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In Anticipation…

Well, here we are again. I honestly never thought I would get to experience life on campus again before I graduated. To say that I am excited to be back would be an understatement. That said, after taking the summer off it’s definitely been a little bit tough to get back into the swing of things academically. I’m already a bit behind in my work as I’m still working 4 days a week and playing soccer. I’ve also fallen off my gym grind which doesn’t make me the happiest.

So, what is this semester going to look like? Honestly, I don’t know. Rumour has it we might have to go online again and that is very disappointing to say. Online learning is not my favourite and being back in person, going to all my favourite food spots, and even driving up the mountain playing my fall playlist through the fog and rain is something I have missed dearly.

My goals for this semester? Simply to get through it. I think that is a very realistic goal considering everything. I have also been considering the possibility of continuing my studies in grad school and working towards writing a thesis. I will definitely work hard this semester for good grades, but I just hope I get through it with some fragment of mental health. As for my goal financially, I hope to be able to continue to work my part time job (will be lowering my hours ASAP) and pay for my car, meals, other bills, etc. My goals physically are to score a goal in my soccer league! I just recently started playing soccer again after taking a few years off. I played for a huge chunk of my life and I’m excited to get back into it. Another goal I have is to continue to make time for the gym. It has been a struggle to find time to get in the gym between work and school, but it is still something that brings me an immense amount of joy. I want this semester to be a time that I fuel my body and get stronger every day. Mentally and physically.

Moral of the story, get vaccinated and do the things that make you happy!

Here’s to a great semester,

xx Savannah

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Finding Myself.

Content Creation #3 – Brand Story

I did my best to tell the story of how this brand came to be by this playlist. I hope it makes sense.

xx Savannah

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Daily Gym Fit Checks? I Think So.

One of my favourite things about working out is the cute workout clothes I get to buy. Have I gone broke because I spent my last $100 on a new pair of leggings? Maybe. But I’d do it again. Here is my list of my favourite workout clothes, I’m going to separate them by brand so you can get all my favourites in one place.

First we have my tried and true, Gymshark. They have never let me down and I love everything they make. Also, their stuff ships in 1 day and I usually will have my order within the week.

My all time favourite legging. The Vital Seamless collection. I love the original collection but they have released a Vital Rise and Vital 2.0 if thats what you prefer. My favourites are linked here though. Honourable mentions include Camo Seamless and Energy Seamless.

The best shorts, Hyper Amplify Shorts. The perfect length and they don’t cut into your thighs. Would recommend and you can find these grey ones here. Honourable mentions include Vital Seamless Shorts and the Legacy Shorts.

Now onto sports bras. My favourite from Gymshark is the V Neck Training bra. Would definitely recommend for smaller chested ladies though as it is a low support bra. I’d recommend the Adapt Animal Seamless for more support. I also love Gymshark’s long sleeve crop tops as they go with literally any gym outfit if you stick with black and grey.

Next, is Lululemon. Everyone raves about the Align Pant and honestly, I get it. I wouldn’t recommend these for lifting necessarily, but they are so great for yoga. And honestly just day to day life, I could live in these leggings.

Another classic, the Hotty Hot Short. Great for cardio (not that I do it) and also just great for lounging. I usually opt to wear these on upper body days.

This sports bra is classic and they make it in varying sizes based on cup size so everyone can rock it. The Free To Be Bra. Honourable mention: The Energy Bra.

Lastly, we have Set Active. They make the cutest colour-ways and everything is limited edition. I have the legging and bra set in “Electric” and although they don’t make these anymore, they always have so many new cute colours.

Shoes are always either Converse or Vans on days we lift, as flat shoes are ideal for range of motion, balance, and allowing you to push through the movements. Upper body and cardio days I stick with Nike Air Max 270’s.

Hope this helped you find some more cute finds for your next workout,

xx Savannah

What A Healthy Relationship Looks Like

Love is kinda gross. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’ve got it figured out. I’ve been through my fair share of horrible relationships. I’ve come out of them with a lot of hurt, and a lot of problems. Trust issues, commitment issues, relationship anxiety, and just overall fear. But I also learned a lot. A lot about relationships, red flags and dealbreakers. The time I spent in a relationship I learned how to love someone else. Out of them, I learned how to love myself. However, I’ve recently come into a relationship that feels like a dream. I’ve learned to take nothing for granted and that everything happens for a reason. But who knows what will happen, I just thought I’d share what it’s been like for me. I mean, this blog is basically my online diary, right?

I just wanted to share the things that I’ve noticed in my relationship that has made everything so much easier.

