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You can only be as okay as you actually are.

I spent a lot of time chastising myself for feeling the wrong way.

“This is ridiculous, you’re overreacting.”

“You said, it was okay, so you really have no reason to be upset.”

“You’re not getting anything done feeling this way, grow up and act like a fucking adult.”

The voices in my head are not very kind. I imagine, it’s that way for a scary number of people. Lately, I’ve been really trying to grin through some tough times and be okay. And sometimes, I am. I can laugh and enjoy being around people and feel good about myself, but that doesn’t last, and when those feelings drop into self-loathing, insecurity, depression and anxiety, I have a lot of trouble being kind to myself for switching off. If I was fine yesterday, I should be fine today.

I think I’m starting to come to terms about how unrealistic that is. I put on a brave face while talking myself down all the time, but I’m starting to think that’s not so healthy.Well, I know it’s not healthy, but I think I might try doing something about it.

I also feel guilty, because this blog has had a lot of negativity to it lately, and I feel like that gives off the wrong impression of who I am, or that I’m looking for attention or people to check on me. I put my feelings out there because I know I can connect with other people. Having something resonate to someone in a deep way is a huge deal for me. And if it’s negative? I must continue to tell myself “so what?”, hard though it may be to hear. I’m in a bad place, maybe other people who are also in a bad place can find comfort in that. I don’t know. I don’t pretend to anymore.

It’s hard this time of year because there’s a lot to be done. School, work, Christmas, but I think acknowledging my pain, and almost embracing it, might be the only way to get through it all.

I’m not okay, so I guess maybe I’ll stop saying I am.


I’m not sure that I will develop and implement community guidelines for my website. For large and popular sites that have a lot of traffic consisting of strangers interacting with one another, I think that having clear guidelines is a fantastic idea — particularly with the trend of trolling on the internet. That being said, […]


Being a 90’s kid who lived and breathed Pokemon for the better part of their childhood, it was rather mind-blowing to read into the depths of the Pokemon franchise as transmedia storytelling. Transmedia storytelling is ” a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of […]


Not going to lie, I completely forgot that I had Google Analytics installed! Waiting for the data to load, I was kind of nervous… How many people had visited my site? Had anybody at all? If people had, who were they? What did they think of my content? Alas… I had zero hits aside from […]


[IN THE BEGINNING…] It’s funny, I feel more like a fish out of water now, at the end of the semester, than I did at the beginning. I have veered left, right, and back on the journey through PUB101, changing my WordPress theme at least three times — with the most recent change being only […]

Process Post 10

Community Guidelines

Beauty As Art is a community promoting self expression, confidence, and self love. It’s meant to be a place of support and safety for all viewers. To support this mission, the following guidelines will be enforced regarding conduct as a community member. Users can be banned for any of these offenses:

  • Attacking other users, including name-calling, insulting, or threatening
  • Posting irrelevant, abusive, or inappropriate comments
  • Posting comments which target or degrade minority groups

These guidelines will be enforced to create a safe and supportive community for all users on this site.

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Essay #2 – Creating My Online Presence

Creating my online presence this term has been difficult but incredibly rewarding. Over the last few weeks, I’ve focused on the design of my website, as well as how I want to set it apart from every other beauty blog out there. I knew going into it that there are a thousand beauty blogs on the internet, and that the only way to succeed in such a widespread and competitive community would be to focus on being different. At the end of my quest to be different, Makeup Your Mind was born. With the creation of my blog I knew I wanted to focus on beauty and self care, because focusing on self care through beauty is a way I can set myself apart from other bloggers in this space. In creating my blog this term I spent the most time focusing on ways to build my audience, as well as looking for more ways that I can stand out in the crowded beauty space.

Building my blog has been no easy feat, and it is far from over, but I feel that I have created a platform that I can build off of in the future. In this process of building my blog, I turned to Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus article “How to Start a Successful Blog in 2017” on their blog The Minimalists. This article outlines steps that a blogger can take to make their blog more successful. I assume that many of these tips come from experience, and I turned to a few of these in the process of building my blog. The first thing I notices was a list titled “How to build a blog in 5 easy steps”. I was drawn to both “Designing your blog to get your desired look and feel” (Milburn, Nicodemus) and “Write compelling content that adds value to readers” (Milburn, Nicodemus).While I found the list a whole to be eye opening and helpful,  these points specifically reminded me to focus on the look and feel of my blog, as well as the content. As the article goes on it gives more tips on creating a successful blog, but it does not expand on its initial list, while I found this to be strange, the points on the list were still a pertinent point in the formations of my blog.

