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Process Post: Reacting to my Peer Review

Today I wanted to look back on my first peer review critiques and address some of the suggestions. 

The creator of The Rabbit Hole was my first peer to review my website and he had some really lovely things to say alongside some really meaningful and helpful suggestions!

I feel like my peer and I had the same ideas as to what I should be adding to my site last week. These are some things I addressed in my process post last week called “Website Map and Future Goals”. 

I’ve made one of these changes already, which is to add a “most recent post” section to my website footer. I think any opportunity to direct the reader to another post or another page is always a good and easy way to keep their attention on your site. 

Second of all, adding more links to my content on the different pages is something I wanted to include as well. An example of this would be linking to my pages directly on the home page instead of just through the menu, whether this be embedding links into the “about this site” write-up or adding buttons. This is something I want to address this week for sure. 

I really appreciate any feedback from peers just so I know I’m on the right track. As we discussed in class, it’s nearly impossible to look at your own work with an unbiased eye. Critiquing your own work, whether it be content wise or simply just correcting spelling, grammar or punctuation, is really hard. 

It’s very comforting to know that I’m on the right track with the overall tone of my site being reflected in my graphics, colour palette, and style of writing for my blog content. Everything that my peer said about my choices was exactly the result I wanted to provoke in my audience. So cheers to that!

Process Post: Website Map and Future Goals

I’m a huge nerd for organization. 

One of my favourite activities is to reorganize my closet, or my bookshelf, or tidy up my space in general. I wouldn’t say it’s a problematic habit, just more something that eases my mind. 

I think this is reflected in this website. I wanted to keep my blog “Let’s Talk What I Watch” and my academic assignments and writing pieces for PUB101 completely separate and easy to find. 

As seen in this hand-drawn map above, I have briefly walked through how I want the 2 kinds of paths to be in terms of getting around my site when a visitor first comes through the door at the Home page. 

The 2 Paths 

Ideally by next week I want to figure out how to connect all of my pages a little more through means other than the main menu. 

So, the first path is that of coming through the home page, reading the “a little bit about this site” section, and then clicking through embedded links within that write-up or a “suggested recent posts” section at the bottom of the Home page. 

The second path is accessing the different pages through the main menu. Here I have laid out my menu title ‘Blog’ as two sections 

  • Academic Pieces for PUB101 
  • Blog (leading to the Let’s Talk What I Watch posts)

I have further divided my academic posts into different categories:

  • Essays
  • Mini Assignemnts 
  • Peer Reviews
  • Process Blog 

Plans for the Future 

Site organization and move-ability was a key part of my website development, but I still am working on getting to know WordPress a littel bit better so that I can connect my pages together and promote my work on the Home page to draw visitors in!

Process Post: The Trials and Errors of Avoiding Technology

The pure irony of trying to minimize my time staring at screens while completing a full course load remotely… 

The question of “if I could stay off social media or the Internet as long as this wouldn’t cause harm, could I do it” is more complicated than it should be.

And, there’s two distinct sides to my thoughts on this.  

On one side, as long as social media isn’t the only thing I do all day, and as long as it doesn’t impede my other life tasks, whether that be exercise, family or friend time, or school, I don’t see a big problem. On the other hand, watching documentaries like The Social Dilemma or The Great Hack makes me want to be better about it. 

Let’s talk about the second one first. As a communication major I have been told again and again about the risks of online surveillance and tracking, and yet I don’t really feel scared about it. It’s more of a question of “why would my data matter?” However, I also see the problems with social media addiction. Any sort of unnecessary reliance on something isn’t good, and I definitely dont’ not rely on social media. 

Now let’s give a second to the first one. I really only use and engage with three social media apps on the daily. I use Twitter to stay updated, I use Instagram to keep up with friends, and Tiktok for pure entertainment. When I focus on using these apps for these purposes, my time on social media is limited. I think if I were to try to cut any of these out, it wound’t necessarily benefit my life that much because of what I use them for.

However ever since I watched The Social Dilemma and reflected on my social media ‘addiction’, I have implemented time limits on these apps. 30 minutes per day on tiktok, and 45 minutes for Twitter and Instagram to share. I do find myself over-riding the time limits sometimes to check notifications or to do something for the student union I’m a part of (Marketing for CMNSU at SFU), but the pure guilt-trip of having to click “ignore time limit for 15 minutes” definitely deters me from going onto the apps just to scroll aimlessly. 

Unfortunately, my efforts to stay off screens more has failed miserably with online school. Over the summer I managed to reflect on the time I devote to them and make some real efforts to engage in other activities, like painting and reading. However, going into the fall semester, when I would regularly be spending time taking notes in a notebook and interacting with real humans, this same time is now spent on Zoom, which, to be honest, sucks

Now to circle back to the main question, if I could cut out screens, social media, and the Internet without causing harm, I think I definitely would opt to change my lifestyle a bit. While social media definitely holds a more positive place in my life, it would never hurt to face the real world a little more often.