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Essay #2

The blog is a blog aimed at photography hobbyists who are interested in learning more and engaging with the online photography community. The blog includes stories from my own experiences, lessons from those stories, basic information to improve photos, intermediate photography skills, and some opinion pieces regarding photography values. The imagined audience would be beginners who are interested in learning as much as they can from others to improve their photography skills. The real audience is small but is comprised of hobbyists who enjoy reading about other’s experiences for the entertainment rather than the lessons.

This imagined audience is addressed through the writing of mostly jargon-free blog posts and stories that are written from my experience, I then turn around and attempt at relaying the lessons I learned from those experiences. Photos taken by me are included in the blog posts to further explain concepts and enhance stories to give them meaning. In terms of design, the blog is made to be minimalistic yet easy to navigate. Drop down menus are made for the subcategories of the course assignments, and a static home page with an interesting photo and a short introduction are used to welcome new and returning readers.

In terms of value, the site is created to entertain readers as well as inform. This could be referred to as edutainment, which is “education meant to be educational” (Merriam Webster n.d.). However, this specific blog is meant to be read as entertainment first and education second. Playful learning is the term used by Mitchel Resnick (2004) in “Edutainment? No Thanks. I Prefer Playful Learning” in the Associazione Civita Report on Edutainment to describe an alternative approach to learning. Not through educating and entertainment, but through the active and willing participation of learners to learn through play. An example on the blog being the stories of failure having entertainment value with the secondary benefit being lessons that the readers can take away to use in their photography.

The use of stories engages the readers and teaches them a lesson through playful writing to emphasize the amusing mistakes that I make. This allows the reader to be engaged rather than knowingly consuming education that’s delivered as “a bitter medicine that needs the sugar-coating of entertainment to become palatable” (Resnick 2004).

This value would be provided to the main audience, who are readers that willingly read stories related to photography in order to gain entertainment value from it, though are interested in learning new skills and methods as well. What was learned from Google analytics was that not many people are interested in reading the lessons written on the blog, but they would rather read stories that are written with entertainment as a priority. Given this though, not many people visited the blog, so more valuable conclusions are not available to be made since google analytics were implemented too late in the semester to gather more data.

In the beginning of the term, the blog was thought of as being a purely educational blog with entertainment being secondary to education. Posts written had a stiff feeling as they truly embodied Resnick’s metaphor of the bitter pill. As posts were written throughout the semester, they became more playful as the writing got easier and flow of language along with my voice became clearer and established itself.

My thinking about writing blog has changed in that It has gotten more fluid. Syed Balkhi (n.d) wrote on the blog Constant Contact several tips to write more engaging content for online blogs. One that I had used to improve my writing is the “three sentence rule” which is keeping paragraphs short to allow the reader to process information more easily. In the beginning, I wrote posts quite long when I thought of the blog as education primary, and as I used this advice, my posts became shorter and more focused on entertainment. I became a lot more comfortable writing and it ended up being fun for me!

Looking forward, I would like to develop my blog further and possibly start integrating videos online to share stories and video content. My online self after this course will be more casual with less of an emphasis of communicating concepts to others, but rather to communicate feelings and ideas or opinions. I would also like to work on my writing skills as well. I would like to be able to more easily communicate feelings to give my readers more context for mistakes and situations. An example of this would be to cause them second-hand embarrassment.

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Balkhi, S. (2020, November 11). How to Craft Epic Blog Posts That Engage Readers and Keep Them Coming Back. Retrieved from

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Process Post 8: Final Thoughts

This term has been quite a wild ride. Although my blog wasn’t as complete as I would have wanted it to be, I’ve been proud of what I’ve produced. The idea of creating videos every week was much more difficult than I would have imagined. It took a large amount of time for each video: […]

Essay #2

I wanted to build my publication around goalkeeping because it is what I typically do when I am not doing homework. I thought it would be fun to share some of the different drills and fitness that I have to do as a goalie I didn’t really think about my audience mostly because of the fact that it could interest a variety of people. Even those who are not necessarily athletic people or didn’t know a whole lot about soccer, it’s still a topic that could make anyone second guess skipping to a different site. When it came to the design of my website I wanted to portray that yes I am an athlete, but I am a female and I enjoy a lot of girly things, so when it came to the design I wanted the color theme and the layout of my website to show that femininity side of me, and I really enjoyed the result of the looks of my website.

