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Transparent Gaming PC 2023: A Revolution in Gaming Experience

In the always-developing universe of gaming, innovation continues to push the limits of what’s conceivable. What’s more, in 2023, the gaming local area is in for a stunning treat – the world’s very first straightforward gaming PC. This weighty development is set to alter the gaming experience more than ever. In this article, we’ll dive into the complexities of this straightforward wonder, investigating its elements, benefits, and the gaming unrest it guarantees.

The Crystal Clear Revolution: Introducing the Transparent Gaming PC

Gaming devotees overall have been enthusiastically anticipating this second – the presentation of a gaming PC that reclassifies feel and execution. This straightforward gaming PC, outfitted with state of the art innovation, is something truly amazing. Its completely clear outside offers a novel window into the gaming scene.

Unparalleled Design

The straightforward gaming PC flaunts a plan that consolidates style with usefulness. Made with accuracy, its straightforward packaging permits gamers to observe the internal operations of their apparatus. This is something beyond a gaming gadget; a piece of craftsmanship adds a modern touch to any gaming arrangement.

Powerhouse Performance

Past its spellbinding plan, this gaming PC is a genuine force to be reckoned with. Loaded with the most recent processors and superior execution illustration cards, it guarantees a consistent gaming experience. Express farewell to slacks and interferences, as this PC is worked to deal with the most requesting games effortlessly.

Immersive Gaming Experience

The straightforward packaging isn’t only to look good; it improves the gaming experience. Envision having the option to see the parts at work, the perplexing dance of processors and cooling frameworks as you explore through the virtual world. It adds an unheard-of degree of drenching to gaming.

Why Transparent Gaming PC?

Presently, you may be asking why settle on a straightforward gaming PC when ordinary ones turn out great. Indeed, there are a few convincing reasons:

Stylish Allure: The straightforward plan adds a cutting edge and imaginative touch to your gaming arrangement, making it a visual magnum opus.

Temperature Control: The straightforward packaging helps with better wind current, keeping the PC cooler during broadened gaming meetings.

Exhibit Parts: Gamers can show their very good quality parts like RGB lighting, fluid cooling frameworks, and exceptionally assembled designs.

Ice breaker: Your gaming PC turns into an ice breaker and a wellspring of jealousy among your companions.

How Can It Function?

The innovation behind the straightforward gaming PC is basically as amazing as its appearance. It utilizes progressed materials that offer both solidness and straightforwardness. The straightforward boards are produced using a unique polymer that is profoundly tough while giving completely clear perceivability.

Inside, the parts are organized carefully to take full advantage of the straightforward plan. The cooling framework is advanced for effective intensity scattering, guaranteeing that your PC moves along as planned in any event, during long distance race gaming meetings.

Future Possibilities

The appearance of the world’s most memorable straightforward gaming PC makes the way for energizing prospects. Makers are as of now investigating adaptable straightforward housings, permitting gamers to customize their apparatuses more than ever. This development could likewise impact the plan of other tech contraptions, making ready for a straightforward tech future.

The Transparent Gaming PC: Gaming’s Crystal Clear Future

Gaming lovers all over the planet are going to set out on another period of gaming, one where style meet unrivaled execution. In 2023, the gaming scene will observer the disclosing of the world’s very first straightforward gaming PC, setting another norm for what gaming arrangements can be. This article will jump further into the inventive elements and the significant effect this straightforward wonder will have on the gaming scene.

A Design Marvel: The Transparent Gaming PC

The straightforward gaming PC isn’t simply a piece of equipment; it’s a masterpiece. Fastidiously created, its straightforward packaging grandstands the inward functions of the PC, making an entrancing visual encounter for gamers and spectators the same.

Craftsmanship Meets Functionality

This gaming PC consistently mixes class and usefulness. Its straightforward outside is produced using state of the art materials that are however strong as they seem to be perfectly clear. The outcome is a PC that performs incredibly as well as adds a modern touch to any gaming arrangement.

Powering the Future of Gaming

Under the straightforward packaging lies a force to be reckoned with of innovation. Outfitted with the most recent processors and first in class designs cards, this gaming PC ensures a gaming experience like no other. Slack and execution issues are a relic of days gone by as this PC handles the most requesting games effortlessly.

Immerse Yourself in Gaming

The straightforward plan isn’t only to look good; it’s a vital piece of the gaming experience. Imagine yourself drenched in the virtual world, all while having the option to see the parts at work. An encounter adds profundity and energy to gaming.

Why Choose a Transparent Gaming PC?

