish I could see it used more in the blog. The font used for body text is simple and legible. While exploring the categories of the blog, most of the pages are heavily dominated by text. While there are clear headings that divide each blog post, I think the blog would benefit from using the “featured image” function during the creation of a post. While this function may not agree with your theme, I would consider giving it a try to see if it helps break up the text. Looking at the gallery page, I can see the potential in it but it needs to be structured better. The spacing and size of the images is often uneven, and it looks rather sloppy.
In terms of blog structure and accessibility, I think it works fine. The hanging tab is convenient and it helps add more colour to whatever page I’m on. Something I would consider removing is the “Blog” option on the sidebar menu. Following it brings me to what is essentially a recent posts page, which already exists as a sidebar menu. There is no social media integration, but I don’t think it’s necessary. The blog gives off enough personality that adding social media might seem superfluous.
Overall, I think Lemons to Oranges is a great looking blog. There are some minor things that need to be reworked, but nothing too big that it distracts from the look and feel of the blog in any major way.

Dear Heather, it’s cool, I liked your review a lot and i’ll take the advice into consideration. I hope I wasn’t too harsh on yours, I genuinely do like the look you’ve established.

Peer Review #2

For my second peer review I was assigned the website ‘Cami The Veggie.’ After first sight the website is very simple and easy to navigate. Personally I am a big fan of minimalism and simplicity, but I did find myself questioning whether or not this website may be to simple. The white background is very appealing to me, but possibly may take up too much space when looking at the website as a whole. There are many different ways in which parts of this space could be filled, including maybe the use of more photos, a sidebar or a header/logo. The overuse of white space on this website leads to the lack of a focal point, leaving my eye wandering and not quite sure where I should be looking first.

I love the simplicity of her navigation bar, the minimal amount of categories and pages makes navigating the site extremely simple and therefore enjoyable. I do not find myself lost or overwhelmed by this website which for me is very important as I am not the most  knowledgeable when it comes to technology. The ‘about’ section of this website is well done. I like how she chose to keep the description of her self and her website short yet also informative in regards to who she is and what can kind of content can be expected.

The content of her website is also well done, I love the casual tone of her writing as it seems to create a more personal relationship between her and her readers. I know that I as a reader feel as if she is speaking directly to me rather than to a mass unidentified audience. Though the basis of her posts seem to be very simple, Cami has a way of developing them into something of much more depth through her detailed descriptions. In her ‘Week 2’ post, she discusses a variety of engaging topics such as what she was eating, why she created this blog based around her daily diet as a vegetarian, the criticism she has opened her self up to by doing so and much more. This post specifically allows for the reader to get to know her as person a bit better, and shows many different angles that Cami could take in her future writing while also remaining consistent with the theme of her website.

Overall,  I very much enjoy this website and it seems to be coming along very well with a good layout in regards to organization and easy navigation as well as interesting and consistent content. My only critique is in regards to the design aspect of the blog and the overuse of white space – which can very easily be adjusted through the use of more photographs, a header, a sidebar or many other layout details.

Process Post #6

I really enjoyed the suggestions that Lauren made in her review of my blog. There were four things that I tweaked as a result of her review.



On the topic of navigation, however, it’s unfortunate there is no ‘home’ button or icon to get back to the main page,

Oops, my bad! I realized that, when I was playing with having a logo on my blog, I accidentally disabled my blog’s header. I’ve since reinstated my header (which is just “KIM KIND OF COOKS”); when clicked on, one will be lead back to my homepage.

On the topic of headers, I was inspired by Lauren’s custom logo header. However, I don’t think that a logo header would work for my own blog as I like the simplicity of my current header.


The Instagram feed on the sidebar looks great but there’s no clear link to the Instagram page itself.

This is true. I added a little link under the sidebar widget so that the Instagram page so that it can be more easily accessed.

Sidebar makes recipe finding easy.

This small comment actually inspired me to make the finding of recipes even easier. I think that it would be useful for readers to be able to browse through the site through ingredients that they may have, so I’ve added a tag cloud to the sidebar.

