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Product of the Month

The product of the month that I have chosen is fashion related instead of beauty related. If you guys haven’t read my other ‘Product of the Month’ posts then let me give you a short explanation. This is an area where I share my favourite product of the month that I have been wearing or trying out. All of the products I have chosen so far have been beauty related so now I’m going to show you guys a fashion favourite for March.

This months product is the ‘Levi Ribcage Straight Jeans’. These jeans are some of my favourites for many reasons. They are very comfortable and they fit very true to size. They haven’t stretched out on me yet and I’m not sure they will. The bow on them makes this jean super different because I’ve never seen a pair of jeans with a denim bow attached, but the good thing about these jeans is if you aren’t into the bow, it is also detachable. I love these jeans because they are long enough and aren’t cropped looking at me. I am tall enough for normal lengthed jeans to look cropped on me and it is one of the most annoying things.

Hope you guys like these jeans and find them comfortable. Definitely go and try them!


Fashion favs for spring

FINALLY. SPRING IS HERE. We are finally able to dress for warm weather without being too cold. I have some fashion favourites when it comes to spring fashion and I’ve been waiting to talk about it.

A t-shirt dress is a must. It is super easy to just throw on and pair with any jacket and any type of shoe. You can pick up these type of dresses in many colours so it looks like you are wearing something different each time. They are also super comfortable to wear.

The next item I think is a must to have in your closet for the spring and summer time is a pair of white pants. White pants are a staple because they look fresh and bright! You can pair them with any coloured shirt and pretty much any type of shoe.

I believe that it is crucial to have a skirt in your collection. Plaid skirts have become very popular again (even if your not in private school) and they are super cute to dress up, or dress down.

The last item that I am going to share is a long silk dress. I think these types of dresses are so cute because you can make them super dressy or super casual. They are very pretty on anyone and they look perfect for an occasion.

Hope you guys like some of these items and check them out online! You will find many more items like them on the Aritzia website. Thanks for reading!


Feel Good Playlist

Music is one of my favourite ways to past time. I feel like many people are in the same boat as me as well. I think people really connect with music because songs are very easy to relate to no matter what you are dealing with in life at the time. There is always a song to express the way you are feeling no matter what and that is why I love it. I have so many songs that I love so I have decided I am going to do a few posts that have to do with my favourite songs. Hence the title, this playlist is going to be my ‘feel good playlist.’

Here are all my feel-good songs that I love to jam out to in the car. All of these songs can be found on Apple music. There are so many more songs that I have on my playlist but I thought that my top 9 picks would be enough for now.


Girls need love (Remix) (ft. Drake) – Summer Walker

Lil bebe – DaniLeigh

Westworld – Evan Giia

Never be like you – Flume

Pretending – The Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Baby Blue – Rence

From Time (ft. Jhene Aiko) – Drake

Lost In The Fire – The Weeknd & Gesaffelstien

Say something – Lucas & Steve

Hope you guys enjoyed reading!


Best Shoes for Spring

Now that spring is around the corner we have to think about changing our shoes. Sounds weird, but it’s true. We will stop wearing snow shoes soon and go on to wearing shoes that are suitable for spring. I have a few favourites (some old and some new) but they all work for spring fashion.

Air force 1’s, sandals, Vans, Yeezys, Doc Martens, Mules

Air Force 1’s are a good staple shoe to own because they are a classic white sneaker. These are super cute to style with a loose dress and they can make a fancy outfit turn casual in a second.

Sandals are a super nice shoe to have in the spring/ summer because you are able to wear them with almost everything. They look good paired with a dress, shorts, jeans etc… and they can be dressed up or dressed down. I don’t have a specific pair of sandals to link for you guys but if you ever find yourself in Capri, Italy they specialize in creating custom sandals for anyone. They are some of the best sandals I have ever bought and they will last a very long time.

Vans are a classic. They work with almost every outfit and like the Airforce 1’s they can make any outfit look more casual then it might be. Vans have many different types of shoes with many different colours and patterns to choose from. They have a huge range of shoes and they are pretty cheap compared to other sneakers.

A pair of shoes that I own and think that I will get a lot of use out of them in the spring. These shoes are the Yeezy Boost 700 V2 “Static Wave” and I think I will wear them a lot because I don’t own a pair of the Airforce 1’s and these are my version of them. They are a classic white and grey shoe that will go with anything and again, make everything more casual.

My favourite shoe at the moment are my Dr Martens. It’s funny because these shoes used to be super popular in the ’90s and then they started to come back in 2008 and then people stopped wearing them until 2018 and now they are popular again. I have been wearing my Docs since December and I wear them with almost everything. I can’t wait to wear them in the spring with dresses and shorts. I think the creme colour would look super cute in the spring with outfits because when you think of spring you think of light colours instead of dark colours.

The last shoe is one that grew on me and it took a while for me to like them. This shoe is the mule shoe. There are a lot of knockoffs for this style of shoe, I have linked the Steve Madden version of the shoe. The original one is from Gucci but they are very expensive. These shoes also come as a fur version as well which are nice for spring because if it is still kinda cold then your feet are kept warm. These shoes are super cute because you can wear them with almost anything and they can make an outfit look dressier then it is. If you are thinking about getting any of these shoes, I would definitely recommend the mules.

Thank you for reading! I hope you guys find at least one of these shoes good for spring and hope you will go out and get a pair.