You may be asking why pick a straightforward gaming PC when conventional ones have served us well. Here are a few convincing reasons:

Feel: The straightforward plan raises the visual allure of your gaming arrangement, making it a genuine magnum opus.

Ideal Cooling: The straightforward packaging improves wind stream, keeping your PC cool during extreme gaming meetings.

Feature Your Equipment: Gamers can gladly show their top of the line parts, from RGB lighting to exclusively assembled setups.

Ice breaker: Your straightforward gaming PC will without a doubt start discussions and jealousy among your companions and individual gamers.

The Inner Workings of Transparency

The straightforward gaming PC accomplishes its striking plan through a blend of cutting edge materials and fastidious designing. Uncommonly planned polymers make straightforward boards that are both strong and offer unmatched clearness.

Inside the PC, parts are decisively positioned to take full advantage of the straightforward plan. The cooling framework is improved for proficient intensity dissemination, guaranteeing smooth execution in any event, during broadened gaming meetings.

Shaping the Future of Technology

The appearance of the world’s most memorable straightforward gaming PC opens ways to vast potential outcomes. Producers are as of now investigating adjustable straightforward housings, empowering gamers to customize their apparatuses more than ever. This development could try and impact the plan of other tech contraptions, proclaiming a straightforward tech future.

Embracing Transparency: Gaming’s New Frontier

In the high speed universe of gaming, advancement is the main impetus that keeps devotees drew in and energized. As we step into 2023, the gaming business has presented to us a genuine wonder – the world’s very first straightforward gaming PC. This progressive creation vows to rethink the gaming experience as far as we might be concerned. In this article, we’ll dig considerably more profound into the heap aspects of this straightforward marvel, investigating its highlights, benefits, and the gaming transformation it envoys.

The Art of Transparency: Unveiling the Transparent Gaming PC

The straightforward gaming PC isn’t simply a gaming rig; a show-stopper weds style with state of the art innovation. Its straightforward packaging gives an enrapturing look into the core of your gaming arrangement.

Aesthetic Fusion

This gaming PC is a combination of style and common sense. Its straightforward outside is fastidiously created to offer both strength and an entrancing perspective on the inward parts. It’s not only a piece of equipment; it’s an assertion piece for your gaming arrangement.

Power Released

Under the straightforward packaging lies a force to be reckoned with of innovation. With cutting edge processors and top-level illustrations cards, this gaming PC conveys unrivaled execution. Express farewell to execution issues; this PC is intended to easily deal with even the most requesting games.

Inundation Raised

The straightforward plan isn’t only to look good; it improves your gaming experience. Envision playing your number one game and having the option to observe the perplexing dance of processors and cooling frameworks in real life. It’s a degree of submersion that customary gaming laptops can’t coordinate.

Why Choose a Transparent Gaming PC?

You may be considering what separates a straightforward gaming PC from its conventional partners. Here are a few convincing reasons:

Visual Style: The straightforward plan hoists the visual allure of your gaming arrangement, making it a genuine focal point.

Temperature Control: The straightforward packaging supports better wind current, guaranteeing your PC stays cool during long distance race gaming meetings.

Exhibit Your Equipment: Gladly show your very good quality parts, from RGB lighting to exceptionally constructed setups.

Ice breaker: Your straightforward gaming PC will without a doubt ignite discussions and wonder among your companions and individual gamers.

The Inner Workings of Transparency

The straightforward gaming PC accomplishes its sensational plan through a mix of cutting edge materials and designing accuracy. Uniquely planned polymers make straightforward boards that are both solid and proposition unrivaled lucidity.

Inside the PC, parts are decisively organized to take advantage of the straightforward plan. The cooling framework is streamlined for effective intensity dissemination, guaranteeing smooth execution in any event, during expanded gaming meetings.

Shaping the Future of Gaming

The appearance of the world’s most memorable straightforward gaming PC opens ways to vast conceivable outcomes. Producers are now investigating adaptable straightforward housings, giving gamers the opportunity to customize their apparatuses more than ever. This development could try and impact the plan of other tech contraptions, preparing for a straightforward tech future.

Transparent Gaming PCs: A Peek into the Future

Before we dive into the specifics of the top transparent gaming PCs of 2023, let’s take a moment to appreciate the innovation behind these stunning machines. Transparent gaming PCs are not just about aesthetics; they represent the cutting edge of gaming technology. With crystal-clear panels and mesmerizing RGB lighting, these PCs allow gamers to showcase their hardware in style.