I remember when I was playing with different recipe plug-ins, there was one that offered a similar option that would allow readers to navigate the site per ingredient. Hopefully I can find this again, as I don’t like how my non-ingredient tags are displayed.



Grammar is great. No typos I could find except the recipe for Comfort Chili reads ‘Comfort Chill.’ Honestly, who doesn’t need a little comfort chill in their life though. I can’t wait to finally comfort chill after this week of exams.

Really grateful that Lauren caught this typo. I’ve decided to title this post something different altogether. With the help of my friend, Amanda (there’s your shout-out, girl!), I came up with “Comfort Chil(l)i”. Very nice, I like it.


The recipes double up on ‘lunch’ and ‘dinner’.

Suzanne also pointed out that lots of my recipes double up for both lunch and dinner. A lot of this is because I personally think that lots of meals could be considered lunch or dinner. That said, I did switch it up so that each recipe only belongs to one category. It’s a bit arbitrary, but I think it’s nice to not have so much repetition.

Chia Seed Pudding

Chia Seed Pudding

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Yield: 4


3 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk
3/4 cup chia seeds
2 tablespoons of honey
Fresh strawberries, chopped
Fresh blackberries
Fresh blueberries
1/3 banana, sliced


1. Add the chia seeds to a large bowl, then add the almond milk. Use a whisk to mix.
2. Add the honey and whisk until blended.
3. Cover and chill in the fridge overnight, or for 3 to 4 hours.
4. Stir well before serving. Stir, not whisk!
5. Serve with fresh fruit of choice.

Chia seed pudding is something that I thought was so weird. I had seen my best friend’s sister eat it and I’ve also seen one of my co-workers bring it to work. Curious as I was, I asked for my co-worker’s recipe. I messed it up. I don’t quite remember exactly what I did but it tasted incredibly awful.

However, since I had bought chia seeds myself (dude, they’re kind of expensive), I was determined to try again. This time, though, I used this recipe, which was a lot more simple than my co-worker’s.

I’ve made this multiple times before and always top it with strawberries. I haven’t tried it with any other fruits, but I’ve suggested some in the recipe that I think would taste great with it.

Also, if you’ve read my Mixed Berry & Banana Overnight Oats post, you’ll know that I love gelatinous chia seeds. This recipe sure delivers just that.

Let me know what your thoughts are. What do you like to top your chia seed pudding with? Do you use something other than almond milk?

Review of

At a first glance, the website looks very engaging. I love the boating video, it really goes well with the title of the blog being all about adventuring. Although there is a large video on the homepage, the loading time for the website is still very fast, which I can appreciate. The content he …

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Week7: Publishers/Authors/Texts/Copyright

What would you do with your last hour of internet?

I am going to text my parents first who live across ocean, Tokyo Japan. And I am probably going to book my ticket to go back to Japan to see them because I don’t know how to contact them after the internet is gone. I have choice that I can send them letters including pictures printed but I always prefer to talk to them face to face. So I am definitely  going back to Japan to see them.


One big public sphere?






Counter publics

1, Develop alternative norms for public argument

2, Engage in argument in political & political spheres

3, Enact identities through new styles

4, They can be weak(conversations) or strong (action-based)

5, Formulate oppositional interpretations(identities, internets, needs) by creating a new language


Ex: The shooting in school 17 students dead

We concerned that why there are people who were filming during the shooting happened at US school. But I think the people who trying to film their live situation to share on their internet, Snapchat, facebook, or instagram are clever and brave. There were a lot of voice that blamed them who filmed that situation because some people were survived to show their power through filming for people who has been killed in same situation.


Confirming Bias

There are so many different people who look at the objects different angle. That means there are so many different opinions. But those things can be bias sometimes and we just correct people with one world “culture difference”. However, it is sometimes smart to try learning other cultures to understand their stance.


What kind of social media you can believe?

-Currency: timeline of the information


-Authority: whois creating this stuffs?



DINEOUT #2: Chambar

Chambar is conveniently located right next to the chinatown stadium skytrain stop. I loved the design of the place as soon as I walked in! The interior had a romantic dark candle lit ambience and some artsy decor.