As the term moved on, it became less about the fitness and drill aspect and more on what goes on inside of the head of a goalkeeper in different situations. I tried to plan out how I was going to film when it came to practices but there were times where we didn’t have anyone on the side to film, or the weather prohibited us from filming. Down the road if I want to continue to post on site, I think I would plan a little better and organize how and what I will film. In Shelby Carpenter’s article, she explained the difficulty in keeping up with content and how much to put out before you eventually run out of ideas. The way that I viewed this for my site, is that there are an infinite amount of drills and ideas for drills to put out onto the internet where it can be viewed by other young or older goalkeepers. It doesn’t just have to stop at goalkeepers or even athletes in general, there are people that can scroll and find a person who is flying through the air and catching a ball, falling on the ground with no hesitation towards the repercussions for their bodies. It is just a matter of whether the producer of the content can keep up and get the videos out there.

When the term publishing came to mind for me in the beginning of this term, I could only think of books and their publicists, movies, and businesses. After taking this class I didn’t realize that publishing could be such a broad term and are needed almost everywhere. Not to mention that I thought that I was pretty good at technology in the beginning of this semester and after having to create and manage a website, I found out that maybe I’m not the greatest. I found it interesting considering that these days we use technology in almost everything we do and to be offline is like going away to Mars (Mod). When it came to producing content it seemed like a good idea to view it as a social media account. Because everyone can attest to going onto various social media platforms a lot. My only problem was that I don’t post a lot on my social media accounts, I just go and browse to see what is going on in other people’s lives and have found a lot of respect for those who can just write so much content and stay on top of it.

I have not received any comments but I would like to keep it open because I think it could really help shape my website and people might bring up some good ideas. Of course there are going to be situations where people might comment some not so very nice things to say. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and have their own ways of carrying out what they want to say, technology has provided a way for us to say things with some anonymity therefore making it easier to say some things that probably shouldn’t be said face-to-face. That being said, after reading “The dark side of Guardian comments” I have seen ways to handle certain comments if they should ever get out of hand which I certainly hope they don’t.

Looking back I would say that I had this crazy way of thinking that publishing was this narrow term that applied to books and movies, etc. and it was more a peer review. Now I see that it is way, way broader than that and can be used in so many different aspects of lives. Moving forward my goal is to try and find time to continue to blog because it involves doing something active and fun for me. Overtime if the website turns out to be a success maybe I can get some sponsors like showing off goalie gloves, athletic wear, etc. I had a lot of fun experimenting with my website and seeing other classmates create great content too.


Carpenter, Shelby. “The Toast Is Toast: Literary Humor Site Shuts Down Over Ad Revenue Woes.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 13 May 2016,

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Process Post #11: The Comment Section

During class we talked about having a space for comments. This led to us talking about how comment sections can be a place of good and bad: where people can share ideas and rave about a common interest or it can turn into a toxic debate about which politician is better.  As a lurker, I […]

Peer Review #3

I will be reviewing a website by my peer Milton Jang his website is The first thing I’d like to say is Milton’s blog is everything I wish mine was the front page is simple yet it captivates the reader with just enough to keep you exploring the website it features a Logo and then “I’m Milton” written and his little self quote below is little about me section with the cutest picture of a dog and it fits in so well.

His sidebar features an About the site page which goes in depth of telling us what he and his blog are about, a Blog which drops down to archives which shows magnitudes of his work sub divided by the months that he did them Immensely organized and his work was beautiful , nothing dull and many option to choose from he has everything intact to keep his audience engaged and never lacking

The question today is if i find Miltons blog marketable and i would like to say yes i do , i do not exactly know who he is marketing to but it certainly appeals to me he has a portfolio which includes featured pieces he has worked on this in my opinion speaks to his professionalism and his expectation for the website . My review ? Milton took this as more than just a class assignment , looking at his website the only thing that comes to mind is that anything worth doing is worth doing well , he put his heart and soul into this website and im proud i had the task of reviewing it. I had a lot to think about after and it only made me want to make my site better, so Milton thank you for a job well done.

