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Essay 2_ Not the end, but a new beginning.

Everyone has his or her dream job, so do I. When I first gain the access to the online platforms, I was amazed by the beauty bloggers and YouTubers. Undoubtedly, being a social influencer such as beauty blogger and YouTuber has become my dream job. In the past, I always thought that these online social influencers are the “easy profitable jobs.” To emphasize, they can make money very easily just by writing posts and filming videos via the internet. However, I totally change these stereotype on social influencers when I start writing my personal blog. In other words, I know now that being a blogger is not as simple as it seems. Today, I will discuss my personal experience of being a startup blogger.

First of all, the progress from 0 to 100 is extremely difficult, especially as an new blogger. To emphasize, blogging is not the hardest part for me throughout this experience. Creating a website from bare bone, for example creating menus, categories ,and tags, is a challenge for me as I am not as tech-savvy as the other people. However, once I persevere, it is a joyride from then on. In this case, let’s start with my original intention and goal of my blog. Before creating the blog, I am already familiar with buying and trying many different types of beauty products. Also, I really like to share my personal reviews of these products with my family and friends. As a result, beauty products are the main focused topic that I would like to share with my audiences. In these circumstances, “Maggie Loves to Share” is the first slogan that pops up in my mind when I start my personal blog. Hence, I set this line of sentence on the top of my website. In my opinion, this slogan not only clearly express my desire to share but also easy understood by my audiences. In addition, I choose pink as the main colour for my website. With this design, just like Emma- my peer reviewing partner states, the baby pink accent that I used represents a very charming appearance which is clear that my website is very girly and attractive (Emma, 2019.) Following on the setting and design of my personal website, I hope that my audiences are able to have a better understanding of products that they interested after reading my reviews and sharing information that I have provided throughout my posts. Moreover, to attract more readers and to find out more interesting topics are my first challenge. There are thousands of beauty bloggers around the world; yet, I have to figure out ways to stand out from the cloud. At this point, I decide to apply the concepts of “know [my] audiences” and “[build] the connection” that I have learned from the publishing class. Linking back to these process posts that I wrote within this semester, I believe that my family and friends are my main readers. In the case, I then ask them to help me to develop the connections to other younger females who may also like my blog. Thus, I have more chances to create diverse topics for my readers from these connections.

Furthermore, most importantly, there are many new lessons that I have learned since I start my personal blog. Significantly, in my opinion, Google Analytics is the most useful tool that I learned when I start writing blog. Even though I have never used Google Analytics before, being the online publisher, this new tool has helped me easily track various datas about my blog. In this circumstance, Google Analytics gives me the overview of my audiences’ reactions towards to my website. For instance, I personally think that bounce rate that is calculated on Google Analytics is one of the most important data that I should track. According to Shivar, bounce rate represents the number of people who land on a page of your site… and then immediately leave (2018.) Although Shivar has also mentioned not too focused on the numbers, from my understanding, the lower bounce rate tend to present the better performance for a startup blogger. To indicate, as an new online publisher, I want my audiences to stay longer on my website to explore around. In other word, the less people immediately leave my website, the more sense of accomplishment I will get. Myself as an example, the bounce rate has dropped from 56.25% to 50% via the last two weeks. From this outcome, I believe that there are more people actually spend time on visiting my blog. Additionally, Google Analytics has also informed its users about what page their audiences visit the most. With this valuable information, I can easily recognize what topics I should share with my audiences more in the future. For example, my “What’s in my causal bag?” recently has the highest views throughout my blog. Following on the result, I have created the collection of “What’s in My Bag?” on my website to attract more audiences. Despite of bounce rate and page views, Google Analytics eventually has delivered useful functions to the online publishers. Therefore, I will continuing to use this tool to improve my blog.

Ultimately, I really treasure that I finally have chance to achieve my dream-being a blogger. Looking back to the past thirteen weeks, I would conclude that it really required a lot of effort to be an online influencer from my experience. To emphasize, writing a perfect blog requires tons of time to complete it. In my case, it is really hard to come up different and creative topics to share with my audiences. Afterwards, I have to choose the best way to present my posts. However, the most difficult challenge that I have faced is my writing skills. I am not a professional English writer; thus, sometimes I am afraid that my readers will not continuously visiting my blog because of constant grammatical error. Although there are many challenges occurred since I start my first blog, I am proud of what i have done so far. I have never imagined that I am able to upload posts weekly not even to mention in my second language. Lastly, if you ask me: “will you continue to blog?” I would say, YES! Yet, I will consider to blog in my first language so I can express myself more comfortably and confidently. In short, “Maggie Loves to Share” is my first milestone in my online publishing life. I hope and I am looking forward for my next milestone.