The first step I took in creating my online presence, was designing my blog. I went into the process knowing that I wanted my design to reflect the soft and welcoming theme that I wanted my posts to portray. I achieved this through soft colours and scripted fonts. However, some of the changes that I’ve made to the CSS of my blog have reverted back to default settings, and I haven’t had the time to change them back yet. This brings me to the challenges that I’ve faced in designing by blog. The design still needs work, but I feel that my content grows and matures, my design will too. The design process is impotent to me because before my audience reads anything, they will be greeted with the initial design and feel of my website, and I’m driven to make an impact with this initial view. Over the course of the term I’ve made some important changes, and I hope to make many more in the coming months.

Travis Geetz’s “Design Machines: How to Survive the Digital Apocalypse”, has shaped my view of design, and has also inspired me to be different. In this article, Gretz complains that companies that have streamlined the creation process of a website or blog have damned the internet to conformity and simplicity. He repeatedly states that we are living in a world where everything on the internet is the same, and this scares me. Though I am using a pretty standard WordPress theme to build my blog, I want to make it my own. I chose a simple theme so I can manipulate it and change it as I need to. Wanting to stand out is also motivated by my goal of building an audience, and Gretz’s article stuck with me because of this goal. I Don’t want people to come to my website and feel like they’ve seen it a thousand times. I want people to feel like they’re seeing something new, and I want them to be compelled to explore my blog. This goes back to how people view a blog before they actually read anything. Gretz’s article inspired me because I want to hook people with my unique and design, so they are excited and motivated to stay to read my posts.

Just because I’ve focused on design, doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten about content. Going back to Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus’ article, Compelling content is important in creating a successful blog, and its also important in building a strong and loyal audience. Stephanie Walden further addresses building an audience in her piece “7 Tips for building a social media audience”. This article helped me look at the specifics of building a successful and loyal audience. Specifically, it outlines picking platforms. This ended up being important, because going into the process of building my online presence, I didn’t realize that success on one platform, could build success on my other online platforms. The platform that I’ve put my efforts into, apart from my blog, has ended up being Instagram. This platform suits the makeup/beauty aspects of my blog, as well as the self care aspect. This is because both of these things can be successfully portrayed through images. Focusing on Instagram as proven to be a wise choice, because it has definitely driven traffic to my blog, and it is another place for me to have a presence and an audience online. I feel that my choice to focus on Instagram will further assist my blog because of my decision to use Instagram as a way of including my audience in my blog through #selfcaresunday. By using the hashtag and tagging me in posts, I will be able to interact with my audience on Instagram and include them in my blog. To build my audience I have focused on being different and I have focused on utilizing different online platforms to build my online presence.

So Far building my blog has been a challenge, but I hope to be able to make progress with it in the future. I plan to take my online presence beyond this class, and I hope to expand my presence and my audience in the future. My goal with my blog is to make people happy, and to make people feel good, and I feel like I’m on track to accomplish both of these things. I feel by blog will add value to my readers lives, whether it be a simple foundation recommendation, or a self care tip, I hope by expanding my presence and my blog, and I hope I can help many more people in the future. 



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Gretz, Travis. “Design Machines: How to Survive The Digital Apocalypse .”           Louder Than 10, 10 July 2015, https://louderthanten.com/coax/design-            Machines.

Millburn , Joshua Fields, and Ryan Nicodemus . “How To Start A Successful          Blog In 2017.”The Minimalists , 3 Apr. 2017, http://www.                                           Theminimalists.com/blog/ 

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The Evolution of My Publications – Essay Two

Launching a blog this semester has been a great challenge and creative outlet. My passion for makeup has been growing for a few years now, and many of my friends have been pushing me to find a way to share it with more people. This course gave me the perfect opportunity to explore this as an opportunity. I knew early on my blog was going to have a focused concept driving my content: makeup. I drew inspiration from bloggers I looked up to like Tanya Burr and Zoella. The most important thing I learned from examining both their websites was twofold: be consistent with posting and be yourself. When you’re true to yourself and your voice is clear to your audience, you have the ability to hold their interest. I keep going back to those blogs because I can count on them to be producing new content and I can count of the quality of that content. Despite our drastically different styles, they are still my role models for blogging and brand identity.