I think this was the first time eating Belgian cuisine, so it was a new experience. For the appetizer I ordered the Scampi. It consisted of four prawns and a side of preserved lemon and carrot salad with little pieces of pomegranate. Underneath the flavorful prawns was a creamy sauce, which I later found out was smoked baba ganoush. I’m not too big of a fan of the salad, but the pomegranate was nice and sweet.

Next up was the Gnocchi. Ricotta gnocchi surrounding a salad of greens, watermelon radish, apples, brown butter sauce and hazelnuts. It sounded delicious… but I regretted ordering it. Gnocchi was subtly cheesy, soft and slightly seared on the outside. But the salad was bitter, and again salads aren’t really my thing. But if you do like bitter greens, the apples and nuts add a great crunch. What I should’ve ordered was the braised lamb shank or the mussels. I had a taste of the lamb shank and it was so juicy and tender, not to mention, a generous serving.

For dessert was a chocolate mousse with a layer of what seemed like a softer version of oreo crumbs and espresso ice cream on top. I like espresso ice cream so the first two, layers tasted great together. But the mouse was very chocolatey and not very sweet, and I couldn’t finish it.

Not a bad experience, but it would’ve been better if I ordered a different entree and dessert. I didn’t have to pay the $40, since it was a treat. 😀

Tarte Shape Tape Foundation Review

Recently I went ahead and purchased the new Tarte Shape Tape Foundation. I bought it off of the Tarte Cosmetics website which is the only website that sells this product as of right now. This foundation so far has only 18 different shapes and from what I have heard they are coming out with 20+ different colors to match every skin tone. The foundation itself is $55 Canadian and after tax it came out to $57 with free shipping. It took about 10 days to deliver to me and when it arrived my first impression was wow!

The package was purple with a lot of detail added and was also well packaged. Inside the box the product was wrapped in pink and white tissue paper and the product itself was packaged the same as the package it came in but just smaller. I got the shade “medium neutral”  in matte and matched perfectly to my skin color. I naturally have oily skin for this foundation worked perfectly. If you are looking for LONG wear matte foundation, I highly recommend this foundation. The coverage is medium to full coverage depending on how much you all. It is also a struggle for me to keep my face matte when I wear my foundation during the date or even on a night out but this foundation for sure does not budge. The only downside to this foundation is the wand. Every time you apply it to your face different bacteria gets on the wand and then is put back into the foundation bottle so whatever back bacteria on your face that day will stay on the wand for your not use. I have not get to try to hydrating foundation but from what I have heard it works great for people with dry skin but has a less coverage than the matte foundation!

If you’re in need for a new foundation, I would highly recommend the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation.

Process Post #4

I never really thought about who I imagined my audience to be.


I’m quite a private person, even online; my Facebook profile is mostly private, my main Instagram is private, and I’m very selective of the things I share on social media. Ever since elementary school, educators have talked about the dangers and consequences of posting personal information or inappropriate content on social media. So I’ve always been paranoid about posting things online. Worries like, future employers looking through my profiles, have prevented me from publishing public posts. My usual audience on social media would only be people I know in real life.


Now that I have a public outlet, who is my public audience going to be? I imagine the younger generation in Vancouver or tourists looking for places to eat. Once I expand my blog posts to talk about myself and my life, I think my audience will be more women and girls, since it would be relatable to them. Since, I think my audience would be mostly adolescents and young adults, I like to write informally, to seem more fun and friendly. All of my design decisions have been based on my own preferences, as this blog is almost like a public diary for me.


But so far, I’m pretty sure that the only people who look at my blog would be the PUB101 professor and peer reviewers, because I haven’t advertised my blog at all.

Peer Review #2

For this assignment I got to review Veronique and her website Awkward Girl. My first impression when I view this website is she’s probably very fun, based on the font and backdrop she uses. A Sunset yellow is the first thing I see for her website title. With a contrast of light and dark grey polkadots. She has a top bar to organize her posts, as well as a side bar to go more in detail. The post themselves are well written and corky. You really get a sense of Veronique’s personality when reading the blog. The bog post itself aren’t about a specific topic, which of course could be confusing for strangers who don’t take the time to read the content and virtually get to know the author. However regardless of the mystery, one I have read one of the post I get the impression that Veronique is very passionate about what she posts and what she addresses.

