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Let’s Do The BC Mask Mandate Right

Just yesterday, Dr. Bonnie Henry announced new regulations to slow the spread of Covid-19, one regulation being that masks must be worn in indoor public spaces and retail stores. You can read more about the new regulations here.


I feel like this is long overdue, so I am so relieved that this mandate is finally being implemented. While my store already had a mandatory mask policy, these government regulations will help us by showing that we were in the right all along. Some customers would complain that we didn’t need a mask mandate in our store if the government hadn’t deemed it necessary. Hopefully, those people will shut up now!

Now, if only people would learn how to wear a mask properly

At my store, I’ve seen all the incorrect ways to wear a mask: not covering the nose, not covering the mouth, hanging off the ear, sitting only on the chin, etc. It’s really not that hard to wear a mask correctly. If your mask keeps slipping off your nose, buy a new one; seeing as we are over 8 months into the pandemic, you’ve had plenty of time to get a mask that fits. Also, you don’t need to take off your mask to take a phone call. You’re still in a store with other people, so be respectful and always keep your mask on.

One other note that I’ll make is that mask use, while being very important, is not 100% effective. Please continue to physically distance from others. I’ve noticed that more and more customers come way too close to me, almost as if they think that wearing a mask allows them to disregard the 2-metre distance between us. PLEASE keep your distance even when you wear a mask- combining these two methods is essential to keeping you and others safe.

(Featured Image by Cory Checketts on Unsplash)

When Should I Shop? – Covid Holiday Edition

With Covid cases rising in BC and new measures being put in place, I bet some of you are worried about what might happen next. If things get worse, what if they close the malls? What if your favourite store has to shut down at the peak time for shopping? I personally recommend shopping online when possible to protect you and your loved ones. However, when you do have to go to the mall, here are a few tips for having the most pleasant, safe experience.

1. Shop Now, not on December 20th

The mall is only going to get busier as we get closer to the holidays. If you get your Christmas shopping done now, you will deal with smaller crowds and more space for physically distancing. Plus, it’s good to get this done early in case some stores shut down!

2. Shop During the Week

Weekends are notorious for being crazy at the mall, and that is no exception even with Covid. For example, my store usually has a lineup to enter the store on the weekend, versus no lineup on weekdays. If you can, come to the mall on these quieter days and you’ll have an easier time physical distancing, as well as finish your shopping more efficiently.

3. Shop in the Morning

Between 10am and 12pm, my store is usually quiet. If you come at this time, you’ll have no trouble physical distancing from others. You can also get better quality assistance from retail associates because they can focus more on your needs instead of you plus thirty others. If you combine coming early with shopping during the week, you’ll be done with your holiday shopping in no time!

(Featured Image by 天成 褚 on Unsplash)

Medical Conditions Versus the Mask

Since this pandemic has been going on for so long now, I’m sure that you either know someone who has a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask, or you’ve heard stories about people producing medical notes to get into places without a mask.

My work recently decided that masks are mandatory for ALL customers, even if they have a doctor’s note. At first, I didn’t totally see the reasoning. If someone has a legitimate medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask, who are we to prevent them from entering our store? Was this to make other customers more comfortable shopping with us, or to prevent excuses of, “She’s not wearing a mask, why should I have to?” However, once my manager explained the reasons for this new policy, I completely understand.

If you have a medical condition and cannot wear a mask, we have no way of protecting you in our store. Sure, we try to enforce physical distancing rules, but what if another customer gets too close to you? What if you don’t have an accurate idea of what 6 feet encompasses? Having a mask adds another barrier of protection in case of situations like that, and there is unfortunately little else we can do to protect our customers and employees. Furthermore, if you have a medical condition (and are likely at a higher risk should you get Covid), why are you going to the mall in the first place? Cases continue to increase, so if you don’t have to go out, you should stay home. I hardly think that coming to our retail store to browse the selection qualifies as important enough to risk your health, especially with the accessibility of online shopping (which is available for our brand). Ultimately, we must do what is safest for all employees and customers, and for now, that comes in the form of mandatory masks.

(Featured Image by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash)

Remix Assignment

This week, I needed to remix something, and I wanted it to be relevant to my site. So, I made a mask out of an old skirt that my sister was no longer attached to!

Here is the skirt before…
The final product! Now that’s something you would look cool in when you absolutely have to go out;)

I’m not usually very good at crafty activities, but I followed the instructions in this video tutorial and everything worked out well! I hope that this inspires you to make a reusable face mask with the pattern of your choice!

(All Images Taken by Me)