To Milton, I would say keep doing what you’re. doing and don’t lose whatever fire made you keep this blog passionately going, Inspire more people like you did me, and don’t listen to hate because it will certainly come… you have built a brand don’t let it fall under your current standard. The world is your Oyster.

Process Post #10: Respect to Animators

I just finished my remix video and I chose to animate a TikTok dance video I really like! My first mistake was thinking I could get a 15-second video done in a week with almost zero experience of animating.  Spoiler: I barely made it 5 seconds long.  It took 72 frames to make 5 seconds. […]

process post #12

Remaining anonymous is a choice that is given to every person who uses the Internet.

Most people don’t know who you are behind a username.

This is both important, but dangerous.

It is important that people are able to keep their private lives separate from their online profiles, but it also creates an easy pathway for literally anyone to harass whomever they please without consequence, in many cases.

But online, you can decide who you would like to be as opposed to who you are offline.

You can create a whole new identity for yourself.

This is not a threat.

Not entirely.

Creating a new identity can be a way of expressing oneself. In some cases, it brings out one’s true self. In some cases, it encourages fantasy.

Your identity online does not necessarily need to coincide with your identity offline and this also helps keep your privacy. Many platforms also allow those who do wish to share their personal lives online privacy features. Over the past decade or two, social platforms have become much more advanced in increased their privacy settings and providing options for the public to go, generally, unnoticed by most. Although companies may be given copyrights, information and images can be quite well hidden from the rest of the world.

My blog is allowing me to live a dream that I may not have had the opportunity to do, if the Internet and social media did not exist.

I get to choose exactly what I wish to display and what information I provide.

Most people who visit my page will simply know me as The Raincity Fairy.

Or Ashley.

Process Post #9: Monetization

We had a guest speaker come in this week: Trevor, a publication professor at SFU! My first impression is that he seems like a really cool guy haha. Anyways, we discussed ways we could make money by simply monetizing our content. When I thought about this, I wondered if I could potentially sell some of […]

lipstick on your collar.

I am obsessed with lipstick.

I love lip products. I once became familiar with every drugstore lip product several years back. Whether it’s a liquid lip or a bullet, glossy, matte, or velvet, or a nice lip balm or a stain, I am constantly looking for new and better products that are both smudge-proof and kiss-proof.

I usually like to experiment with bold reds and deep purples. Sometimes, blues, greys, and browns make intriguing lip shades during the fall and winter months.

I definitely love an edgy look.

Currently, my favourite lip product is the DisneyxTHEFACESHOP watery lip tint collaboration. I use the shade #4 Red. Unfortunately, this product is no longer available, but it just the perfect shade of red. It smells like candy and leaves a slight stain, but needs to be reapplied after eating. It’s not the perfect lip product, but it isn’t terrible either.

My top two brands would have to be NYX and Etude House.

You can never go wrong with a bold, matte lip from NYX or a pretty, rose colour from Etude House.

A tip?

If you have several different shades of lipstick and you’re out shopping and you see a colour that you really love, don’t buy it because it’s very likely that you already have something similar.

top 5: 2020 holy grail skincare.

In no particular order, my top five holy grail skincare products of 2020 are:

  1. THE FACE SHOP Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel
  2. COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
  3. COSRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid
  4. MISSHA Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream
  5. Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm

As somebody who has suffered from years of eczema and terrible acne, some of these products have truly been life changing.

  1. THE FACE SHOP Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel

I have been using the aloe vera gel from The Face Shop for just about a year and a half now. It claims to use 99% aloe vera in its product. Whether or not that is true, I cannot say, but I used to get extremely red patches on my face from who even knows what. It just happened. Even when I had outgrown the eczema and acne on my face, it just happened. Though I’ve seen many dermatologists over nearly 20 years for eczema, I never managed to find a solution for the aftermath: my blushing, hot red tomato face. The Face Shop’s aloe vera gel is the single product that has managed to calm any irritation and inflammation. This is a product that I will likely be using for the rest of my life.

2. COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

Cosrx also makes wonderful skincare products! The two that I use are the snail and whitehead essences. The snail essence is gooey when applied and leaves my face shiny no matter how much powder I apply, so I use it during my night routine, but it is so moisturizing and does wonders for my skin.

3. COSRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid

The game changer, though, is the whitehead product, which supposedly exfoliates the skin by melting away dead skin cells. I didn’t believe this when I read the reviews, but it had so many amazing reviews from so many different people that I had to give it a try. I was skeptical when I tried it. I didn’t notice much difference at first, to be honest, but given a couple more days, my skin was so much softer and smoother. I don’t believe it’s actually meant for daily use, but my skin needs it daily. Too much of this product may cause irritation, but that just means using it less often. It’s not expensive, and if I had to pick one out of all of the products listed here, I would choose this essence.

4. MISSHA Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream

The snail renew cream is a little more on the pricey end. It comes in quite a pleasing jar and it is extremely light and has a rather faint, sweet scent. I love this cream for daytime use as my skin is very oily. I can use a little bit more when needed, but just enough on those extra oily days. I haven’t been able to tell a difference in the texture of my skin, but it is a decent daily moisturizer.

5. Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm

And of course, Burt’s Bees has some of the best lip balms out there.

I get super dry and chapped lips year round. Burt’s Bees has kept this from happening all year. I don’t have much to say about this product. It’s great. I’ve tested it and I will vouch for it. It comes in different flavours and different colours, for those who enjoy a slightly tinted balm or want something a little bit fun. It’s 100% natural, and although it is not a vegan product, they do not test on animals.

2020 has been a hectic year, but that doesn’t mean your skin needs to suffer as well!

process post #11

Community Guidelines:

  1. Be respectful.
  2. Harassing, threatening, abusive, violent, vulgar, and hateful comments will not be tolerated.
  3. Offensive or discriminatory comments, including those pertaining to race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, belief, age, ethnicity, nationality, disability, marital status, and working status, will not be tolerated.
  4. Flooding or spamming will be promptly removed.
  5. Do not post obscene, pornographic, or sexually explicit images or nudity.
  6. Do not impersonate others.
  7. Do not invade another person’s privacy.

These guidelines would work for my blog as it is highly focused on social media, imagery, and modelling. On social media, I have received messages that are, sometimes, inappropriate and unappreciated. Many of these messages go unanswered and ignored. I would be very unhappy to see these types of messages on my public blog.

I would also like to protect my viewers and welcome everybody, regardless of their background. This is a safe place for people to discus fashion, beauty, and trends. It is a safe place for people to share their stories without fear of harassment or discrimination.

I will be implementing them by adding a section to one of the pages on my blog, which clearly state the community guidelines. If a viewer violates one of the guidelines, I will then proceed to take action against it.

Process Post #8: Got Some Lurkers…

The CRAZIEST thing happened today… My baby cousins found my website. Isn’t that crazy?! All they searched up was the letter “J” so that sort of freaks me out. It makes me think of the whole algorithm thing I mentioned in my first essay. But seriously, how on earth did my website show up on […]

Process Post #7: Animation!

I’m back again to rave about my brother’s iPad! (Apple please sponsor me)  I have been playing around with ProCreate and discovered the “animation assist” menu and it is so nice. It’s really intuitive and I was already able to animate a couple of dots moving around.  Growing up, I was obsessed with every single […]

process post #10

I intend to continue blogging.

I also intend to continue posting photos on Instagram. Instagram has been and will continue to be my main platform.

However, I also wish to expand.

I want to take my posts to the next level and create YouTube videos.

I want to use YouTube as a platform to connect with my audience and grow. YouTube would be such great method to show my viewers my content and talk to them about it. I could create videos for every Instagram or blog post. I can display my personality through video rather than text. I could verbally tell my story. There would be emotion.

And wouldn’t that just be more personal?

There are so many options.

As I am rather finicky about the quality of the videos as well as the background and the lighting, I will absolutely require ring light tripods to film, especially in the gloomy, rainy city of Vancouver. My house, unfortunately, does not have the lighting for shooting photos and videos. In order to take pictures, I must shoot them during a short window when the sun is high and shining.

I have my account ready to go.

Now, I need to get started.

another piercing?

