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Goalkeepers Have to Have Short Term Memory

Almost all of my keeper coaches have taught us a form of thinking where we need to have a short term memory in order to play our position. A lot of people see this and have to think about it for a second because it is not something that is discussed a whole lot. It is easy for a forward to make a little mistake and either correct it or get it the next time the ball comes their way. There are times where goalkeepers don’t get a whole lot of action and if we make a mistake that one time something gets kicked at us, it can be a deciding factor in a game situation.

I always talk about how if a goalkeeper makes a decision that is not the correct one, it is more costly than a forward or midfielder making a poor decision. But like all humans, we make mistakes and we cannot dwell on it otherwise it can lead to more goals being scored on you. It can be very difficult because when a goal is scored, the goalie is the last line of defense so it can be very easy to look at the keeper with the slightest bit of contempt.

Trust me, there are times where when I let in a goal, I tend to blame myself, always thinking “why didn’t I do this instead?” or “why did I approach it like this?” This is where the keeper coach starts telling us to forget about it and move on, have a short term memory, because once you go down the rabbit hole about what you should or shouldn’t have done we start to second guess ourselves and make more mistakes than necessary.

Process Post: Audience

I know that my main audience wanted to be directed at those who are around my age, either in high school, college, or maybe just graduated from college. It didn’t really matter to me whether or not they were athletes; if people in the audience were athletes, I hope they would still find my website interesting because my position is pretty unique. When people think of soccer they tend to think of the goal scorers or the defenders and not really the goalkeepers.

Because of this position I tend to think differently about certain situations so I wanted to outline my thinking process the most with my blogs. In addition, goalkeeping is pretty intense and requires a lot of strength and can be perceived as a more masculine position and while I am very strong and athletic I also have a very gentle personality. So I went with more of a girly theme because it stood out to me and I liked it. I had also hoped that it would draw more girls to my site as well and keep them curious, considering the title of my website speaks for itself about what it’s all about.