To be honest, I was surprised when I checked my google analytics and adhering to the lessons I learned from their blogs was working in my favor. As I checked my google analytics, I was somewhat shocked to find people actually reading my posts, and not immediately leaving my site, but staying to see more. When researching how to understand google analytics, I ran across a brief walk through in the Social Media Examiner which helped me gain the most basic overview, including what an exit rate was and how it should be interpreted. I learned how people were linking to my posts, staying on them (and presumably reading them), and then instead of immediately closing the page some viewers continued exploring my site for more. For me however, the most exciting and interesting thing to be learned from my google analytics was the locational breakdown of who reads what posts. Seeing where in the world they were when they read my blog fascinates me beyond measure.

However, the growth in my analytics did not happen by chance. I noticed the shift in my analytics report around the same time I began actively utilizing social media channels as a part of promoting my blog and developing my brand. Instagram and Facebook are the most effective tools at this stage. When I started sharing posts with links to Instagram and Facebook my readership immediately increased. I must be doing something right, because according to Forbes magazine, improves brand loyalty, helps the brand become recognizable, elevates the authority of the brand, increased inbound traffic while decreasing marketing costs, and aids with search engine results. The utilization of social media does not just attract new readers though, it also helps the consumers of my content feel personally connected to me, which in this age is key to brand loyalty.

Beauty As Art is definitely still a work in progress. When it began I had a few unreasonable ideas about what I wanted it to look like and what I felt my voice as a creator was going to be. I wanted to be a space for absolutely anyone to feel they could relate to. However, that is an unrealistic expectation when developing a brand. You have to understand the niche your writing is for. BasA is a blog for people my age. This blog features looks which reflect me as a person which means it’s likely to reflect such a demographic in the viewers the blog attracts. As my ideas about myself as an online creator and who my audience is have evolved over the semester, so too has how I’m planning to structure my blog. My ideas about what my posts will look like and how they will showcase my makeup and products is going to be restructured in the coming months. Drawing inspiration from She’s In The Glow, I’ve decided to implement some of the advice I received in my final peer review. I’m going to build in a Shop category to better showcase the products being used in my looks. Not only is this a better way to manage products on the blog, but it will also help with the readability of my posts in general. My biggest concern with my posts thus far has been length because I am a very wordy writer.

This semester I was able to start a blog I am proud of and am passionate about. Beauty As Art is something I am planning to carry forward with me. Blogging has given me a creative outlet to showcase my skills and artistic abilities with makeup, as well as giving me a wonderful opportunity to write. The content I’m creating also has a place of value to my readers. I’ve heard from some of my friends who found my site through social media that they love my blog and the looks I’m creating. They feel they are learning about new products and how to create fun, new looks they can be confident about. And that’s really what my blog is about: helping people have the confidence to  express themselves and be proud of who they are. I know my blog is helping me feel even more proud of who I am and what I’m capable of.





How to Use Google Analytics: Getting Started



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A Winter Story

All the reasons to love winter for those who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder):


Please dismiss my childish artistic skills. I just want everyone to try and look at winter more positively! I definitely didn’t cover all of it either. What are your favorite things about winter?

Richmond, British Columbia

During the winter season, I’m always craving for noodle soup. I came upon this restaurant as I was driving to the supermarket.

The menu is very straightforward, you pick a soup base and the type of protein you want. There are also many side dishes to choose from. When you order your food it comes with 10 small dishes and your main protein in the middle. When they deliver the soup, it is extremely hot. You are suppose to put in the meat first to ensure that it will be completely cooked as well as your order ingredients.

You get a bowl a rice noodle that you put it last as it is already cooked and very hot it doesn’t need additional cooking time. *NOTE* you can get unlimited refills on the rice noodles. We also ordered the cold cut chicken with chili sauce which I think you can pass. The sauce was definitely not marinated enough and it seems to be lacking in the flavouring. I would still recommend you to go as the rice noodle soup is good and it’s not too expensive. You can also tell from the soup base that it tastes more natural and it advertises that there’s no MSG.

ADDRESS: 130-8100 Ackroyd Road, Richmond, BC V6X 3K2
PHONE: +1 604-370-3738

La Verne, California

During Remembrance Day long weekend, I visited a small town in California. I was craving pasta and we stumbled upon this Italian restaurant. Their pasta meals comes with garlic bread (picture below, top left) and a soup or a salad. If you know me, you would know that I’m not a salad girl. The soup was surprisingly good. I was expecting soup similar to Olive Garden which tends to be salty but the soup was surprisingly good with little noodle pieces and it was not salty.

