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PUB 101 Essay 2: My Publication Journey

A big question I asked going into this course was what is publication, and the best answer I got was from the little short videos in our reading where Matthew said “Publication is the creation and/or shaping of a public is such a central idea for artists and writers” where for me entering this class I’ve been able throughout the weeks of this course been able to put my vision of my own blog out in the world for others that have the same liking of films as much as i do and help then give feedback on films they are interested in. today I will be talking about my journey in making my own film blog and how it’s been for me through all these weeks.

With entering the first week I was nervous and didn’t exactly know what I was getting myself into as I have never made my own website before and didn’t know what to expect. But when we were aloud to make it on whatever we wanted I already had a great idea that I’m very passionate about which was movies, because even on my spare time I watch movie reviews all the time cause I love to see what different peoples opinions are on movies I’ve seen and have not seen and see if I even connect with their opinions. So when I was making my website I wanted to have that same feeling I get from watching YouTube videos of other review sites so I wanted to try and make my audience have that same feeling. A good quote I found from our readings was “I’m going for a feeling of wonderment, a connection across time” and from that quote that’s how I wanted to make my audience feel from just visiting my site and reading my reviews on the movies I’ve been watching.

When it came to my design of my website I made it very masculine and didn’t know how to make it stand out more with my website in general, where to me still my website doesn’t have the cool widgets that make it stand out more from the others but my website is just ordinary but for me that makes it stands out are what I do to my post and how I write them for my audience. Where from the readings to make a good design to my website it says “It is not sufficient for a good design to be rational and logical, great, intuitive design are those that allow us directly, and correctly, to see what we can do with a thing” where for me I wanted to make my post stand out and make it very easy to just navigate my website to see everything to get the most out of it, and with the final week upon me I think I have reached that point.

With each post I am adding to my website I’m hoping it is making my audience feel the same way that I feel about the movies I’ve seen and if it hasn’t made some comments on those posts to give me feedback on what they think as well. I wanted to make my site somewhat a reddit page where people can come and laugh about funny things or even give off some rants about some films and how they disliked them or loved them. Also with using google analytics it has showed me what my audience likes the most about my site in where there visit the most or what kind of post they are looking at the most, so with this knowledge it has helped me redesign most of all my post to fit that so i can get even more people to come in and explore my website

Looking back on my site from the beginning to how it is now it really blows my mind away, where from me posting some really boring posts and not having any pictures on my site to help make it stand out and catch the eyes of my audience. To now with my post for me sounding really good and having a lot more pictures with a lot of tune up to make my site even easier to navigate it makes me feel as if what I’m putting out to the world is getting known now by my intended audience that I am posting for. 

With my goals of my online self with these final week ahead of me I’m going to do my best to try and still be active on this site for my little amount of audience I have cause down the road this audience might get even bigger and if that happens will just blow my mind away that people are actually enjoying my movie reviews. This class has taught me a lot of publication and how to get my voice heard and now has got me very intrigued into taking more publication classes to continue my journey on my website.


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Week 12 Film Blog: Inception

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Since Last week when I watched Tenet I wanted to watch one of my favorite movies of all time by Christopher Nolan which was “Inception” from when I watch this as a kid I was hook of how the plot was and how this movie has my favorite actor of all time who I praise as my god Leonardo Di Caprio. I will explain why this is my favorite movie of all time and how Leo played yet another amazing role in this film

when I first watched this film I didn’t know what to expect but it had me hooked from the start as this film was just about theft’s stealing vital information from dreams in your brain which is why its called inception. the way this movie was just filmed and how smoothly the plot went without getting really confused me made me love it every way throughout the whole movie.

With Leo I swear with ever movie he is in he pulls of such an amazing role and should literally get and Oscar for almost everything he has been in and in this movie he still pulls it off again. with every scene he is in he can grab the viewer and make you feel as if you are with him in the dreams and with the little mind confusing ending as well at the end made you really think about his character and what he did through out the movie

Rating 10/10 Leo is just amazing

Week 11 Film Blog: Tenet

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with entering the final few weeks of this course I’ve decide to watch a new movie that came out his year call “Tenet” directed by Christopher Nolan which this movie was not a let down and for me is up there as one of my favorite Christopher Nolan movies as in this movie I will talk bout how its a movie that will make you think the whole time and some of the best actors just being real stars of the movie

