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Process Post 12

This week, I would like to discuss how community guidelines may impact someone’s site and the guidelines that I would like to incorporate into my site.

The first community guideline that I would like to include on my site is the acknowledgement of copyright regulations, I would like my site to be a place where people can share content, however, I would like the word of others to be credited and acknowledged.

Another guideline that I would like to include is that this website is a space where people can safely share content without fear of judgment.

Understanding and respect of people’s boundaries and privacy

The protection of people’s personal information for the means of safety

In the future, I will be adding more guidelines, but here, is the start of the community I am starting to build with my site within travel content sharing.

Online community guidelines are put in place in order to protect others. Hate comments may have serious implications on one’s mental health, the article, The Psychology of Online Comments, written by Maria Konnikova (2013), establishes just how impactful the words that people say online may be. The online world can have many problems:

“One of the most common critiques of online comments cites a disconnect between the commenter’s identity and what he is saying, a phenomenon that psychologist John Suler memorably termed the “online disinhibition effect.” The theory is that the moment you shed your identity the usual constraints on your behaviour go, too” (2013).

This anonymous persona that many hateful commentators take on can be very harmful to one’s mental health and these guidelines may not encourage the reduction of anonymous comments but the guidelines may influence a more positive comment stream.

Process Post 11

This week I will be addressing and working on media integration. While working on my site I would also Like to add a social media page that can be integrated and incorporated into the site as well, this way I will be able to reach a larger audience.  

I plan on making an Instagram account where I can share short content which can lead my followers and viewers to visit my site and consume my longer and more in-depth content.  Here, I will be sharing pictures, videos, and links as well as covering with other creators who share similar interests in order to build a community. On this Instagram account, I will be encouraging Transmedia by building multiple audiences on different platforms in order to introduce and curate an audience that can interact with my content in different ways and allow for engagement that is possibly consistent and longer lasting.

The article, POKEMON AS TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING, written by Kevinbrittenylauren (2013) discusses how despite that Pokémon started many years ago, Pokémon content is still extremely relevant today.  

Transmedia Storytelling can be defined by Henry Jenkins, “Transmedia storytelling is a process. Elements of fiction get dispersed across multiple media for the purpose of creating a coordinated entertainment experience” and additionally, “A transmedia text does not simply disperse information: it provides a set of roles and goals which readers can assume as they enact aspects of the story through their everyday life.” (2007, as cited by Kevinbrittenylauren, 2013). 

In summary, the use of Transmedia has the opportunity to curate audiences that can view media from different perspectives in order to create ideas and audiences, for example, Pokémon.

Process Post 10

This week in class, I learned how to grow your audience through analytics, and though I may not be fully aware of all the techniques needed to encourage the increase of rankings of my website, I am eager to learn.  

In the length of this post, I would like to discuss how impactful some of these techniques may be beneficial to my site.  

The first idea that I would like to discuss is google analytics, this plug-in will allow me to receive insights about my sites and how my audience is specifically interreacting with my content. With the addition of the Google Analytics, I will then be able to draw conclusions about the best way to engage with my audience.  

The article, State of Mobile (2022) by discusses the activity on phones, in today’s online metropolitan economic system, that is theoretically built on the capitalistic uses of many digital creators and owners. The article shares data of the uses of specific uses of “The Mobile Landscape”, and the way which user data can be beneficial to many major companies such as, Google, Snapchat, Visa and many other successful companies. Without the help of user data, these companies may have a very challenging time understanding their audiences and may struggle to push out content that their audience may likely interact with.  

The State of Mobile article also contains studies about “Macro Mobile Trends” which can be beneficial for gaming companies. The “partnership with has helped us better navigate the gaming market, providing us insight and assistance in the decision-making process”, thus allowing for more insightful choices made for the benefit of the company. 

In summary, the use of data tracking can be invasive, however, it can be extremely beneficial for companies when attempting to study the audiences that they are trying to attract and engage with. Though this can be attributed to the desire of capital gain of society, this is a particularly useful tool, especially for non-profit or start-up companies trying to build an audience or client base.  

Hamilton, The Musical, Victoria Palace Theatre, London, UK- a photo gallery

While many people are great fans of the many versions of Hamilton, London is known to be the home of many excellent, theatres, actors, and overall a very large world of musical theatre. 

Public content: Gluten-free food in London, England

The restaurant, Indigo at the hotel, One Aldwych, serves an elegant and very enjoyable high tea, gluten free and with plenty of variety 

Barcelo Maya Palace Gluten-free cuisine, a series

The restaurant, Marenostrum, located in The Barcelo Palace Hotel, within the Maya colonial restaurants, offers fresh and delicious seafood cuisine. 

Despite an often limiting gluten allergy, this restaurant was not only able to accommodate but provide many options. There was even gluten-free bread as an appetizer!


Process Post 9

This week, I am working to understand and adapt ideas, that may help to benefit my site, doing so by monitoring the analytics of the site itself.  

The speaker, Trevor Battye, from Clevers Media came into our class to discuss monetization and discusses different ways in which you may be able to make money from them, however, this is not possible without gaining a strong audience 

Through google analytics, you are able to select keywords in order to attract people to your site through specific niches. Instead of choosing words that are vague and tied to larger categories, it may be superior to select words with a strong audience but may be slightly more specific in order to create a niche and impactful audience.  

Throughout this week I have also spent time making certain design choices on my site to allow for a clearer cohesive theme as per the feedback that I have been given. Currently, I have choices to remain within a more distinct colour palette and I have also decided that when I choose images, to also have them shaped in similar sizes and dimensions. 

Another choice that I have made this week is t additionally connect my site with a social media platform to then allow for more connections, I have set up an Instagram page, which I will be posting sneak peeks at my site, pictures and any posts that I think will further benefit the creation and finished product of the website itself.  

Now that I have decided to take a more collaborative approach, I am now able to focus on overall cohesiveness and also attempt to make my website a place that can be reached through multiple platforms and additionally create a larger online footprint. The addition of a larger online footprint creates more opportunities to reach larger audiences and establish more room to take many different routes in order to make more content and begin to build a community possibly with other creators on different platforms to furthermore allow for collaborations.