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Problem 5 (Cold hands)

Wind is my worst enemy. For someone with hyperhidrosis, walking outside on a windy day will feel like coming out of a hot shower on a cold day. I don’t know exactly what makes it feel so cold, but I think it’s the water evaporating off the body that somehow feels cold.

“Being wet makes this worse. Both because the wind agitates the water and brings cold water back in contact with your skin, and because it increases the rate of evaporation. Evaporation takes energy from the surroundings (your skin) when it occurs and makes you colder. This is the same way that sweating works (seeĀ Perspiration).”

The reason I bring this up is that it’s almost winter. I can wear mittens, but when they soak through, it feels like my mittens could freeze through. I’ve tried putting plastic gloves under the gloves or mitten, but honestly its just nasty. It works but it feels gross. I think the magic solution was putting on plastic gloves over the mittens. I know… you’ll look stupid… well tough love because I’d rather be warm than cold. But if you want to look normal, you could put another mitten on, but I don’t think you’ll be able to move your fingers through three layers. Good luck!

My Last Hour Online

Hi friends,

My palms are getting sweaty just thinking about a scenario, I thought was pretty interesting.

The world has decided to shut down the internet. What would you do with your last hour online?

  1. Google how to survive before 1983?
  2. Look for some good recipes
  3. Go on Facebook and write down the important birthdays of friends who would never forgive me if I forgot it
  4. Google good restaurantsĀ around the area.
  5. Download any important documents I uploaded onto my Google Drive.

Honestly, I think I could survive without the internet. All my friends know this about me, but I am incredibly technology disabled. I didn’t use the internet until grade 8, which was 8 years ago. My first fascination with Google was Neopets, a popular game during the time. More importantly, I think the most revolutionary and timeless website that helped make my life easier, in general, was dictionary.com. I remember before my introduction to dictionary.com, I would get headaches flipping back and forth to find a single word. I can’t imagine what it’d be like reading an academic article before the internet.


I.e. Bless the internet.