When entering this movie it made my mind confused right from the start and was still confused at the end as well as i had to watch a YouTube video to explain some things and that still didn’t help. but for me when a movie makes me think and question everything it make me love it even more, this is a type of movie you have to watch more than once to really understand what’s going on and everything that’s happening it this film as some stuff goes by very fast

with the acting in this movie the one character that stood out the most for me was Robert Patterson on who he portrayed Neal in this film, where from coming from a bad twilight series to now some big roles in Christopher Nolan movies and as well as being the next batman in a movie coming next year he has really impressed me with his work as you get emotionally connected to his charter through out the whole movie, and his storyline in the movie really messes with you mind near the end which blew me away

Rating 10/10 Will confuse you like crazy

Week 12 Process Post: Website Guidelines

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with trying to come up with some guidelines for my website the best ones I though of would be to send me movies or anything like that to me so I could review and leave comments on my post of how I could do better in them or what to add. But most important be respectful on my website with no hate comments or bullying. I feel like these guidelines are pretty basic but is the best for what my website is and can rally hep my audience engage with me better and with other audience members. I would implement this by making my contact page more advanced with easier ways to just email me or easier ways to put comments on my post to be more like a reddit page basically.

Week 11 Process Post: Transmedia

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within this eek I’ve been trying to figure out what type of outside media i should be adding to my website. I’ve been trying to figure out what would fir best for my movie reviews and the one I’ve been thinking is to bring in Red Letter Media vid into my site more. they are a site on YouTube that do almost the same thing i do but make a video while doing the reviews and make it very funny and talk about every part of the movie they are reviewing. I think they would be a great part of my website as there content can fit mine really well and my audience would appreciate some of there videos on movies haven’t reviewed yet

Week 10 Process Post: Analytics

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With adding my google analytics plugin to my site it has helped a lot with how to design my website as I’ve seen how to create it for my audience I have of film junkies to see what attracts the most of them to it. with the analytics it helped show me what time of the day was most popular for my site and with that knowledge it helped with what time to post at so my readers can get the most recent post right when they open my site. also with the knowledge of of analytics it helped show me what my readers are looking at the most on my website so with that I tried to organize my site to fit there needs so every page will be like the one that’s the most popular. google analytics has helped my site a lot with organizing it better and make it easier to navigate for my readers and even me.

Week 9 Process Post: My Peer Review 3

with reading my 3rd peer review my classmate did on me I realized that I still suck at grammar as I’ve been going through now most of all my post and doing my best to fix them all up. as I realized I still had a lot of mistakes but at least they are small ones and not so big and I can fix them up pretty easily so my audience that I have can read my post much easier.

Also with my contact page as I’m now trying to just start over it to have an area where my audience can just submit there own information there instead of just having my email where I could get spam and try to stop that quick. these peer reviews have helped a lot with my site so I can get some outside advise for what to fix or what to add to my site as just hearing that’s it good from me as I see now is not good enough

Week 10 Film Blog: Good Will Hunting

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With entering the tenth week I went back and re watched one of my favorite movies of all time wit my two favorite actors Matt Damon and Robin Williams where this film is a drama romance and when I was younger for some reason I really connected to this movie as the character Matt Damon played as and wanted what he has when I grew up where I wanted his life he had. I will tell you why this movie to me is one of my cult classics and why everyone should watch this film.

When going into this movie you will be on a rollercoaster of emotion of happy funny and sad where I was always feeling connected to Will hunting who was played as Matt Damon where everything he was going through where the film made me feel emotionally connected as if I was Will through his good times and bad where you wanted yourself to help him get out of the position he was him and live his life.

With Robin Williams in this film he played such an amazing part as Matt Damon’s therapist where he played a character closed to the dead poet society teacher where many parts of this film he will make you cry especially that one part which i wont say but you have to watch to see. where he makes you really open your emotions for this film witch every scene Robin Williams is in.

Rating 10/10 Will make you cry and feel

Week 9 Film Blogs: Logan Lucky

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With this weeks film I went with a comedy heist movie that came out at a time that got taken out of the spotlight because of the Movie baby driver cause they where quite similar in the plot of the story’s. But after watching this film to me it is way better than baby driver in every aspect an i will tell you why this is a great comedy heist movie.

When going into this movie it already had two great actors that have been in a lot of different movies’ who are Channing Tatum and Adam Driver, witch Channing Tatum I’ve seen him in a lot of different comedies like 21 jump street which he can play that kind of role. but with Adam driver at the time I’ve only seen him in star wars as Kylo Ren and after watch him play Clyde from West Virginia he showed everyone that he is such a great actor and his performance to me blew me away

This film captivated me in a lot of ways and how it was filmed was really cool where I was hooked from the start with how funny it is and then it can bring in normally the serious parts to. i wish this film was advertised more to get more out there to the public cause i dont think many people know about this movie and they should as it has every great quality of a great comedy with a serious tone.

Rating 9/10 Amazing serious comedy