Finally, I would like to thank Suzanne and Ellen for the wonderful semester. Also, much appreciation goes to my peer review partners- Emily, Helen and Emma for the very helpful feedbacks and insight on my posts. Most importantly, I thank my audiences for visiting my blog. I really appreciate for everything that you have done for me. Thank you!


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Process Post_11 Online Shaming

People often think that the internet has provided lots of advantages for their daily purposes. However, in my opinion, the issues of cyberbullying occur more and more often within the current society. This week, we are assigned to watch a TED Talk, “When online shaming goes too far,” by Jon Ronson. Throughout the presentation, Ronson uses a real story on Twitter to represent how cyberbullying can actually affect one’s life. To illustrate, Justine Sacco who unintentionally posts the funny little acerbic joke- “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” on Twitter. Sacco was just a PR woman from New York with 170 Twitter followers before making this post; however, all the sudden she was targeted on the cyberspace. Afterwards, people who saw and share Sacco’s post tend to start making jokes-very despicable ones at her. In this case, even her job and her employers were as well affected by this cyberbullying. In addition, according to Jon, [Justine Sacco] was Googled 1,220,000 times. Also, Google made somewhere between 120,000 dollars and 468,000 dollars from Justine’s annihilation (Ronson, 2015.) In other words, Sacco’s life was changed in a really bad way just because of this unintentional joke. Nonetheless, people who shame Sacco behind their electronic devices got nothing. At this point, even though Sacco should look before she leap the acerbic joke online, people should also think from different point view before they make the comments. As we know, there are more and more people take others’ comments very serious on the internet. In this circumstance, these sharp comments sometimes will cause the tragedy that cannot be undone. To indicate, there are many celebrities tend to be mental illness after reading the comments on social media. For example, Cindy Yang, one of the social influencer in Taiwan who suicided in 2015 because of cyberbullying. After understanding of these two cases- Sacco and Yang, I personally believe that cyberbullying does significantly affect human’s life. Therefore, people should really think deeply before taking these “shaming actions” towards each other via the internet since they do not know when these actions will lead to the unrecoverable tragedies. In short, cyberbullying no doubt is one of the serious problem that needs to be solved in this generation.

Green Leaf Cafe

I have been so excited about the food at Green Leaf Cafe after reading Helen’s blog. Before visiting Green Leaf Cafe, I have already heard many great reviews about it from my friends. This week, I finally have chance to visit this restaurant!

  • Address: 9604 Cameron St, Burnaby (It takes about 10 to 12 minutes driving from SFU burnaby campus)
  • Google Review: 4.4 out of 5 (Pretty high and I wasn’t disappointed at this rate!)

Today, I will share with you guys what I ordered. It was a lunch for two

Appetizer: “Osaka Style” Takoyaki

  • I really like the sauce on the top! It’s not too strong but it balances out the richness of the takoyaki itself!

Soup: Seafood Spicy Miso Nabe

Seafood Spicy Miso + OMG
  • It has lots of seafood inside the soup. Although it says it’s spicy on the menu, I personally think that the level of spiciness is acceptable!

Fresh Oshi: Mango Scallop Oshi

Oshi: Fresh Mango Scallop + Salmon
  • Mmmhhh… I personally think this was the only that I don’t really like. The sauce on the top was a little too rich and the flavour of this oshi is a little bit boring. I think I will try other fresh oshi next time!!

Aburi Oshi: Salmon Oshi

  • I really love this one!! This salmon oshi seems pretty classic; yet, it is the first time for me to have oshi with the real jalapeno. The little piece of jalapeno on the top of the oshi balances out the richness of the salmon oil. I really recommend you guys to order this if you haven’t tried it before!

Pasta: “Mentaiko” Creamy Linguine

Mentaiko Pasta
  • Like it’s named on the menu, it is really CREAMY which I really like it! However, the only thing I would say is that the shrimps don’t have much flavour. If the shrimps taste more salty, it will be perfect!

Gimbab: OMG

My Oh, My God “OMG”
  • “OMG” was the first word that came out of my mouth when I saw the plate lol. It’s really big and looks tasty! I think it is similar to deep fried california roll but it combines with salmon inside the roll.

These were all I have ordered for my first time Green Leaf Cafe.

Overall, I would rate them 4.2 out of 5. I not only enjoy their food and but also the decorations inside the restaurant. Definitely, I will visit it again!!

Thank you guys for reading, please feel free to share your favourite sushi place with me!

