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The Evolution of My Publications – Essay Two

Launching a blog this semester has been a great challenge and creative outlet. My passion for makeup has been growing for a few years now, and many of my friends have been pushing me to find a way to share it with more people. This course gave me the perfect opportunity to explore this as an opportunity. I knew early on my blog was going to have a focused concept driving my content: makeup. I drew inspiration from bloggers I looked up to like Tanya Burr and Zoella. The most important thing I learned from examining both their websites was twofold: be consistent with posting and be yourself. When you’re true to yourself and your voice is clear to your audience, you have the ability to hold their interest. I keep going back to those blogs because I can count on them to be producing new content and I can count of the quality of that content. Despite our drastically different styles, they are still my role models for blogging and brand identity.

To be honest, I was surprised when I checked my google analytics and adhering to the lessons I learned from their blogs was working in my favor. As I checked my google analytics, I was somewhat shocked to find people actually reading my posts, and not immediately leaving my site, but staying to see more. When researching how to understand google analytics, I ran across a brief walk through in the Social Media Examiner which helped me gain the most basic overview, including what an exit rate was and how it should be interpreted. I learned how people were linking to my posts, staying on them (and presumably reading them), and then instead of immediately closing the page some viewers continued exploring my site for more. For me however, the most exciting and interesting thing to be learned from my google analytics was the locational breakdown of who reads what posts. Seeing where in the world they were when they read my blog fascinates me beyond measure.

However, the growth in my analytics did not happen by chance. I noticed the shift in my analytics report around the same time I began actively utilizing social media channels as a part of promoting my blog and developing my brand. Instagram and Facebook are the most effective tools at this stage. When I started sharing posts with links to Instagram and Facebook my readership immediately increased. I must be doing something right, because according to Forbes magazine, improves brand loyalty, helps the brand become recognizable, elevates the authority of the brand, increased inbound traffic while decreasing marketing costs, and aids with search engine results. The utilization of social media does not just attract new readers though, it also helps the consumers of my content feel personally connected to me, which in this age is key to brand loyalty.

Beauty As Art is definitely still a work in progress. When it began I had a few unreasonable ideas about what I wanted it to look like and what I felt my voice as a creator was going to be. I wanted to be a space for absolutely anyone to feel they could relate to. However, that is an unrealistic expectation when developing a brand. You have to understand the niche your writing is for. BasA is a blog for people my age. This blog features looks which reflect me as a person which means it’s likely to reflect such a demographic in the viewers the blog attracts. As my ideas about myself as an online creator and who my audience is have evolved over the semester, so too has how I’m planning to structure my blog. My ideas about what my posts will look like and how they will showcase my makeup and products is going to be restructured in the coming months. Drawing inspiration from She’s In The Glow, I’ve decided to implement some of the advice I received in my final peer review. I’m going to build in a Shop category to better showcase the products being used in my looks. Not only is this a better way to manage products on the blog, but it will also help with the readability of my posts in general. My biggest concern with my posts thus far has been length because I am a very wordy writer.

This semester I was able to start a blog I am proud of and am passionate about. Beauty As Art is something I am planning to carry forward with me. Blogging has given me a creative outlet to showcase my skills and artistic abilities with makeup, as well as giving me a wonderful opportunity to write. The content I’m creating also has a place of value to my readers. I’ve heard from some of my friends who found my site through social media that they love my blog and the looks I’m creating. They feel they are learning about new products and how to create fun, new looks they can be confident about. And that’s really what my blog is about: helping people have the confidence to  express themselves and be proud of who they are. I know my blog is helping me feel even more proud of who I am and what I’m capable of.





How to Use Google Analytics: Getting Started



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90s Makeup Inspired Look

Picture showing a dark contoured eye shadow look with a pale pink nude lip

As a baby born in the late 1990s, I missed the makeup trend of that era. However, revamped 90s makeup has been in style lately. While I’ve never been much one for trends, I have been quite intrigued by many of the styles coming forward with this era focus. So I thought up this contoured eye withe  nude lip and just went for it!

My style tends to embody the bold and the badass. With my makeup being the main style point in my daily repertoire I love exploring different avenues for expressing my inner badass woman. Being bold doesn’t always have to mean bright colors, sparkles, or all the shades of darkness. This week I decided to try a contoured, 90s inspired matte eye look paired with a pale nude lip. The winged liner and darkened waterline brought in some of my signature style and added in the 2017 wist to the look. While it’s a very different look from the last one I posted it still made me feel powerful and proud.

