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Supernatural Hotel from Another Dimension

This dream played out like a movie with my perspective from behind the fourth wall. I believe this is because of all the supernatural manga I have read and the horror movie I have watched called The Shining being the main memories this dream takes from.

It started with my little sister going on a mission In an abounded building that had supernatural anomalies directed in it.

After my sister had gone I found out that this other organization was planning to ambush her so I decided to go after her right away. As I was leaving I messaged the rest of our family about what was going on.

When I got to the site I found out the supernatural anomaly was a portal to a different dimension. In the dimension, it looked as though it was always night when you were outside and there were huge piles of snow and cedar trees all around.

After exploring the dimension a little I started hearing noise from behind me and assumed it was the people going for the ambush. I burrowed a tunnel through the snow and waited for them to show themselves. It turned out to be this large dark shadowy figure that walked on four legs that were long and skinny.

I just held my breath as it walked over me and started in awe of its size. When it was gone and I couldn’t hear anything around me anymore I kept moving to find my sister.

I was extra cautious as I was walking and heard noises again and burrowed, this time the noise came from in front and behind. it was the ambush but at this point, they were only two of them. They must have gotten lost in this dimension and picked off one at a time which prompted them to attack anyone they saw or heard.

I was a little taken aback by how desperately they were attacking me as they started destroying my tunnel from either end. As I was contemplating what movie to make next the giant dark shadow from before came running through and kicked them both far away.

I only noticed this after I finished burrowing out of the snow from the top and pointed my Riffel at the dark shadow. The dark shadow turned out to be a giant moose.

As I confirmed that the moose would not attack me I continued to find my sister when I found an abandoned building.

The abandoned building had to be the cause of the supernatural anomaly and so I entered cautiously. As I looked around the building I found it was a fully functioning hotel. And unlike the outside, you could tell if it was day or night. I found my sister and the rest of my family there.

My family saw me and almost like they were incanted decided to stay for three nights. My little sister on the other hand was adamant about leaving as soon as we could.

My little sister had stayed a night there before and barely survived. My little sister explained to me that you could not leave the hotel at night and night spirits will attempt to steal your body. She also mentioned that if you stayed for three nights you became one of the spirits. She said the spirits were normal guests in the morning and that if you try to leave in the morning the guest will attack you.

I asked how she knew all this if she only stayed one night when she said that the portal takes you here at different times and our family had gotten here first. She said that our family had already stayed here for three days and become mindless spirits.

I then said we need to find a way to save them and decided to stay one night. As I looked around the hotel I saw old pictures of all the guests in the past and a sign that said the slogan of the hotel. The pictures had my family in them. I don’t remember what the name of the hotel was but the slogan was something along the lines of a stay so grand you’ll never want to leave. I also found a list of guest check-ins and saw that there were no check-outs. I also noticed how all my family’s names except for mine and my little sister’s names were not on the list of check-ins however there was a faint line starting to appear in the book.

As I was a person who frequently encountered supernatural anomalies I deduced that this hotel traps its prey by making you forget how many days you spent here and that my little sister had already stayed for two nights. It was an evening at this point and she needed to leave. I took pictures of my family and the check-in book with me. I found my little sister just as it was turning night and all the guests were going to their rooms. I grabbed her hand and ran out of there.

As we left the hotel the scenery changed, we had made it out of the portal and our family had turned back as well.

I then woke up. This was the first time I had a natural end to my dream.