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Shadow and Bone Trailer: Thoughts & Theories

Hi everyone! With Rule of Wolves getting out before release day as well as the full Shadow and Bone trailer being leaked early, there’s been a lot of excitement in the Grishaverse this past week. Having seen the full trailer which has given us a lot more of an idea as to how the two series Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows will be adapted, I thought I’d share my thoughts and theories. (I will be going into detail about the plots and characters from Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows so warning for mild spoilers!) For brevity from now on, I will be referring to them as S&B and SoC. *Cover photo is from Shadow and Bone Netflix*


So, before the release of the trailer, there was a lot of confusion on how these two series were to be adapted in one show. They are separated in time and space with S&B being set in Ravka while SoC is set in Kerch (among other locations) years after S&B. However, SoC does utilize flashbacks in order to tell each of the character’s backstories, including how Inej became a member of the Dregs and how Nina and Matthias meet. 

Being the namesake of the show, S&B has seemed to be the focus, with some kind of a prequel to the story of the Dregs in SoC. With the full trailer, it has become more evident how they plan to do this. I am crediting this to my friend Karli who sent me audio messages pointing this out after watching the trailer when I was still too excited to think coherently. 

The trailer moves from S&B clips to SoC clips with Kaz saying “she’s real” to Inej. It seems that at the Crow Club perhaps Per Haskell (?) is giving a mission to the Dregs to bring him Alina for “1 million kruge.” The clips at this time show Kaz, Inej, and Jesper who we know from SoC are already working together. In a few of the clips, it looks as if Kaz may be dressed in a Ravkan guard uniform and in another, it looks like a Ravkan flag behind Inej (heist time?). This also explains why Wylan, who has a large part in the novel SoC would not be cast yet, as he is the final edition to their crew.

Though Nina and Matthias have been cast, we have not seen too much of them except for a still of them sitting in a snowy location covered with furs. This would work with their flashback scenes from SoC where they must survive together after the shipwreck. There is a quick shot of Matthias in what looks like a cell which I initially associated with them breaking him out of Hellgate, but to work with this timeline, it could just as easily be the end of the flashback when Nina sends him there. So instead of the heist that they embark on in SoC to the Ice Court, it seems as if Kaz, Inej, and Jesper are on a heist to Ravka to find Alina.


While this is definitely a bit different than the original events of the books, I am excited for it. I like the idea of a prequel for the SoC characters as it goes along with their storylines and doesn’t interfere with what happens later on. Essentially, we are just getting more screen time with them! I also have faith in the changes they are making to the show as Leigh Bardugo has been heavily involved and I trust she knows what to do in her world to make this work. 

Although I am not as attached to S&B as I am to SoC, I am really loving the visuals, casting, and everything we have seen with the series so far. I can’t deny that it looks SO GOOD. Even though it is an interesting plot, I remember finding it a bit slow at times, so I think the visuals of the show and (addition of the crows) will leave me enjoying it a lot! With the show coming out on Netflix in just over 2 weeks, you bet I will be counting down the days until I can Netflix party it with my friends.

How are you feeling about the upcoming show? Any other thoughts or theories I should hear? Let me know! 🙂

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Here’s to Strong Women

“Here’s to strong women.  May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”

Growing up, I struggled to understand aspects of my identity (as most adolescents do). Topics like race, gender, and expression were infrequently explored in elementary school or high school. Later, I turned to poets who experienced similar struggles with regard to their identities. These poets wrote eloquently and concisely, but beyond that – they understood.

By articulating their lived experiences, poets like Rupi Kaur, Nayyirah Waheed, and Warsan Shire empower women regardless of race, religion, or colour. The accessible nature of technology allows artists of diverse backgrounds like Kaur, Waheed, and Shire to post content with ease. In turn, technology has allowed artists to delve into the complexities of topics such as femininity, oppression, sexuality, and identity. Today, I credit literature as being foundational to my sense of self-worth.

Today is International Women’s Day, which means it’s a day to celebrate all of the bad-ass, inspirational, and independent women in our lives (we should be doing that every day, though). On that note, I’ve compiled some of my favourite quotes from women who I find inspirational and bad-ass.

On Girls Education:
Interview with Michelle Obama/Refinery 29 
 On Compliments:
Rupi Kaur/ Instagram
On Independence: 
Rupi Kaur/Instagram
Nayyirah Waheed/Instagram

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Is the Indian Wedding Industry Out of Control?

Indian weddings are like the Valentine’s Day of the wedding industry: both are expensive days meant to celebrate love. A recent documentary called Little India, Big Business paints a fairly accurate picture of the Indian wedding scene. These events tend to be elaborate, long, and costly.

To be honest, I think I’ve attended at least 10-15 weddings. You know what happens when you attend as many weddings as I have? It all becomes routine. Blaring music? Check. Expensive clothes and makeup? Yup. 500+ guests? Almost always.

This is not to say that I don’t love attending these weddings or that I don’t see the value in them. An Indian wedding is just as much about bringing together the families of the bride and groom as it is about the bride and groom themselves. It’s a lot of fun to get together with family, and it all makes for a great bonding experience.

Where do we Draw the Line?

This is where things become blurry. Every year, weddings become more elaborate and more expensive. But where do we draw the line? Does the cultural value of an Indian wedding warrant the increasing costs? Or do people deal with the financial burden so they can keep up with their friends and family members? It would be a lie to say that part of it isn’t a competition.

Growing up, I never really fantasized about having a perfect wedding, let alone a perfect traditional wedding. Now, just the thought of hosting a wedding in such a competitive environment is overwhelming.

One thing that makes no sense to me is that if you don’t keep up with the extravagant wedding tradition, you get shit for it. My uncle, who is a doctor, decided to have a smaller wedding, and he was gossiped about. People said, “if he’s a doctor, why can’t he afford to have a larger wedding?” Seriously, why are people like this?

Photo source: Maria Qatar

The line between appropriate and too extravagant is obviously subjective. Don’t get me wrong, I love my culture, and I love love, and I love other people’s love. What I don’t love is a competitive culture. Or when no one talks about the fact that not everyone can afford to hold an extravagant wedding that costs upwards of $100, 000. Not to mention the financial strain that it has on newly married couples. There’s so much pressure for weddings to be bigger and better each year that, in my opinion, it’s become far too easy to lose sight of what’s really important.

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