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Genshin Impact – Yae Miko Guide

Yae Miko splash art
Image Credit: Hoyoverse

Ever since the initial release of Yae Miko in version 2.5 of Genshin Impact, she was considered an underwhelming character. Being somewhat of a split scaling character where her passive talent boosted the damage of Yae Miko’s elemental skill-based of on elemental mastery, her kit had felt confusing among a lot of players. However, after version 3.0 had been released, this changed as reactions such as Aggravate and Hyperbloom brought a lot of potential for Yae Miko as a sub-DPS. Furthermore, the release of the Dendro archon, Nahida, in version 3.2 of Genshin Impact made Yae Miko a lot more viable in many teams, as Nahida provided constant Dendro application. In this guide, I will be explaining some of the talents, artifacts, and weapons you can use if you happen to obtain Yae Miko during her re-run in the second phase banner of version 3.2.


Normal Attack – Spiritfox Sin-Eater
yae normal attack

Like most catalyst characters, Yae performs up to three consecutive attacks, that deal electro damage for her normal attack.

Elemental Skill – Yakan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura
yae elemental skill

The elemental skill is Yae’s most important part of her kit. Yae’s elemental skill will summon up to three totems that will deal single-target electro damage. Although it is single-target, if the enemies are closely grouped together, it is possible to hit multiple enemies at the same time. The totems must be placed so that they are connected to each other to maximize the damage dealt. Therefore it is important to position the totems correctly when using her elemental skill.

Elemental Burst – Great Secret Art: Tenko Kenshin
yae burst

Yae’s burst is her secondary form of damage. Yae’s elemental burst will transform her totems from her elemental skill to a “Tenko Thunderbolt” that deals AoE electro damage. The amount of “Tenko Thunderbolts” that strikes an enemy will be based on the number of totems that are placed in the field. Therefore, it is important to have the max amount of totems already on the field before activating Yae’s elemental burst. As it has a long cooldown with a high energy cost, in most cases, you will not rely on Yae’s elemental burst for most of her DPS.

Ascension 1 Passive – The Shrine’s Sacred Shade

Each of the totems used in Yae’s elemental burst will reset the cooldown for each of the totems Yae can spawn from her elemental skill.

Ascension 4 Passive – Enlightened Blessing

Increases the damage of Yae’s totems from her elemental skill by 0.15% of Yae’s elemental mastery. Before the release of Dendro reactions, this talent was deemed useless by many people. However, as Dendro reactions utilize elemental mastery, this passive has become a lot more useful.

Utility Passive – Meditations of a Yako

Has a 25% chance to get one regional talent material when crafting.


yae weapon idle screen

Like most limited five-star characters in Genshin Impact, her signature weapon “Kagura’s Verity” is her best-in-slot weapon. Providing Crit DMG as the sub-stat and providing a boost to damage for the wielder elemental skill, this weapon is fantastic for Yae Miko. As everyone does not own Yae’s signature weapon, weapons such as “The Lost Prayer” and “Skyward Atlas” are also excellent options to use for a five-star weapon. However, if you do not own any of those four-star weapon options such as “The Widsith” and “Solar Pearl” are also excellent options.


yae artifact idle screen

In general, the artifact set “Gilded Dreams” is her best-in-slot artifact if you are using her in a Dendro team composition, utilizing the Dendro reactions. As this artifact set provides 80 elemental mastery with its 2pc effect and provides ATK buffs for your party members depending on the number of different element types in your party, the “Gilded Dreams” artifact is an amazing choice to use. However, choosing a two 2pc artifact set that provides either: elemental mastery, atk%, electro damage, or energy recharge is also equally as good as using the 4pc “Glided Dreams” artifact set. As you can see in the image above, my Yae Miko does not use the “Gilded Dreams” artifact set and uses a combination of two artifacts utilizing their 2pc effects. Considering how Yae has a lot of viable options for her artifacts, it is generally advised to choose the artifacts you own with the better sub-stats.

Other Resources

Keqingmains – Yae Miko

Multiple Channels

Like many people in our class, I have not connected my website with other social media platforms. However, this is due to the fact that I don’t think I will be continuing my site after this course. Furthermore, I did not want to connect my personal social media accounts to my website. Therefore, I would have to create new accounts for the purpose of my website.

