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Week 5 – Design, Design, Experiment.

This week we learned about website design. It was encouraging to see some of my peers websites and how they have been creative in establishing their vision. I loved the websites that had lots of white space and strong fonts.

I took some time to re-evaluate my website and found that I was using too much colour and my blog was feeling cluttered. There were elements that I enjoyed about the theme I was using, but overall I think it gave my website a slightly chaotic vibe which was very different from creating ‘Habits for Contentment’.

One of my favourite blogs is Andi Anne. She writes about nutrition, health, and messy stories from motherhood. I love this website because of its neutral tonal pallet and clean organization. It creates a sense of order in an occasionally chaotic cyberspace.

I especially love her about page, and how it flows from an introduction, to her philosophy, then to some of her best blog posts to get you started. It has a very well-defined flow and it beautifully draws the reader in to checking out more content.

Another thing this website does really well is linking to additional content. Andi has written a cooking E-book that is available on the page, and she also has links to podcasts and courses. This is a great way of synthesizing multiple media forms and having them all accessible through her website

And in every medium, useful ideas and experiments are eroding the old boundaries between industries and fields and creating vigorous hybrids designed for new climates.

Erin Kissane

I loved this quote from the, ‘Contents may have Shifted’ reading. It describes how exploring different mediums creates new avenues for art and expression, and I think that’s one of the beautiful things about blogging. It allows you to experiment with various mediums and artforms while portraying one singular message.

This week I will continue to hone in on some various design aspects to try and make the central theme of contentment shine through on my blog.

Cheers to another week of writing!

The In Between

What do you do when you can’t decide between going bold and going soft? Somedays I sit down in front of my makeup collection and I am unsure of exactly what I want. I’m not looking to go with a subtle look, but I also don’t really want to be totally in your face. I want to be the in between. I want to find the delicate balance between calm and loud. Now maybe at first glance you can’t see the balance to which I am referring. A dark blue lip after all, is a pretty loud statement. But when pairing it with a slightly warmer toned eye and face makeup which isn’t overly dramatic, it is not quite the slap in the face some of my looks can create.

I’ve always been instructed not to pair warm and cool toned makeup together in the same look. Believe me, I understand why. They aren’t designed to marry together smoothly. Typically the tones grate on one another and create a harsh look which is not quite right when you look at it. But if you do it just right, sometimes it can work out quite elegantly. The warmer tones in the look are cooled by the cool tones and vice versa.

Take this look for example. The eye look is made up of oranges and golds from my Anastasiia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. The overall effect is rather sunset like in nature. I intentionally did not go overboard with the pigmentation though, not wanting to overweight the warmth of the look. The face was done with the more neutral colors in my collection. Yes, my contour was still a dark shadow meant to create definition on my face. But I kept the shade as neutral as possible instead of choosing a warmer or cooler one. The same goes for my choice of bronzer. Bronzer by nature will always run warmer because, as the name implies, the whole point is to bronze up the look like a tan. But there is still a wide variety of shade options in the realm of bronzers. I found one which wouldn’t be overly warm in nature and went with that. The same process held true for my highlight as well.

The lip is what took this look from subtle to an in between. It is a cool toned shade and it’s quite aggressive upon first glance. But when pairing it with a look like this, it falls into place shockingly well. The tone warms up a little, and it elevates the look out of a purely subtle realm. It also adds an element of surprise to the look. I never like to do the same thing twice. I enjoy surprising people, both with who I am and with my makeup. This is an expression of complexity, of experimentation, of challenging the norms. Not every challenge has to be aggressive. Some rules you can break by pairing together tones which aren’t supposed to work together. I like to challenge people and the norms they ascribe to me. This look is just another way of doing so.

How do you challenge the norms people place on you? Leave a comment below!

Yours Truly,

Meera C.


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