The Top 5 Transparent Gaming PCs

Now, let’s get down to business and explore the top 5 transparent gaming PCs of 2023, along with their prices.

1. Alienware Aurora R13

Starting our list with a bang, the Alienware Aurora R13 is a true powerhouse. With an Intel Core i9 processor, NVIDIA RTX 30-series graphics, and a transparent side panel, it’s a gamer’s dream. Price: $2,499.

2. ASUS ROG Strix Helios

ASUS never disappoints, and the ROG Strix Helios is no exception. This transparent beauty boasts an AMD Ryzen processor and an ASUS ROG graphics card. Price: $2,199.

3. MSI MPG Trident 3

If you’re looking for a compact yet powerful option, the MSI MPG Trident 3 is worth considering. It features an Intel Core i7 processor and an MSI GeForce RTX GPU. Price: $1,899.

4. Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB

Corsair’s iCUE 5000X RGB offers stunning aesthetics and performance. With an AMD Ryzen 9 CPU and a beautiful RGB-lit interior, it’s a steal at $1,799.

5. NZXT H510i

NZXT’s H510i is a budget-friendly transparent gaming PC that doesn’t skimp on features. It comes with an Intel Core i5 processor and NZXT graphics. Price: $1,299.

The Next 5 Transparent Gaming PCs

Let’s continue our journey through the top transparent gaming PCs of 2023 with the next 5 contenders.

6. CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC

Priced at just $1,099, this CyberPowerPC gem offers an Intel Core i5 CPU and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU.

7. Thermaltake View 51 ARGB

Thermaltake’s View 51 ARGB is a sight to behold with its extensive RGB lighting and Intel Core i7 processor. Price: $1,599.

8. HP OMEN 30L

HP’s OMEN 30L is a reliable option with an AMD Ryzen 7 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics. Price: $1,399.

9. Skytech Prism Gaming Computer

The Skytech Prism Gaming Computer is a solid choice for budget-conscious gamers. It features an AMD Ryzen 5 processor and an NVIDIA GTX GPU. Price: $999.

10. Origin PC Chronos

Last but not least, the Origin PC Chronos offers customizable options for discerning gamers. Prices vary based on configuration.


In a world where gaming is both a passion and an art, the introduction of the world’s first transparent gaming PC in 2023 is a milestone. Its combination of aesthetic appeal and high-performance capabilities promises to redefine gaming setups. Get ready to elevate your gaming experience to new heights with this transparent marvel.


1. Is the transparent casing durable?

  • Absolutely! The special polymer used is highly durable and can withstand the rigors of gaming.

2. Can I customize the transparent casing?

  • Many manufacturers offer customizable options, allowing you to add a personal touch to your gaming PC.

3. Does the transparent casing affect performance?

  • Not at all. In fact, it can enhance performance by improving airflow and temperature control.

4. Are these PCs more expensive than regular ones?

  • While they might have a slightly higher price tag, the visual and performance benefits make them worth the investment.

5. Can I switch back to a non-transparent casing if I want to?

  • Yes, you can always change the casing to a non-transparent one if you prefer a different look.

Unlocking the Best Gaming Guide 2023’s Top Features and Recommendations

In the high speed universe of gaming, remaining on the ball and it is fundamental for go with informed decisions. Whether you’re a carefully prepared gamer or simply beginning, approaching the best gaming guide can essentially upgrade your gaming experience. In this article, we’ll jump profound into the top elements of the Gaming Guide 2023 that each gamer ought to know about. Thus, get your regulator, put on your gaming headset, and we should investigate what makes this guide an unquestionable necessity for gamers this year.

1. Game Suggestions for Each Class

The Gaming Guide 2023 succeeds in giving game proposals across many types. From activity stuffed shooters to vivid pretending games, this guide takes care of you. Whether you favor single-player experiences or multiplayer commotion, you’ll track down significant ideas to suit your taste.

2. Top to bottom Game Surveys

One champion element of this guide is its broad game surveys. Each survey is carefully created, offering itemized bits of knowledge into ongoing interaction, illustrations, storylines, and generally gaming experience. With the Gaming Guide 2023, you’ll at absolutely no point ever make a visually impaired buy in the future.

3. Selective Designer Meetings

Get an insider’s viewpoint with elite meetings with game engineers. Find out about the inventive strategy, challenges looked during game turn of events, and invigorating future updates straightforwardly from individuals behind your number one titles.