Nonetheless, if I do have the intention of continuing my website, and wanting to reach out to audiences on different platforms, I do have in mind some platforms where I would want to connect with the users.

The First would be Reddit. As a frequent user of Reddit, and a part of the Genshin Impact subreddit, I find that Reddit would be an excellent choice for me to further expand my audience for my website. As the subreddit already has posts asking for help on the game to guides for how to build a certain character, I find it a perfect place for me to post my content on Reddit. As similar content already exists, I believe that If I share my content on Reddit, I will be able to gain a large number of users looking through my website.

The next platform would be Twitter. I notice that there are a few guides that already exist on Twitter. However, the guides are usually an image or simple guides on finding certain things in the game. Although the content of the guides is different, I find that If I do use Twitter to expand my audiences, I will be able to experiment with different types of guides, for the game, to gain a wider range of audiences.

Lastly, I would consider using Instagram to post guides on Genshin Impact. As mentioned earlier where some posts on Twitter use images to provide a guide for the game, I can do the same with Instagram. These posts are usually guides that show what resources I need to collect to build a character or different weapons and artifact options for a certain character. For Instagram, I believe that if the guide can be contained within an image, it would be an excellent way to bring more people onto my website.

With all things considered there are many platforms where I can connect my website in order to bring more audiences looking at my website. It is unfortunate that I don’t have any plans of continuing my website further after this course but, it is good to know that there exist many platforms I can use to create guides.

A Guide for Useful Resources for Genshin Impact


This guide will be different from my usual Guides. As Genshin Impact is a game with a large fanbase there exist multiple sites like my own that try to help guide players to accomplish things in this game. However, as there is a lot that doesn’t mean that they are all the best. This is why for this week’s post I want to take the time and share some of my favorite websites and YouTube channels I like to see when I need help.


There are three Genshin Impact content creators on Youtube that I particularly like watching:

They all provide build guides similar to how I talk about character builds on my blog. However, in a more in-depth manner. Each of these channels has its own respective unique content that they also do aside from the character builds. One of which I like seeing is the DPS showdown videos of certain characters by IWinToLose Gaming. It is interesting to see what character is stronger than others and how they build the parties to deal with such high DPS.


The websites I access have their respective purposes. The Genshin Impact Interactive World Map is a useful resource that allows users to find materials, chests, puzzles, etc. This map is very useful when I need to collect materials to ascend my characters. By using this map I will know where to find the materials I need without any hassle. The other site I like to use is This site is a database that shows content from upcoming events to materials that are farmable today. Furthermore, it also has character guides similar to my content on this blog. It also includes a neat feature the “Wish Counter” that allows you to import your data on the character/weapon wishes you have done on your account. It will use this data and will give you information on how lucky you may have been with your wishes. Or even how often you reach the 5 – star pity.

Search Engine Optimization

In this week’s lecture, we’ve learned about search engine optimization and how it can help bring audiences to your website. Although talking about this concept this week, utilizing SEO to attract an audience had been always around to configure on Word Press. Moreover, utilizing the tags option to allow my website to show up at the top of Google searches is now one of my key goals in order to expand my website to a larger audience.

Before this week’s lecture, I didn’t realize the importance of using tags. I only added a few tags just for completion as I thought it was a requirement for the class. However, this is not true and can help my website to further grow.

As Genshin Impact is a popular game, I do not see that any of my posts show up in the search results. For example, if I try to search for a build for the character “Raiden Shogun” you will see multiple websites that are not mine but all with similar content. In fact, it does not show up even if I type “raiden shogun abysmal guide”. When searching for my website it only shows up at the bottom on the second search page. Discouraging, but this means that my website has a lot of room for improvement to reach out to a bigger audience.

An interesting result I got from one of my searches was when I searched for “absymal guides raiden” on Google. Instead of seeing my website show up in the search result, I found that the Posiel site was in the result.

search result on google of "absymal guides raiden"

This search result makes me wonder why my website does not show up first before Posiel. However, I will work towards changing this result so that I can have my website show up before Posiel.

With all things considered, having my website show up as one of the top search results on Google is something I’d want to achieve. However, considering the popularity of the game, I do understand that there will be a challenge. Nonetheless, it will not prevent me from working towards this goal.