One of my favourite posts on the site is the post about her relationship with Pants. Seems like a dead and dull concept; however I enjoyed reading it. Her intro makes you want to read about her opinion and why she doesn’t like pants. Her posts aren’t full of facts, they’re her personal opinion and while she’s not trying to convince you to agree with her; you may end up doing so anyways. After exploring the website, I finally read her about me post. Without reading that I already got a sense of what she’s like, and now that Ive read it, I know what she’s like. Her about me post wasn’t to long or to short, and it gave just the right amount of information about herself to make me already like her. As it says under her title she’s “Unapologetically awkward”, in the best way possible.

As you can probably tell I’m a big fan of this website. Its not confined to one topic but rather whatever comes to Veronique’s mind. Other viewers may not get what she is trying to convey which is the only down fall I have about the site. I don’t think the message is confusing at all. I think Veronique should keep doing what she’s doing!

Thanks! xo

Peer Review #2

The blog I am reviewing this week is by a girl name Rina and her blog is called Style. My first overall opinion on Rina’s page is it is very well put together. It is easy to understand her page and find what you’re looking for. Everything you need to find is at the top right corner on the page. I enjoy how once I scroll down the page it brings you through all the different categories which also makes her blog easy to access.

Once I started to look around at her page, one tip I have to add is in her gallery page to start adding a couple photos in so its not just a blank spot people are looking at. By adding some pictures it will add flavour and draw more attention to that page.

Her Profile page is filled with a lot of information about her life and after reading her profile I got to learn a lot about her. She grew up in Tokyo and grew up loving to dance. She loved to help out at Tokyo Disneyland land & Sea and helped design dancers costumes for the different shows the theme park put on. I also learned she has excelled in design software which has helped make her designs more clear and easier to understand for her fellow coworkers.

On her post page I read the category JAPAN. Her writing is filled with a lot of detail.  She wrote about her time spend in Japan visiting her family and partner over the break. She talked about the different places she visited but overall she talked about her time in “Gion” which is one for her favourite places to travel too. She gave her experience and incorporated different photos she took during her time there. She talked about the food she ate, the rice bowls she made in Kyoto, the different temples she visited to wish and pray and talked about how she got there which was by a ” Kimono” that was a bit for than she expected.

Overall, I enjoyed reviewing Rina’s page and got to learn about her experience travelling back home and about her interests. The only pointer I would give her to just to add a bit of pictures on her gallery page because after reading her work it would be very enjoyable to see more photos of her experiences. Great Work Rina!

A Single Valentines Day Look

Hello everyone!

This Valentine’s day/night was spent with non only than my girlfriends! To me this is the best kind of way to spend this lovie day to show your love for the girls:)

I went out for a dinner and decided to dress myself in an I.AM.GIA pleather pant with two silver zippers on the front. These were comfortable as well as unique. The shine added a new element to the look which helped it stray away from a plain white pant look These pants were slightly flared so I paired these pants with a thick chunky black heal with a waffle bottom. This helped the look with its edginess. The top i decided on was a simple tight off the shoulder black top. It was quite fitted so I scrunched it up a bit to show some skin and add dimension between the pant ad shirt because there was no belt. Though it is not in the photo i did add a jacket. To me you could pair any coloured jacket with this look because of the concrete colours I have chosen. So if you wanted to brighten it up with a red fur or any fur for that matter I would go for it! I myself paired a leather and fur jacket to this look which helped me stay warm and also kept the idea of the look together.

I know I do not usually add in makeup and hair but the look I put together seemed to fit perfectly so I have decided to share it with you guys:)… I did a brown eye with a simple black eye shadowed wing. This gave me a smokey look and fit perfectly with the night. I then did a contoured face and a brown matte lipstick. I added a coupe of loose curls and pinned it back to show more of my face as well.

Though this look did not go with the colour scheme most people go with on such a bright day I thought the whit and black was acceptable for my occasion ! 🙂