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DISNEYLAND: California or Tokyo which one should I put on my bucket list?

Now that, all the Disney stores across north America have closed, the only way to get our Disney fix is to dream about a Disneyland vacation. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Disneyland in Anaheim and the one in Tokyo. Both parks have the same magical feel, however there are a few differences. Besides wanting to grab a picture with everyone’s favourite mouse, here are a two exclusive attractions, each from California and Tokyo, that I enjoyed.

California Disneyland

Opened in 1955, Disneyland California in Anaheim celebrates the golden state. It is the original Disney Theme Park, and right across from it is California Adventure. California exclusive events include Disneyland fantasmic, world of color and main street electric parade.

One ride I truly loved was web slinger: spider man adventure. As my favourite Marvel hero, I of course couldn’t help fangirling over this ride! This immersive ride takes you along with spider-man, where you can shoot your own webs to catch some rampant bugs.

Tokyo Disneyland

About one hour away from the heart of Tokyo, Tokyo Disney Resort was the first to be built outside of the USA in 1983. At this amusement park, you will find classic attractions such as the pirates of the Caribbean, it’s a small world and haunted Mansion. Yet, there are a few Japan exclusives such as Disney Sea which explores the nautical sea. Let’s not forget, the popcorn buckets Tokyo Disney is famous for. The chocolate flavoured popcorn is amazing!

An exclusive ride I enjoyed, was Monsters Inc: Ride and Seek. It a super cute ride, that takes you into Monstropolis World, where boo and other monsters are playing hide-and-seek. Ride and seek, is an immersive attraction where you use a flashlight to seek monsters!

I hope this has helped you decide which one you would put on your bucket list. To be honest, as a huge disney fan I have all of theme parks are on my bucket list. And I am looking forward to visit both the Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland resort someday!

An Otaku bucket List: Things I look forward to doing Next time I am in Japan

Over the last 2 years, Ive been dreaming about my next travel to Japan. The last time I went was in 2019, right before the world shut down. As the world begins to adjust to the new normal, and slowly open up I am once again thinking about my next trip! crossed fingers* it will be soon.

My first visit to Japan I was there for a week and I fell in love with the culture, especially as a fangirl/ Nerd. Tokyo is rich with all things kawaii and otaku. Then, my second trip to Japan I stayed for 5 weeks but it felt like it was not enough time to explore everything I wanted to see. Since then, Ive been tracking things I want to do when I go back. This is a personal list but, I hope it gives you some ideas on what to put on your Japan bucket list. And without further ado, here is my Otaku bucket list:

20 things to do in Japan

  1. Visit Shinyokohama Ramen Museum and eat Ramen
  2. Eat cheap sushi at the conveyer sushi restaurant
  3. Go shopping in Sunshine City
  4. Visit the Nintendo store
  5. Check out a robot restaurant (Shibuya)
  6. Get lost in Akihabara – play the Gacha Machines
  7. Eat at the pokemon café
  8. Look for Junji ito (Japanese version manga)
  9. Take a photo in the middle of shibuya crossing
  10. Sleep in a capsule hotel
  11. Wander the streets of Harajuku
  12. Visit Gotokuji temple (lucky cat)
  13. Go drinking at the Whales of August Bar (shibuya)
  14. Shop at the biggest Daiso
  15. Shop at the 6 floor Unqlo in Ginza
  16. Ghbili Museum
  17. Sanrio Park
  18. Character street (Tokyo Station)
  19. Eat at the Moomin Café
  20. Relax at an Onsen

How I created my Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Blog Post

During the pandemic animal crossing new horizon or ACNH, helped fill the void of being at home all day. It is the ultimate great escape, where I invited cute animal friends and chilled on the island beach for hours.

If you don’t know what ACNH is, it is a simulation game, where you can save money, collect materials, make friends with adorable characters, and basically forget about reality. The first Animal crossing was released in 2001 for game cube and Nintendo DS. The latest version, New Horizons launched in 2020 with unique gameplay. This included experiencing four seasons and DIY materials. It has been super successful, creating a community of gamers who spotlight ACNH builds.

It took me almost a year to finally have an Island that I was happy with, and I am excited to highlight some of my favourite spots from my Island in this blog.

Something I found useful when starting to build my Island was having a theme. Having a theme guided me in my builds, as I had a direction. Im a big believer in Island themes as they make things grounded, but if you want to mix it up, why not! My initial theme for my island was a haunted Totoro forest, but it has grown into celebrating island living and Asian culture.

Otherwise, just have fun with it! I hope you enjoy and get inspiration for your builds from these pictures I took from my ACNH Island


 Welcome to Isle Bell