Peer Review # 3

For the last peer review, I had the opportunity to review Kobe Sam’s website. At first glance, I really like the website. Simple, yet informative to a degree where you understand what the website is trying to achieve. Even before reading the “About Me” page, the theme of the website is easy to understand that it’s about Kobe’s lifestyle and personal blog.

I assume that rather than having an audience to speak to for the website’s content, I see it more as a personal blog where the content is for Kobe to reflect on his journey through school and the skills he has obtained. In other words, rather than writing content for a set audience, he is writing the content for himself. Where people can learn from Kobe’s own life experiences. One thing that I have noticed is that the amount of content uploaded for lifestyle and entrepreneurship is rather low. For a website on a personal blog, I expect that I’d find more content related to those topics rather than it all on academics. To improve user interactions and have more users looking at your website, I’d recommend trying to post more content related to those categories. Since your life experiences are unique it can potentially pull the attention of a niche user group to expand your audience.

Something I have noticed on your website is that it was hard to navigate. Since your content is grouped by: “Entrepreneurship”, “Lifestyle”, “Academia”, and “About Me”. When I try to go look for a set of content like the mini-assignments, it is rather hard to find all the mini-assignments. Therefore, I do recommend creating sub-categories under your current ones so that it allows your users to easily navigate through your website. Furthermore, I have noticed that some of the titles on your blog are bolded while some are not. To keep it consistent, I recommend sticking to one style. Whether you decide to keep the title of your posts bolded or not making sure what you post is consistent is important for your website. Also, I do see that some posts still have the “Uncategorized” category set on the post. I believe this is by mistake, but make sure to confirm everything is correct before you make the post public.

Everything considered I find that Kobe’s website is really good. There are a few minor flaws but they are all easy to fix. As I believe the content for Kobe’s website is a personal blog based on self-improvement I do not find the means to push Kobe to write content based on what the audience likes. However, if attracting an audience is the goal, using tools such as Google Analytics will help to understand your audience better and to know what content they enjoy seeing. As writing a blog about your own experiences is unique and something someone else cannot write, I believe that Kobe’s website has a lot of potential for growth and to further expand his content to a wider audience.


When thinking about analytics for a website, I always tried not to share my activity on the website or any data regarding my use cases. Sharing data always felt like a burden to me as knowing that the online space is not always safe, giving data to a website did not feel right. However, as I am building my own website now I can see that it can be very useful as a content creator.

Before taking this class, It never crossed my mind how useful it can be for content creators to receive data on the user’s use cases when browsing a website. Knowing how the user behaves and what works best for them is enormously helpful when deciding how to design my website. Furthermore, now that I am experiencing the content creators side I find that it can improve user usability just by knowing what parts of the website work and don’t work for my audience.

For example, little things such as how my audience accesses my guides can be useful information for me as I can design my website so that more popular content is easier to access. In addition, I will be able to tell what sorts of content works for my website and be able to get data on what content my audiences like. As someone who writes guides for a game, it is very useful to know what parts of my guides are useful for my audience and what isn’t. Being able to know what my audience wants to know about a character and how to build a character can definitely help my content in the future.

If I know that my audience spends the most time reading the different artifacts to build for a character, I can improve this section by providing a longer in-depth analysis of the artifacts. In exchange, I can shorten parts of my guide that people spend less time reading. Using tactics like this to improve my content can help further grow my website to a wider audience.

Although, I want to set up analytics for my website the process is not going smoothly. I find that trying to connect google analytics with WordPress causes a lot of issues not letting me set it up. It is an unfortunate process, but I do hope I can get it to work or have it work in the future If I do decide to continue to build my website as it can bring all sorts of benefits.

Genshin Impact v3.1 Tier List

Character rankings of characters from v3.1
Tier list created using tiermaker

For this week, I decided to compile a tier list for the characters in version 3.1 of Genshin Impact. The rankings are based on my experience with the character and how I think they are valued depending on their kit. Furthermore, I do not own all the characters so some of the characters are based on what I’ve seen on how people have used the characters. Depending on how you use the characters some character’s rankings can change and can differ depending on the person. There may be characters with that you may not agree with the rankings. So please note that this is all based on my experiences with each of the characters.