4. Gaming Equipment Proposals

To lift your gaming experience, you want the right equipment. The Gaming Guide 2023 gives master suggestions to gaming workstations, consoles, designs cards, and extras. Remain in front of the tech bend with their cutting-edge ideas.

5. Tips and Deceives

Whether you’re a fledgling or a master, gaming tips and deceives are dependably welcome. This guide offers a mother lode of procedures, easy routes, and unlikely treasures to assist you with dominating your number one games.

6. People group Gatherings

Associate with individual gamers through the aide’s local area gatherings. Share your encounters, look for counsel, and structure enduring companionships with similar people who share your enthusiasm for gaming.

7. Impending Deliveries Schedule

Remain in the loop with the complete schedule of forthcoming game deliveries. Plan your gaming undertakings ahead of time and be among quick to encounter new titles.

8. Gaming Occasions Inclusion

Can’t go to a gaming occasion face-to-face? No problem! The Gaming Guide 2023 gives broad inclusion of significant gaming occasions, presenting to you all the fervor and declarations right to your screen.

9. Definite Game Mod Aides

For the people who appreciate modding games, this guide gives bit by bit directions and proposals for the best game mods, improving your interactivity significantly further.

10. Master Publications

Dive into provocative publications wrote by gaming specialists. Acquire a more profound comprehension of industry patterns, discussions, and the consistently developing gaming scene.

11. Client Produced Content Feature

The aide praises the imagination of gamers by including client produced content, from fan craftsmanship to custom game changes. Investigate the different gifts inside the gaming local area.

12. Gaming Stuff Giveaways

Feeling fortunate? Partake in thrilling gaming gear giveaways and have a potential for success to win premium gaming frill, guaranteeing you’re in every case exceptional.

13.  Game Legend Made sense of

Plunge into the rich legend of your #1 games with itemized clarifications that add profundity to your gaming experience.

14. Gaming Guide Versatile Application

Take the Gaming Guide 2023 in a hurry with the easy to understand portable application. Access audits, gatherings, and updates any place you are.

15. Conclusion

All in all, the Gaming Guide 2023 is a complete and fundamental asset for gamers, everything being equal. With its different substance contributions, master proposals, and a dynamic local area, it goes past being an aide; it’s a gaming buddy. Remain in front of the gaming bend and take advantage of your gaming undertakings with this excellent aide.

16. People group Driven Updates

One remarkable part of the Gaming Guide 2023 is its local area driven way to deal with refreshes. Gamers are urged to give criticism, recommend upgrades, and even contribute content. This implies that the aide is continually advancing and adjusting to the necessities and inclinations of its client base.

17. Gaming News Gathering

Remain informed about the most recent happenings in the gaming business with the aide’s everyday news roundup. From significant declarations by game designers to invigorating updates and fixes, you won’t overlook anything.

18. Virtual Entertainment Incorporation

The aide makes it simple to impart your gaming encounters and disclosures to your companions and supporters. Consistent web-based entertainment joining permits you to post audits, screen captures, and accomplishments straightforwardly from the aide.

19. Availability Highlights

Gaming is for everybody, and the Gaming Guide 2023 perceives that. It gives data on games that are available to players with handicaps, guaranteeing inclusivity inside the gaming local area.

20. Streaming and Esports Inclusion

For those intrigued by the universe of esports and game streaming, this guide offers extensive inclusion of major esports occasions, top decorations, and methods for hopeful gaming content makers.

21. Computer-generated Reality (VR) Gaming Segment

Drench yourself in the realm of VR gaming with a committed segment that investigates the most recent VR titles, equipment suggestions, and vivid encounters.

22. Gaming Guide Digital broadcast

Take your gaming experiences in a hurry with the Gaming Guide 2023’s web recording. Pay attention to conversations, meetings, and surveys while driving or during your gaming free time.

23. Gaming Guide Gatherings Application

Remain associated with the gaming local area through the application of the committed discussion. Examine techniques, look for exhortation, and jump into vivacious discussions with individual gamers.

24.  Select Limits and Arrangements

Access select limits and arrangements on gaming stuff, product, and, surprisingly, game buys through the aide’s associations with gaming organizations.


In the powerful universe of gaming, having a dependable and far reaching guide is urgent. The Gaming Guide 2023 meets as well as surpasses assumptions. With its devotion to giving the most recent data, cultivating local area commitment, and upgrading the general gaming experience, it has legitimately procured its place as a priority ally for gamers.


Q. Is the Gaming Guide 2023 accessible on paper?

No, the Gaming Guide 2023 is solely accessible in computerized design, guaranteeing that you approach the most recent updates and content.