My ears have been pierced since I was three years old.

That’s a long time ago, right?

I remember getting my ears pierced. I remember the day. I remember the place. I remember who I was with. I remember what the weather was like. I even remember people that I saw that day.

I got them pierced at Claire’s Accessories.

However, as a brief disclaimer, I do not condone Claire’s ear or nose piercings. I do not agree with piercings at the mall. I do not agree with piercing guns. Piercing guns are plastic and they cannot be sterilized meaning the piercings carry bacteria from every single person who has previously gotten a piercing using that gun. Piercing guns also use butterfly clip jewellery, which are terrible quality. The jewellery is forced into the ear, breaking the skin with blunt trauma. The piercers are also untrained and unqualified for this particular job.

Please see a professional piercer at a tattoo and piercing shop. Please take your children to see a professional piercer. It may cost slightly more, but it is so much better for your ears.

Thank you for listening to my safety spiel.

When I was sixteen, I decided I wanted to stretch my ears.

Of course, I was young. I was stupid. I was sixteen and eager to stretch my ears as fast as possible because I was impatient and my friend was doing it with me. My ears went through a lot of unnecessary pain, and fortunately (and very luckily), I did not end up with a blowout.

I stretched my ears to 0g or 8mm in the span of a couple of months.

And they stayed at this size for the next eight years.

About two years ago, I decided that I wanted to stretch my ears to 00g. That’s 10mm or one size up. I barely noticed the difference. It suddenly brought me back to high school when I was stretching my ears for the very first time. It became addicting. The jewellery, plugs and tunnels, are so detailed and breathtaking, at 14mm that I sized up another 4mm before I decided to stop.

And then I downsized.

I went back down to 10mm for a year when I was teaching in Korea, but I was so unhappy with it that I stretched back up. I used unsafe methods with masking tape and caused myself some problems, which in turn, caused me to downsize once more. I waited until I was home from Korea to begin my stretching journey for the fourth time.

But my ears are now at a happy 14mm.

I honestly have such a beautiful, extensive collection of plugs and tunnels.

Though some may not find it attractive and some may think it’s extreme or unfashionable, it’s become a large part of my identity as a fashion lover.

I would never want to give up my ears for anything.

process post #9

Monster Insights is a plugin that I have been using on my blog since near the day that I first began writing. It is an analytics plugin that provides me with information surrounding my audience.

I can see an overview of how many sessions there have been on my page within a particular timeframe, the average session duration, and the page views. I can see what percentage of my audience are new viewers and what percentage are returning viewers. I can also see which country my viewers are from, which devices they’re using, and whether another website referred them to my blog. It shows me which pages are the most popular as well.

Monster Insights is quite a useful tool and helps me figure out who my audience is rather than having an entirely imagined audience and being unsure whether or not anybody is even viewing my blog at all! This plugin helps me cater my content to the my desired target audience.

I have also used Google Analytics to track data on The Raincity Fairy.

Google Analytics gives me all of the same information plus more. I can see the age range of my viewers as well as their gender and their interests. Surprisingly, I have more male viewers interested in sports rather than female viewers interested in fashion. Most of my viewers have been from Canada or South Korea.

And they like reading my academic essay.


I must admit that it baffles me how that works!

But it sure is interesting.

i’m a bookworm.

For those who don’t already know, I’m quite an avid reader.

I love reading.

I love learning.

I love books.

I love the way they look. I love the way they feel. I love the touch of the crisp, new pages and the distinct smell of a well-loved novel.

I really love everything about them.

Could I argue that fashion books make books even better?


Maybe not.

I have to admit that I love a good novel more than anything, but fashion books are a close second… or third.

I don’t have many, myself, but I do own two very special ones written and illustrated by Megan Hess. She has published the most stunning books, inside and out, that I have ever had the pleasure of owning. I intend to collect the rest of her work, and hopefully, create a small fashion section in my future library.

I can’t wait to read them.

The thing about fashion books is that, just like the clothes themselves, the books are also, more often than not, beautifully designed and illustrated. Every part of a fashion publication screams magnificence and glamour. They’re great reads for anyone who loves fashion as I do and they make charming coffee table books.

What’s not to love about fashion books?