We ordered the Fettuccine Alfredo which was better than what we expected. The noodles were thinner than the usual fettuccine we had (thinner as in flatter). The sauce was creamy but not too thick so it wasn’t too filling. We also ordered the lasagna, which we were a bit disappointed with. The sauce was a bit on the sour side and the cheese on the top was just one big layer of cheese which made it hard to cut through. The layers was a bit lacking.

We also ordered the four cheese pizza. Their pizzas are thin crust which I like because when you have less dough you can eat a lot more (at least that’s my way of thinking). It was a cheese pizza so I didn’t expect anything to go wrong and it didn’t. I would definitely go again to try out some other items on their menu.

ADDRESS: 2086 Foothill Blvd #D, La Verne, CA 91750, USA
PHONE: +1 909-593-8800
WEBSITE: http://pastacucinarustica.net/


A very bad day: follow up

Okay. I am sad. But I have a lot of great things and people in my life. A short list of bright patches on this yucky day:

  • Friends who are there for you at 3 in the morning and buy you breakfast the next day.
  • Friends who let you bother them at work and cry on their shoulder.
  • Friends who offer to carry your groceries for you cause your hand is a mess.
  • Friends you didn’t know were your friends until you spend time with them.
  • Friends who get it, and get you.
  • Friends who invite you for much needed trips.
  • Friends who text you in seconds flat after seeing your whiny blog post.

Basically I’m #blessed to have so many kickass friends in this world. You’re the reason why I’m here. Love you.

A very bad day

I try to keep the tone of my blog posts light. I have a sense of humour and I can see how different situations can be funny, how I can spin them and make them something positive or quirky. This is easy, most of the time, because I feel that the things that happen to me are amusing, or charming, or at least the kind of tragic that makes people groan and say “me too!”

I can’ really do that right now. I feel like the more I try to stay upbeat the worse the world knocks me down. I used to love school. I used to love my job. I used to feel safe and secure and that I knew you and I knew where I stood. I don’t anymore. I can’t bring myself to laugh right now.

I hate seeing my friends feel this way too. It’s not fair. They make this world too hard for us.

I’m just so, so tired, and so, so sad.

Richmond, British Columbia

It’s winter and ’tis the season for hotpot! Honestly, to me, hotpot is all seasons, yes even in the summer~ (please remember there is air conditioners). The other day my sister and I went to a newly opened hotpot place in Richmond called: DolarShop. I believe is a chain store from China.

*Please note: there is a huge line wait and it is not AYCE (all you can eat) hotpot*

The benefit of this hotpot place is that you order your own soup base so it eliminates the difficulty of everyone sharing one pot (such as food allergies or people not eating certain things). They have many soup bases and I order the tomato one. *Also to note* that there is an additional $2.99 for condiments and fresh fruit which would be the sauce section, little appetizers like kimchi and peanuts, and they were serving watermelon at the time. It is unlimited.

Overall, the food was delicious (I don’t know how hotpot can go wrong unless their food was not fresh). Service was good but be prepared to be spoken in Chinese as long as you look Asian/Chinese. The down side was definitely the wait time. I would suggest going in earlier to put your name down as they take your phone number down. When it is almost your time to be seated they will give you a call. The design of DolarShop is very clean, modern, and bright which makes me feel more comfortable eating there because I can see what I’m eating.

ADDRESS: 720-5300 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC V6X 2C7
PHONE: 604-370-7077
WEBSITE: http://www.dolarshop.com/en/Global.htm

Holidays & Family Traditions

It is almost that time of the year! Since most of Belarusians are Russian Orthodox, including my family, we do not celebrate the Catholic Christmas on December 25. Instead, we celebrate Christmas on January 7th! But none of these are as important to us, as […]


[IT AIN’T ABOUT THE MONEY MONEY MONEY…] I definitely, definitely do not want to monetize my site. With its main/future purpose of being my professional portfolio, I feel that it would be quite the opposite if I hosted ads. In all of the portfolio websites that I’ve visited, I don’t recall ever seeing one with […]


Yes, I flew all the way to Korea to make strawberry jam. All jokes aside, I visited Korea for the third time this past May. Every time, my family and I would try to find something interesting to do, something that we can’t do at home. After binge watching Korean variety shows and seeing how strawberries are hyped up in Korea, my mom was craving them. So I thought, why not pick them ourselves? Thanks to Koreal trip, the booking process was easy. We choose the 500g strawberry picking experience + making jam package. We also wanted the chocolate dipping as well (chocolate covered strawberries) but the weather was apparently too hot for that at that time.