Q. How often is the aide refreshed?

The aide is refreshed month to month to keep you informed about the most recent game deliveries, equipment suggestions, and industry news.

Q. Might I at any point present my own game surveys or content to the aide?

Indeed, the aide empowers client-created content entries, and your commitments are gladly received.

Q. Is there a membership expense for getting to the aide?

Fundamental admittance to the aide is free, yet a superior membership choice is accessible for extra advantages and select substance.

Q. Are the gaming gear giveaways open to global members?

Indeed, the giveaways are available to gamers around the world, so everybody gets an opportunity to win invigorating awards.

HyperX Alloy Origins – Itachi Edition: The Ultimate Gaming Keyboard for 2023

In the always-advancing universe of gaming peripherals, HyperX keeps on remaining at the front, pushing limits and reclassifying greatness. Their most recent contribution, the HyperX Compound Starting Points – Itachi Version, isn’t simply one more mechanical gaming console; it’s a masterpiece that consistently mixes usefulness with feel. As we jump into the universe of gaming consoles and investigate what makes the Itachi Version an unquestionable necessity in 2023, you’ll find the ideal ally for your gaming experiences.

Disclosing the Magnificence: Plan and Fabricate Quality 

The principal thing that strikes you about the HyperX Amalgam Beginnings – Itachi Release is its shocking plan. Drawing motivation from the famous anime character Itachi Uchiha, this console highlights a complex work of art and a smooth profile. The keys are perfectly illuminated, permitting you to drench yourself in the gaming environment.

The form quality is similarly great, with a tough aluminum outline that guarantees life span, in any event, during extreme gaming meetings. The console’s minimized structure factor makes it ideal for both gamers and experts who need a flexible instrument.

Superior Typing Experience

One of the vital highlights of any mechanical console is the composing experience, and HyperX doesn’t frustrate. The Itachi Release flaunts HyperX’s specially crafted mechanical switches that give a material and fulfilling keystroke. Whether you’re composing or gaming, each press feels exact, giving you an edge over your rivals.

RGB Lighting: A Visual Feast

RGB lighting is extremely popular in gaming peripherals, and the HyperX Amalgam Starting points – Itachi Version takes it to a higher level. With adaptable RGB lighting impacts and profiles, you can make a console that suits your style. The console upholds N-key rollover, guaranteeing that each keypress is enlisted, in any event, during the most extreme gaming minutes.

Flexibility and Similarity 

The Itachi Release is planned considering flexibility. It includes a separable USB-C link for simple movability and offers a USB 2.0 pass-through for interfacing different gadgets. Also, it’s viable with Windows, macOS, and even PlayStation, settling on it a superb decision for multi-stage gamers.

Gaming Mode and Macros 

To improve your gaming experience further, the HyperX Combination Beginnings – Itachi Release incorporates a devoted gaming mode. This mode handicaps the Windows key to forestall unintentional interferences during interactivity. Furthermore, you can program macros to execute complex orders with a solitary keystroke, giving you an upper hand in your number one games.

Against Ghosting and N-Key Rollover 

In the realm of serious gaming, each keystroke matters. The Itachi Release offers hostile to ghosting and N-key rollover, guaranteeing that each keypress is precisely recognized, in any event, when different keys are squeezed all the while. This component is significant while executing complex combos or orders in quick moving games.

Ergonomics and Solace 

Expanded gaming meetings can negatively affect your wrists and fingers. HyperX figures out this, and they’ve planned the Amalgam Beginnings – Itachi Release in light of solace. The console includes an ergonomic plan that diminishes composing weakness, permitting you to game or work for quite a long time without uneasiness.

HyperX NGENUITY Programming 

To open the maximum capacity of your HyperX Amalgam Beginnings – Itachi Version, you’ll need to investigate the HyperX NGENUITY programming. This instinctive programming permits you to redo your console’s lighting impacts, make macros, and even oversee firmware refreshes. An amazing asset places you in charge of your gaming experience.

Strength and Life span 

Putting resources into a gaming console is a choice that ought to endure, and the HyperX Composite Starting points – Itachi Release is worked to persevere. With its solid aluminum outline and hearty key switches, this console is intended to endure the afflictions of cutthroat gaming. You can trust it to be your reliable gaming ally into the indefinite future.

Upper hand 

In the realm of esports and web based gaming, having the right gear can have a significant effect. The HyperX Combination Starting points – Itachi Release is something other than a console; it’s an upper hand. With its exact key switches, adaptable elements, and smart plan, you’ll perform better as well as look great making it happen.