My favourite makeup remover

No matter I put on makeup or not, I use makeup remover to clean my face before using the cleansers everyday. Personally, I think this step is really important to make sure that there is no dust on my face. Today, I will share my favourite makeup remover- cleansing water and cleansing oil with you guys. Usually, I use cleansing water when I don’t have my eyelash extensions; if not, I use the cleansing oil (I heard that the cleansing oil is better on removing dust compare to the cleansing water).

Bioderma Sensibio H2O

  • Bioderma has made the cleansing water for different type of skin, you guys can check it out on its website! Also, sometimes Shoppers Drug Store has a pretty good deal-I believe it’s 2 for $30 (approximately) for Bioderma! Give it a try if you are interested in trying this product!

Bobbi Brown soothing cleansing oil

I know there are many different choices for the makeup remover in the market nowadays; however, Bioderma and Bobbi Brown are recently my top ones!! If you guys have other suggestions for the makeup remover, please share with me! I would love to hear it!! ❤

Process post_10 Multi-channel Marketing

Choosing and applying the best marketing strategy is the most important concept to introduce a product into the market. However, living in this “improved technology” generation, single channel marketing is no longer the best and only marketing strategy anymore. This week in class, we have Darren and Sarah from Capulet Communication to discuss about the importance of multi-channel marketing with us. Personally, I believe that the multi-channel marketing strategy does successfully help a company to bring its brand and product to its customers.

Myself as an example, I voluntarily work in my brother’s company to help them to hold the concerts- mainly singers from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong in Vancouver. Yet, although there are many Asians in Vancouver, actually the tickets are really hard to sell if we do not apply the multi-channel strategy. To indicate, we have to apply different marketing strategy towards different targeting customers. For instance, we have to place many posters in different areas to inform about our shows; such as Asian markets and restaurants for people who do not usually use the internet and schools that have more younger Asians who might be interested in the concerts. Also, social media significantly are the main channels for us to promote the shows. For example, Instagram and Facebook help us to spread out the propagandas via the internet. To illustrate, whoever see our posts on the social media will share the information to their family and friends and so on. As the result, there will be more and more people know about our shows. Moreover, the one-by-one conversation is the most required service that we have provided to our customers. In this case, it is not only easier for our customers but also for ourselves to answer the questions regard to the concerts. Therefore, throughout these multiple channels to promote the concerts, we have successfully nailed the SOLD OUT show.

Ultimately, I have more understood the importance of the multi-channel marketing strategy after rethinking the process of holding the concerts. According to Darren and Sarah, if we want to favourably reach different audiences, achieve different marketing goals, we have to tell [our] story in different ways. In short, these multi-channels really help many companies to promote their businesses in this new improved technology generation.

Process Post_9 SMART Goals

It is the 9th week since I have developed my personal blog, “Maggie Loves to Share.”  However, I notice that being a blogger is not that simple as I thought. Indeed, as a blogger, I understand that there are many things that I still need to learn in order to improve my blog. From the last nine weeks, I have gradually understood some important sources that I need to take care of as a “startup blogger.” To illustrate, from the previous process posts, “know your audiences” and “connection,” I understand that it is important to know my readers more if I want to attract more readers. At this point, I have to observe what kind of topics my readers would like to see more through my blog. Also, maintaining the connections between my audiences and myself is another important process needed to focus on. In other words, I have to link with my audiences through building up different connections. However, despite of knowing my audiences more and building more connections, setting up the SMART goals is also another important concept that I need to do for my blog.

This week in class, we have the guest speaker, Monique Sherrett to discuss the importance of setting up the SMART Goals for our personal blogs. The SMART Goals are described as follow:

S– Specific – setting up the specific target to hit; Benchmark or starting point is clear.

M– Measurable – a metric (target) that can be tracked.

A– Actionable and Achievable – it is possible to improve based on this action.

R– Relevant and Realistic – based on the history of performance, this is a reasonable goal.

T– Time-based – timeframe; how much time is required to reach the target.

Although I have learned the concept of SMART Goals from other classes, actually I have never thought about setting up a smart goal from the blogger’s point of view. In this circumstance, I decided to set up a smart goal that I can achieve in the short-term period for my personal blog. My smart goal will be described as follow:

S– create more criterias to attract different audiences.

M– looking for different interesting topics that my readers would like to read.

A– asking for different suggestions from my current audiences (eg,. My family and friends)

R– it is possible have the weekly or monthly meeting with my recent audiences to discuss about how my blog can be improved.