This look posed a few challenges I don’t typically encounter. For one, the blending had to be so much smoother then usual. With the center of the lid being almost nude and highlighted, any harsh lines or messy application of the darker shadows would be glaringly obvious. The key to contouring my eyes is blending. The liner also needed to be flawless because there was less shadow to hide mistakes with. There can be no gaps in the line, no smudges, and a perfect line. Any mistakes would be too obvious with no way to hide. However, mastery of the eyes meant the look should go off without a hitch!

To learn more about how I created this look you can see a list of products and read a bit about the process below:

The Products

-The Base:

Primer: First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

Applied with my hands

Foundation: Estée Launder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup in 1C1 Cool Bone

Applied with my Sigma F88 Flat Angled Kabuki Brush

Powder: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder in Color 1 Translucent

Applied with a Makeup Forever 130 Large Powder Brush

-The Eyes and Brows

Primer: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original with some loose powder to set (from the base)

Applied with Fingers

Eyebrows: Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel in Color 03 Medium

Applied with Product Applicator

Eyeshadows (in the order applied): Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette

-Saleos in the Crease

Applied with Sephora Collection Pro Blending Brush #27

-Shax in the Outer V

Applied with Zoeva 231 Luxe Petite Crease Brush

Blended with Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush

-Lazarus across the the Lid

Applied with Zoeva 232 Luxe Classic Shader

-Liberatus in the Inner Corner and to Highlight the Brow Bone

Applied with Sigma E25 Blending Brush

Upper Eyeliner: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper

Applied with Product Applicator

Lower Eyeliner: Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon Eyeliner in Blacquer 42

Applied with Product Applicator

Mascara: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara in Black

Applied with Product Applicator

-The Face

Contour: Kat Von D Shade + Light Face Contour Refillable Palette in Sombre

Applied with Zoeva 127 Sheer Cheek Brush

Bronzer: Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Kit (Light/Medium) Bronzer Shade

Applied with Sephora Collection Pro Contour Brush #79

Highlight: Kat Von D Shade + Light Face Contour Refillable Palette in Lucid

Applied with Sigma F03 High Cheekbone Highlighter Brush

Blush: Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette in Unleashed

Applied with Sigma F50 Duo Fibre Brush

-The Lips

Primer: Bite Beauty Line and Define Primer

Applied with Product Applicator

Lipstick: Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Cava

Applied with Product Applicator


A Bit About The Process

While I may not have wanted to go to class today the prospect of some me time with my makeup helped pull me out of bed to get ready for the day. Despite feeling grumpy I knew rocking a great makeup look would make help me have a better day. So to start I ran through my morning skincare routine as per usual then applied my new primer! My skin has been much happier and makeup application has been much smoother since starting to use my new primer. If you want some more in depth information about this product I wrote a review you should check out!

After my primer sets on my skin, I use my flat kabuki brush from sigma to apply my foundation. The double wear foundation from Estée Lauder has a very full coverage and sets matte on my skin. I find this optimal for the base of a look. Then I quickly brush some translucent powder across my face and move forward to my eyes and brows!

The eyes are the best part of this look but also the most challenging. I started by applying my primer with a light layer of translucent powder to my eyes before doing my eyebrows while the primer sets. Having inherited my dad’s bushy Indian eyebrows my brows are pretty easy to do. A few quick swipes of a pigmented brown gel and I’m done!

Now that the eyeshadow primer has set it’s time to begin the process of eyeshadow! The first step is to slowly start building the crease color with Saleos from the Kat Von D palette. For this look to work, I built the eyeshadows slowly together and spent a lot of time on blending. I used a fluffy brush to pick up some shadow and knocked the fallout off (as one always should). Then I lightly feathered it through my crease. I continued repeating this process until I was happy with the crease shade. Then I picked up a tapered blending brush and picked up the shade Shax. This is where things could have gone wrong. The goal with this dark color was to actually create the shape for my eye. I started at the very outer corner of my eye and began building the color. I slowly but surely was able to create a V shape in the outer v of my eye. Using a clean blending brush I softened any hard edges and and ensured the shades were blended together well. Next I used a shader brush to pack Lazarus across the rest of my lid. This neutral base shade created a nice highlighted effect across the lid which opened up the eye shape nicely. The final step was to use a fluffy brush to highlight the inner corner of my eyes and brow bone with Liberatus.

