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Christmas Gift Guide For Him

So Christmas is right around the corner and some people are probably really stressing out with gift ideas. Gifts are hard, but I got to admit…I’m a really good gift giver and gift thinker. I’m going to come up with some ideas for you to get your man if you’re having a hard time finding something.

Personally, my boyfriend is super hard to shop for. He doesn’t tell me what he wants and if he finds something he likes, he typically buys it for himself so it’s so difficult finding something.

I have a gift guide for valentines 2019 so you could also get anything from that post as well, but I’m going to try to change the items up!

A man always needs a good tie. There are many places to buy a tie and I have found it to be really easy to find nice ties for super cheap as well! If you look at The Bay, Simons, Holts and even Nordstroms

Men can always use more hair products (especially since sometimes they don’t know they need it). You can really get any hair gel at his barber. Ask any of the guys cutting hair because honestly idk which one’s are the best, the barbers know better!

An experience is always a safe bet! No matter what it is, a massage, a trip, a special dinner, an event that he wants to go to… he will love all of them.

Anything Lululemon is a safe bet. They could always use more comfortable clothing and workout gear. If you don’t know what to get him exactly, get a gift card because he will always be able to find something here.

If your boyfriend is anything like mine, then he would LOVE receiving video games as a gift. Honestly, I don’t know anything about video games so you would straight up have to just ask him which ones he wants. If you don’t want to ask, the only advice I can give you is to get the newest sports one (they seem to love those ones)!

Boys are very tricky to shop for, but if you get him any of these gifts I can assure you, you will be the best girlfriend ever!!



My favourite makeup remover

No matter I put on makeup or not, I use makeup remover to clean my face before using the cleansers everyday. Personally, I think this step is really important to make sure that there is no dust on my face. Today, I will share my favourite makeup remover- cleansing water and cleansing oil with you guys. Usually, I use cleansing water when I don’t have my eyelash extensions; if not, I use the cleansing oil (I heard that the cleansing oil is better on removing dust compare to the cleansing water).

Bioderma Sensibio H2O

  • Bioderma has made the cleansing water for different type of skin, you guys can check it out on its website! Also, sometimes Shoppers Drug Store has a pretty good deal-I believe it’s 2 for $30 (approximately) for Bioderma! Give it a try if you are interested in trying this product!

Bobbi Brown soothing cleansing oil

I know there are many different choices for the makeup remover in the market nowadays; however, Bioderma and Bobbi Brown are recently my top ones!! If you guys have other suggestions for the makeup remover, please share with me! I would love to hear it!! ❤

Feel Good Playlist

Music is one of my favourite ways to past time. I feel like many people are in the same boat as me as well. I think people really connect with music because songs are very easy to relate to no matter what you are dealing with in life at the time. There is always a song to express the way you are feeling no matter what and that is why I love it. I have so many songs that I love so I have decided I am going to do a few posts that have to do with my favourite songs. Hence the title, this playlist is going to be my ‘feel good playlist.’

Here are all my feel-good songs that I love to jam out to in the car. All of these songs can be found on Apple music. There are so many more songs that I have on my playlist but I thought that my top 9 picks would be enough for now.


Girls need love (Remix) (ft. Drake) – Summer Walker

Lil bebe – DaniLeigh

Westworld – Evan Giia

Never be like you – Flume

Pretending – The Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Baby Blue – Rence

From Time (ft. Jhene Aiko) – Drake

Lost In The Fire – The Weeknd & Gesaffelstien

Say something – Lucas & Steve

Hope you guys enjoyed reading!


My Recent Favourite “Skin Moisturized” Products

“Women are made by water.”

I really agree to this famous Chinese quote that is spread through so many generations. Therefore, I decide to share my recent favourites daily products that I use to keep my skin hydrated with you guys!

Usually, I categorized my “skin” into three parts- lip, hads and the whole body. As I mentioned in the previous posts, I have oily face-skin type; however, other than my face, the other parts of my skin are very dry. In this circumstance, myself extremely care about “hydrating” my skins everyday after showering or before going to bed.

So, let me share with you guys what I usually apply to my skins!

  1. Vaseline Intensive Care Dry Skin Repair Lotion
Vaseline Body Lotion
  • I really love the smell and texture of this product. It doesn’t have the strong smell and it is super hydrating. When I apply it on my skin, it doesn’t feel thick or oily at all. I really recommend this lotion to you guys if you also have the sry skin!! Also, I usually buy it from Costco, it has 3 bottles in a set and only costs 8.99 CAD. (Why not buying it with this SUPER HIGH CP value???!)