T– this smart goal plan can be runned for the short-term period (eg,. 2, 3 or 6 months goal)

Throughout this smart goal plan, I believe that I can attract more audiences from different perspectives. Ultimately, I would like to thank Monique to bring up the idea of smart goals in class. In my opinion, I think setting up the smart goals is no doubt a really important process to improve my blog.

Peer Review_3

For the final peer review, I was assigned to review Emma’s personal blog. When I first open up Emma’s blog, I am impressed by her design. I really like what Emma do with her website. For example, in my opinion, the grey background color mixes well with the black texts- a smart choice to present her blog. Even though it seems quite simple to go with this combination of color, I can easily and comfortably enjoy reading Emma’s literatures. In this circumstance, compare to blogs that have color contrast that is uncomfortable to human eyes, Emma has made the great color design choice for her audiences. In addition, the other good design that I adore from Emma’s blog is the well organized and structured categories. Throughout Emma’s blog, I can easily navigate through the main menus- assignments, writing and poems that Emma wish to present to her readers. With these well organized menus, surely I can tell that Emma’s intended audiences will be people who love to read and write different types of literatures. Similarly to the colour theme of Emma’s blog, the majority of the titles Emma sets are simple BUT strong and meaningful. From these simple BUT strong themes, they reflect the personalities of Emma. Just like Emma states in her “about me” page, she wishes that her readers can understand the person behind the posts. From my point of view, the short introduction tells me that the contents are created solely by Emma and represented Emma herself- “Simple but Strong and Meaningful.” At this point, as Emma’s reader I would really like to read more about her posts once I see these “simple BUT strong” titles. For instance, the poem “confidence is key” have my attention right away when I see it. As expected, I am touched by Emma’s poem that “I wish I had as much confidence as the men who know they won’t be held accountable for their actions.” Through looking at Emma’s posts, personally, I definitely believe that Emma has the potential to attract more readers in the future. To emphasize, myself unfortunately is not a big fan of reading, especially not the literatures that are written in English. Nonetheless, Emma’s posts have the charm can draw my attention to go on reading her writings. In the circumstance, I think that Emma’s blog also has the personality to fascinate people who are not interested in reading. Ultimately, I would say that it is my pleasure to review Emma’s blog this week. I really enjoy reading her literatures and I will definitely keep following her writings in the future! Lastly, I would like to thank Emma for her review of my blog as well, really appreciate it!

Thank you for reading, if you are a big fan of reading different literatures, check out Emma’s blog, here!

My Recent Favourite “Skin Moisturized” Products

“Women are made by water.”

I really agree to this famous Chinese quote that is spread through so many generations. Therefore, I decide to share my recent favourites daily products that I use to keep my skin hydrated with you guys!

Usually, I categorized my “skin” into three parts- lip, hads and the whole body. As I mentioned in the previous posts, I have oily face-skin type; however, other than my face, the other parts of my skin are very dry. In this circumstance, myself extremely care about “hydrating” my skins everyday after showering or before going to bed.

So, let me share with you guys what I usually apply to my skins!

  1. Vaseline Intensive Care Dry Skin Repair Lotion
Vaseline Body Lotion
  • I really love the smell and texture of this product. It doesn’t have the strong smell and it is super hydrating. When I apply it on my skin, it doesn’t feel thick or oily at all. I really recommend this lotion to you guys if you also have the sry skin!! Also, I usually buy it from Costco, it has 3 bottles in a set and only costs 8.99 CAD. (Why not buying it with this SUPER HIGH CP value???!)

2. Gabrielle Chanel Moisturizing Body Lotion

Chanel Body Lotion
  • This lotion I personally think that it is a little expensive. I received this product  from my friend for my birthday. Although the price might be the reason that people dislike it, actually I personally really like it. The texture is very light and it has the very acceptable “girly smell.” If you guys think the price is affordable, give it a try!

3. L’occitane Shea Butter Intensive Hand Balm

L’occitane Hand Care
  • As you can see, it contains 25% of Shea butter in this hand cream which really moisturized my hands. Especially, Vancouver has dry winter, I can’t live without this hand cream. Some people would think it is too thick for them, I would suggest to apply this product every night before going to the bed if you feel uncomfortable with the oily texture!

4. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Laneige Lip Mask
  • I have to admit that I have a bad personal habit. That is, I like to pear off the dead (outer) skin (bark) on my lip. With this bad habit, my lip sometimes will slip and bleed for a bit. Therefore, I have to put on this lip sleeping mask before I go to bed every night to keep my lip hydrated. It’s the berry flavour (not the strong one tho!) and I personally really love it!!!