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Essay #2: Self-Reflection

My Goal I joined Publication 101 to learn more about how to market myself online. As a business student who hopes to concentrate in marketing, I thought this class would be a great way for me to learn. This class had no boundaries or strict guidelines, I was given the freedom to do whatever I […]

Process Post #11: The Comment Section

During class we talked about having a space for comments. This led to us talking about how comment sections can be a place of good and bad: where people can share ideas and rave about a common interest or it can turn into a toxic debate about which politician is better.  As a lurker, I […]

Process Post #10: Respect to Animators

I just finished my remix video and I chose to animate a TikTok dance video I really like! My first mistake was thinking I could get a 15-second video done in a week with almost zero experience of animating.  Spoiler: I barely made it 5 seconds long.  It took 72 frames to make 5 seconds. […]

Process Post #9: Monetization

We had a guest speaker come in this week: Trevor, a publication professor at SFU! My first impression is that he seems like a really cool guy haha. Anyways, we discussed ways we could make money by simply monetizing our content. When I thought about this, I wondered if I could potentially sell some of […]

Process Post #8: Got Some Lurkers…

The CRAZIEST thing happened today… My baby cousins found my website. Isn’t that crazy?! All they searched up was the letter “J” so that sort of freaks me out. It makes me think of the whole algorithm thing I mentioned in my first essay. But seriously, how on earth did my website show up on […]

Process Post #7: Animation!

I’m back again to rave about my brother’s iPad! (Apple please sponsor me)  I have been playing around with ProCreate and discovered the “animation assist” menu and it is so nice. It’s really intuitive and I was already able to animate a couple of dots moving around.  Growing up, I was obsessed with every single […]