Where to Purchase 

Now that you’re persuaded of the HyperX Amalgam Starting points – Itachi Version’s greatness, you may be pondering where to get your hands on one. You can track down this gaming show-stopper on HyperX’s true site or through approved retailers. Make certain to check for any continuous advancements or groups to capitalize on your buy.

Last Considerations 

In the domain of mechanical gaming consoles, the HyperX Compound Beginnings – Itachi Release sparkles splendidly as a signal of greatness. Its shocking plan, unrivaled composing experience, adaptable RGB lighting, and gaming-centered highlights pursue it a champion decision for gamers and experts the same. Whether you’re leaving on legendary gaming undertakings or handling requesting work errands, this console will be your dependable sidekick in 2023 and then some.

Best Keyboard Prices 2023

  1. HyperX Alloy Origins – Itachi Edition – $149.99 The gaming masterpiece with stunning design and advanced features.
  2. Logitech G Pro X Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – $129.99 A customizable gaming keyboard for professional gamers.
  3. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT – $199.99 Top-tier gaming keyboard with customizable RGB lighting.
  4. Razer BlackWidow Elite – $139.99 Razer’s flagship mechanical keyboard for gamers.
  5. SteelSeries Apex Pro – $199.99 An adjustable mechanical gaming keyboard for ultimate precision.
  6. Ducky One 2 Mini – $99.99 A compact mechanical keyboard with a minimalist design.
  7. Keychron K6 – $69.99 A wireless mechanical keyboard suitable for various devices.
  8. Anne Pro 2 – $89.99 A 60% compact keyboard with customizable RGB lighting.
  9. ASUS ROG Strix Scope TKL – $119.99 A tenkeyless gaming keyboard with durable construction.
  10. Cooler Master CK552 – $79.99 A budget-friendly gaming keyboard with RGB backlighting.
  11. Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard – $79.99 A versatile keyboard that works with multiple devices.
  12. Apple Magic Keyboard – $99.99 Sleek and slim wireless keyboard designed for Mac users.
  13. Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard – $129.99 An ergonomic keyboard designed for comfortable typing.
  14. Redragon K552 KUMARA – $39.99 A compact mechanical keyboard with red LED backlighting.
  15. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro – $69.99 A tenkeyless gaming keyboard designed for FPS enthusiasts.
  16. Roccat Vulcan 122 AIMO – $149.99 A unique mechanical keyboard with customizable lighting effects.
  17. Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768 – $99.99 Alienware’s gaming keyboard with dedicated macro keys.
  18. HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2 – $49.99 A wireless keyboard for office and productivity use.
  19. Matias Ergo Pro – $199.99 An ergonomic split keyboard for comfortable typing.
  20. Varmilo VA87M – $129.99 A mechanical keyboard with high-quality keycaps.
  21. Das Keyboard 4 Professional – $169.99 A mechanical keyboard designed for professional use.
  22. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 – $159.99 A gaming keyboard with Cherry MX key switches.
  23. Logitech MX Keys – $99.99 A wireless keyboard designed for productivity and comfort.
  24. Drop CTRL – $199.99 A customizable mechanical keyboard for enthusiasts.
  25. Filco Majestouch 2 – $139.99 A reliable mechanical keyboard with a minimalistic design.
  26. Rosewill RK-9000V2 – $79.99 A budget-friendly mechanical keyboard for gamers.
  27. Varmilo VA68M – $149.99 A compact mechanical keyboard with customizable keycap options.
  28. HP Omen Sequencer – $129.99 A gaming keyboard with optical-mechanical switches.
  29. Leopold FC900R – $139.99 A high-quality mechanical keyboard for enthusiasts.
  30. IBM Model M – $249.99 A classic mechanical keyboard known for its durability.


In rundown, the HyperX Composite Beginnings – Itachi Version is a mechanical gaming console that succeeds in both structure and capability. Its staggering plan, excellent form quality, and predominant composing experience pursue it a top decision for gamers and experts the same. With adaptable RGB lighting, flexible similarity, and gaming-improving highlights, a console can really hoist your gaming undertakings in 2023.


1. Is the Itachi Version viable with Macintosh PCs?

Indeed, the HyperX Compound Starting points – Itachi Version is viable with the two Windows and macOS, guaranteeing that you can utilize it on a large number of gadgets.

2. Might I at any point modify the RGB lighting on this console?

Totally! You can redo the RGB lighting impacts and profiles to make a customized gaming arrangement.