With my eyeshadows coming off better then expected I moved on to eyeliner and mascara, two things no makeup look is complete without in my book. Creating a line from the direction of my lower waterline, I drew on the lower line of the wing. I took it out pretty far knowing I wanted to go for a dramatic wing. Then I switched the angle of the eyeliner pen and drew the upper line in towards my eye. Then I proceeded to carefully fill in my liner and much to my excitement it went off without a hitch! What can I say miracles do happen! Next: my waterline. To line my waterline I use a gel crayon liner. I find it goes on easier then a pencil because of its gel consistency. To avoid pulling harshly on my eyes I press my index finger against my lower lash line instead. This tends to roll the waterline out without the pulling effect. Then I run the gel along my waterline. I know many people will argue fully lining your waterline with black closes your eyes off but I love the way it looks so I do it anyways. A few swipes of mascara on my upper and lower lashes and boom eyes finalized!

For the face I start with contouring. I’ve recently picked up the Kat Von D contour palette and have been experimenting with it. The shade Sombre is an excellent contour shade for me. With sombre contoured under my cheekbones, under my jaw, and above my forehead, I move to bronzer. The middle shade of the Smashbox step-by-step palette is excellent for bronzing in fall as my face still has some color left from summer. I swipe the shade across my forehead, the back third of my cheekbone, along my jaw, my chin, and on my nose. Filled with joy and the return of color to my skin I move forward to blush. Using a stippling brush, I dot unleashed across the apples of my cheeks. Finally, I highlight my cheekbones and just around my temples.

Finally, we finish off this look with the lips. Having moisturized them before starting my makeup, I apply my lip primer all over my lips and let it set. Then I use my pale pink nude Bite Beauty lipstick in Cava to put the final touch of the look. I run the lipstick across my lower lip then create an X across my cupids bow to set up the upper lip lines. Using the peak of the cupids bow as a guide I apply the color to my upper lip and smile proudly at my creation.

And thats how I created this look! What sort of 90s makeup looks have you tried? If you have any questions or comments feel free to write them below! I’ll see you with another look next week!

Yours Truly,

Meera C.

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Unapologetically Me.

There are many people who run makeup and beauty oriented blogs. So, why me? Why am I here, writing this blog? Why is makeup an important enough piece of my life for me to center my whole blog around it? Where did this idea come from? What makes me any different from any other person playing with their makeup? Well, I’m going to tell you. You deserve to know who it is writing to you. I know I always feel more connected to the authors of my favorite content when I know them. So, this is me letting you get to know a bit about me so you can understand what I’m writing and why.

I grew up in a small town where I didn’t really fit in. My whole life, I’ve been loud, outspoken, opinionated, and somewhat aggressive. It wasn’t exactly the most accepted in the community where I grew up. But I made the best of it. At the end of middle school though I made the choice to switch from my small community to going to a private high school in the city. My parents were in support because they have always believed in me and wanted the best for me. So, I started going to high school downtown at an all-girls catholic school.

There were a lot of pros to making that decision in my life. The main one was many of us did not care about makeup or fashion. We were too focused on trying to get great grades and find time to sleep to bother. The daily uniform tended to revolve around sweats. The benefit of this was twofold: more sleep in the morning and not learning to rely on makeup to cover up my insecurities. I struggled through high school and puberty based insecurity and a whole other host of struggles without using makeup as a crutch. I believe this let me develop a very different relationship with makeup and beauty over my adolescence.

Believe it or not, I didn’t actually start really using makeup until I was 18 years old. I had used a product here and there for events and such, but I didn’t become invested in it until after I graduated from high school and had been forced to face most of my ‘I’m ugly’ demons. So, makeup was never, and has never become, about making myself more beautiful. My relationship with makeup is about one thing: self expression. I discovered YouTubers and bloggers, like Zoella and Tanya Burr, and started learning from them. I loved seeing the different things they would express with different types of makeup. It was inspiring.

The summer after my senior year I spent hours watching videos, researching products, saving up money, practicing techniques, and slowly but surely figuring out what I was doing. I love allowing my makeup to reflect what it is I am feeling. Makeup can send a message to everyone around you, whether they are your best friend or a stranger you pass on the street. It is a powerful form of art. And it is a form of self love for me. Because I do not allow others to dictate what I do and do not put on my face. My style is mine and mine alone. I am me and no one will ever take that away from me.