You can read more about the Yangsuri Strawberry Farm here: http://iamontheroad.net/blog/strawberry-picking-in-korea/?ckattempt=1

You can book your strawberry experience here: http://korealtrip.com/trip/strawberry-picking-experience-in-yangpyeong/?ckattempt=1

Now let me walk you through my experience!

First of all, we chose the wrong day to go simply because it was during one of the public holidays in Korea and there was major traffic. The strawberry farm was about a 10 minute drive from the train station but walking there would be at least 30 minutes. Since there was so much traffic, a lot of the taxi drivers refused to drive us there. We walked to a local clothing store and asked the manager to call a taxi for us, hoping that they would be more accommodating to locals. And it worked, we got there safely and it was time to pick some strawberries!

Step 1: Pick the strawberries! Don’t pull on them. Snap it towards you by the stem. Fill up the plastic container with as many strawberries as possible!


Step 2:  Strawberry Puree. Place the strawberries in a large pot and start crushing them with your hands!

Step 3: Place them over heat and start cooking! Keep stirring!


Step 4: Add sugar!

Step 5: Let it cool down and transfer them to jam jars!

Step 6: Enjoy it with bread 😀

Carry-on Travel Essentials

I’m not a travel expert but I have been on quite a few flights. Carry-ons are tricky but I’ve managed to pass through security every time without any problems! So now let me show you what I bring with me on a flight in my carry-on bag.

  • backpack
    • travelling is so much easier with a backpack, I bring around my red Jansport backpack and it’s super sturdy!
  • headphones
    • Always plugged in! Keep yourself entertained and some planes have a standard audio jack so you can use your own headphones! I just use the standard iPhone ones!
  • neck pillow
    • Better than nothing! Bring a full sized pillow if you want, that’s what my best friend did. I got mine from Muji and it has a buckle clip so I can just clip it on my backpack strap.
  • slippers
    • You might want to take a stroll and stretch your legs in a long haul flight, make yourself comfortable with slippers.
  • sheet masks
    • Flights are super dry so treat your skin with something nice, plus no one will really pay attention to you anyways. Any from the Korean brands are really good, maybe Innisfree, Faceshop, Nature Republic?
  • hand cream
    • You might be able to find some in the washroom but it’s more convenient if you bring your own! I’m currently using Crabtree & Evelyn’s “La Source” hand therapy.
  • lip balm
    • Keep your lips hydrated! I use Maybelline’s Baby Lips in “Cherry Me”. There’s also a little bit of red tint so I look alive!
  • hoodie/cardigan
    • Better safe than sorry, they really blast that AC!
  • phone charger
    • You can find a USB outlet for most flights now, keep your phone alive since you’re probably going to use it the entire flight.
  • tissues
    • Bring a pack of tissues, in case of any messes.

And of course, bring your documents and dress comfortably.


Thursday August 31st, 2017

Day 3 was packed with adventures. We started the day a little bit late and skipped breakfast. But that’s okay because lunch made up for it. We visited the famous Sugarfish, they are known for their perfect combination of the freshest fish on a warm bed of rice. I actually wanted to do take-out from Sugarfish because I’ve seen so many cute Instagram photos of the neatly positioned sushi in a bento box style. But it wouldn’t make sense to order take-out if we drove all the way to Pasadena just for the restaurant. The portions were small and each dish came out one by one, we thought we wouldn’t get full from it but surprisingly, the portions were perfect. We weren’t uncomfortable full but it was enough to fill our stomach. The meal was expensive but you do get some quality food!

The perks of having your own car is being able to drive to as many places as possible! After lunch, and the unfortunate parking ticket incident which you can read about here, we headed towards the outlet for some shopping time! We didn’t have a particular one in mind but we searched the nearest one and stuck with it. We went to the Citadel Outlets, that place is huge and you can find almost all the brands you’re thinking of right now!

Of course, after all the walking, it was time to eat. Again. The first day we went to Little Tokyo, and this time, we decided to go to Koreatown! Unlike Little Tokyo, which seemed like a small little complex, Koreatown was legit a whole town with all your favourite Korean businesses, restaurants, supermarkets, banks, and of course, KOREANS. It was quite overwhelming actually. We had some of the best Korean dishes there and I actually forgot the name of the restaurant… but all of the restaurants looked promising! There were line ups everywhere, especially because it was the end of the week. We went inside a noodle soup place and I ordered a chicken noodle soup. The portion was huge and there was a whole chicken in there. Parking, again, was stressful, we looped around the block about 5 times before finally finding one.

