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Life Update -> Engagement!!!!!!

Crazy news: I got engaged this weekend!

Okay real talk. I have been so distracted this week by thinking about wedding things, how COVID will affect things, and just general JOY that I have not really been able to get any school work done, so I thought for this next blog post I would write a little bit about what happened and what’s next!

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend (Jeremiah) and I drove up to Whistler to hike and enjoy the outdoors. It was a great time, but when we got home I realized I had left my purse in a café we stopped at during the day.

My whole purse. Wallet. Keys. ID. I was freaking out.

Thankfully, we had been planning to spend some time together that following Friday, so we decided we would just drive back up there, get my purse and enjoy the snow.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah was out buying champagne, tuxedo cake and wrapping a decoy gift in preparation of proposing!

The funny thing was he told me he was doing all of these things, so I just thought he was trying to cheer me up and plan a fun date. I had no idea what was coming.

Friday arrives: We both work in the morning and then head out around 2pm to retrieve my purse! Thankfully the shop owner has contacted me and let me know we could come pick it up. That was the biggest relief!

Our mission was complete and it was still quite early in the day, so Jeremiah suggests we go play in the snow! Why not? We are in Whistler after all.

We drive up to this lake we had been to before and there is so much snow! We put on our warmest clothes, grab the champagne and head outside!

We find a spot to sit, and Jeremiah pops the champagne and pours it into some glasses. He sets it up fancy and then tells me we need to take a picture to capture the moment. It’s dark by this point, so he asks me to stand in this spot and shine a light so we can get a good shot. At this moment I stand up, thinking he’s being a little bit silly, and then he gets down on one knee, and asks me to marry him!

The picture from right before he proposed!

Okay. At this point I thought I would be so smooth and graceful. But in reality I was surprised and awkward, but so so thrilled! I fumbled out a yes and here we are!

The week following has been really funny. We are trying to let all our friends know while abiding by COVID guidelines and it’s all been a funny combination of excitement, anticipation and stress.

With all of that being said, this is good news.

I didn’t want to share this story to paint a picture of my beautiful life and distort reality, but I wanted to share some good news in the face of a world that seems to only generate bad news.

Our relationship has been far from perfect. I am constantly freaking out and making mistakes, and we are constantly learning to forgive and understand one another. Each day is a journey that we are taking toward creating a healthy relationship.

I hope this post brought you a little bit of joy today. And if the world is making you feel overwhelmed and afraid, I would like to leave you with some wise words from Abraham Lincoln:

This too shall pass.

(Onward to Pinterest boards and wedding planning!)

A Winter Story

All the reasons to love winter for those who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder):


Please dismiss my childish artistic skills. I just want everyone to try and look at winter more positively! I definitely didn’t cover all of it either. What are your favorite things about winter?

Richmond, British Columbia

During the winter season, I’m always craving for noodle soup. I came upon this restaurant as I was driving to the supermarket.

The menu is very straightforward, you pick a soup base and the type of protein you want. There are also many side dishes to choose from. When you order your food it comes with 10 small dishes and your main protein in the middle. When they deliver the soup, it is extremely hot. You are suppose to put in the meat first to ensure that it will be completely cooked as well as your order ingredients.

You get a bowl a rice noodle that you put it last as it is already cooked and very hot it doesn’t need additional cooking time. *NOTE* you can get unlimited refills on the rice noodles. We also ordered the cold cut chicken with chili sauce which I think you can pass. The sauce was definitely not marinated enough and it seems to be lacking in the flavouring. I would still recommend you to go as the rice noodle soup is good and it’s not too expensive. You can also tell from the soup base that it tastes more natural and it advertises that there’s no MSG.

ADDRESS: 130-8100 Ackroyd Road, Richmond, BC V6X 3K2
PHONE: +1 604-370-3738