  1. I know everyone says this, but COMMUNICATION IS KEY. I myself was not the best communicator in past relationships, whether that be due to the fact that my parter couldn’t communicate either, or just my own lack of communication. But it truly makes all the difference. Being able to say what you’re feeling without feeling judged or like “you’re bothering them”. If you feel like that then chances are they aren’t the one for you. Having a partner that listens to you is truly the best feeling in the world, and make sure you listen to them too.
  2. Don’t bottle things up. Be open with your partner and talk about everything that you are feeling. Which leads me to my next point…
  3. BE HONEST. Keeping secrets has never gotten anyone anywhere good. Always be truthful and authentic.
  4. Make time for them. Quality time is my love language and having a parter who shares the same is great. But more importantly, find their love language too. Just because yours might be quality time, doesn’t mean your partners is too. You could be loving them so much with your own love language, but they don’t need to spend a lot of time you. Instead they might value words of affirmation, so you simply could be loving them wrong. Be mindful of their love language too.
  5. Hold on to your friendships, and find someone who respects them. I love my friends and I value their friendships so much. That means girls nights twice a week, sometimes more and it’s so nice having someone who doesn’t make me feel like I need to chose them over my friends.
  6. Find someone who supports you no matter what. Someone who wants you to reach your goals and focus on your future. Someone who is just there to support you through any decision you might chose to make.
  7. Someone who makes you laugh. This one is pretty self explanatory.
  8. My mom once told me when I was going through a tough breakup that I needed to “find someone who makes your heart sing” and thats something I’ve kept with me since. So keep an eye out for the someone who makes your heart sing friends.

Ok I’m done being sappy. I’m really happy and being in a healthy relationship is kinda nice. That’s all.

xx Savannah

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*CUE MICHAEL SCOTT* Okay It’s Happening, Everyone Stay Calm

Ok so it’s nothing crazy, I just thought I should explain myself. I’ve grown a lot in the last year. I started this blog almost a year ago and it has come a very long way. I’ve realized that my interests have shifted and the things I am passionate about have changed slightly. Now my blog remains mostly the same, however there are certain topics that I talk about much more frequently than I used to.

In the last few months, fitness has come to the forefront of my passions. I spend the majority of my free time in the gym, and I love talking about it with my friends and family. I have chosen to split my focus from “Health & Wellness” to Wellness, where I will focus more on mental health, healthy eating, mindfulness, emotional intuition, and other tools like those. And Fitness, where I will talk all about the in’s and out’s of the fitness world that I’ve come across, any tips and tricks I might have learned, and just knowledge that I have gained and hope to share. Next off, being in the middle of a Panasonic, a Panago Pizza, a Pandemonium, a Pandemic, if you will, the topic of travel is kind of off the table. I am also a starving student, so I don’t think that travel is something that’s in the cards for me any time soon. Thus, travel was removed from my site. I still have the blog posts up on my site, but it’s not something I want to highlight. I’ve also dipped my toes into the world of fashion (uninvited might I add). But still, these are the things that I am passionate about, and I want this blog to be a genuine reflection of me. Who I am and what I love.

My goal with this blog is to inspire others the way I have been inspired, through authenticity and learning to appreciate the little things in life.

And the beautiful thing about life is that the things that inspire you might and probably will change and growing with them is so important.

I hope you stick around through these changes, and that I can continue to inspire you.

xx Savannah

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I’m Back In Business, Baby

As you may or may not recall, back in December I made the fateful decision to dye my hair brown. It turned out more ginger than I was anticipating and it cost me an arm and a leg. So now I’m broke and stuck with a hair colour that I hate. Not to mention my friends and family have been calling me Annie for the last 5 months. Recently, I had managed to save enough to return my hair to her original glory. Cue “Born to Be Blonde” by Jesse.

I was born a blonde and it remained that way until I hit puberty. Since I was about 15 I’ve been getting highlights to try to keep some sense of who I think I am. I MEAN LOOK AT THOSE BLONDE LOCKS. She was a real cutie.

Anyways, here is a snippet from a TikTok where I filmed the transformation. Moral of the story, blonde Savannah is back and honestly, she never should have left.

xx Savannah

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Fashion Trends That I Simply Cannot Get Behind.

Ok. Now I’m no fashion blogger, but I like to think that I have some idea how to dress. And recently I’ve been seeing a ton of different styles trending and I simply cannot get behind them. Now it might be because I am built like a linebacker and cannot pull them off myself, but nonetheless I don’t like them.

First, the sweater vest. Can we please leave these in the 70’s? I don’t know what it is but I just don’t vibe with them. They remind me of my grandpa and I don’t think that is very chic, tbh.

These are the bane of my existence. I hate jewelry to begin with, so I already am not a fan, and I think that these just look tacky and childish. Sorry not sorry.

Ok now this one is definitely just because I’m built like a linebacker. I do not have the tummy for these and honestly, I feel offended. These need to stay in the 90’s where Xtina and Jennifer Aniston left them.

Lastly, we have these atrocities. This new release from Gucci is all the rage at the moment. They are A) out of my price range, and B) ugly. Tell me these don’t remind you of the princess heels you had then you were a kid? You can’t.

Sorry this post was so negative, but it needed to be said.

xx Savannah