3. What are the keyswitches utilized in this console?

The Itachi Release highlights specially crafted mechanical switches by HyperX, giving a material and fulfilling composing experience.

4. How would I program macros on this console?

Programming macros is simple with the HyperX NGENUITY programming, permitting you to execute complex orders with a solitary keystroke.

5. Is the USB-C link separable?

Indeed, the console accompanies a separable USB-C link for accommodation and movability.

Clothing With A Twist

Each day thousands of individuals make efforts to venture into the fashion industry by creating a clothing brand, yet few are able to succeed. On Tiktok, Instagram or even Reddit, I often see people posting their ideas, drafts, or launching their collection for a clothing line. A lot of the people starting their brands have very similar products to the rest of the industry, and many follow suit with current trends. 


The clothing brand that I have chosen to showcase today is the opposite of those start-up brands, in the sense that it is unique. CurrieGoat (real name Denzel) is an artist who makes a variety of different types of clothing, accessories, and home products. He does both the creative design and labor for all of his products and it is evident by the quality. Denzel has videos on youtube where he breaks down every step in the creation of his products. He walks through choosing the designs, drawing the design in photoshop, and the detailed process of sewing the product. The result of this hard work is spectacular-looking products that are known to be high quality. Denzel’s visually pleasing patterns and colors are a staple in all of his products, you can see similar patterns re-appear as you scroll through his Instagram page. Another interesting selling point of Denzel’s brand is his range of products. Denzel has made handbags, rugs, hoodies, shoes, and even a table. Lastly, I wanted to showcase one way Denzel is adding new elements to the fashion industry. In one of Denzel’s recent posts, he videos the rug that he made with his phone, then on his phone the rug starts doing an animation. I was blown away by the creative processes of adding augmented reality to fashion. I can only imagine what’s next for Denzel as he continues to break norms in the fashion world. 

The post Clothing With A Twist first appeared on Astrometrics.

Fashion + 3D printing

I remember being in sixth grade when my teacher told our class about something that blew my mind. She told us that there was a such thing as a 3D printer, where instead of putting ink onto paper, you could print out a real object. My mind was blown, my friends and I then went to Youtube and watched videos of 3D printing being done. I remember thinking,” this can be the solution to so many problems, it’s like being able to create something out of nothing”. However, since the 6th grade, I rarely hear about 3D printing and I nearly forgot that it existed. That’s why seeing the impressive application of the machine, done by young artist “yalocaloffgod” re-ignited that childhood wonder. 

Yalocaloffgod (real name drew) is an artist that I have been following on instagram for a long time due to his unique cartoons of famous rappers. One day however I saw multiple images of him being re-posted on my feed by other pages. His accessories for apple AirPods max had gone viral, and he was getting recognition across his page. 

I too found the idea to be remarkable as it combined technology and fashion into one. I was impressed by the sheer creativity to have that idea and then the bravery to apply it in a functional manner. After the success of his first model, drew released multiple other designs, each more creative than the last, one was even made from lego. Drew also showed the behind-the-scenes of how he made the accessory, showing the 3D model on his computer and the printing of the headphones. 

I think the implication of Drew’s innovation is also of a large magnitude. After seeing these headphone accessories on my page, I saw other people also customizing their headphones in their own style. I think that the world of fashion may have latched onto Drew’s idea, not only of customizing headphones but the style that Drew used as well. Even more so, I think that posts like these may inspire upcoming artists to also implicate 3D modeling and printing into their art creations and in fashion. 


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The first photographer I would like to showcase is @thezairul, a creator from Kula Lumpur Malaysia. The moment I saw one of their posts my attention was captured immediately. The reason for this was because of the seemingly impossible photos that zairul seemed to capture. At frist glance, the photoshop is done so well that the impossible illusions seem real. Each post on zairul’s feed makes you question physics and reality and bring you into a fantasy world that looks so fake yet so real at the same time. Although some of the posts are a little repetitive I think this creative approach to photography as well as a great way to attract new people that may not be into photography. The image of zairul’s that I have attached is one of my favorites from their page. Staring at this photo I feel engrossed in a magical space in my brain. This photo captures how I feel on a late-night drive with my favorite song playing on the speakers. It makes me feel a combination of adventure, mystery, and peace. The amount of detail in the photo is also something that greatly impresses me. The way that the windshield of the BMW is consistent with the background and how the horizon where the road cuts off fits in perfectly are details that show that a lot of hard work has been put into the editing.