So, that is why I am here. Makeup is my passion. Makeup is my art. Makeup is a part of who I am and how I show myself to the world. Wearing makeup does not make me weak or insecure. It does not make me a liar or a fraud or shallow. I am here, writing this blog, in the hopes that inspires other people to express themselves freely and fiercely. I am a highly flawed person. But I do not let that stop me from being myself. And neither should you. Let’s be unapologetically who we are together.

Yours Truly,

Meera C.

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Process Post #7 – Monetization? Yes? No? Maybe so.

Do I want to monetize my blog eventually? Yes. Do I think I’m ready to monetize my blog now? Not even a little bit.

I’m still at a point with my blog where monetization doesn’t feel quite right because I have yet to build a solid audience, or even any audience yet.  So my first step to monetization is clearly building my audience. To build my audience I plan to focus my voice and my theme. Right now I’m working with two arguably very different topics, makeup and self care. However, I feel like I can easily make these two topics work more seamlessly together by expanding my overall theme to beauty, and how beauty is an important part of self care. I feel like centring my theme will help me more easily find an audience, and keep this audience coming back. At which point, I would have enough of a returning audience to warrant putting advertisements on my blog.

Audience is an important part of monetizing through adds, because having an audience gives advertisers confidence that eyes are in fact seeing their advertisements. However, audience is also important in other kinds of monetization, like sponsored content. Having a blog that largely focuses on makeup leaves me open to monetization through sponsorships. Whether these are sponsored posts based on a brand as a whole, or reviews that are sponsored based on a brands single item, sponsorships are another form of monetization that I’ve thought about, that is also based on audience. Sponsorships are based on audience, much like advertisements, because brands want to know that their products are being seen, but audience is also important for sponsorships because a larger audience gets sponsorships in the first place. If a brand see’s that I have have a real following, they are more likely to sponsor one of my posts, and allow me to advertise and support their products.

I’ve learned that much of monetization is based on audience, and I’ve realized how much work I’m going to have to put into my blog if I’m serious about monetizing. This is work that I am very willing to put in though.

Is monetizing always a good thing though? At this point in my process I’m not sure I have an answer to that. I want to say yes of course, but I’m also a starving university student who would be stoked with a extra five bucks, so I don’t think I’m the best judge at this point. Right now I’m focusing on keeping my truest voice, and making myself, as well as others, happy. If one day this leads to being able to monetize, great, but if staying true to me means that I don’t end up monetizing, well thats okay too.

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What’s in my Pouch?

Hello beautiful!

Today, I’m here to share with you guys what I carry around my makeup pouch everyday 🙂 Whether I go to school, work, or to just hang out, I always have my makeup with me, so I can touch up. Depending on the day and the bag I carry, I leave some products out and only carry a few. Now, let’s get started to dig in my makeup bag!

This is the makeup pouch I’ve been carrying around lately. Ted Baker is one of my favourite brand because I just love the classic style they always have. I’ve receive this as a birthday present from my friend recently and I love it!

These are the products that I usually carry around to touch up my makeup during the day. Nothing too crazy but just enough to fix my makeup on the go!

These 3 face products are a must have for me. Being a girl with oily skin is not easy. I always have to blot and fix my makeup because it always want to melt off.

  • Mac Cosmetics, Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC25
  • Etude House, AC Cleanup Mild BB Cushion in Natural Beige
  • Gatsby, Oil Clear Sheet

I’m a lip product junkie, so I have so many lip products that I carry around. It always changes depending on what I’m wearing that day, but I’ve been carrying these products because they are so easy to apply on the go!

  • Lancome, L’absolu Rouge in 290 Poeme
  • YSL, Rouge Pur Couture in 204
  • Sephora, Goji Lip Balm

Miscellaneous Products:

  • ON: The Body x Kakao Friends Hand cream
  • Elizabeth and James Nirvana Roller ball Perfume
  • Eye drops (I wear contacts everyday and my eyes are super sensitive + dry)
  • Hair tie (Always need an extra hair tie in case anything happens)


These are all the products that I carry around in my makeup pouch. Like I said, it depends on the day but these are the products that I enjoy to touch up my makeup. I usually never touch up my eye makeup but my skin and lip are the two that I constantly check.

Did you guys enjoy looking into my makeup pouch? Comment below and tell me which products that you guys carry around everyday! I would love to hear 🙂

Always, thank you for reading!