After the delicious dinner, we headed to the most the anticipated place of the entire trip. We joked about going to LA just for LACMA. I believe LACMA stands for Lost Angeles County Museum of Art and if you’re not familiar with that, it’s the place with all the urban tall lights. And you already guessed it… we took some Instagram photos there because with all the lights there, the lighting was on point.



LA TRIP DAY 2: Disneyland!

Wednesday August 30th, 2017

We spent the entire second day at Disneyland, and honestly, one day is definitely not enough time to explore the whole park. We didn’t even get to California Adventures, but there’s always next time. We started the morning bright and early and had a very filling meal at Subway. Disneyland was around a 45 minute drive from our Airbnb and with traffic, it took a little bit longer. We specifically picked Wednesday to go because the Labour Day weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) was considered peak season (which costed more) and if we go on Thursday, then it would be too crowded since it’s the last day before the price raises. That’s why we chose to go on Wednesday, to avoid the people and pay less! Luckily, we made the right decision because there weren’t a lot of people that day, which meant the lines up weren’t super long and we were able to go on as many rides as possible. We parked at the parking lot for $20 for the whole day…Disneyland expenses are so real. Tickets were another $100 bucks and we also stopped by the gift shop to purchase our Minnie Mouse ears. One does not simply go to Disneyland without the ears!!! So basically, even before actually entering the park itself, we already spent a good $150.

There were so many rides that I fell in love with, but I have to say, I enjoyed the log ride the most! It was probably the most exciting ride at the park and we didn’t mind a little water on us on the scorching hot day. And of course, we couldn’t leave the place without taking some Instagram worthy pictures. We also looked forward to the fireworks at night but we were informed that there were no fireworks that night. Maybe it’s only a weekend thing? Not sure, but we were pretty bummed since we purposely stayed until the night to watch the fireworks. We had lunch there and bought a few snacks here and there, so make sure to bring extra cash with you if you’re going to spend an entire day at Disneyland. Also, a quick tip for water, they actually give out cups of water at any restaurant or concession stand so rather than buying and carrying around a water bottle, just stop by any food place and ask for a cup of ice water!

We ended the day at a mall near our Airbnb, where we found Din Tai Fung, a Shanghainese cuisine restaurant. We had the signature “shao long baos” and some delicious noodles. The highlight was probably the garlic green beans, if you guys ever visit Din Tai Fung, make sure to order the garlic green beans!!!



August 29th, 2017

Rest of Day 1 of our trip!

First location we visited: Little Tokyo! Parking was a pain though because the location is quite central. We parked a block away in the office depot complex since they offered spaces for parking for about 2 hours. After landing and going through the whole process of getting our car, we were pretty hangry at this point. And just at the entrance of Little Tokyo, we saw Kura Revolving Sushi Bar, and we all agreed on it once we saw. It’s been a while since I’ve had sushi from a conveyor belt, I remember when Vancouver still had one but now we don’t have it anymore! Once we were seated, we were so fascinated by everything. The conveyor belt wasn’t big but it had a lot of variety. Each table had a tablet for ordering items that weren’t on the belt, like udon, soup, or more expensive food. There was also an opening to put the empty plates back in and I think once you collected about 15 plates, it will trigger the gashapon machine. The tablet shows you how many plates you’ve eaten and at first we were clueless but then the tablet started to flash and sounds of victory started ringing and before we knew it, a small little prize came rolling down from the gashapon machine. Turns out, it was an eraser that was shaped like a nigiri. SUPER CUTE.

After our meal, we had to get dessert. And nearby, there was an ice cream mochi shop and I got a matcha green tea mocha and a red bean one as well. It was super good especially in the hot weather. We walked around the little town of Japan, visiting stores here and there. I actually bought a few night lights that looked like traditional lanterns. I regret not buying more because they make great souvenirs. The rest of day was just driving to our Airbnb neighbourhood. By the time we got there, it was night time already and it was time for dinner. We dropped our bags at the house and freshened ourselves a bit before heading to dinner. We went to Boiling Point because it was only a 5 minute drive. If you guys aren’t familiar with Boiling Point, it’s basically a hot pot with vegetables, meat, and noodles and it comes in different soup bases and toppings. It was a great way to end the night with some comfort food.

It just seems like we just ate for the entire day… but I swear we did other stuff too!!

If you haven’t read the first part of our first day in LA, read here!