The second photographer that I have chosen to display is Kerry Skarbakka who is an artist as well as a professor of photography. This choice was a little more abstract and weird as a little dive into Kerry Skarbakka’s work and you will find some strange photos. Nonetheless, I found his project “the struggle to right oneself” to be something unique and eye-catching. Skrbakka describes his photos as capturing the “sublime metaphorical space where balance has been disrupted and the definitive point-of-no-return has been met.” Skrarbakka shows us visually how it feels to let go during a struggle. He shows that letting yourself go and fail away into nothingness is just as scary as continuing to suffer through whatever is burdening you. My personal interpretation of the photo that I have selected is the sinking feeling of fear. I feel as though Skarbakka has been able to capture that exact moment when your stomach sinks and a shock runs through your body.

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Scary But INTRIGUING: Jesse Kanda

This post is one that may stand out for reasons that are different than usual, today we are looking at the work of Jesse Kanda. Jesse Kanda is an artist and musician who was bought up in Canada but is currently situated in London. Jesse has worked with other popular musicians and even provides visuals for the fashion label “Hood by Air”. Kanda’s art is known for being different, my first impression of it was something along the lines of “haunting”. There is, however,  a purpose and message behind Kanda’s frighting drawings. Kanda has stated in a Dazed 100 interview “The inside of our body is much more beautiful than the skin that coats it, yet we’re afraid of it. When you see blood or organs, you sense pain and danger. (Todd, 2016)” Kanda’s goal is to bring out the beauty in things that are not conventionally visually appealing.  In the same interview, he states “part of my goal is to present ‘disgusting’ things as something beautiful,(Todd, 2016)”. Although this type of art is not my usual cup of tea, I can understand Kanda’s motives and overall message. When I look at Kanda’s work I get a sense of monstrosity and beauty at the same time, which is something that is very rare. Another thing I like about Kanda’s work is the contrast between different drawings. In the two photos that I have showcased above, you can see a huge difference in the aura they give off. It’s like one represents euphoria, growth, and life, while the other represents pain, suffering, and death. One other thing I like about Kanda’s work is its uniqueness and bravery. In the world of social media, creators often follow trends and copy what others do; Kanda’s work stands out from the crowd, and that’s how it caught my eye. Now that I’ve seen Kanda’s art, I don’t know if I should be excited or scarred to listen to his music. 

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The Intricate World-Building Of Gibson Hazard

When it comes to directing music videos,  album trailers, and million-dollar advertisements, there is one person in the business whose work is in a league of its own. That director is Gibson Hazard, a creator that I have looked up to for years.  Before I dive into what makes his work so great let’s have a look at some of his work. 


The first thing that separates Hazard from nearly every other music video director in the game right now is his use of 3D modeling. Hazard is able to model precise objects, build landscapes and animate the world he has created using these objects. He is also able to seamlessly integrate elements of real footage and 3D modeling together. Many other directors are able to use these techniques, but none are able to combine all four at such a high level. Let’s break down each technique and analyze how Hazard is able to add his magic to them. 


First building precise objects. Building a simple 3D model with little detail on software such as Blender or Element 3D can take hours to do alone. Hazard takes this to the next level by adding every precise detail possible, including shadows, lighting, texture, glow, etc. An example is this is the jeep used in the Lil Uzi Vert music video “I just wanna rock”. 


If you look closely at the jeep you can see the nails on the back, patterns on the tire, and shading on the sides of the car. When the car is in motion in the video you can see the light bounce off of it and the shadows move off the car. 

Gibson Hazard is able to use these models to build a world that encompasses you when you watch his videos. In all of his videos, the background detail is always fully complete, giving you the feeling that you have actually entered the world that he has created. For example in the VMA’s video above, if you pause the video at any moment, and examine the background you will not be disappointed, whether that be in the carnival, the bridge, the subway or the city. 

Lastly when watching Hazard’s videos, a sense of motion is always felt. Gibson is able to build anticipation and excitement by leading you through the video with clever transitions. There is not one dull frame, as there is constant stimulation at every corner of your screen. That is what makes the video feel alive. This technique coupled with some of the best sound design in the industry makes for a jaw dropping video. Hazard adds to the feeling of motion by adding sounds that signal the animations. If you were to watch the VMA video above with your eyes closed you can still get a pretty good feel of what is going on in the video, and the added bonus is that the sounds stand out more (they’re so crisp). 

It’s so great to see Hazard being commissioned by huge brands and artists to do work for them, however, I feel like his name is still relatively unknown. I hope one day he is recognized as a great, and that he continues to build his legacy. 


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