2. Gabrielle Chanel Moisturizing Body Lotion

Chanel Body Lotion
  • This lotion I personally think that it is a little expensive. I received this product  from my friend for my birthday. Although the price might be the reason that people dislike it, actually I personally really like it. The texture is very light and it has the very acceptable “girly smell.” If you guys think the price is affordable, give it a try!

3. L’occitane Shea Butter Intensive Hand Balm

L’occitane Hand Care
  • As you can see, it contains 25% of Shea butter in this hand cream which really moisturized my hands. Especially, Vancouver has dry winter, I can’t live without this hand cream. Some people would think it is too thick for them, I would suggest to apply this product every night before going to the bed if you feel uncomfortable with the oily texture!

4. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Laneige Lip Mask
  • I have to admit that I have a bad personal habit. That is, I like to pear off the dead (outer) skin (bark) on my lip. With this bad habit, my lip sometimes will slip and bleed for a bit. Therefore, I have to put on this lip sleeping mask before I go to bed every night to keep my lip hydrated. It’s the berry flavour (not the strong one tho!) and I personally really love it!!!

Holy Grail Makeup Products

So I know I have posted my makeup routine on here but I want to change it up a bit and just show you guys my absolute fav products. I don’t necessarily wear all of these products every single day, but they are products I could never live without.

A good concealer is everything to me. This is in my daily makeup routine and I don’t think I could live without it. Even the days where I have the worst bags under my eyes, it still somehow covers all the darkness.

Mascara has been one of the toughest products for me to find. I have gone through so many whether it be drug store or high end. I could never find one that did my lashes any justice until I found this one. It makes my eyelashes so long and the effects of it last all day.

I don’t know if you would consider this a makeup product, but I use it in my makeup routine. I use this as a prime/moisturizer to make my skin look shimmery and dewy. It is not a primer but I just love the way it makes my skin look. I use it before I put anything else on my face just to make me look I have a natural glow. I think it’s important sometimes to have a little bit of a glow, it just makes you look a bit more sunkissed and fresh.

Last but not least, a beauty blender. This isn’t a product but it is a tool I could not live without. It makes me look airbrushed and natural, and I use it for almost everything. I use it for my foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer & highlight. I have never used any other tool except this one and it is by far the best thing ever.

I know I don’t have that many “holy grail” products but I find that less is more. These are the products I would take with me no matter what and I would be happy to just have these in my makeup bag.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading and check some of these products out!


March favourites

It’s supposed to be Spring already, but every time my hoomans take me out for a walk it feels like it’s still Winter. The weather’s just PAW-ful and I still get the shivers every time I step outside. WHERE IS THE SUN? When can I start tanning???

Anyways, on to my MARCH FAVOURITES FOR 2018…

Favourite treat of the month:


For this month, the PAWSOME ERIKA (One of my hooman’s best friends) brought me these delicious cookies which are similar to the oreo cookies my hoomans are always eating. She brought me a HUGE pack of cookies which had two flavours, vanilla and peanut butter. Personally, I’m in love with the peanut butter flavoured cookie, but the vanilla cookie tastes amazing! The only problem is that I’m only limited to one cookie a day because my hoomans are forcing me to go on a diet. It’s really unfair because they put all the cookies in a clear cookie jar, which I can smell from a mile away and it’s always making me drool.

Favourite toy of the month:

Furballz Plush Toy

When one of my hoomans first brought me this weird purple furball, I thought it was some sort of monster. In my offense, it made strange noises and it had big white eyes that freaked me out a little. Although I was afraid of it for a couple of hours, I realized it was just a toy. Plus I figured out it was just a plush once my hoomans kept snickering every time I jumped away from it. All in all, it was actually very soft and floofy! For most of my other toys, the floofy part of the toy is always chewed off. However, for the furball plush, no floof came off while I tried my hardest to bite a chunk of the purple hair off. It gets a bit wet after I gnaw on it for hours, but it’s easily washable! My hoomans just wash it for me after a long session of chewing and an hour later, it comes out fresh and clean!

Well, that was my March favourites for 2018! Try the treats I recommended above and please suggest some more treats or toys for me to try for next month’s favourites!

Pawsitive wishes,

Mia the Frenchie ( ˃̶͈̀ ꈊ ˂̶͈́ )🐾